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Anticholinergic drugs linked to mental impairment in elderly people
Anticholinergic drugs may lead to mild cognitive (mental) impairment in elderly people, finds a study published online by the BMJ today. These drugs are commonly used in elderly patients to treat illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome, urinary incontinence, and Parkinson's disease, so it is important that doctors are aware of this effect, say the researchers. (2006-01-31)

Motivation explains disconnect between testing and real-life functioning for seniors
A psychology researcher at North Carolina State University is proposing a new theory to explain why older adults show declining cognitive ability with age, but don't necessarily show declines in the workplace or daily life. One key appears to be how motivated older adults are to maintain focus on cognitive tasks. (2014-07-28)

Folic acid supplementation may improve cognitive performance
Folic acid supplementation may substantially improve cognitive function for older adults, according to an article in this week's Lancet. (2007-01-18)

Menstruation doesn't change how your brain works -- period
It has long been assumed that your period affects your brain's performance. Professor Brigitte Leeners and her team studied a sample of women in Zürich and Hannover to determine whether changes in hormones during the menstrual cycle really do change how well brains work. By increasing the sample size and following participants over more than one menstrual cycle, they found evidence that your brain's performance isn't affected by your cycle. (2017-07-04)

Animal behaviour: Cognitive performance of four-months-old ravens may parallel adult apes
By four months of age the cognitive performance of ravens in experimental tasks testing their understanding of the physical world and how they interact with other ravens may be similar to those of adult great apes, according to a study published in Scientific Reports. (2020-12-10)

Study provides insights on the effects of exercise on cognitive performance
A new British Journal of Psychology study has looked at the details behind how cognitive performance may improve during aerobic exercise. (2018-10-12)

Physical activity, including walking, associated with better mental functioning in older women
Women aged 70 years and older who participated in higher levels of physical activity scored better on cognitive performance tests and showed less cognitive decline than women who were less active, according to an article in the September 22/29 issue of JAMA. (2004-09-21)

The wiser brain: Insights from healthy elders
The archetype of old wise elders distinguished for their wisdom and sound judgement continues to inspire dreams of reaching a bright and enlightened old age. (2017-07-12)

Childhood exposure to cardiovascular risk factors impairs learning and memory in midlife
A Finnish study coordinated by the Research Centre of Applied and Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Turku shows that exposure to cardiovascular risk factors, such as high blood pressure, elevated serum LDL-cholesterol and smoking in childhood and adolescence, is associated with poorer learning ability and memory in middle age. (2017-05-03)

Birth weight related to mental ability and educational performance
Birth weight is significantly associated with cognitive (mental) ability at age 8 years, through adolescence, and into early adulthood, independent of social background. Furthermore, birth weight is also associated with educational performance, finds a study in this week's BMJ. (2001-01-25)

What does the man-machine system demand? Cognitive task analysis in medical decision making
The study of expertise has led to considerable insight into the nature of skilled performance in professional domains. In their presentation entitled What Does the Man-Machine System Demand? Cognitive Task Analysis in Medical Decision Making. André W. Kushniruk and Vimla l. Patel will discuss applications of an approach known as cognitive task analysis for examining how physicians cope with decision complexity. (2000-02-20)

Low dose aspirin does not protect women against cognitive decline
Taking low dose aspirin does not protect older women against cognitive decline, finds a large study published online in the BMJ today. (2007-04-26)

High fruit and vegetable intake positively correlated with antioxidant status, cognitive performance
Researchers at the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I of the Heinrich-Heine University, Duesseldorf, Germany, investigated the relationship between fruit and vegetable intake, plasma antioxidant micronutrient status and cognitive performance in healthy subjects aged 45 to 102 years. Their results, published in the August issue of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, indicated higher cognitive performance in individuals with high daily intake of fruits and vegetables. (2009-09-08)

Meditate to concentrate
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania say that practicing even small doses of daily meditation may improve focus and performance. Even for those new to the practice, meditation enhanced performance and the ability to focus attention. Performance-based measures of cognitive function demonstrated improvements in a matter of weeks. (2007-06-25)

How exercise supports your mental fitness: Current recommendations
Sporting activities can bring about a long-term improvement in cognitive performance across all age groups. However, the effects differ between men and women, and not all sports provide the same impact. Researchers at the University of Basel and the University of Tsukuba have provided recommendations based on a comprehensive analysis of previous studies. (2020-04-16)

Lower levels of physical performance associated with increased risk of dementia in older adults
Poor physical function may be associated with an increased risk for dementia and Alzheimer's disease in elderly adults, according to a report in the May 22 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. (2006-05-22)

Strongly 'handed' squirrels less good at learning
Squirrels that strongly favour their left or right side are less good at learning, new research suggests. (2020-01-19)

USC study finds warmer temperatures improve women's performance
A new USC study found that women performed better on math and verbal tasks at higher temperatures, while the opposite was true for men. The study suggests that gender is an important factor not only in determining the impact of temperature on comfort but also on productivity and cognitive performance. (2019-05-22)

Lumosity presents 99,022-participant study on learning rates at Neuroscience 2014
The study, titled 'Optimizing Cognitive Task Designs to Improve Learning Rates in a Large Online Population,' analyzed game play performance from 99,022 participants, and found that participants operating closer to their performance threshold earlier in their experience with a cognitive task tend to have faster learning rates -- especially at higher levels of difficulty. (2014-11-18)

