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Yale study shows weight bias is as prevalent as racial discrimination
Discrimination against overweight people is as common as racial discrimination, according to a Yale analysis. (2008-03-27)

Discrimination harms your health -- and your partner's
Discrimination not only harms the health and well-being of the victim, but the victim's romantic partner as well, indicates new research led by a Michigan State University scholar. (2017-12-07)

Does discrimination increase drinking?
Researchers at the University of Iowa have found another negative health outcome linked to discrimination: alcohol abuse. (2016-06-30)

Study finds that discrimination is linked with worse health among transgender Americans
Despite a surge in public attention toward the transgender population, transgender adults continue to face both major and daily discrimination that often directly leads to dangerous health consequences, a new study finds. (2015-09-29)

Having the right name helps one to find housing
Discrimination against ethnic minorities on the housing market is declining -- in Germany and other Western European countries and in the USA. But a new meta-study shows that applicants' surnames still influence the selection of new tenants. (2018-07-19)

Black and Hispanic Californians face health discrimination; less trusting of clinicians
A recent statewide survey of Californians uncovered that 30% of Black adults and 13% of Hispanic adults felt that they have been judged or treated differently by a health care provider because of their race/ethnicity or language. (2021-01-12)

'Fat shaming' doesn't encourage weight loss
Discrimination against overweight and obese people does not help them to lose weight, finds new UCL research funded by Cancer Research UK. In a study of 2,944 UK adults over four years, those who reported experiencing weight discrimination gained more weight than those who did not. On average, after accounting for baseline differences, people who reported weight discrimination gained 0.95kg whereas those who did not lost 0.71kg, a difference of 1.66kg. (2014-09-10)

Discrimination may affect adolescents' sleep quality
In a Child Development study of daily diary descriptions of discrimination by minority adolescents, experiencing discrimination during the day was associated with compromised sleep quality that night, as well as feelings of greater daytime dysfunction and sleepiness the following day. (2019-04-03)

Black teens face racial discrimination multiple times daily, suffer depressive symptoms
Black teenagers experience daily racial discrimination, most frequently online, which can lead to negative mental health effects, according to a Rutgers researcher. (2019-12-16)

Discrimination during adolescence has lasting effect on body
In both blacks and whites, everyday feelings of discrimination can mess with the body's levels of the primary stress hormone, cortisol, new research suggests. In African-Americans, however, the negative effects of perceived discrimination on cortisol are stronger than in whites, according to the study, one of the first to look at the biological response to the cumulative impact of prejudicial treatment. (2015-09-09)

Over three-quarters of people with depression report discrimination
A new study, published Online First in The Lancet, has revealed that over three quarters (79 percent) of people with depression report having experienced some form of discrimination. (2012-10-17)

Age discrimination laws don't protect older women as they do older men
Older women in the workforce should be considered collectively as a unique demographic group that includes both gender and age if they're to receive adequate protection against workplace discrimination, according to a new paper published by a University at Buffalo economist. (2020-06-18)

Perceived "whiteness" of Middle Eastern Americans correlates with discrimination
The perceived ''whiteness'' of Americans of Middle Eastern and North African descent is indirectly tied to discrimination against them, and may feed a ''negative cycle'' in which public awareness of discrimination leads to more discrimination, according to a Rutgers-led study. (2020-07-22)

Age-related discrimination can add to healthcare woes
Being discriminated against by the healthcare profession or system can cause much more than just mere distress to older people. Such experiences can literally be bad for their health. A national survey shows that one in every three older Americans who are on the receiving end of age-related discrimination in the healthcare setting will likely develop new or worsened functional ailments in due course. (2015-03-12)

Discrimination leads older Chinese-Americans to consider suicide at high rates
Elderly Chinese-Americans feel helpless when faced with racial biases and become twice as likely to consider suicide than those who don't encounter similar discrimination, according to a new University of Michigan study. (2017-08-31)

Perceived age and weight discrimination worse for health than perceived racism and sexism
Perceived age and weight discrimination, more than perceived race and sex discrimination, are linked to worse health in older adults, according to new research from the Florida State University College of Medicine. (2014-05-07)

Discrimination takes its toll on black women
Racial discrimination is a major threat to African-American women's mental health. It undermines their view of themselves as masters of their own life circumstances and makes them less psychologically resilient and more prone to depression. These findings by Dr. Verna Keith, from Florida State University in the US and her colleagues, are published online in Springer's journal Sex Roles. (2009-11-04)

Everyday discrimination impacts mental health
Researchers have determined that African Americans and Caribbean blacks who experience discrimination of multiple types are at substantially greater risk for a variety of mental disorders including anxiety, depression and substance abuse. (2014-09-14)

Perceptions of discrimination may adversely affect health of immigrants' children, NYU study shows
Children of recent immigrants are more likely to make sick visits to the doctor if their mothers see themselves as targets of ethnic or language-based discrimination, researchers at NYU report in a new study. Their research provides new evidence that perceptions of discrimination by a mother could have a negative effect on the health of her child within the first 14 months of her child's life. (2012-03-07)

The effects of discrimination could last a lifetime
Given the well-documented relationship between low birth weight and the increased risk of health problems throughout one's lifespan, it is vital to reduce any potential contributors to low birth weight. A new study by Valerie Earnshaw and her colleagues from Yale University sheds light on one possible causal factor. Their findings indicate that chronic, everyday instances of discrimination against pregnant, urban women of color may contribute to low birth weight babies. (2012-08-27)

