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Hardware-accelerated global illumination by image space photon mapping
Research presented in a paper by Morgan McGuire, assistant professor of computer science at Williams College, and co-author Dr. David Luebke of NVIDIA, introduces a new algorithm to improve computer graphics for video games. McGuire and Luebke have developed a new method for computerizing lighting and light sources that will allow video game graphics to approach film quality. (2009-12-21)

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft partners with NTU to set up its first research institute in Asia
Germany's Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Europe's largest institution for applied research in computer graphics, in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University, is setting up its first interactive digital media research institute outside of Europe and the United States. To be located at NTU, Fraunhofer Singapore will focus on promoting applied research and commercialization opportunities in the field of interactive digital media. (2009-11-25)

Movement brings computer images to life
A new computer graphics method that uses movement to show the shape and structure of static objects has been developed by researchers at the UC Davis Center for Image Processing and Integrated Computing. (2003-06-18)

The history of visual magic in computers
Have you have ever looked at a fantastic science fiction movie, an amazingly complex computer game or a TV commercial where cars behaved liked people and wondered, (2013-07-31)

NTU international conference to promote computer graphics as a multidisciplinary field
Nanyang Technological University is hosting the Computer Graphics International Conference, one of the oldest and highly acclaimed international computer graphics conferences in the world, from June 8-11, 2010. Organized by NTU's Institute for Media Innovation, in cooperation with the Computer Graphics Society, Computer Graphics International 2010 aims to promote cross-disciplinary exchanges to foster the creation of next generation tools, technologies and services which could help to solve complex problems in various fields. (2010-06-09)

McMaster, NVIDIA establish first CUDA Teaching Centre in Canada
McMaster University is establishing the first NVIDIA CUDA Teaching Centre in Canada. The center, one of only 12 worldwide, will teach electrical and computer engineering students how to tap into the processing resources available in graphics processing units and use them in computationally demanding applications. (2010-09-22)

New method makes realistic water wave animations more efficient
Producing high-quality and realistic water wave animations that interact with complex objects is often computationally expensive with designers frequently opting for methods that are fast to compute but of lower quality. Researchers at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) have developed a technique to produce more realistic water wave animations at a similar computational expense as compared to current approaches. The results are published in the journal ACM -- Transactions on Graphics today. (2019-07-02)

Modern Mathematical Tools for Computer Graphics and Vision
More and more abstract mathematics has been applied in the research of computer graphics, geometric modeling and computer vision. The scope covers from tensor algebra, exterior algebra, geometric algebra, projective geometry, differential geometry, Riemannian geometry to topology, differentiable manifolds and Hilbert spaces. (2014-06-17)

Software tool helps tap into the power of graphics processing
Today's computers rely on powerful graphics processing units (GPUs) to create the spectacular graphics in video games. In fact, these GPUs are now more powerful than the traditional central processing units. As a result, computer developers are trying to tap into the power of these GPUs. Researchers have now developed software that make it easier for traditional software programs to take advantage of the powerful GPUs, increasing complex computing brainpower. (2010-05-17)

New algorithm to improve video game quality
Research presented in a paper by Morgan McGuire, assistant professor of computer science at Williams College, and co-author Dr. David Luebke of NVIDIA, introduces a new algorithm to improve computer graphics for video games. (2010-02-18)

Moon magic: Researchers develop new tool to visualize past, future lunar eclipses
Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have developed a new method for using computer graphics to simulate and render an accurate visualization of a lunar eclipse. The model uses celestial geometry of the sun, Earth and moon, along with data for the Earth's atmosphere and the moon's peculiar optical properties to create picture-perfect images of lunar eclipses. (2009-06-08)

Virtual reality becomes more real
Scientists from Skoltech ADASE (Advanced Data Analytics in Science and Engineering) lab have found a way to enhance depth map resolution, which should make virtual reality and computer graphics more realistic. They presented their research results at the prestigious International Conference on Computer Vision 2019 in Korea. (2019-11-28)

3-peat: Top PhD computer graphics innovator nabs prestigious NVIDIA Fellowship
For a third year in a row, Jay Steele, a Ph.D. student in computer graphics in the School of Computing, has received the prestigious NVIDIA Fellowship Program award for his work to solve complex visual computing challenges. NVIDIA Corp. is recognized as a world leader in visual computing technologies. (2008-05-14)

