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Transparency in politics can lead to greater corruption
Why are some countries more prone to political corruption? Viviana Stechina from Uppsala University, Sweden, has investigated why corruption among the political elite was more extensive in Argentina than in Chile during the 1990s. (2008-10-10)
Freedom of information laws prevent corruption, but not a quick fix, MU study finds
Edson Tandoc, Jr., a doctoral candidate in the University of Missouri School of Journalism found that having a freedom of information (FOI) law is linked to higher levels of human development. (2013-07-01)
Public corruption by officials may not be as rampant as reported
Shaped by sensational media coverage of high officials, the public's general perception of corruption in the US is that it is on the rise. (2016-03-07)
Study finds link between political corruption and FEMA money
Where natural disasters strike, political corruption is soon to follow, say the authors of a new study in the Journal of Law and Economics. (2008-12-11)
Study: State-level public corruption affects firm value, transparency
UT Dallas researchers found that firms have significantly lower value and informational transparency when located in areas that are more corrupt. (2016-03-31)
UT researcher finds power and corruption may be good for society
Francisco Úbeda, an evolutionary biology professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Edgar Duéñez of Harvard University found that power and corruption may play a role in maintaining overall societal cooperation. (2010-12-14)
Political corruption has impact on social trust
Residents of states with more government corruption may not only lose trust in political officials, but also have less trust in the general public, according to a new study by Sean Richey, an assistant professor of political science at Georgia State University. (2010-03-02)
Intermediaries increase corruption
An experimental study in which the Universidad Carlos III took part analyzed the interaction between public officials and citizens and found that the presence of intermediaries significantly increases corruption. (2014-05-26)
Anti-corruption reforms should pay more attention to threats of violence
In low-income countries, government officials who refuse to be bribed to turn a blind eye to crimes are often threatened with violence. (2015-12-15)
Antibiotic resistance linked to corruption: ANU media release
Researchers have linked antibiotic resistance with poor governance and corruption around the world. (2015-03-18)
Ethical business practice can flourish in nations with serious corruption problems
Ethical business practice can flourish even in countries with widespread corporate corruption problems, research shows. (2017-05-08)
Charges of political corruption have little impact on voter opinion
Republican claims of political corruption in North Carolina's Democratic Party have made little impact on public opinion among potential voters in the state, according to new polling data analyzed by North Carolina State University researchers. (2010-10-29)
Strong correlation between corruption and electoral success of populist parties
The quality of society's institutions affects not only the service people receive but also who wins the political power. (2017-04-10)
Are women less corrupt?
Women are more likely than men to disapprove of -- and less likely to participate in -- political corruption, but only in countries where corruption is stigmatized, according to new political science research from Rice University. (2013-09-12)
The perception of corruption in Spain is above the European average
According to a study by the Rey Juan Carlos University, data on objective corruption in Spain are higher in politics than in administrative-official institutions. (2012-06-26)
Capitalizing on corruption: Not all companies harmed by corruption
According to a new study from the Journal of Management Studies, corruption, which is endemic in many countries, can benefit the performance of some companies (2011-03-21)
Facebook plays vital role in reducing government corruption, researchers find
In new research, Sudipta Sarangi of the Virginia Tech Department of Economics, analyzed data from more than 150 countries, showing the more Facebook penetrates public usage, the higher the likelihood of government corruption meeting protest. (2017-04-21)
Why collaboration may encourage corporate corruption
While the benefits of cooperation in human society are clear, new research from The University of Nottingham suggests it also has a dark side -- one that encourages corrupt behavior. (2015-08-21)
Profiting from the fight against corruption
Governments get richer when NGOs band together to fight official corruption, game theorists at HEC Montréal find. (2017-03-13)
New paper lays out framework for understanding 'institutional corruption'
A new research paper shows how legal, systemic corruption takes many forms and raises many pertinent questions, not the least of which is what can be done about it. (2017-08-07)
New paper lays out framework for understanding 'institutional corruption'
