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Smoking linked to higher risk of death among colorectal cancer survivors
Colorectal cancer survivors who smoke cigarettes were at more than twice the risk of death than non-smoking survivors, according to a new American Cancer Society study (2015-02-03)
Ovary removal may increase the risk of colorectal cancer
Colorectal cancer may rise in women who have their ovaries removed, according to new research. (2016-05-04)
A promising biomarker to diagnosis gastric and colorectal cancer
RASSF1A, a tumor suppressor gene located in 3p21.3 region, is thought to play a pivotal role in human cancer development. (2008-05-21)
The importance of the glutamine metabolism in colon cancer
The importance of glutamine was made clear as a colon cancer specific metabolism. (2017-01-10)
Early detection: Colorectal cancer rates declining in Germany
The introduction of screening colonoscopy in Germany is showing results: Within ten years of the start of this screening program for the early detection of colorectal cancer, the number of new cases has significantly dropped in the age groups 55 years and over. (2016-03-11)
Many colorectal cancers would be missed with new criteria for patient referral
Recently, in the UK, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence outlined criteria that should trigger primary care clinicians to refer patients with suspected colorectal cancer to see an oncologist. (2016-11-04)
Statins linked to lower risk of early death in patients with colorectal cancer
Use of statins before or after a diagnosis of colorectal cancer was linked with a lower risk of premature death, both from cancer and from other causes, in a Cancer Medicine analysis of published studies. (2019-05-09)
Gene mutations among young patients with colorectal cancer
While many patients with colorectal are diagnosed when they are older than 50, about 10 percent of patients are diagnosed at younger ages. (2016-12-15)
Delay in colonoscopy following positive screening test associated with increased risk of colorectal
Among patients with a positive fecal immunochemical test result, compared with follow-up colonoscopy at eight to 30 days, follow-up after 10 months was associated with a higher risk of colorectal cancer and more advanced-stage disease at the time of diagnosis, according to a study published by JAMA. (2017-04-25)
Colorectal cancer partner-in-crime identified
A protein that helps colorectal cancer cells spread to other parts of the body could be an effective treatment target. (2020-02-20)
Intestinal cancer in spite of screening
Only every second patient with colorectal carcinoma had taken part in an early detection program within the last ten years. (2009-04-03)
New Zealand's colorectal cancer rates are on the rise in young adults
A recent analysis found a decrease in the overall incidence of colorectal cancer in New Zealand, but an increased incidence of rectal cancer in those under 50 years of age. (2017-04-05)
Colorectal cancer survival advantage in MUTYH-associated polyposis
Survival for colorectal cancer patients with MUTYH-associated polyposis was statistically significantly better than for patients with colorectal cancer from the general population, according to a recent study published online Nov. (2010-11-02)
Consuming garlic and onions may lower colorectal cancer risk
Consumption of allium vegetables -- which include garlic, leeks, and onions -- was linked with a reduced risk of in colorectal cancer in a study of men and women in China. (2019-02-21)
Scientists discover major genetic cause of colorectal cancer
About one-third of colorectal cancers are inherited, but the genetic cause of most of these cancers is unknown. (2008-08-14)
Predicting chemotherapy outcome
Studying the gene-expression profiles of patients with colorectal cancer might help predict their response to chemotherapy. (2006-03-14)
Gene thought to suppress cancer may actually promote spread of colorectal cancer
A gene that is known to suppress the growth and spread of many types of cancer has the opposite effect in some forms of colorectal cancer, University of Missouri School of Medicine researchers have found. (2016-01-04)
Gene variation associated with decreased risk of colorectal cancer
Variation of a gene for a protein hormone that is secreted by fat cells is associated with a decreased colorectal cancer risk, according to a study in the Oct. (2008-09-30)
Blood pressure drugs don't protect against colorectal cancer
A new study has found that, contrary to current thinking, taking beta blockers that treat high blood pressure does not decrease a person's risk of developing colorectal cancer. (2012-05-14)
Genetics dominant risk factor in common cancers
A study of individuals who have been adopted has identified genetics as the dominant risk factor in 'familial' breast, prostate and colorectal cancers. (2014-06-27)
Factors associated with longer wait times in colorectal cancer specialty care referrals
