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Computer model improves ultrasound image
Doctors use diagnostic sonography or ultrasound to visualize organs and other internal structures of the human body. Dutch researcher Koos Huijssen has developed a computer model that can predict the sound transmission of improved designs for ultrasound instruments. The computer model is capable of processing large quantities of data and can be run on both a PC and a parallel supercomputer. Erasmus University Medical Center and Oldelft Ultrasound are now using this program to design a new sonographic transducer. (2008-11-04)

Virtual reality and computer technology improve stroke rehabilitation
A new computer program, developed in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Haifa, will be able to identify the type of brain damage a patient has had, to calculate the probability of recovery and recommend the most effective ways to treat the patient. (2008-03-10)

Computer model can predict human behavior and learning
A computer model that can predict how people will complete a controlled task and how the knowledge needed to complete that task develops over time is the product of a group of researchers, led by a professor from Penn State's College of Information Sciences and Technology. (2008-11-07)

Georgia State researcher to use $1 million grant to improve computer models for fighting wildfires
A Georgia State University professor has been selected to receive a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation to improve a computer simulation model that may help firefighters combat wildfires more effectively. (2009-09-22)

Beauty and the beholder: Why pretty faces don't always help sales
Beautiful young models are used to sell everything from computer processors to motor oil. But is it really effective to use a pretty face to market something that has nothing to do with physical attractiveness? New research from the June issue of the Journal of Consumer Research argues that an attractive model can actually negatively influence product perception if the model is irrelevant to the quality of the product and the consumer had a very high interest in the product to being with. (2006-05-08)

Math models snowflakes
Three-dimensional snowflakes can now be grown in a computer using a program developed by mathematicians at UC Davis and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. (2008-01-16)

Grant funds computer worm research
Florida Tech's Dr. Richard Ford, a computer science research professor, has earned a $76,000 grant from Cisco System's Critical Infrastructure Assurance Group. The grant is to investigate the spread of computer worms in a (2004-04-05)

Simulated operator
ONR-supported researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a computer model that mimics the cognitive ability of humans to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. (2000-11-06)

Virtual vehicle vibrations
A UI researcher has designed a computer program that allows engineers to accurately predict the role posture plays in transferring the stress of vehicle motion to bone and muscle in the head and neck. (2013-02-11)

Computer modeling fibrillation in the canine heart
The heart of mankind's best friend, the dog, holds secrets that could improve the health of humans, according to Cornell University, Gene Network Sciences Inc. (GNS) and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) researchers who hope to produce the first computer model of catastrophic rhythm disturbances in the heart, known as ventricular fibrillation. (2004-04-06)

Supercomputer model simulations reveal cause of Neanderthal extinction
IBS climate scientists discover that according to new supercomputer model simulations, only competition between Neanderthals and Homo sapiens can explain the rapid demise of Neanderthals around 43 to 38 thousand years ago. (2020-05-20)

Surf not up for Palaeozoic creatures - new model reveals ancient sea was a giant lake
The ancient sea was more like a giant salty lake than a rolling ocean, report scientists from Imperial College London in the May edition of the Journal of the Geological Society. A new computer model that simulates how tides in North West Europe would have behaved 300 million years ago shows a sea with so little movement that it was unlike any on Earth today. (2005-05-09)

New behavioral science approach combines experiments, models
Researchers are outlining a new approach to behavioral research that draws on experimental studies and computer models to offer new insights into organizational and group behavior. (2018-01-03)

'Chatter Box' computer will unravel the science of language
Scientists are to use a powerful super computer to mimic the part of the brain that controls speech and language function to better understand what goes wrong after brain damage caused by trauma or stroke. (2008-06-12)

New computer-aided model may help predict sepsis
Can a computer-aided model predict life-threatening sepsis? A model developed in the UK that uses routinely collected data to identify early symptoms of sepsis, published in CMAJ, shows promise. (2019-04-08)

Metabolic modelling becomes three-dimensional
An international research consortium developed, with significant involvement of Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) scientists, the first computer model to include 3-D in the representation of human metabolic processes. (2018-02-22)

Bee model could be breakthrough for robot development
Scientists at the University of Sheffield have created a computer model of how bees avoid hitting walls -- which could be a breakthrough in the development of autonomous robots. (2016-05-05)

Step in a booth to put your 3D image on the net
A digital photo booth that allows people to create 3D computer images of themselves will be launched in Los Angeles next month. The image is saved to a secure website from which it can be downloaded and used to personalise an e-mail, computer game or website. (1999-07-21)

New deep-learning algorithm cracks website protection system, with much less training
Scientists have created a computer model that can 'solve' CAPTCHA, the widespread text-based system used by websites to check whether a user is human, with very little training data. (2017-10-26)

New energy model offers transparency to let others replicate findings
Computer models are used to inform policy decisions about energy, but existing models are generally (2013-08-27)

Computer modeling reveals hidden conversations within cells
UCSD biochemists have developed a computer program that helps explain a long-standing mystery: how the same proteins can play different roles in a wide range of cellular processes, including those leading to immune responses and cancer. (2005-09-15)

