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System 90L no longer suspect for development
The low pressure area known as (2013-12-09)

NSF grantees featured at ASCB meeting
National Science Foundation (NSF) grantees will contribute a wide range of insights and research findings at the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB), in such areas as the biological determinants of circadian functions, the regulation of cells by proteins and the effects of wave-driven chemicals on coral reefs. The meeting will be held from December 9-13 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. (2000-12-07)

Research to be presented concerning Bexxar® at the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting
Research will be presented at the American Society of Hematology 43rd Annual Meeting and Exposition concerning Bexxar® (Tositumomab and Iodine I 131 Tositumomab), an investigational radioimmunotherapy being studied for the treatment of low-grade or transformed low-grade non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL). (2001-12-11)

The 2008 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium
Each year more than 250,000 people are diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancers and 136,000 die of these diseases. The fifth annual Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium is a three-day multidisciplinary meeting that will serve as an open forum on the latest clinical strategies for the prevention, screening and treatment of gastrointestinal cancers. The meeting will feature educational sessions and abstract presentations by leading experts in the field. (2007-12-13)

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Bruce lose its eye
Tropical Cyclone Bruce's eye caught the eye of NASA's Aqua satellite when it passed overhead on December 21, but two days later, Bruce's eye appeared cloud-filled on satellite imagery. (2013-12-23)

New member states at ESA
In the course of its meeting in Kiruna (Sweden) on 24 and 25 March, the ESA Council approved the accession of Greece and Luxembourg to the ESA Convention. (2004-03-25)

December 11 - new liftoff date for the 10-tonne Ariane 5
Arianespace has announced that the first launch of the new Ariane 10 tonne will take place on December 11. This date was confirmed following replacement of two external chill-down igniters on the Ariane 5's launch table. (2002-12-10)

1997 Was 25th Driest, 26th Coolest In 103 Years
While December was warmer than normal, 1997 as a whole was the 25th driest and 26th coolest year in 103 years for the region, according to the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University. (1998-01-30)

Pfeiffer fire near Big Sur, Calif.
The MODIS or Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer instrument that flies aboard NASA's Aqua satellite captured an image of smoke and detected the heat from the Pfeiffer Fire near Big Sur, Calif., on Dec. 16, 2013. (2013-12-17)

NASA sees the last of Cyclone Bruce in Southern Indian Ocean
Tropical Cyclone Bruce is winding down in the Southern Indian Ocean as wind shear and cooler waters affect the storm. (2013-12-24)

Cyberschools, Racism, Pig's Kidneys, And Prehistoric Pollution
These are just a few of the topics included among 2700 papers to be presented at the 97th annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, December 2-6, at the Philadelphia Marriott. (1998-10-01)

NASA's TRMM satellite sees powerful storms in Tropical Cyclone Madi
NASA's TRMM satellite spotted heavy rainfall and very high cloud tops in strong thunderstorms in the southern quadrant of Tropical Cyclone Madi on Dec. 11 as it neared southeastern India's coast. (2013-12-11)

A presentation was made at the 1997 American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting on February 15, 1997 in Seattle Washington. Images and movies from the Large Angle and Spectrometric COronagraph Experiment (LASCO) taken during the week of 22-27 December 1996 were made public. LASCO was launched aboard the SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) spacecraft on 2 December 1995 (1997-02-15)

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Amara spinning down
Tropical Cyclone Amara ran into wind shear, and dropped from Category four hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale to a minimal tropical storm on Dec. 23. (2013-12-23)

NASA catches Tropical Cyclone Amara's stretched out eye
Tropical Cyclone Amara's eye appeared elongated on satellite imagery from NASA on Dec. 18. (2013-12-18)

GIOVE-A mated with launcher upper stage; Launch set for 28 December
Preparations for the launch of GIOVE-A, the first Galileo satellite, are continuing at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The spacecraft has been mated with the Fregat upper stage of the launch vehicle and a revised launch date of 28 December has been agreed. (2005-12-21)

Tropical Cyclone 05B forms southeast of Chennai, India
Tropical Cyclone 05B has formed out of (2009-12-11)

NASA sees rainfall quickly fade in dying Depression 33W
NASA's TRMM satellite noticed that rainfall became scarce in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean's thirty-third tropical depression in its second day of life. (2013-12-04)

Bioethics commission to discuss human subjects protection
The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues will publicly meet Nov. 16-17 in Boston. This will be the last meeting before the commission issues its contemporary assessment of the rules and regulations that protect human subjects in research funded by the federal government. That report will be delivered to President Barack Obama in mid December. (2011-11-10)

Going to Mars for Christmas
Europe's mission to the Red Planet, Mars Express, is on schedule to arrive at the planet on Christmas Day, 2003. (2003-11-13)

Researchers estimate higher death toll from Hurricane Maria than previously thought
The number of people who died as a result of Hurricane Maria -- which hit Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, 2017 -- may be as high as 1,139, surpassing the official death count of 64, according to researchers. (2018-08-02)

NASA satellite catches birth of Tropical Cyclone 06B
NASA's Aqua satellite provided visible and infrared satellite imagery to forecasters helping confirm the birth of the sixth tropical cyclone of the Northern Indian Ocean cyclone season. (2013-12-06)

