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Staff at psychiatric hospitals often face threats of physical violence
In a survey of 348 workers at a large psychiatric hospital, 99 percent of the staff reported verbal conflict with patients, and 70 percent reported being assaulted during the previous 12 months. Verbal conflict with other staff was also high, at 92 percent. (2015-01-20)

Parental conflict may affect children's behavior and learning by disrupting their sleep
A new study conducted at Auburn University and Brown University found that parental conflict might negatively affect children by disrupting their sleep. The sleep patterns of 54 children were assessed as well as conflict among the parents. Children in higher conflict homes went to sleep about the same time as other children, yet slept less and didn't sleep as well. The findings have implications for how parents manage conflict and help children cope with it. (2006-02-09)

Armed conflict in Sri Lanka opened space for Tamil women to change gender roles
The armed conflict that raged in Sri Lanka for decades opened a space for women in Jaffna's Tamil society to assume new and different roles. Both in the private and public spheres. And this has changed Tamil society in Jaffna to an extent. That is concluded in a new thesis from the University of Gothenburg. (2016-12-05)

Children's distress over parental conflict continues over time
Conflict between spouses leads to negative thoughts and distress in their children that continues over time. This study involved 223 children and their parents, and took place over the course of one year. The results show that witnessing destructive conflict, such as hostility or indifference, adversely affects the wellbeing of children by directly altering their patterns of responding to conflict. Over time the children come to develop negative thoughts about the marriage and the family. (2006-02-09)

More news in the battle between the sexes
As a consequence of investigating the short-term fitness consequences of mate choice, researchers had largely come to believe that sexual selection is beneficial. In a new study, researchers subjected flies to experimental evolution and looked at the fitness consequences of evolving under high, low, or relaxed sexual conflict. Their results indicate that foreign males from the conflict populations are more costly to females than familiar males and that sexual selection can be costly to fitness. (2004-05-24)

New book from CSHL Press explores the evolution of sexual reproduction
'The Genetics and Biology of Sexual Conflict' from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press includes discussion of the evolutionary origins of sexual conflict and its relationship to other evolutionary forces: e.g., sexual selection. It will thus be fascinating reading for all geneticists and biologists who are interested in the evolution of sexual reproduction. (2014-09-25)

Goal conflict linked to psychological distress
Being torn about which personal goals to pursue is associated with symptoms of psychological distress, new research shows. (2018-05-25)

You benefit if your romantic partner recovers well from spats, U of M study finds
People searching for fulfilling and stable romantic relationships should look for a romantic partner who recovers from conflict well. Yes, it turns out that if your romantic partner recoups well after the two of you have a spat, you reap the benefits, according to results of a new study by the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development's Institute of Child Development. (2011-02-11)

Template for peace
Focused between 1972 and 1975, the most violent and polarized years of the Northern Ireland conflict, this book challenges a number of persistent myths, including those concerning the role of the Irish government in the Northern Ireland conflict. (2013-04-29)

Study: Children from high conflict homes process emotion differently
Children of parents who are frequently in conflict process emotional interactions differently and may face social challenges later in life compared with children from low conflict homes. The findings are based on measuring research subjects' brain activity during a psychological test. (2015-06-29)

The price of power at work?
Research out of the University of Toronto shows that the more senior an individual is at work, the more likely they are to encounter interpersonal conflict. (2008-08-19)

Happy couples can get a big resolution to a big fight -- mean talk aside
Being critical, angry and defensive isn't always a bad thing for couples having a big disagreement -- provided they are in a satisfying relationship. In that case, they likely will have a (2014-02-12)

How important is sexual conflict?
The May special issue of The American Naturalist, edited by David Hosken and Rhonda Snook, will explore timely issues of sexual conflict and their biological basis. (2005-03-29)

Resolving Conflicts -- What We Can Learn From The Apes
Research in chimpanzees by Frans de Waal at Yerkes Primate Research Center shows that conflict and conflict resolution are integrated parts of social relationships, determined by social factors and modifiable by the social environment. (1999-01-24)

Increased prevalence of HIV: Not a casualty of war
Conflict, forced displacement and wide-scale rape have not increased the prevalence of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa, conclude the authors of an article in this week's issue of the Lancet. Furthermore, there are no data to show that refugees fleeing conflict spread HIV infection in host communities; the reverse may be the case. (2007-06-28)

Mother-child attachment, children's temperament play a role in terrible 2 conflicts
Attachment security was found to be related to the quality, but not frequency of conflict between mothers and their 2-year-olds. Observations with 60 mothers and their children at 30 months and 36 months were used to examine whether their conflict contained compromise, justification or aggravation. Those in secure relationships were seen to have constructive conflict. The researchers also found that highly active children who had trouble controlling their behavior had more conflict with mothers. (2008-03-25)

The blame game in work-family conflict
A new study by Elizabeth M. Poposki, Ph.D., of the School of Science at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, is the first to explore day-to-day experiences in attributing blame that arises from work-family conflict. The work examines individual incidents of work-family conflict and tracks how blame for this conflict is attributed. (2011-06-02)

Bird battles promote unity on the front line
Like the Three Musketeers' famous strategy of 'all for one, and one for all,' birds marshal their troops to defend key resources when threatened by rivals, new research from the University of Bristol has found. (2014-11-13)

Tension around autonomy increases family conflict at end of life
Conflict within families can be stressful and confusing, and it can lead to feelings of sadness. It also is incredibly common and in many cases, a necessary part of family dynamics. New research from the University of Missouri highlights how caregivers can better manage family conflict as they deal with the approaching death of a loved one. (2019-10-03)

