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What does being resilient have to do with successful aging?
Arizona State University researchers have been awarded a $2.2 million federal grant to explore how being resilient can help people age healthily and happily. They will be exploring many factors of both individual and community resiliency. (2005-11-02)

HPV vaccine targets women age 24-45
A vaccine that appears to protect against four common strains of human papillomavirus virus - two that cause cervical cancer and two that cause genital warts - is under study at the Medical College of Georgia in women age 24-45. (2004-07-07)

Marriage promotion plan must take social science research into account
The Bush Administration's proposal to set aside federal welfare funds for marriage promotion programs has more to do with symbolism and is not likely to be effective at promoting model families and reducing poverty, according to Andrew Cherlin, a Johns Hopkins University sociology professor. (2003-11-17)

Better ways to cut a cake
Suppose a cake is to be divided between two people, Alice and Bob. A fair procedure is to have Alice cut the cake and then have Bob choose whichever piece he prefers. This (2006-11-06)

Change, conflict cue memories of life's milestones: Study
What will your kids remember about the life stories you tell them? New University of Alberta research shows that they're likely to be able to recall transitional moments you share with them, be it promotions or pets. The research offers strong evidence that societal values significantly affect how people think about and recall events in their lives -- and how we potentially carry old values and beliefs forward in a new country. (2013-05-29)

Researchers tie crest size to seabirds' suitability as a mate
A newly released study by researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks offers evidence that in one breed of northern seabird, the size of males' feather crests may be more than simple ornamentation. (2009-04-16)

Positive thinking may protect against breast cancer
Feelings of happiness and optimism play a positive role against breast cancer. Research published today in the open access journal BMC Cancer suggests that while staying positive has a protective role, adverse life events such as the loss of a parent or close relative, divorce or the loss of a spouse can increase a woman's risk of developing the disease. (2008-08-21)

Senior citizens increasingly satisfied with their sex lives
Senior citizens have experienced a considerable improvement in their sex lives since the 1970s. A doctoral thesis by Nils Beckman at Sahlgrenska Academy has found that six out of every 10 women and seven out of every 10 men over 70 are highly satisfied with their sex lives. (2015-03-17)

Stress: It's Not Just All In Your Head; Scientists Map The Wear And Tear Of Daily Life
Researchers have finally proven that feeling (1998-01-14)

Like father like son: UC researcher finds abusers influenced by dads
A researcher in the University of Cincinnati's School of Social Work has found that abusers' relationships with their fathers play a key role in their violent tendencies. (2000-04-04)

Ordinary sounding expressions of teen angst may signal early depression
While it's estimated at least one in 10 teens in the US suffer from depression at some point, few will use the word 'depressed' to describe negative emotions hanging over them. Instead, new research at the 2017 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting in San Francisco suggests, they're likely to use terms such as 'stressed,' or 'down,' and other words that may sound like ordinary teen angst but could be a signal of more serious, pre-depressive symptoms. (2017-05-04)

The lucky few: FSU researcher shines light on forgotten generation
John McCain, Elvis Presley, Gloria Steinem and Martin Luther King Jr. took different paths in life, but they were all lucky. (2008-08-21)

Researchers take a stand on algorithm design for job centers: Landing a job isn't always the right goal
Algorithms that assess the risk of citizens becoming unemployed are currently being tested in a number of Danish municipalities. But according to a new study from the University of Copenhagen, gaining employment is not the only relevant goal for those out of work -- nor should it be for an algorithm. (2020-10-29)

FSU researcher paves new path toward preventing obesity
People who experience unpredictable childhoods face a higher risk of becoming obese as adults. (2017-07-24)

IVF does not negatively affect academic achievement
Children conceived by in vitro fertilization, or IVF, perform at least as well as their peers on academic tests at all ages from grade 3 to 12, according to a new University of Iowa study. (2010-09-22)

Brain matures faster due to childhood stress
Stress in early childhood leads to faster maturation of certain brain regions during adolescence. In contrast, stress experienced later in life leads to slower maturation of the adolescent brain. This is the outcome of a long-term study conducted by researchers of Radboud University in which 37 subjects have been monitored for almost 20 years. The findings will be published in Scientific Reports on June 15. (2018-06-15)

Social networks and suicide prevention
Depression and mental health problems are increasing - and suicide and drug overdose rates are rising dramatically in the USA. In many US communities, traditional social networks -- face-to-face contacts of daily life -- are unraveling with the loss of social supports, Flinders University psychiatrists warn in a letter published in the international journal The Lancet. This is associated with increasing 'deaths of despair' related to alcohol, opiate overdose and suicide 'becoming more prevalent than ever.' (2019-05-22)

Group recommends removing sexual orientation-related disorders from the ICD
A working group evaluating sexual orientation-related disorders listed in the International Classification of Diseases, a publication of the World Health Organization, has recommended the disorders be deleted, a move that will make getting health care easier for gays and others who may have gender atypicality. (2014-06-24)

Overnights away from home affect children's attachments, U.Va. study shows
In joint custody arrangements, infants who spent overnights away from their mothers had less attachment to their mothers, a University of Virginia study shows. (2013-07-19)

Parent, guardian job loss may boost smoking among adolescent family members
According to a new study, adolescent children have an almost 90 percent greater chance of becoming smokers within a year of a grownup's job loss than young people whose families haven't suffered this blow. (2004-05-19)

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