Mars is just around the corner
After a journey of 400 million km, ESA's Mars Express is now approaching its final destination. On 19 December, the spacecraft is scheduled to release the Beagle 2 lander it has been carrying since its launch on 2 June. (2003-12-09)

Nominations sought for AGU's 2003 Sullivan and Perlman Awards
The American Geophysical Union seeks nominations for two annual journalism awards: the Walter Sullivan Award for Excellence in Science Journalism - Features and the David Perlman Award for Excellence in Science Journalism - News. These awards consist of a plaque and a $2,000 stipend and will be presented at the 2003 Joint Assembly (in Nice, France) or Fall Meeting (in San Francisco, California). (2002-06-12)

Major inequalities in access to kidney transplant waiting list revealed
Major inequalities exist in access to the kidney (renal) transplant waiting list and renal transplantation in Scotland, finds a study in this week's BMJ. These inequalities may also exist elsewhere in the United Kingdom. (2003-11-27)

New studies on aging, steroids, addiction and spinal cord development highlight ACNP Annual Meeting
Hundreds of new studies on brain and behavior from the world's most renowned scientists will headline the 2005 American College of Neuropsychopharmacology Annual Meeting. Presentations include new research on the keys to successful aging, anabolic steroid addiction, potential new treatment for cocaine addition, and important advances in spinal cord development. (2005-12-08)

Point and shoot
Any football or rugby fan knows that when a player kicks the ball, there is no longer anything they can do to influence its path. The player must trust to their own skill for the ball to reach its intended destination. (2003-12-17)

How shale fracking led to an Ohio town's first 100 earthquakes
Since records began in 1776, the people of Youngstown, Ohio had never experienced an earthquake. However, from January 2011, 109 tremors were recorded and new research in Geophysical Research-Solid Earth reveals how this may be the result of shale fracking. (2013-08-19)

NSF director to speak at nature press conference on plant genetics milestone
The National Science Foundation (NSF) will webcast a press conference hosted by the journal Nature at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on December 13. The event is to announce an important milestone in plant genetics research. NSF director Rita Colwell will be the lead speaker, followed by brief talks from three leading scientists associated with the Arabidopsis Genome Initiative. (2000-12-11)

World leaders in infectious diseases convene to discuss emerging global viruses
Nearly 2,700 leading researchers and scientists in the area of infectious and emerging disease are expected to attend the 57th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene to discuss the prevention and treatment of global health threats in New Orleans, Dec. 7-11, 2008. (2008-10-02)

A total lunar eclipse and winter solstice coincide on Dec. 21
With frigid temperatures already blanketing much of the United States, the arrival of the winter solstice on Dec. 21 may not be an occasion many people feel like celebrating. But a dazzling total lunar eclipse to start the day might just raise a few chilled spirits. (2010-12-17)

Snow from space: University of Leicester releases satellite images of snow-bound UK
Earth observation scientists at the University of Leicester have recorded stunning images of the UK's winter landscape by orbiting satellites. (2010-12-03)

Discover the latest advances in stem cell therapy
Learn about the basic biology and potential clinical applications of cellular therapies. This symposium will feature presentations by some of the nation's most renowned scientists and physicians leading the field of cell-based therapy research and development. (2001-11-29)

High humidity is a risk factor for heart attack deaths among the elderly
High humidity, even in a relatively mild climate, boosts the risk of a heart attack among the elderly, reveals research published ahead of print in Heart. The researchers analyzed all reported deaths in Athens for the whole of 2001 and looked at daily weather reports from the National Meteorological Society on temperature, pressure levels, and humidity for the same year. (2006-07-12)

TRMM Satellite sees Cyclone Cleo coming to a close
Rainfall in the once-known Cyclone Cleo has really diminished over the last 24 hours, and the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission or TRMM satellite has confirmed it. Cleo is fading and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center has acknowledged its demise, in its final warning on the storm today. (2009-12-11)

The Subaru Telescope photographs the next target asteroid for Hayabusa2
On December 10, 2020 (Hawai?i Standard Time), the Subaru Telescope imaged the small asteroid 1998 KY26, the target of Hayabusa2's extended mission. The positional data for 1998 KY26 collected during the observations will be used to more accurately determine the orbital elements of this object. (2020-12-17)

Possible evidence found for Beagle 2 location
The news that Beagle 2 may have been spotted on the surface of Mars in the immediate vicinity of where it was expected to land was welcomed by the European Space Agency. (2005-12-21)

SOHO sees its 750th comet
On 22 March 2004, the ESA/NASA SOHO solar observatory spacecraft discovered its 750th comet since its launch in December 1995. (2004-04-06)

TRMM sees 05B winding down off the Sri Lanka coast
Tropical Depression 05B is dissipating on the east coast of Sri Lanka today and over the next couple of days, but not before bringing some moderate and heavy rain over the next couple of days to some areas in Sri Lanka and the southeast coast of India, from Chennai, southward. (2009-12-14)

Announcing IOF Regionals 1st Asia-Pacific osteoporosis meeting
Mark December 10-13, 2010, on your calendar and don't miss this important scientific event, organized by the International Osteoporosis Foundation. (2009-12-17)

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