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The tea party and the politics of paranoia
Tea party members claim the movement reflects basic American conservative principles such as limited government and fiscal responsibility. (2013-05-21)
Moralistic thinking on political left, right not so different
Sacred thinking isn't limited to political conservatives, according to a new report from researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Winnipeg. (2017-01-09)
Liberals, conservatives differ in response to bin Laden's death
Conservative Americans remained unwaveringly suspicious of foreigners following Osama bin Laden's death, while liberals dropped their guard briefly before returning to more vigilant beliefs, finds a provocative new study led by a Michigan State University scholar. (2016-06-28)
Study finds people's conservative and liberal traits show up in their Twitter vocabulary
A study of nearly a million tweets from over 10,000 Twitter users has found that liberals swear more, conservatives are more likely to talk about religion, and liberals use more individual words like 'me' while conservatives opt more for the group-oriented 'us.' (2015-09-16)
What do liberals and conservatives look for in a date?
Liberals and conservatives are looking for the same thing when they join online dating websites, according to new research co-authored by University of Miami political scientist Casey Klofstad. (2013-09-10)
What's the difference between a liberal and conservative?
Political conservatives operate out of a fear of chaos and absence of order while political liberals operate out of a fear of emptiness, a new study finds. (2008-09-24)
Study: Is your political ideology in your head?
A new University of Nebraska-Lincoln study indicates that the thought processes of political conservatives gives greater weight to negative information. (2016-03-31)
A conservative environment makes conservatives happier
Various psychological studies have suggested that conservatives are happier than liberals. (2016-06-08)
The biology of politics: Liberals roll with the good, conservatives confront the bad
It's often said that conservatives and liberals don't see the world in the same way. (2012-01-23)
Are conservatives more obedient and agreeable than their liberal counterparts?
Why do conservatives appear to have an affinity for obeying leadership? (2014-06-27)
Learning to recycle: Does political ideology matter?
Some targeted messages based on political orientation are more effective at persuading consumers to recycle, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research. (2013-05-14)
The party in your brain
The brains of Republicans and Democrats process risk differently according to new research. (2013-02-13)
Peak oil and public health: Political common ground?
American University professor Matthew Nisbet demonstrates that the impact of peak petroleum on public health may be a way to unite conservatives and liberals in an effort to move away from fossil fuels and towards alternative forms of energy. (2011-08-08)
Study: Conservatives' trust in science has fallen dramatically since mid-1970s
While trust in science remained stable among people who self-identified as moderates and liberals in the United States between 1974 and 2010, trust in science fell among self-identified conservatives by more than 25 percent during the same period, according to new research from Gordon Gauchat, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's Cecil G. (2012-03-29)
Politics and prejudice -- insights from Psychological Science
New research from psychological science explores factors operating in political attitudes that could explain why political ideology and prejudice are often linked. (2012-08-20)
Does religion make a difference in politics?
Hoping to answer the question of which political party has a monopoly on the (2008-10-27)
New MU study finds value differences within Republican party and similarities between both parties
Hoping to answer the question of which political party has a monopoly on the (2008-09-23)
American liberals and conservatives think as if from different cultures
A new study has found that American conservatives think more like Asians, and liberals are the extreme Westerners in thought styles. (2015-01-22)
How does messiness affect consumer preference for simplicity?
A clean desk might not be all it's cracked up to be. (2012-01-17)
Look: What your reaction to someone's eye movements says about your politics
It goes without saying that conservatives and liberals don't see the world in the same way. (2010-12-09)
Logical reasoning: An antidote or a poison for political disagreement?
New research exploring American liberals and conservatives shows that regardless of political affiliation, tribal instincts kick in and people's ability to think logically suffers when it comes to arguments related to their political belief systems. (2019-04-17)
Framing discourse around conservative values shifts climate change attitudes
Conservatives' attitudes toward climate change and other environmental concerns shift when the issues are reframed in terms more closely aligned with their values, a new study from Oregon State University indicates. (2016-04-25)
Political views are reflected in brain structure
We all know that people at opposite ends of the political spectrum often really can't see eye to eye. (2011-04-07)
New report finds Conservatives demonstrate more self control than Liberals
Evidence from three studies uncovers a 'critical difference' in self-control as a function of political ideology. (2015-06-22)
Political affiliation can predict how people will react to false information about threats
How liberal or conservative a person is predicts how likely they are to believe information about potential hazards, a new UCLA-led study has found. (2017-02-02)
Study: Post-9/11 TV news drove liberals toward a harder line
Liberals who gleaned most of their news from television in the days after the Sept. (2005-03-09)
Liberals aren't like the rest, or so they think
Liberals tend to underestimate the amount of actual agreement among those who share their ideology, while conservatives tend to overestimate intra-group agreement, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. (2013-11-19)
Study shows the social benefits of political incorrectness
Using politically incorrect speech can incite controversy but also brings social benefits: It's a powerful way to appear authentic. (2019-09-05)
Right or left, Americans value hard work to achieve success
Conservatives and liberals may agree on at least one thing: the importance of working hard in order to succeed. (2019-08-07)
British conservatives should beware of Australian health service reforms
Australia is held up as a model of how to increase use of private health care in the United Kingdom. (2005-02-10)
Congressional rift over environment influences public
American citizens are increasingly divided over the issue of environmental protection and seem to be taking their cue primarily from Congress, finds new research led by a Michigan State University scholar. (2014-07-31)
Liberals do drink more lattes, but maybe not for the reasons you think
Do liberals really drink more lattes? According to a new study from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, liberals in America are indeed more likely than conservatives to drink lattes. (2018-06-19)
Does a competent leader make a good friend?
New research shows that when we elect leaders and politicians we tend to prefer dominant-looking, masculine men, but when we are looking to make new friends we seek the opposite. (2015-02-10)
Conservatives and liberals do think differently
Big differences in the ways conservatives and liberals think about solving the nation's most pressing problems couldn't be more apparent during this presidential election cycle. (2016-03-15)
Despite papal letter, Catholics and the public politically divided on climate change
Among Catholics and non-Catholics, awareness of Laudato Si', the first-ever encyclical or papal letter devoted to the environment, was not associated with an increase in public concern over climate change. (2016-10-24)
Different approaches to 'zero-sum' thinking, contribute to political divide
Voters tend to believe that one political party's gain can only be obtained at another party's expense, according to a new study. (2019-12-18)
Name-brand or generic? Your political ideology might influence your choice
Conservatives and liberals don't just differ when it comes to politics, they may also make different purchases at the grocery store, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. (2013-02-12)
Presenting facts as 'consensus' bridges conservative-liberal divide over climate change
New evidence shows that 'social facts' highlighting expert consensus changes perceptions across US political spectrum -- particularly among highly educated conservatives. (2017-12-11)
Scientists find growing consensus: Political attitudes derive from body and mind
Neither conscious decision-making or parental upbringing fully explain why some people lean left and others lean right, researchers say. (2014-07-31)
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