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Climate engineering should not be considered a public good, new research shows
According to researchers, including faculty at Binghamton University, State University of New York, calling climate engineering a public good misrepresents the technical definition of a public good and doesn't account for the potentially negative impacts of climate engineering. (2019-10-31)

Society has been discussing climate change's impacts long before we knew it existed
For the first time, a new analysis shows an impact of climate change on human society long before we knew the climate was actually changing. (2015-07-09)

The development of climate security discourse in Japan
This research traced discourses related to climate security in Japan to determine why so little exists in Japan and whether or not such discourse could suggest new areas for consideration to more comprehensively respond to the climate change problem. Based on categorization of various approaches by climate security-related literature outside Japan, the study revealed areas where Japan has been able to respond to, and other areas where almost no discussion is being made in Japan. (2020-10-01)

New free booklet explains climate change
The National Academies have released the 2008 edition of (2008-05-19)

Latest version of climate system model shows significant improvements in simulation performance
The simulating performance of the latest climate system model FGOALS-f3-L is evaluated and significant improvements are apparent compared with the previous version. (2020-09-02)

Study examines the impact of climate change on freshwater species
How might climate change affect the distribution of freshwater species living in rivers, ponds, and lakes? Investigators examined the capacity of species to shift their distributions in response to climate change using modeled projections of 527 freshwater species in New South Wales, Australia. (2016-12-05)

Cool insights for a hot world
A new review suggests that the direct effects of trees on the climate via rainfall and cooling may be more important than the well-studied effects through the global carbon balance. On the occasion of the International Day of Forests (March 21) and World Water Day (March 22), the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry is hosting a virtual symposium on the linkages of forests, water and climate. (2017-03-13)

Scripps to host the 26th Annual Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop
The event, co-sponsored by Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the National Centers for Environmental Prediction, is expected to draw more than 200 international scientists, according to event coordinator John Roads, director of the Experimental Climate Prediction Center at Scripps. (2001-10-10)

CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship launched
CSIRO launched a multimillion dollar research program in Canberra today which is designed to boost Australia's ability to adapt to the impacts of climate change. (2008-07-09)

Climate model uncertainties ripe to be squeezed
The latest climate models and observations offer unprecedented opportunities to reduce the remaining uncertainties in future climate change, according to a paper published in Nature Climate Change by a team of 29 international authors. (2019-01-07)

New York City climate change report calls for more research and planning efforts
A new report provides projections of New York City's climate to the end of the century, noting that higher temperatures, heavy downpours, sea level rise, and intensified coastal flooding are the major climate hazards expected for the region. (2015-03-02)

Climate change disasters could be predicted
Climate change disasters, such as the melting of the Greenland ice sheet, dieback of the Amazon rainforest or collapse of the Atlantic overturning circulation, could be predicted according to University of Exeter research. Writing in the journal Nature Climate Change, professor Tim Lenton of the University of Exeter shows that the (2011-06-19)

Impacts conference on climate change effects
Droughts. Floods. Health risks. Crop failures. Climate change impacts of today and tomorrow appear in the public debate with a raft of buzz words. But the science behind our understanding of climate change impacts is both much broader and much more fragmentary. To provide robust information for decision makers, we need a quantitative synthesis of impacts -- including consistent estimates of uncertainties. (2013-05-24)

Reconciled: Climate sensitivity estimates between models and historical data
Scientists have devised an approach to compare the short- and long-term responses, or 'sensitivities,' of the climate to greenhouse gasses, ultimately showing that climate models and historical data are in good agreement. (2017-07-05)

Forest ecologist sees climate consequences
Scientist Susan Prichard's story is the latest in a series of video shorts featured on and produced by Princeton, NJ-based nonprofit Climate Central, an authoritative, non-advocacy source for science-based information about climate change. The series introduces viewers to people from all walks of life who are studying or dealing with the impact of climate change today. (2009-09-14)

WIRES: A new approach to understanding climate change
Climate change is a phenomenon that extends far beyond science, with fundamental implications for economics, politics, sociology and environmental ethics. It is a phenomenon that changes how people understand the world around them and their own futures. This understanding epitomizes the multidisciplinary approach of WIREs Climate Change, the latest interdisciplinary review project from Wiley-Blackwell. (2010-01-11)

Polar bears aren't the only victims of climate change
From heat waves to damaged crops to asthma in children, climate change is a major public health concern, argues a Michigan State University researcher in a new study. Climate change is about more than melting ice caps and images of the Earth on fire, said Sean Valles, assistant professor in Lyman Briggs College and the Department of Philosophy, who believes bioethicists could help reframe current climate change discourse. (2015-06-15)

Something new under the sun
That plants grow better if grown in a greenhouse in the correct climate is nothing new. Dutch researcher Rachel van Ooteghem has designed a control system for an improved solar greenhouse that yields more. In the new greenhouse, good climate control with sustainable energy resulted not only in an increased crop yield but also a lower gas bill. (2007-01-30)

Think pink for a better view of climate change
A new study says pink noise may be the key to separating out natural climate variability from climate change that is influenced by human activity. (2018-09-04)

