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Data link project provides new insight about the US R&D activities of multinational companies
Findings from the Research and Development Data Link Project showed that both parent companies of US multinational companies and US affiliates of foreign multinational companies devoted about three-fourths of their R&D expenditures to development activities in 2007. (2012-09-20)

Companies that combine exports, research outperform competitors
Economists recognize that companies that export are more productive. However, a more complex relationship between exporting and investing in research and development may better explain the high productivity of companies in (2011-06-20)

Company R&D expenditures in US increased 6.7 percent in 2013
Companies spent $323 billion on research and development performed in the United States during 2013, 6.7 percent more than the $302 billion they spent the previous year. (2015-08-24)

'Better to give than to receive' may not hold true for corporations
Most grew up with the familiar saying, (2007-06-06)

NSF reports on R&D spending by businesses in the United States
Businesses in the United States are focusing a large portion of their research and development efforts on health and defense, according to a National Science Foundation report released today. (2012-08-24)

Sustainable business innovation adds firms' market value
Sustainable business innovation is good business; researchers from Aalto University, Finland have proved. The researchers tested how sustainability business innovations and the market value of companies in the construction sector are connected. The study is a first of its kind. (2012-12-05)

NSF report details increase in business research and development
According to a recent study published by the National Science Foundation (NSF), businesses spent more on research and development in 2011 than they did in 2010. Companies spent $294 billion on R&D performed in the United States during 2011, compared with $279 billion during 2010. Data are from the Business and R&D and Innovation Survey, which is co-sponsored by NSF and the U.S. Census Bureau. (2013-09-20)

Study: Tax havens and limited regulation increase risk for shareholders
Some large, publicly held companies are incorporated in tax haven countries, ostensibly to increase value for shareholders. But new research finds that many such companies -- particularly those headquartered in countries with limited shareholder protections -- are more likely to engage in practices that benefit executives at the cost of their shareholders. (2018-06-19)

IT industry's renewable energy procurement is significant, set to climb
The percentage of renewable electricity purchased by US companies in the information and communication technology sector is growing and will likely increase significantly by the start of the next decade, according to a first-ever analysis by the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory. (2015-08-25)

Organizing R & D in teams is useful for retaining talent
Researchers who work in R & D in key areas within a company, together with those who have participated in the most important innovations, are more likely to be hired away by competitors. However, those researchers who work on a team are less likely to by hired away by other companies. This is one of the main conclusions of a study carried out at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid which analyzes work movement in the inventor market. (2010-11-30)

Pharmaceutical companies the world's most ethical, says Swiss study
The three most ethical companies in the world are innovative pharmaceutical manufacturers according to a new and independent study by a Swiss-based organisation. (2006-01-05)

Unethical promotion of medicines is rife in India
The Indian government has failed to prevent the unethical and illegal promotion of prescription drugs, according to an editorial in this week's BMJ. (2004-04-01)

New accounting rules are missing the target
The international accounting rules IFRS for listed companies were introduced to help for example investors compare the values of different companies. However, the new rules turn out to miss the target in this respect according to researcher Johan Lorentzon, author of a recently presented doctoral thesis from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. (2011-06-27)

Multinational companies perform majority of US business R&D
Multinational companies perform the majority of all research and development (R&D) done by companies located in the Unites States, according to a new report from the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics. (2016-02-05)

UTHealth, BioHouston sign collaborative agreement
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and BioHouston Inc. on Oct. 21 announced a new agreement to boost services to biomedical entrepreneurs and new bio-tech start-ups in Houston. (2010-10-26)

Needed: More competent company boards
Research at the University of Gothenburgs point out that more competent company boards are needed. (2010-06-14)

Corp. social responsibility programs have little impact on stocks, according to Ben-Gurion U
The study found that there was no statistical difference between the stock performance of these companies and their counterparts, and that investors who are targeting CSR investments may do so knowing they will perform similarly to non-CSR investments. (2011-08-24)

Higher than global average of European companies investment into research and development
2017 Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard shows that the total investment of the top 2500 industrial players worldwide amounted to €741.6 billion in 2016. An important number of these world's top industrial R&D players are based in the EU (567 out of 2500; with 822 in the US, 365 in Japan, 376 in China and 370 in the rest of the world). (2017-12-04)

Should drug companies be allowed to talk to patients?
If people are to become more involved in their own health care, they must be able to gain access to high quality, balanced, accurate, and up to date information, but should this information come from drug companies? (2003-06-12)

Ag firms outperform S&P 500
While the general economy has underperformed in the past several years, the crop farming sector has been not just stable, but profitable. A recent University of Illinois report comparing the returns from publicly traded companies from 2007 until the end of the first quarter of 2011 showed an 8.6 percent market value increase from agriculture-related companies and companies in the S&P 500 experienced a decline of 2.7 percent. (2011-04-15)

US companies performed 18 percent of R&D outside the United States in 2013
U.S. companies spent $73 billion on research and development (R&D) performed outside the United States in 2013, according to a new report by the National Science Foundation's National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics. The total represented 18 percent of US companies' total R&D performance. These same companies spent $323 billion on R&D performed within the United States in 2013. (2017-04-13)

