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Composite Materials special issue
In this special issue of Science, 'Composite Materials,' three Review articles overview the current applications, constraints and future opportunities for composite materials, those made from two or more materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties. (2018-11-01)

New Book On Composite Materials Available
Michael W. Hyer, professor of engineering science and mechanics at Virginia Tech, is the author of a new book published by WCP/McGraw-Hill titled (1998-03-30)

MIT engineers devise new way to inspect materials used in airplanes
Many airplane manufacturers have started building planes from advanced composite materials, which consist of high-strength fibers, such as carbon or glass, embedded in a plastic or metal matrix. Such materials are stronger and more lightweight than aluminum, but they are also more difficult to inspect for damage. Brian L. Wardle, associate professor of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT has devised a new way to detect that internal damage, using a simple handheld device and heat-sensitive camera. (2011-03-25)

Theory stretches the limits of composite materials
In an advance that could lead to composite materials with virtually limitless performance capabilities, a University of Wisconsin-Madison scientist has dispelled a 50-year-old theoretical notion that composite materials must be made only of (2007-01-31)

Physicists produce 'left-handed' composite materials
Physicists supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) have produced a new class of composite materials with physical properties that scientists theorized might be possible, but had never before been produced. The materials are called (2000-03-20)

Researcher finds faster, cheaper way to cool electronic devices
A North Carolina State University researcher has developed a more efficient, less expensive way of cooling electronic devices - particularly devices that generate a lot of heat, such as lasers and power devices. (2012-04-09)

Conference on composite materials for structural performance: Towards higher limits
The focus of the 32nd materials conference at Risoe DTU is to increase the strength and durability of composite materials by providing a better understanding of the properties of composite materials, right down to micro scale. (2011-03-04)

IAPETUS project to enable extending useful life of aircraft and increase their reliability
TECNALIA is leading the IAPETUS project, within the European Union 7th Framework Program, and aimed at developing a new technology for repairing aircraft by means of composite patches applied to both aluminum and to the new generation of compound materials aircraft. The goal of the project is to extend the life of the aircraft, increase their reliability and reduce the costs of repairs. (2009-03-18)

UB Professor Looking To Identify Mechanism Behind Observation Of Negative Electrical Resistance
A University at Buffalo professor who last week reported at a scientific meeting that she had observed apparent negative electrical resistance at the interfaces between layers of carbon fibers in a composite material is conducting additional studies to clarify the mechanism behind the phenomenon. (1998-07-16)

Composite 'Bird Strikes' Examined Using Acoustic Microscopy
A new scanning device developed by researchers at Pennsylvania State University is helping aerospace engineers monitor the potential effects of 'bird strikes' on the new composite materials being developed for use as turbine blades in aircraft engines. The technique will enable greater use of composite materials in aircraft engines by allowing researchers to examine the internal characteristics of composite engine parts as they are mended (healed) in-situ. (1999-06-02)

User research at BESSY II: How new materials increase the efficiency of direct ethanol fuel cells
A group from Brazil and an HZB team have investigated a novel composite membrane for ethanol fuel cells. It consists of the polymer Nafion, in which nanoparticles of a titanium compound are embedded by the rarely explored melt extrusion process. At BESSY II they were able to observe in detail, how the nanoparticles in the Nafion matrix are distributed and how they contribute to increase proton conductivity. (2020-05-04)

Spider silk key to new bone-fixing composite
UConn researchers have created a biodegradable composite made of silk fibers that can be used to repair broken load-bearing bones without the complications sometimes presented by other materials. (2018-04-19)

NRL robotic loader system achieves composite material testing milestone
The NRL Computational Multiphysics Systems Laboratory of the Center of Computational Materials Science in the Materials Science Division complete functional verification of robotic materials testing system NRL66.3. (2011-09-06)

MetOp launch postponed
EUMETSAT has announced that on Saturday 30 September the upper composite (comprising the MetOp spacecraft, the Fregat upper stage and the Soyuz fairing) experienced a slight mechanical shock. It was then decided to interrupt the launch campaign and return the upper composite to the clean room for inspection. (2006-10-02)

Springer editor Alexander Guz wins prestigious award
Alexander Nikolaevich Guz has been awarded the 2007 Blaise Pascal Medal in Materials Science for (2007-12-13)

Polymer composite provides better fire protection than steel for shipboard use
The US Navy needs lighter materials so ships will go further faster. One way to do that is to use new composite materials. But how will these materials respond to fire -- one of the most critical safety concerns on a ship? Virginia Tech material scientists have developed models to test composites for fire resistance - and have a recommendation. (2006-03-26)

New method of measuring internal stresses for aerospace and aircraft engineering
Composite materials have become an integral part of our lives: they are used in aviation and space technologies, as well as the automobile and mining industries. However, there has been a problem of internal stress assessment with composite material designs since their inception. (2018-05-10)

New composite materials prolong the service life of spare parts for equipment and vehicles
Studies have shown that hybrid powder materials based on natural layered silicates developed by the chemists of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) and the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FEB RAS) decrease the friction ratio in metals sevenfold. (2018-10-09)

Composite plane life cycle assessment shows lighter planes are the future
A global fleet of composite planes could reduce carbon emissions by up to 15 percent, but the lighter planes alone will not enable the aviation industry to meet its emissions targets, according to new research. (2014-12-16)

Wiley Encyclopedia of Composites, 5-volume set, second edition
Wiley is pleased to announce publication of a new major reference work, the Wiley Encyclopedia of Composites, five-volume set, second edition. (2012-04-18)