State of the climate over the Three Gorges Region of the Yangtze River in 2018
The publication of the annual climate report in 2018 will help people better understand the climate conditions in the region around the Three Gorges over the Yangtze River. (2019-12-18)

OU study shows effects of climate warming in tallgrass prairie ecosystem
A University of Oklahoma professor, Jizhong Zhou, and his team have completed a new study on the effects of climate warming on soil microbes in a long-term climate change experiment at a tallgrass prairie ecosystem. The new study shows that climate warming will affect microbial communities in the future, and future community states will be more predictable under warmed climate. Eventually, microbial communities will produce different functions and feedbacks to climate warming. (2018-08-14)

Stanford climate scientist to discuss state of climate science, coming risks
The world is staring down the barrel of climate change that is faster than at any time in the last 65 million years, says climate expert Chris Field. He will speak on the topic. (2014-02-13)

How important are climate models for revealing the causes of environmental change?
Climate models are often used to understand the causes of observed environmental changes, and access the human impact on a changing climate. In this review, published in WIREs Climate Change, Professors Gabriele Hegerl and Francis Zwiers assess the role of climate models in studies of observed changes and the robustness of their results. (2011-06-06)

Temperature swings to hit poor countries hardest
Temperature fluctuations that are amplified by climate change will hit the world's poorest countries hardest, new research suggests. (2018-05-03)

1,000 years of climate data confirms Australia's warming
In the first study of its kind in Australasia, scientists have used 27 natural climate records to create the first large-scale temperature reconstruction for the region over the last 1,000 years. (2012-05-16)

Reducing the uncertainty of climate projections
Errors in climate models due to inadequate calculations of radiative forcing undermine researchers' ability to address important climate-related questions, including how much the atmosphere will warm as more and more carbon dioxide (CO2) is released. (2018-07-26)

Recent global warming trends are inconsistent with very high climate sensitivity
Research published this week in Earth System Dynamics reports that the most sensitive climate models overestimate global warming during the last 50 years. (2020-08-18)

Now anyone can run a climate model
Australian researchers have developed a simple online climate model that allows anyone to deconstruct our atmosphere and environment with the click of a button and see how our world would change. (2015-10-06)

UCSB geologist discovers pattern in Earth's long-term climate record
In an analysis of the past 1.2 million years, UC Santa Barbara geologist Lorraine Lisiecki discovered a pattern that connects the regular changes of the Earth's orbital cycle to changes in the Earth's climate. The finding is reported in this week's issue of the scientific journal Nature Geoscience. (2010-04-06)

Climate change affects human health, ATS membership survey shows
The American Thoracic Society has published the results of a survey of the ATS membership on climate change which found that the majority of ATS members believe that climate change is real and that it is having a negative impact on the health of the patients that they care for. (2015-03-03)

The past says abrupt climate change in our future
Past climates changed abruptly, suggesting that abrupt changes in the future will also occur, according to a Penn State geoscientist. (2001-12-13)

Warwick Research: Believe you can stop climate change and you will
If we believe that we can personally help stop climate change with individual actions -- such as turning the thermostat down -- then we are more likely to make a difference, according to research from the University of Warwick. (2017-05-04)

Waterloo study says insurance industry dangerously unprepared for extreme weather
As historic flooding caused by climate change devastates communities in New Brunswick and British Columbia, new research from the University of Waterloo reveals the insurance industry hasn't considered a changing climate in their practices, putting homeowners at financial risk. (2018-05-15)

2011 Stephen H. Schneider Symposium
The 2011 Stephen H. Schneider Symposium will be held Aug. 24-27 at the National Center for Atmospheric Research Green Center Campus in Boulder, Colo. The event will pay tribute to Steve Schneider's contributions to climate science and identify key challenges in climate science, policy and communication. (2011-07-26)

Media coverage affects perceptions of climate change
Climate change will not be taken seriously until the media highlights its significance, say researchers at the University of Liverpool. (2009-02-25)

Report -- adapting farming to climate change
CSIRO today released a national overview of climate change impacts and adaptation options for Australian agriculture. (2008-06-25)

Progress towards developing plants that accommodate climate change
The ability to promote agricultural and conservation successes in the face of rapid environmental change will partly hinge on scientists' understanding of how plants adapt to local climate. (2011-10-11)

Climate change misconceptions common among teachers, study finds
A new study by Mizzou education researchers shows that many secondary school science teachers possess climate change misconceptions similar to average Americans. (2017-06-07)

No publication bias found in climate change research
Rarely do we encounter a scientific fact that stirs public controversy and distrust in science as much as climate change. However, the theory is built on honest reporting of facts. This emerges from a new study from Lund University in Sweden. (2017-03-15)

UC Davis hosts the second Climate-Smart Agriculture Global Science Conference
The University of California, Davis, will host the second Climate-Smart Agriculture Global Science Conference on March 20-22, 2013. Co-organized by UC Davis and the World Bank, the conference will focus on science-based actions that can provide resilience for food systems despite the future uncertainty of climate change and extreme events. (2013-02-19)

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