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Space center director to speak at robotics competition at UCF
NASA Kennedy Space Center Director Roy Bridges will discuss the Columbia disaster, the shuttle program and the importance of robotics competition March 21 at the FIRST Central Florida Regional Robotics Competition at the University of Central Florida. (2003-03-12)

Promiscuity could reduce benefits of successful mating, research shows
Males that mate with multiple partners may actually experience a reduction in paternity rates, due to sperm competition, as their partners will also mate with many other males. (2016-01-19)

Hybrid SUV takes second place in FutureTruck competition
A Ford Explorer sport utility vehicle rebuilt by UC Davis engineering students to run as a gas-electric hybrid has won second place in the national FutureTruck competition. (2003-06-18)

New method for solving differential equations
Dutch-sponsored mathematician Valeriu Savcenco has developed new methods for the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations. These so-called multirate methods are highly efficient for large systems, where some components exhibit more active behaviour than others within the same system. (2008-01-24)

Legal judgement has grave implications for the NHS
A landmark decision by the United Kingdom's Competition Commission could make all contracting out and commissioning of health care by NHS and social services subject to European Union competition law, rather than a matter for national public health policy. (2003-01-30)

NIST issues call for a new 'hash' algorithm
NIST has opened a competition to develop a new cryptographic hash algorithm, a tool that converts a file, message or block of data to a short (2007-11-08)

UTHealth's Ching-On Wong wins postdoc presentation contest
Ching-On Wong, Ph.D., a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Integrative Biology and Pharmacology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, won the UTHealth Postdoctoral Presentation Competition. (2011-06-24)

Too many candidates spoil the stew
This election year has produced 17 Republican presidential candidates, which on its surface may appear to give the party a competitive advantage. Evolution, however, disagrees. A new study by Michigan State University researcher Arend Hintze and appearing in the current issue of Scientific Reports, says the delicate balance of some, but not too much, competition optimally drives the evolution of decision-making strategies. (2015-09-11)

Some males react to competition like bonobos, others like chimpanzees
The average man experiences hormone changes similar to the passive bonobo prior to competition, but a (2010-06-28)

Louisiana Tech students win first in 11 categories at civil engineering conference
Louisiana Tech students took home first place awards in 11 categories in the 2008 American Society of Civil Engineers Deep South Conference. (2008-04-29)

Louisiana Tech engineering students earn top honors at concrete canoe, steel bridge competitions
Louisiana Tech University's student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers won first place in several categories including concrete canoe and steel bridge during the Deep South Regional Conference at Mississippi State University. (2011-04-11)

Experts question merits of extending competition to improve hospital care
More research is needed before conclusions can be drawn about the effect of recent reforms on hospital quality, let alone about the merits of the coalition government's proposals to extend competition, warn experts on today. (2011-10-10)

Field-cricket study shows that when it comes to competition, sperm quality matters
By studying the relationship between sperm viability and reproductive success in a cricket species, researchers have come closer to understanding the contribution of sperm quality to reproductive success, at least in insects. (2005-02-07)

How to digitally stoke that old-time auction fever
The authors explore the impact of time pressure and social competition on bidders in online auctions and how those factors influence auction results and users' experience. (2015-07-28)

Loyola among world's top centers in pathology competition
Loyola University Medical Center ranked among the top hospitals in the world in a recent research competition for pathologists in training. (2010-02-19)

According to a thesis, diet and hydration of sportspeople improve during competition
The main goal of this research was to determine the composition of the ingestion of a group of volunteer skiers, participants in the XXX Andrés de Regil BBK Trophy Mountain Trek and correlate them with their anthropometric blood parameters, and with the time obtained in the trials. (2009-10-26)

Artificial fingertip that 'feels' wins international robotics competition
An open-source 3-D-printed fingertip that can 'feel' in a similar way to the human sense of touch has won an international Soft Robotics competition for its contribution to soft robotics research. (2017-01-18)

As competition goes down, generic drug prices rise, study finds
If the cost of your generic prescription drug has risen, it may be due to a lack of competition among drug manufacturers, according to a University of Florida College of Pharmacy study. (2017-07-05)

Louisiana Tech students take top honors at ASCE concrete canoe competition
Louisiana Tech University's student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) won first place in the concrete canoe competition during the 2012 Deep South Regional Conference held last week at The University of Tennessee-Martin. (2012-04-05)

FASEB sponsors stand up for science competition
The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology is sponsoring a competition for the most effective demonstration of how the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, or other federally funded research improves the health, quality of life, or economy in local communities. (2012-09-19)

Peer pressure trumps 'thin' ideals in the media
Peers exert a greater influence on teenage girls' dissatisfaction with their bodies than do thin ideals in television or social media use, according to new research by Dr. Christopher J. Ferguson and colleagues from Texas A&M International University in the U.S. Their study is published online in Springer's Journal of Youth and Adolescence. (2013-01-30)