Making hair realistic in computer animation
Cornell researchers have developed a new and much quicker method for rendering hair in computer graphics that promises to make blond (and other light-colored) hair more realistic. (2006-07-20)

Computer scientists find way to make all that glitters more realistic in computer graphics
Iron Man's suit. Captain America's shield. The Batmobile. These all could look a lot more realistic thanks to a new algorithm developed by a team of US computer graphics experts. The researchers, led by Professor Ravi Ramamoorthi at the University of California San Diego, have created a method to improve how computer graphics software reproduces the way light interacts with extremely small details, called glints, on the surface of a wide range of materials. (2016-07-21)

2 NASA visualizations selected for computers graphics showcase
A NASA computer animation that shows how the sun's heat drives the Earth's swirling winds and ocean currents and a series that tours the lunar surface and the evolution of the moon are the scientific visualizations selected by an annual conference that presents and publishes the best in computer graphics and technical research. (2012-06-19)

Surviving jaws: virual merman 'thinks' his way to safety
Computer scientists at the University of Toronto have pushed the notion of artificial intelligence and virtual life to a new level -- they've created characters that are self- animating with functional bodies and brains that have behaviour, perception, learning and cognition centres. (2000-02-28)

Video-game technology may speed development of new drugs
Parents may frown upon video games, but the technology used in the wildly popular games is quietly fostering a revolution in speeding the development of new products and potentially life-saving drugs. That's the topic of an article in the current issue of Chemical & Engineering News, ACS' weekly newsmagazine. (2010-11-03)

ETH Zurich creates new lab with Walt Disney
ETH Zurich today announced a five-year research and development initiative with the Walt Disney Co. in the United States. The Disney research lab in Zurich will be one of only two newly-created industrial laboratories worldwide. Its mission will be to conduct basic applied research and share technical resources. (2008-08-11)

New Generation Of Supercomputer Arrives At Boston University
A new supercomputer with some of the most powerful and sophisticated technology available is now up and running at Boston University. Receipt of Origin2000TM, a new generation of supercomputer from Silicon Graphics was announced today by the University's Office of Information Technology and the Center for Computational Science. (1996-09-08)

Speeding up science on near-earth asteroids
Modeling the shape and movement of near-Earth asteroids is now up to 25 times faster thanks to new WSU research. (2019-07-16)

MIT research: Faster computer graphics
In August, at this year's Siggraph conference -- the premier computer-graphics conference -- researchers from the Computer Graphics Group at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory will present a pair of papers that describe new techniques for computing blur much more efficiently. The result could be more convincing video games and frames of digital video that take minutes rather than hours to render. (2011-06-13)

New graphics toolkit for Pocket PCs
CSIRO has released the commercial version of PocketSVG - a developers' toolkit for using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) on Pocket PCs. It is available online at (2002-02-28)

See it, touch it, feel it
Technology has changed rapidly over the last few years with touch feedback, known as haptics, being used in entertainment, rehabilitation and even surgical training. New research, using ultrasound, has developed an invisible 3D haptic shape that can be seen and felt. (2014-12-02)

Avatars, virtual humans among topics covered at UH event
A conference bringing together leading computer animation researchers and practitioners is coming to the University of Houston. They will address advancements in avatars, facial animation, motion capture, virtual humans and fluid simulation. The 27th International Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents (CASA) will be May 26-28. Founded in 1988, CASA is the oldest international conference in computer animation and social agents. This is only the second time CASA has been held in the US. (2014-05-16)

New computational method introduced for lighting in computer graphics
Computing lighting that looks real remains complex and inefficient, as the necessary consideration of all possible paths light can take remains too costly to be performed for every pixel in real-time. A pair of computer scientists at Aalto University in Otaniemi, Finland, with expertise in video game development and lighting simulation algorithms, has developed a new computational method to address this key challenge. (2017-11-27)

A picture is worth 1,000 lines of C++ code
If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then the computer science corollary must be (2010-07-02)

Computer graphic technology to help low-vision sufferers
A researcher at Cornell's Program of Computer Graphics, is developing computer simulations of the ways in which people with several kinds of low vision see the world. The work is funded by a three-year, $450,000 grant from the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Information Technology Research program. (2001-11-08)