Delay in referral to specialty care for patients who have symptoms of colorectal cancer may lead to poor health outcomes. (2019-09-09)
High weight associated with risk of colorectal tumors without microsatellite instability
The increased risk of colorectal cancer associated with obesity may be largely restricted to tumors that have no or low microsatellite instability, a common condition in most colorectal cancers, according to a new study published online March 5 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. (2010-03-05)
Colorectal cancer gene database helpful in furthering research
The CRCgene database, which gathers all genetic association studies on colorectal cancer, allows for researchers to accurately interpret the risk factors of the disease and provides insight into the direction of further colorectal cancer research, according to a study published Sept. (2012-09-27)
Protein inhibits colorectal cancer growth
Researchers have discovered a protein that suppresses colorectal cancer in mice and human cell cultures, according to a study in the Aug. (2000-08-22)
Tumor DNA platform scopes out and classifies colorectal cancer
A new machine learning platform can identify patients with colorectal cancer and helps predict their disease severity and survival, according to a study involving samples from thousands of subjects. (2020-01-01)
Colorectal cancer screening in Canada is cost-effective
Colorectal cancer screening is cost-effective and offers the best value for provincial health ministries in Canada, states an article in CMAJ. (2010-07-12)
New colorectal cancer gene identified
Researchers at Mayo Clinic have discovered that mutations in a newly isolated gene, AXIN2, lead to the development of colorectal cancer. (2000-09-25)
Colorectal cancer screening underutilized
Fewer than half of patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer had received a screening procedure at least six months prior to their diagnosis, according to a new study. (2005-01-10)
Breath test could possibly diagnose colorectal cancer
A new study published in BJS has demonstrated for the first time that a simple breath analysis could be used for colorectal cancer screening. (2012-12-05)
Natural protein may halt colorectal cancer's spread
Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center researchers in Milwaukee have learned that a protein, CXCL12, that normally controls intestinal cell movement, has the potential to halt colorectal cancer spreading. (2009-04-21)
New method for early screening of colorectal cancer
A highly sensitive method that can detect even the earlier stages of colorectal cancer has been developed by researchers in Japan. (2017-04-25)
Studies examine effect of testing frequency after treatment, surgery for colorectal cancer
Two studies and a related editorial examined the effect of more or less frequent follow-up testing after treatment or surgery for colorectal cancer. (2018-05-22)
Colorectal cancer screening can be expanded by offering it during mammography visits
Offering colorectal cancer screening to poor minority women during mammography visits can effectively expand screening in this otherwise underserved population, although lack of medical insurance remains a significant barrier. (2010-10-25)
DNA test shows promise for identifying patients with colorectal cancer
Testing for DNA changes in stools might provide a new, accurate, and less invasive way to screen patients for colorectal cancer, conclude the authors of a research letter in this week's issue of The Lancet. (2004-04-15)
Cancer screening concerns
Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are much less likely to be screened for colorectal cancer, research shows. (2015-02-26)
Affordable Care Act made cancer screening more accessible for millions, study finds
From 2011 to 2013, the ACA resulted in an 8 percent increase in the diagnoses of early-stage colorectal cancer among US seniors aged 65 and older. (2017-01-18)
Annals of Internal Medicine, tip sheet, October 16, 2001
1). Case Managers Improve Care of HIV Patients
2).Screening for Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Works and May Be Cost Effective
3). (2001-10-15)
Folate intake may reduce colorectal cancer risk
A new study finds high folate intake is associated with a reduced risk of colorectal cancer, a finding consistent with the findings of most previous epidemiologic studies. (2011-07-05)
Genetic markers play role in who benefits from aspirin, NSAIDs to lower colon cancer risk
An Indiana University cancer researcher and her colleagues have identified genetic markers that may help determine who benefits from regular use of aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for lowering one's risk of developing colorectal cancer. (2015-03-17)
A search for biomarkers for early detection of colorectal cancer
Using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, 27 differentially expressed proteins were identified in colorectal adenoma, compared with individual-matched normal mucosa and cancer tissue. (2007-09-24)
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