CU Denver study shows direct link between ethnic discrimination and health
New research from the University of Colorado Denver shows that women who experience racial discrimination while pregnant suffer significant health impacts that are passed on to their infants. (2015-01-08)

Discrimination contributes to pediatric asthma rates in African American and Latino youth
In a new study published in CHEST, investigators found that African American children who reported experiencing discrimination had almost twice the probability of having asthma than their peers who did not experience/report discrimination. Among African American children with asthma, discrimination was also associated with a greater probability of having poorly controlled asthma. For Mexican American children, discrimination and socioeconomic status (SES) act together with discrimination having an effect on asthma only among low-SES children. (2017-04-20)

U-M study challenges notion that umpires call more strikes for pitchers of same race
A University of Michigan study challenges previous research that suggests umpire discrimination exists in Major League Baseball. (2013-05-22)

Racial discrimination in mortgage market persistent over last four decades
A new Northwestern University analysis finds that racial disparities in the mortgage market suggest that discrimination in loan denial and cost has not declined much over the previous 30 to 40 years, yet discrimination in the housing market has decreased during the same time period. (2020-01-23)

Study finds that discrimination varies by gender and race
Men are more likely to tolerate discrimination than women, however both sexes tend to accept prejudice against poorly educated immigrants and Arab-American airplane travelers, according to a study by the USC-Caltech Center for the Study of Law and Politics. (2008-04-02)

Racial and ethnic bias leads to lower well-being among adolescents
Racial and ethnic discrimination is problematic for all aspects of development -- from mental and physical health to risky behaviors and academic success -- particularly for Latinos, researchers at The University of Texas at Austin determined after analyzing findings from hundreds of previous studies on adolescents. (2018-09-25)

Mental health problems more common in kids who feel racial discrimination
A new multicenter study involving UCLA and the RAND Corp. has found that perceived racial or ethnic discrimination is not an uncommon experience among fifth-grade students and that it may have a negative effect on their mental health. (2009-04-27)

Lower income women report more insurance-based discrimination during pregnancy, delivery
According to an analysis of statewide data taken from 1998-2001, women in Oregon who made less than $50,000 a year were more than three times likely to report they were discriminated against by health providers because of their insurance status during pregnancy and delivery. (2009-12-03)

Research finds entrenched hiring bias against African-Americans
In a new Northwestern University meta-analysis, the largest and most comprehensive of its kind, researchers aiming to assess trends in hiring discrimination in America against African-Americans and Latinos found no change in rates of discrimination against African-Americans in field experiments of hiring from 1990 to 2015. The meta-analysis documents persistence of racial discrimination in US labor markets. (2017-09-12)

People with epilepsy face increased risks of discrimination and other negative life events
In a recent analysis, people with epilepsy were seven-fold more likely to have reported experiencing discrimination due to health problems than the general population. This risk was greater than other chronic health problems such as diabetes, asthma and migraines. (2016-10-14)

Study examines link between racial discrimination and mental and physical health
A study of the association between physical and mental health and racial discrimination conducted at the Mailman School of Public Health found that racial discrimination is associated with worse self-reported physical and mental health in African Americans, regardless of gender, skin color and socioeconomic indicators. (2006-06-30)

Link between racial discrimination and stress described in new study
The consequences of psychological stress, resulting from racial discrimination, may contribute to racial health disparities in conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other age-associated diseases. Dr. Sarah Szanton from Johns Hopkins University, who collaborated with scientists from the National Institute on Aging and the University of California, put forward a new hypothesis to elucidate racial differences in disease prevalence. Their study is published online in Springer's International Journal of Behavioral Medicine. (2011-09-14)

Sex discrimination begins in the womb
Women in India are more likely to get prenatal care when pregnant with boys, according to groundbreaking research that has implications for girls' health and survival. (2013-03-27)

Discrimination creates racial battle fatigue for African-Americans
Just as the constant pressure soldiers face on the battlefield can follow them home in the form of debilitating stress, African-Americans who face chronic exposure to racial discrimination may have an increased likelihood of suffering a race-based battle fatigue, according to Penn State researchers. (2011-03-03)

Discrimination hurts, but how much?
UCLA researchers have found that adolescents from Latin American and Asian backgrounds experienced more discrimination than their peers from European backgrounds. The discrimination came not just from adolescents, but from adults as well. The level of discrimination also impacted grade point averages, and their health, including depression and distress, along with lower levels of self esteem. (2010-09-13)

Social-class discrimination contributes to poorer health
Discrimination felt by teenagers based on their social class background can contribute to physiologic changes associated with poorer health, according to a new study published online in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. (2012-06-18)

How marriage may protect transgender couples
Transgender people who are married are less likely to experience discrimination than their unmarried counterparts, indicates a national study led by a Michigan State University sociologist. (2017-07-25)

Perceived weight discrimination linked to physical inactivity
People who feel that they have been discriminated against because of their weight are much less likely to be physically active than people who don't perceive that they have suffered any such stigmatization, according to new research led by UCL. (2017-03-07)

Minority teen boys smoke more when they perceive discrimination; girls do not
Indiana University School of Medicine researchers report that minority teen boys smoke more when they perceived discrimination, girls reacted differently. There does not appear to be an association between perceived discrimination and smoking in minority girls, ages 12-15. For minority girls ages 16-19, perceived discrimination is associated with lower, not higher, rates of smoking. (2010-01-19)

Racial discrimination increases activism in black young adults
A recent study finds that experiencing racial discrimination makes black teens and young adults more likely to engage in social and political activism on issues that are important to black communities. (2019-01-22)

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