Drug industry embraces new business strategies after tough year
As they pop the champagne corks to celebrate New Year's Eve, drug industry executives will likely be glad to put 2009 behind them. That's because pharmaceutical companies who make top-selling drugs for heart disease, asthma and many other conditions had a tough year in the midst of mounting market pressures and a global recession. A timely year-end analysis of the state of the pharmaceutical industry is scheduled for the current issue of Chemical & Engineering News, ACS' weekly newsmagazine. (2009-12-09)

Western companies change Hungarian labour market
Companies in Hungary, including Unilever, Philips and IBM are investing in training and in changing the mentality of their Hungarian employees. By doing so, they are bringing about changes in the local labour market. These are the results of interviews with personnel and production managers representing 50 companies in Hungary. (2000-01-23)

Drug companies responded poorly to requests for information from doctors in Pakistan
Many doctors in the developing world do not receive adequate or appropriate responses when they request product information from drug companies, claim doctors from Pakistan in this week's BMJ. (1999-08-26)

Lack of knowledge about new foreign markets hampers international success
Lack of insight into the culture and regulations of other countries is a great obstacle for companies trying to enter new international markets. These are the results of a new study, which establishes that companies may benefit from e.g. hiring employees with knowledge about the new market. (2015-03-19)

Indiana University Research and Technology Corp. reports 43 licensing deals in 2015-16
Marie Kerbeshian, vice president of technology commercialization at Indiana University Research and Technology Corp., announced details about the 2015-2016 fiscal year licensing agreements. (2016-07-06)

'Big Food' companies have less power than you might think
A Dartmouth study finds that 'Big Food' companies are striving to make food more sustainable from farm to factory but have less power than you might think. In fact, most Big Food companies have little knowledge about or control over the farmers who supply their raw materials. The study's findings were published in the 'Annals of the American Association of Geographers.' (2017-06-13)

Preventing cyber security attacks lies in strategic, third-party investments, study finds
Companies interested in protecting themselves and their customers from cyber-attacks need to invest in themselves and the vendors that handle their data, according to new research from American University. (2019-10-21)

Should doctors be 'selling' drugs for the pharmaceutical industry?
Are senior doctors who help drug companies sell their drugs independent experts or just drug representatives in disguise, asks Ray Moynihan from the University of Newcastle in Australia, in this week's BMJ. (2008-06-19)

New study: Focusing on staff pays off
How can businesses create competitive advantages that are sustainable in the long term? A new doctoral thesis from the University of Gothenburg's School of Business, Economics and Law addresses this question by looking at a group of unusually prosperous manufacturing companies. Part of the answer is short and simple: Focus on the staff. (2012-04-23)

Flexibility In Cutting Toxic Releases Yields Dividends
Changes in federal regulation giving chemical companies flexibility in deciding how to reduce toxic pollution are producing measurable results, according to researchers at the University of Illinois. Findings are based on a study of 33/50 program started by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1991 to encourage firms to reduce their pollution emissions by 33 percent by 1992 and by 50 percent by 1995. (1998-09-04)

Gap between corporate earnings, non-financial measures affects forecasting
A recent study finds that the more a company's earnings diverge from its non-financial resources, the less likely it is to issue a forecast of its annual earnings. For companies that issue a forecast, the larger the disconnect between a company's earnings and its key non-financial measures, the more the company overestimates its actual performance. (2019-02-04)

Unilateral terms of service change may put health-tech consumer welfare at risk
Given the intimate nature of the data handled by health technology companies, Jessica Roberts and Jim Hawkins argue, in this Policy Forum, for stronger consumer protections. (2020-02-13)

Mutual fund managers invest similarly because of competitive pressures, might miss good investments
A University of Missouri researcher has found that institutional mutual fund investors tend to invest in companies that have an independent board of directors because it is perceived as a (2013-10-22)

Long-term productivity higher in university spin-offs than in other companies
Researchers from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the University of Birmingham have analyzed the productivity of technology-based companies in Spain with the aim of comparing the characteristics of spin-offs with all other companies. Spin-offs have lower economic results during the first three years, but their productivity surpasses the other companies after that. The reason for this could lie in a higher capacity for learning among academic entrepreneurs. (2014-03-25)

Canadian unions, management co-operate in face of change
Co-operation between unions and management in companies like General Motors of Canada and Bell Canada has led to fewer strikes and increased prosperity despite sweeping changes facing Canadian industries, says University of Toronto professor Anil Verma. (1999-07-27)

Rethinking business: Disruptions like the corona crisis also create new opportunities
Study analyses importance of historical times of change and the significance of disruptions for new success strategies. Examples show how the corona situation may benefit new ventures. (2020-09-09)

Pharmaceutical industry welcomes Labor Party's Innovation Blueprint
Medicines Australia has welcomed today's release of the Labor Party's Innovation Blueprint -- Turning Aussie Brilliance into Dollars. (2006-07-10)

Binghamton University professor launches web tool to track impact of drugs worldwide
Billions of dollars have been spent on developing drugs and supplying them around the world, but which companies' drugs are actually making an impact? The Global Health Impact Index, headed by Binghamton University Associate Professor Nicole Hassoun and highlighted in a new article published Friday in PLOS ONE, addresses this issue by ranking pharmaceutical companies based on their drugs' impact on global health. (2015-12-14)

Businesses spent $341 billion on R&D performed in US in 2014
Businesses spent $341 billion on research and development (R&D) performed in the United States in 2014, a 5.6 percent increase over the previous year, according to a new report from the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES). (2016-08-25)

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