It was brawn over beauty in human mating competition
Male physical competition, not attraction, was central in winning mates among human ancestors, according to a Penn State anthropologist. (2010-05-13)

The world's first wireless satellite
A satellite whose components are not connected through electric cables but miniaturised radio modules: This innovation has earned two computer scientists from the University of Würzburg the first place in the INNOspace Masters competition. (2016-05-12)

Fussy eating prevents mongoose family feuds
Mongooses living in large groups develop 'specialist' diets so they don't have to fight over food, new research shows. (2018-03-14)

Women's preference for smaller competition may account for inequality
When applying for a job or to college, women seek positions with fewer applicants than men, according to a new University of Michigan study. (2016-05-12)

Flower power: Marking winners and losers
A new study reveals how conflict resolution works on the microscopic scale -- a protein called Flower marks the weaker cells for elimination in favor of their fitter neighbors. The research, published by Cell Press in the June 15 issue of the journal Developmental Cell, furthers our understanding of a developmental process of (2010-06-14)

JRC wins competition on indoor localization
A team of JRC researchers outperformed 27 teams from academia and industry across the globe and achieved best overall result at a competition on indoor localization in Seattle, USA. Providing accurate position information on people and objects indoors, where GPS signals are not available, has been a challenging research topic over the last decade and there is not yet a large-scale commercial deployment in this field. (2015-04-23)

ATP opens new competition for R&D projects
The NIST Advanced Technology Program (ATP) has announced a new competition for cost-sharing awards to support high-risk industrial R&D projects. The ATP offers funding to single companies or to industry-led joint ventures to accelerate the development of challenging, high-risk technologies. (2004-02-13)

Universities to compete in second annual autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) competition
This year's competition, sponsored by the Office of Naval Research and the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, will be held Aug. 6-8 at the Naval Systems Warfare Center's Coastal Systems Station in Panama City, Fla. (1999-08-04)

Sexual competition stimulates premature and repeated ejaculation in a mammal
Changing tactics in the face of competition is a strategy in boardrooms -- and bars -- the world over. New research suggests that when it comes to mating, even the lowly house mouse has the ability to modify its approach in the face of competition. (2006-04-03)

Moongoose females compete over reproduction
A new study on wild banded mongooses reveals that females may use spontaneous abortion to cope with reproductive competition, and to save their energy for future breeding attempts in better conditions. (2019-12-13)

American College of Physicians praises blocked health insurance merger
The American College of Physicians (ACP) praises the ruling by a federal judge yesterday that blocked a proposed merger between health insurers Aetna and Humana. The ruling over the potential impact on competition and insurance prices is a big 'win' for patients and the physicians who care for them. (2017-01-24)

Testis size matters for genome evolution
In the advanced online edition of Molecular Biology and Evolution, author Alex Wong used a published sequence dataset from 55 species of primates to test for a correlation between molecular evolutionary rates across a genome (substitution rates) and testes weights, used in the study as a proxy for increased sperm production and competition. (2014-03-05)

UK biotechnology business plan competition now open to students in the US and Canada
The Biotechnology Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES) is an innovative academic business plan competition that raises awareness of the commmercialization of ideas from the biosciences for postgraduate students and postdoctoral scientists. (2004-07-07)

Getting the jump on competitors: QUT study
Umpires and judges are the unwitting focus of some of Australia's best fast bowlers, track and field athletes and gymnasts to improve their performance in competition, thanks to a new training technique discovered by a Queensland University of Technology researcher. (2014-09-16)

Want to kill creativity of women in teams? Fire up the competition
Women tend to outperform men when it comes to collaboration and creativity in small working groups, but force teams to go head to head in highly competitive environments and the benefits of a female approach are soon reversed, suggests new research from Washington University in St. Louis. (2014-08-11)

Who are the rising stars in the new generation of chemists?
Where will the solutions to climate change come from? Who will use nanotechnology to change the face of medicine? Who will be the Nobel Prize winners of the future? (2008-01-25)

Household with mother (-in-law) means fewer kids
Women who live with their own mother or their mother in law in the same household have, on average, fewer children than women who only live with their spouse. Martin Fieder and colleagues, evolutionary anthropologists from the University of Vienna, report this on the basis of intercultural data of 2.5 million women worldwide. Until now, evolutionary biologists have assumed the opposite. The study appears in the renowned scientific journal 'Royal Society Open Science'. (2017-10-25)

Love rivals risk having offspring with a greater number of harmful mutations
Males that face tougher competition for females risk having offspring with a greater number of harmful mutations in their genome than males without rivals. Researchers at Uppsala University have discovered this correlation in the beetle species Callosobruchus maculatus. Their study is published in the scientific journal Nature Ecology & Evolution. (2020-03-16)

Marshall Center sponsors three area high schools in annual robotics competition
Three high schools - one in Huntsville and two in neighboring cities - will participate in a national engineering competition to build robots with the help of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. (2000-10-10)

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