Nature as important as nurture in developing ability for flexible self-control
Your ability to follow the rules of the road when driving on unfamiliar streets exists thanks to the way your pre-teen life experiences influenced the development of your brain. Individuals deprived of normal life experiences may lack this ability to control their behavior in novel situations, a new computer model suggests, providing insight into how nature and nurture may interact in the development of self-control. (2005-05-18)

First model of how buds grow into leaves
Leaves come in all shapes and sizes. Scientists have discovered the simple rules that control leaf shape during growth. Using this (2012-03-01)

New method makes realistic water wave animations more efficient
Producing high-quality and realistic water wave animations that interact with complex objects is often computationally expensive with designers frequently opting for methods that are fast to compute but of lower quality. Researchers at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) have developed a technique to produce more realistic water wave animations at a similar computational expense as compared to current approaches. The results are published in the journal ACM -- Transactions on Graphics today. (2019-07-02)

NIST defining the expanding world of cloud computing
A working definition for cloud computing -- a new computer technique with potential for achieving significant cost savings and information technology agility -- has been released by a team of computer security experts at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. (2009-05-21)

The Trick Is In The Triangles: More Speed For 3D Computer Graphics
A Johns Hopkins computer scientist has developed software that dramtically increases the speed at which 3-D computer models can be put in motion on-screen. A preliminary version of the software is available on the World Wide Web. (1998-02-25)

HIV spreads like internet malware and should be treated earlier
A new model for HIV progression finds that it spreads in a similar way to some computer worms and predicts that early treatment is key to staving off AIDS. HIV specialists and network security experts at UCL noticed that the spread of HIV through the body using two methods -- via the bloodstream and directly between cells -- was similar to how some computer worms spread through both the internet and local networks respectively to infect as many computers as possible. (2015-04-02)

Delft mathematician enhances protectiveness of military uniform
Until now, little was known about the physiochemical processes that determine the protective qualities of military uniforms (for example, for protection against poisonous gases). Delft University of Technology researcher Michal Sobera has changed all this, however, through the use of computer modeling. He believes that within a few years it will be possible to calculate a realistic model of the human body with protective clothing. On April 25, Sobera will receive his PhD based on this research subject. (2006-04-24)

Making hair realistic in computer animation
Cornell researchers have developed a new and much quicker method for rendering hair in computer graphics that promises to make blond (and other light-colored) hair more realistic. (2006-07-20)

Game theory explains social interactions of cancer cells
Researchers at the University of Basel and the University of East Anglia were able to predict the interactions of cancer cells using game theory. Their results have been published by the scientific journal PNAS. (2015-01-28)

Researchers successfully train computers to identify animals in photos
Researchers trained a deep neural network to classify wildlife species using 3.37 million camera-trap images of 27 species of animals obtained from five states across the United States. The model then was tested on nearly 375,000 animal images at a rate of about 2,000 images per minute on a laptop computer, achieving 97.6 percent accuracy -- likely the highest accuracy to date in using machine learning for wildlife image classification (2018-11-27)

Queen's researcher finds new model of gas giant planet formation
Queen's University researcher Martin Duncan has co-authored a study that solves the mystery of how gas giants such as Jupiter and Saturn formed in the early solar system. (2015-08-19)

Computer based model helps radiologists diagnose breast cancer
Radiologists have developed a computer based model that aids them in discriminating between benign and malignant breast lesions, according to a study performed at the University Of Wisconsin School of Medicine, Madison, Wis. The model was developed by a multidisciplinary group, including radiologists and industrial engineers, led by Elizabeth S. Burnside, M.D., Oguzhan Alagoz, Ph.D., and Jagpreet Chhatwal, Ph.D. (2009-04-03)

T. rex has most powerful bite of any terrestrial animal
Research at the University of Liverpool, using computer models to reconstruct the jaw muscle of Tyrannosaurus rex, has suggested that the dinosaur had the most powerful bite of any living or extinct terrestrial animal. (2012-02-28)

Computer model is 'crystal ball' for E. coli bacteria
Researchers at the UC Davis Genome Center and Department of Computer Science have built a computer model that predicts the behavior of a single cell of the bacterium Escherichia coli. Developed on a supercomputer, the model and underlying database includes genes, proteins and enzymes, and could help scientists make decisions about future experiments. (2016-10-27)

Brain may rely on computer-like mechanism to make sense of novel situations, says CU-Boulder study
Researchers at CU-Boulder have demonstrated that our brains could process novel situations by relying on a method similar to the (2013-09-23)

New technology allows scientists, school children to examine biological details
Now, new computer technology is making highly sophisticated biological systems available for viewing by students and researchers. In a new study, a scientist from the University of Missouri's School of Medicine found that 3D computer modeling can complement the study of biological systems for many species. (2013-07-29)

Researchers develop an artificial cerebellum than enables robotic human-like object handling
Researchers are developing a robotic system with ability to predict the specific action or movement that they should perform when handling an object. (2012-07-03)

On a roll: Designing the next rover to explore Mars
The concept of a wind-powered vehicle that can be used to explore the surface of Mars -- a (2010-06-02)

Warped idea: Ways to stop swayed wood may be around the bend
Anyone who buys a swayed plank of wood has to be, well, warped. But a Texas Agricultural Experiment Station forestry sciences researcher may have a straight-forward computer model just around the bend, saving millions for wood manufacturers and consumers. (2003-04-14)

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