University of Toronto computer scientist awarded 2010 Steacie Prize
Aaron Hertzmann, a professor at the Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto, has been awarded the 2010 Steacie Prize for Natural Sciences -- the second consecutive year that a U of T professor has received the prestigious award that recognizes outstanding research carried out in Canada. Hertzmann is only the second computer scientist to receive the Steacie Prize since the award's inception in 1964. (2010-12-15)

Disney Research rendering method preserves detail in film quality production graphics
Disney Research has developed a new method of rendering high-quality graphics for animated features that efficiently corrects for erroneous pixels while preserving the crisp detail in images, significantly increasing the efficiency of producing animated images. (2015-08-05)

Computers & Graphics incorporates Collage Authoring Environment
Elsevier's Computers & Graphics announces the upcoming publication of a special issue on 3D Object Retrieval which will incorporate the Collage Authoring Environment, a workflow and publication platform developed by the first place winner of the 2011 Executable Paper Grand Challenge. The call for submissions for the special issue was announced at Eurographics 2012 on May 13, during the 3DOR Workshop. (2012-05-21)

UMass Amherst computer scientists introduce new graphics software
The new first-of-its-kind structure-transcending software can benefit several computer graphics applications, Kalogerakis says. 'We hope that future 3-D modeling software tools will incorporate our approach to help designers create aesthetically and stylistically plausible 3-D scenes, such as indoor environments. Our approach could also be used by 3-D search engines on the web to help users retrieve 3-D models according to style tags.' (2015-08-11)

Render smoke and fog without being a computation hog
Computer scientists from UC-San Diego have developed a way to generate images like smoke-filled bars, foggy alleys and smog-choked cityscapes without the computational drag and slow speed of previous computer graphics methods. (2007-08-09)

Agriculture of the future: Neural networks have learned to predict plant growth
Scientists from Skoltech have trained neural networks to evaluate and predict the plant growth pattern taking into account the main influencing factors and propose the optimal ratio between the nutrient requirements and other growth-driving parameters. The results of the study were published in the IEEE journal Transactions on Instrumentations and Measurements. (2019-10-31)

Doctors will soon be able to feel organs via a display screen
With the aid of computerized image analysis, it may be possible in the future for radiologists to feel images with the help of a three-dimensional mouse. Erik Vidholm at Uppsala University has been involved in developing the new technology, which makes it easier to diagnose and plan the treatment of cancer, for instance. (2008-02-08)

Cebit 2012: Interactive 3-D graphical objects as an integral part of online shops
Computer scientists from Saarland University show new 3-D technology at the computer fair Cebit. (2012-02-22)

Open-source GPU could push computing power to the next level
Binghamton University computer science assistant professor Timothy Miller, Aaron Carpenter and graduate student Philip Dexterm, along with co-author Jeff Bush, have developed Nyami, a synthesizable graphics processor unit (GPU) architectural model for general-purpose and graphics-specific workloads. This marks the first time a team has taken an open-source GPU design and run a series of experiments on it to see how different hardware and software configurations would affect the circuit's performance. (2016-01-19)

A better fog and smoke machine from computer scientists at UC San Diego
UC San Diego computer scientists have created a fog and smoke machine for computer graphics that cuts the computational cost of making realistic smoky and foggy 3-D images, such as beams of light from a lighthouse piercing thick fog. By cutting the computing costs, the UCSD computer scientists are helping to pull cutting edge graphics techniques out of research labs and into movies and eventually video games and beyond. (2008-04-15)

Creating your own animated 3D characters and scenes for the web
To show spatial animations on websites, developers so far have had only two options: to use special software or to implement it from scratch. Computer scientists at Saarland University have developed a declarative markup language which facilitates the creation of distinct spatial animations and ensures their smooth replay in the web browser. The researchers will show their results at the trade fair Cebit in Hannover starting on March 5 (Hall 9, booth F34). (2013-02-28)

Engineers boost computer processor performance by over 20 percent
Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new technique that allows graphics processing units and central processing units on a single chip to collaborate -- boosting processor performance by an average of more than 20 percent. (2012-02-07)

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