A new research paper shows how legal, systemic corruption takes many forms and raises many pertinent questions, not the least of which is what can be done about it. (2017-08-07)
Extent of corruption in countries around the world tied to earthquake fatalities
A new assessment of global earthquake fatalities over the past three decades indicates that 83 percent of all deaths caused by the collapse of buildings during earthquakes occurred in countries considered to be unusually corrupt. (2011-01-12)
Evolving righteousness in a corrupt world
Initially cooperative societies devolve toward corruption, but introducing small (2012-09-12)
State crime researchers uncover role of Western companies in Uzbek corruption scandal
Evidence in a new research report published today shows that the government of Uzbekistan acted as an organised crime network, with state agencies conducting racketeering activity that benefited political heiress Gulnara Karimova, the elder daughter of Islam Karimov, the leader of Uzbekistan from 1989 to his death in 2016. (2017-08-08)
Corruption influences migration of skilled workers
Countries that have higher levels of corruption struggle to attract and retain skilled workers report the authors of a new study published in EMBO reports. (2013-05-17)
New study links political connections to corporate corruption
While most citizens recognize that corruption is (2010-09-21)
Royal corruption is rife in the ant world
Far from being a model of social cooperation, the ant world is riddled with cheating and corruption -- and it goes all the way to the top, according to scientists from the Universities of Leeds and Copenhagen. (2008-03-11)
Study explores the impact of corruption and military organization on civilians
New research out of the University of Cincinnati is believed to be the first to examine the relative impact of militarization and corruption on civilian populations. (2012-08-17)
Government corruption in South Africa contributes to overfishing
Bribery among government officials who inspect fishing along the coast of South Africa contributes to overfishing -- this is shown in a new study. (2015-03-12)
Strategically corrupt: Businesses break the law to stay competitive
Companies may strategically use corruption to gain a competitive advantage against rivals, according to a new study of formally registered Indian technology firms conducted by the University at Buffalo School of Management. (2016-01-14)
Offsetting perceptions: Firms use charitable giving to clean up their international reputation
British multinationals operating in countries that lack basic human rights give around 70 percent more money to charity than firms that do not have a presence in such politically controversial nations, a new study has revealed. (2009-04-01)
Study finds public sector workers more pro-socially motivated than their private sector counterparts
New research has found public sector workers are typically more pro-socially motivated than their private sector counterparts. (2011-09-20)
Industry corruption, shoddy construction likely contributed to Haiti quake devastation
The death toll in the massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti Jan. (2010-01-14)
Bank supervision may actually drive corruption, says economist
Traditional approaches to bank supervision may not be in the best interest of society, according to new research by a Brown University economist. (2007-02-12)
Inamori International Center selects Transparency International founder Peter Eigen
The Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence at Case Western Reserve University has selected Peter Eigen, founder of Transparency International and pioneer of the global fight against corruption, for the 2016 Inamori Ethics Prize. (2016-05-10)
Low-cost countries are not the best conservation investment
Wildlife conservation projects in countries where management costs are low are less likely to succeed and could also have a negative impact on people, according to new research by the University of Kent and the University of California Santa Cruz. (2013-12-18)
Healthcare corruption taken to task by technology, study shows
Mobile phone technology could help to beat bad practices in healthcare delivery, research led by the University of Edinburgh suggests. (2016-09-06)
Bribery 'hits 1.6 billion people a year'
A total of 1.6 billion people worldwide -- nearly a quarter of the global population -- are forced to pay bribes to gain access to everyday public services, according to a new book by academics at the Universities of Strathclyde and Birmingham. (2015-02-23)
Reliability of corruption indicators
Global corruption indicators and, on a broader front, global governance indicators, based principally on experts' perception, are currently widely used for determining the allocation of public aid for development. (2007-03-27)
Satellite survey links tropical park fires with poverty and corruption
According to the first global assessment of forest fire control effectiveness in tropical parks, poverty and corruption correlate closely with lack of fire protection in tropical moist forests. (2007-07-09)
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