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Consumers willing to buy sustainable US cotton, MU researchers find
Researchers from the University of Missouri have found that United States consumers are more willing to buy clothing made from sustainably grown US cotton than apparel produced using conventional practices in an unknown location. (2012-02-06)
Cotton's potential for padding nonwovens
US Department of Agriculture scientists have conducted studies to investigate the use of virgin cotton in nonwoven materials and products. (2011-09-09)
Research on improving cotton receives historical recognition
The research that helped make cotton the so-called (2004-05-03)
Chemical process developed to use cotton gin residue
Virginia Tech researchers have developed manufacturing processes that can extract specific chemicals from cotton gin residue and make two products - ethanol, which can be a fuel in automobiles, and xylitol, a sugar. (2004-12-17)
'Naturally' glowing cotton yields dazzling new threads
Cotton that's grown with molecules that endow appealing properties -- like fluorescence or magnetism -- may one day eliminate the need for applying chemical treatments to fabrics to achieve such qualities, a new study suggests. (2017-09-14)
Bt cotton in China fails to reap profit after seven years
Bt cotton in China fails to reap profit after seven years because secondary pests emerge and require lots of pesticides, three Cornell researchers find. (2006-07-25)
Technology protects cotton from caterpillar's appetite
To demonstrate tiny cotton-eating caterpillars' destructive power, Clemson University entomologist Jeremy Greene planted two cotton varieties -- one genetically modified to provide protection and one not -- in a demonstration field at the Edisto Research and Education Center in South Carolina. (2011-02-01)
Cotton with special coating collects water from fogs in desert
Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology together with researchers at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, have developed a special treatment for cotton fabric that allows the cotton to absorb exceptional amounts of water from misty air: 340 percent of its own weight. (2013-01-21)
New technology could improve insect control in cotton
A new biotech trait currently in the development stage could provide improved control of thrips and plant bugs in cotton. (2016-04-12)
'Exotic' genes may improve cotton yield and quality
Improving cotton quality can have ramifications for $12B US cotton trade industry. (2019-05-01)
Texas chemist wins national award for materials research
Chemist F. Albert Cotton of Bryan, Texas, will be honored April 3 by the world's largest scientific society for achievements in making new materials and understanding their structures and properties. (2001-03-25)
Cotton offers a new ecologically friendly way to clean up oil spills
With the Deepwater Horizon disaster emphasizing the need for better ways of cleaning up oil spills, scientists are reporting that unprocessed, raw cotton may be an ideal, ecologically friendly answer, with an amazing ability to sop up oil. (2013-05-15)
Self-cleaning cotton breaks down pesticides, bacteria
UC Davis scientists have developed a self-cleaning cotton fabric that can kill bacteria and break down toxic chemicals such as pesticide residues when exposed to light. (2011-09-27)
UT student wins competition at Beltwide Cotton Conference
Shawn Butler, a doctoral candidate at UT CASNR, recently won first place in a student oral paper competition at the 2017 Beltwide Cotton Conference. (2017-01-30)
With 'self-fumigation,' Darwin's finches combat deadly parasitic flies
Researchers have found a way to protect threatened Darwin's finches on the Galápagos Islands from deadly parasitic nest flies in a manner that's as simple as it is ingenious: by offering the birds insecticide-treated cotton for incorporation into their nests. (2014-05-05)
Genetic road map may bring about better cotton crops
A University of Texas at Austin scientist, working with an international research team, has developed the most precise sequence map yet of US cotton and will soon create an even more detailed map for navigating the complex cotton genome. (2015-04-20)
Genetically Altered Cotton Is Cheaper And More Earth-Friendly
A genetically altered variety of cotton being field tested this season by University of Florida researchers requires less herbicide, which should mean reduced environmental damage, lower production costs for growers and cheaper prices on cotton goods for consumers. (1997-11-04)
Security gets framed
Despite millions of dollars spent by IT companies, digital security still contains more holes than a Swiss cheese. (2005-11-28)
Response of new cotton variety (rassafa) to nitrogen fertilizer
The Rassafa cotton cultivar is a relatively new variety grown in the dry areas of the Eastern Mediterranean region. (2018-03-12)
New Texas A&M gene study aimed at enhanced cotton fiber breeding, toolkits