Manipulating brain network to change cognitive functions: New breakthrough in neuroscience
When an electric circuit breaks down, we can repair it by restoring connections in the circuit. Is it possible to restore the connections in our brain? And by doing so, is it possible to restore declining cognitive functions? Numerous regions of the brain are connected together and constitute a huge network. Researchers have developed a learning method to change cognitive function by manipulating connections in the brain. (2017-08-07)

Late, but not too late -- screening for olfactory dysfunction
In a large population-based study of randomly selected participants in Germany, researchers found that participants aged 65-74 years with olfactory dysfunction showed impaired cognitive performance. Interestingly, this strong association was not present in younger (55-64 years) or older (75-86 years) participants. Additionally, the effect was more present in women than men. (2018-04-20)

Green tea boosts your brain
Green tea is said to have many putative positive effects on health. Now, researchers at the University of Basel are reporting first evidence that green tea extract enhances the cognitive functions, in particular the working memory. The Swiss findings suggest promising clinical implications for the treatment of cognitive impairments in psychiatric disorders such as dementia. The academic journal Psychopharmacology has published their results. (2014-04-07)

UF study shows benefits of multi-tasking on exercise
Who says you can't do two things at once and do them both well? (2015-06-02)

Large-group living boosts magpie intelligence
Growing up in a large social group makes Australian magpies more intelligent, new research shows. (2018-02-07)

Young vs. old: Who performs more consistently?
Older adults tend to exhibit less variability on cognitive tasks due to higher motivation, a balanced routine, and mood stability, according to new research published in Psychological Science. (2013-08-05)

Increased fluctuation in blood pressure linked to impaired cognitive function in older people
Higher variability in visit-to-visit blood pressure readings, independent of average blood pressure, could be related to impaired cognitive function in old age in those already at high risk of cardiovascular disease, suggests a paper published today on (2013-07-30)

Older brains slow due to greater experience, rather than cognitive decline
What happens to our cognitive abilities as we age? Traditionally it is thought that age leads to a steady deterioration of brain function, but new research in Topics in Cognitive Science argues that older brains may take longer to process ever increasing amounts of knowledge, and this has often been misidentified as declining capacity. (2014-01-21)

Older adults less affected by sleep deprivation than younger adults during cognitive performance
According to a research abstract that will be presented on Wednesday, June 10, at SLEEP 2009, the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, older adults are able to retain better cognitive functioning during sleep deprivation than young adults. (2009-06-10)

Physical activity could combat fatigue, cognitive decline in cancer survivors
A new study indicates that cancer patients and survivors have a ready weapon against fatigue and 'chemo brain': a brisk walk. Researchers at the University of Illinois, along with collaborators at Digital Artefacts in Iowa City, Iowa, and Northeastern University in Boston, looked at the association between physical activity, fatigue and performance on cognitive tasks in nearly 300 breast cancer survivors. (2017-07-25)

Cognitive performance is better in girls whose walk to school lasts more than 15 minutes
The authors of this study analyzed a sample of 1700 boys and girls aged between 13 and 18 years (808 boys and 892 girls) in five Spanish cities (Granada, Madrid, Murcia, Santander and Zaragoza). (2013-07-24)

Chimpanzee intelligence determined by genes
A chimpanzee's intelligence is largely determined by its genes, while environmental factors may be less important than scientists previously thought, according to a Georgia State University research study. (2014-07-10)

Tests reveal subtle signs of Alzheimer's before clinical symptoms appear
Researchers report that (2002-04-07)

Signal variability and cognitive performance in the aging human brain
Researchers in the Lifelong Brain and Cognition Lab at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois have utilized the magnetic resonance imaging facilities available in Beckman's Biomedical Imaging Center to measure the moment-to-moment variability in brain activity, more specifically in the blood oxygenation level-dependent signal. (2015-04-09)

Iron supplementation can provide cognitive and physical benefits to anemic children
Giving daily iron supplements to anemic primary-school-aged children can have cognitive and physical benefits, according to a study published in CMAJ. (2013-10-15)

Chimpanzee intelligence depends on genes
Some chimpanzees are smarter than others, and about half of that variation in intelligence depends on the genes that individuals carry and pass on from one generation to the next. The findings reported in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on July 10 show that those genetic differences will be key to understanding the cognitive abilities of primates and their evolution over time. (2014-07-10)

Kidney transplantation provides cognitive benefits for patients with kidney disease
Individuals with kidney disease often suffer from cognitive impairment, but kidney transplantation can improve their mental performance, according to a paper being presented at the American Society of Nephrology's 41st Annual Meeting and Scientific Exposition in Philadelphia. (2008-11-06)

Comprehensive treatment improves cognitive impairment in heart failure patients
It is common for patients in heart failure to show cognitive dysfunction, known in the past as (2005-04-29)

Link between anemia and mild cognitive impairment
In a large population-based study of randomly selected participants in Germany, researchers found that participants with anemia, defined as haemoglobin <13 g/dl in men and <12 g/dl in women, showed lower performances in verbal memory and executive functions. Furthermore, mild cognitive impairment occurred almost twice more often in participants diagnosed with anemia. This study is published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. (2015-12-16)

Light drinking may protect brain function
Light to moderate drinking may preserve brain function in older age, according to a new study from the University of Georgia. (2020-06-30)

Athletes' fear of failure likely to lead to 'choke,' study shows
New research demonstrates that anxiety about a competitive situation makes even the most physically active of us more likely to slip-up -- and backs up 'catastrophe theory.' (2014-05-07)

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