Scientists have developed environmentally friendly way to build up road foundations
Scientists of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) and the Federal University of Technology -- ParanĂ¡/Brazil together with colleagues from Kazakhstan have proposed to build road foundations from a mixture of loam, metal slag and lime waste instead of traditional layers of natural sand and gravel. The new composite is durable, water and frost resistant, meeting the requirements for building materials of the first class. A related article is available in the Journal of Cleaner Production. (2019-11-29)

Stress of stretching solids: 3D image shows how particles distribute in metals
Observing the behavior of the particles in the composite metals helps to understand the mechanism of losing its strength and ductility, which makes possible to design the composites metals with higher strength and ductility. (2018-11-15)

Dr. Chin-Teh Sun wins AIAA Chichlow Prize
The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Walter J. and Angeline H. Crichlow Trust Prize has been won by Dr. Chin-Teh Sun, Neil Armstrong Distinguished Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind. (2011-03-04)

Material for nuclear reactors to become harder
Scientists from NUST MISIS developed a unique composite material that can be used in harsh temperature conditions, such as those in nuclear reactors. The microhardness of the sandwich material is 3 times higher compared to the microhardness of its individual components. These properties withstand temperatures up to 700°?. The results of the research are published in Materials Letters. (2019-09-30)

UD scientists use carbon nanotube networks to detect defects in composites
University of Delaware researchers have discovered a means to detect and identify damage within advanced composite materials by using a network of tiny carbon nanotubes, which act in much the same manner as human nerves. (2006-10-04)

Technology lifts-off in time for new space shuttle
A new composite curing technology that uses high energy electron beams is set to allow composite materials to take centre stage in the development of new aerospace vehicles, such as the proposed Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) aircraft and the space shuttle replacement, Venture Star. (1999-07-01)

New techniques stretch carbon nanotubes, make stronger composites
Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed new techniques for stretching carbon nanotubes and using them to create carbon composites that can be used as stronger, lighter materials in everything from airplanes to bicycles. (2012-10-15)

Virginia Tech football player uses prototype cast
Virginia Tech's starting running back Cedric Humes was able to play against Boston College despite a broken arm (the ulna bone) thanks, in part, to a prototype composite brace designed for him by Virginia Tech engineers. (2005-10-31)

CU-Boulder researchers develop 4-D printing technology for composite materials
Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have successfully added a fourth dimension to their printing technology, opening up exciting possibilities for the creation and use of adaptive, composite materials in manufacturing, packaging and biomedical applications. (2013-10-22)

UBC researchers create washable sensor that can be woven into materials
Forget the smart watch. Bring on the smart shirt. Researchers at UBC Okanagan's School of Engineering have developed a low-cost sensor that can be interlaced into textiles and composite materials. While the research is still new, the sensor may pave the way for smart clothing that can monitor human movement. (2019-05-16)

Researchers tune mechanical properties of radiation-sensitive material for biomedical use
An interdisciplinary team of researchers at North Carolina State University has developed a composite material that emits light and heat when exposed to specific wavelengths of radiation and that can be customized to have specific mechanical characteristics. The composite holds promise for use in biomedical imaging, drug delivery and therapeutic treatments. (2016-02-23)

Study finds metal foams capable of shielding X-rays, gamma rays, neutron radiation
Research shows lightweight composite metal foams are effective at blocking X-rays, gamma rays and neutron radiation, and are capable of absorbing the energy of high impact collisions. The finding means metal foams hold promise for use in nuclear safety, space exploration and medical technology applications. (2015-07-17)

Aluminum is the new steel: NUST MISIS scientists made it stronger than ever before
Aluminum is one of the most promising materials for aeronautics and automobile industry. Scientists from the National University of Science and Technology 'MISIS' found a simple and efficient way of strengthening aluminum-based composite materials. Doping aluminum melt with nickel and lanthanum, scientists managed to create a material combining benefits of both composite materials and standard alloys: flexibility, strength, lightness. The article on the research is published in Materials Letters. (2019-05-24)

Creating stretchable thermoelectric generators
For the first time, a soft and stretchable organic thermoelectric module has been created that can harvest energy from body heat. The breakthrough was enabled by a new composite material that may have widespread use in smart clothing, wearable electronics and electronic skin. The result is published in Nature Communications. (2020-03-24)

MIT: 'Nanostitching' could strengthen airplane skins, more
MIT engineers are using carbon nanotubes only billionths of a meter thick to stitch together aerospace materials in work that could make airplane skins and other products some 10 times stronger at a nominal increase in cost. (2009-03-04)

REFORM, opening up the way for low environmental impact products
Tecnalia recently announced its participation in the REFORM project, which is seeking to contribute towards the EU's eco-label criteria for composite components. (2013-06-06)

Super-strong, high-tech material found to be toxic to aquatic animals
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have potential uses in everything from medicine to electronics to construction. However, CNTs are not without risks. A joint study by the University of Missouri and United States Geological Survey found that they can be toxic to aquatic animals. The researchers urge that care be taken to prevent the release of CNTs into the environment as the materials enter mass production. (2012-08-22)

Graphene makes rubber more rubbery
Adding graphene to thin rubber films can make them stronger and stretchier, University of Manchester researchers have shown. (2016-05-20)

Predicting material fatigue
A small crack in a metal wheel caused Germany's worst-ever rail accident -- the 1998 Eschede train disaster. The problem: it was practically impossible to detect damage of that nature to a metal by inspecting it externally. But now scientists have succeeded in making material fatigue visible. They designed new synthetic materials that emit light to report high mechanical stress. (2012-11-29)

UW's newly named 'Lamborghini Lab' brings composite parts to sports-car arena
The UW's newly named (2009-10-06)

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