A new study by Texas A&M University cotton researchers and breeders will take advantage of new high-throughput sequencing technology to rapidly advance cotton genetics research and breeding. (2013-10-29)
Researchers develop antibody-targeted treatment for recurrent small-cell lung cancer
Researchers at Norris Cotton Cancer Center have found an antibody that may be used in future treatments for recurrent small-cell lung cancer, which currently has no effective therapy. (2014-03-03)
Unique lab seeks drought-tolerant traits in cotton, other plants
s billion-dollar agricultural losses continue to mount in the withering Texas heat, Texas AgriLife Research scientists in Corpus Christi are taking a closer look at why some cotton varieties do better than others in drought conditions. (2011-06-24)
American consumers overvalue US-produced apparel, MU study finds
University of Missouri researchers have found that American consumers place a much higher value on apparel produced entirely in the U.S. with U.S. raw materials as opposed to products produced partially or entirely overseas. (2012-10-30)
Studies find no yield benefit to higher plant populations
Curtis Adams and his colleagues at Texas A&M AgriLife Research reviewed plant population studies published in 2000 or later. (2019-05-21)
Improving cotton the goal of $3.8 million grant to University of Texas at Austin plant geneticist
Dr. Z. Jeffrey Chen and his colleagues will use next-generation DNA sequencing technologies to study the genomics of fiber production in cotton, the largest source of natural and renewable fiber in the world, with a $3.8 million grant from the National Science Foundation. (2010-09-15)
ARS and cooperators study cotton gin dust emissions
The last of seven cotton gins is being tested this year as the fieldwork for a major 4-year cotton gin dust sampling project draws to a close. (2011-07-05)
Largest private donation of cotton technology set to advance public research
Texas AgriLife Research has received the largest private donation of cotton technology from Monsanto. (2009-04-03)
Cotton is the fabric of your lights ... your iPod ... your MP3 player ... your cell phone
Consider this T-shirt: It can monitor your heart rate and breathing, analyze your sweat and even cool you off on a hot summer's day. (2010-03-09)
A more earth-friendly way to make bright white cotton fabrics
With a growing number of consumers demanding more earth-friendly practices from the fashion world, scientists are developing new ways to produce textiles that could help meet rising expectations. (2014-05-28)
Chinese scientists unravel weapons of defense against 'cotton cancer'
A group of Chinese scientists led by Professor Guo Huishan from Institute of Microbiology of Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered that trans-kingdom small RNAs can be used to protect crops from infection of fungal pathogens. (2016-10-08)
Ironing Out Cotton Wrinkles Without An Iron
Wrinkle-free cotton clothing made with a new and environmentally friendly method will soon be on the market, according to Charles Q. (1999-03-23)
Reduced tillage doesn't mean reduced cotton yields under drip irrigatio
Loss of production may be one concern cotton producers have on the Rolling Plains when considering switching to reduced- or no-tillage systems, said Dr. (2012-05-30)
Planting cotton early may mean less stink bug damage
New research published in the Journal of Economic Entomology shows that planting cotton early in the planting window will allow growers to escape peak stink bug pressure and thereby possibly eliminate or minimally reduce the number of sprays required to manage them. (2014-03-18)
Supporting pollinators could have big payoff for Texas cotton farmers
According to a new study, increasing the diversity of pollinator species can dramatically increase cotton production. (2016-06-10)
Plant hormone increases cotton yields in drought conditions
A naturally occurring class of plant hormones called cytokinins has been found to help increase cotton yields during drought conditions. (2010-03-10)
Cotton fabrics damaged by high dryer temperatures
High temperature settings on clothes dryers can damage cotton fabrics, according to a study by USDA researchers. (1999-08-25)
Biology, crop injury, and management of thrips in cotton seedlings
A new, open-access article in the Journal of Integrated Pest Management provides a brief summary of the various species of thrips present in US cotton, their plant host range and injury to cotton, a general description of thrips biology, and management practices currently available to growers. (2011-09-09)
Less water, same Texas cotton
In Texas, the Southern High Plains uses water from an aquifer to water cotton fields. (2018-05-16)
'Something wicked (smelling)' this way comes -- the science of fabrics and odors
Researchers from New Zealand's University of Otago have used advanced technology to find out why three common fiber types differ in how they take in and release body odor. (2017-09-04)
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