Assassination of political leaders connected to increase in social conflict
An increase in social conflict increases the likelihood of assassinations of political leaders, according to new research co-conducted by faculty at Binghamton University, State University of New York. (2018-02-20)

UCLA study reports conflict of interest policies and practices of major journals
UCLA researchers report that although the majority of medical journals have conflict of interest policies in place for study authors, less than half require such policies for editors or peer-reviewers. In addition, many journals do not inform readers about those potential conflicts that have been disclosed to them. (2006-11-14)

Twitter use linked to infidelity and divorce, MU study finds
Russell Clayton, a doctoral student in the University of Missouri School of Journalism, found that active Twitter users are far more likely to experience Twitter-related conflict with their romantic partners. (2014-04-07)

Marital problems in childhood affect teen adjustment
A new longitudinal study of 235 primarily middle-class families finds that the impact of marital problems on children in their kindergarten years is long lasting and can lead to emotional problems that contribute to difficulties in adolescence. For the study, researchers observed parents discussing a topic they had identified as hard to handle, rating specific conflict behaviors. They also asked parents to report on their conflicts. (2012-06-14)

Conflict between divorced parents can lead to mental health problems in children
A study from Arizona State University's REACH Institute has found that when children are exposed to conflict between their divorced or separated parents, they experience fear of abandonment. This worry about being abandoned in response to interparental conflict was associated with future mental health problems in children, especially for children who had strong relationships with their fathers. (2021-01-12)

Divergent mating systems and parental conflict as a barrier to hybridization in flowering plants
A new study in the September issue of The American Naturalist argues that with increased self-fertilization, parental conflict decreases. Consequently, parents from frequently selfing groups should be competitively inferior with respect to this parental conflict. (2005-08-02)

Designing peace -- guidance for reaching durable settlements
A new book by a University of Kent expert on political conflict resolution provides a template for policy-makers on how to manage peace processes. (2016-04-27)

Researchers study the intricate link between climate and conflict
New research from the University of Notre Dame is shedding light on the unexpected effects climate change could have on regional instability and violent conflict. (2020-02-03)

Sleepless nights can turn lovers into fighters
Relationship problems can keep us awake at night. But new research from UC Berkeley suggests that sleepless nights also can worsen lovers' fights. (2013-07-08)

Parental conflict produces more than fleeting distress for children
Six-year-olds whose parents displayed frequent disagreements in their relationship responded to subsequent parental conflicts with elevated distress and negative thoughts, according to a team of researchers from the University of Rochester and the University of Notre Dame. (2006-02-10)

Guidelines: Authors' conflicts of interest should lead to consequences
In a recent original article in Deutsches Ă„rzteblatt International, Gisela Schott et al. determine that most guideline authors do declare their conflicts of interest. However, this rarely has consequences for their collaboration. (2015-07-22)

Nonscientific portrayal of the Israel-Palestine conflict in Swedish textbooks
The portrayal of the conflict between Israel and Palestine in lower secondary school textbooks is presented on the basis of ideological assumptions without any adequate basis in research or the curriculum's objective of a critical approach, reveals a thesis from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. (2010-12-06)

Catfight? Workplace conflicts between women get bad rap
A new study from the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business suggests troubling perceptions exist when it comes to women involved in disputes at work. (2013-02-25)

How monkey fights grow
New research finds evidence for a complicated structure behind primate conflict. It is not individuals who control the length of fights, but the relationships between pairs of individuals. (2017-09-06)

When the smoke clears... tobacco control in post-conflict settings
In new research published today by King's College London - Institute of Cancer Policy and the Conflict & Health Research Group in the journal ecancermedicalscience, the difficulties of prioritizing preventable disease and long term health issues in post conflict zones are explored. (2017-04-28)

Dealing with conflict in caring for the dying patient
How can a dying patient's family members and physicians get along when faced with difficult decisions on end-of-life treatment? In the March 16 Journal of the American Medical Association, Robert M. Arnold, M.D., from the University of Pittsburgh and Anthony L. Back, M.D., from the University of Washington, Seattle offer recommendations on how to identify conflict, avoid common pitfalls and make resolutions that is in everyone's best interests. (2005-03-15)

COVID-19 escalated armed conflicts in several war-torn countries
Nine countries were studied - four were found to have reduced conflict but five saw escalations (2020-12-17)

New data allows for unique conflict research
Which factors increase the risk for armed conflict and war? What circumstances make conflict resolution more likely to be successful? If work for peace is to bear fruit; these questions needs to be answered. Today, the Uppsala Conflict Data Program releases a new dataset which opens up new possibilities for the study of armed conflict. Using these data, useful findings relating to climate change and armed conflict have already been made. (2011-12-08)

Study: Parental conflict can do lasting damage to kids
Even relatively low-level adversity like parental conflict can do lasting damage to children, a new study finds. Shy children are especially vulnerable. (2018-03-28)

The way you relate to your partner can affect your long-term mental and physical health, study shows
The potentially lasting implications of day-to-day couple conflict on physical and mental well-being are revealed in a study published today in the journal Personal Relationships. (2011-06-17)

Buyer beware: Consumers in conflict may become victims to unwanted influence
When products don't easily fit into our goals, we experience conflict. According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, conflicted consumers are easily swayed by unwanted influences. (2010-04-19)

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