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One in 4 UK show dogs competing at Crufts is overweight
One in four dogs competing in the world's largest canine show (Crufts) is overweight, despite the perception that entrants are supposed to represent ideal specimens of their breed, reveals research published online in Veterinary Record. (2015-07-13)
Why cats have more lives than dogs when it comes to snakebite
Cats are twice as likely to survive a venomous snakebite than dogs, and the reasons behind this strange phenomenon have been revealed by University of Queensland research. (2020-05-18)
Good dog? Bad dog? Their personalities can change
When dog-parents spend extra time scratching their dogs' bellies, take their dogs out for long walks and games of fetch, or even when they feel constant frustration over their dogs' naughty chewing habits, they are gradually shaping their dogs' personalities. (2019-02-22)
Respiratory diseases linked with high blood pressure in lungs
Pulmonary hypertension is a type of high blood pressure that affects the lungs of both animals and people. (2019-10-16)
Dogs understand what's written all over your face
Dogs are capable of understanding the emotions behind an expression on a human face. (2018-06-20)
Ball or stuffed toy -- Do dogs 'know' what they're smelling?
Dogs' excellent sense of smell is well-known, whether it is in the context of searching for people or for contraband substances. (2018-03-05)
Mimics do not substitute for the 'real thing' for bomb-sniffing dogs
When it comes to teaching dogs how to sniff out explosives, there's nothing like the real thing to make sure they're trained right. (2014-11-24)
Undocked working dogs at greatest risk of tail injuries in Scotland
Undocked working dogs in Scotland are at greatest risk of tail injuries, indicates a survey of their owners, published in this week's Veterinary Record. (2014-04-04)
New tool helps pick puppies most suited to guide dog training
Animal behavior experts at the University of Nottingham have developed a new tool which can be used to predict a young dog's likelihood of successfully completing guide dog training. (2017-06-14)
Liverpool vet creates pain relief diet for arthritic dogs
A University of Liverpool vet has developed a new food for dogs to help relieve the pain of canine osteoarthritis (OA). (2005-04-06)
Creating a vaccine against canine gum disease
Gum disease, also known as gingivitis, is one of the most prevalent medical conditions in adult dogs. (2014-11-20)
Dog ownership benefits families of children with autism, MU researcher finds
A University of Missouri researcher studied dog ownership decisions in families of children with autism and found, regardless of whether they owned dogs, the parents reported the benefits of dog ownership included companionship, stress relief and opportunities for their children to learn responsibility. (2014-04-14)
Increase in the number of dog attacks on guide dogs in the UK
Reported dog attacks on guide dogs have risen significantly over a five year period, finds a study published online in the journal Veterinary Record. (2016-03-03)
Canine telepathy?
Can dogs read our minds? According to Monique Udell and her team, from the University of Florida in the US, the way that dogs come to respond to the level of people's attentiveness tells us something about the ways dogs think and learn about human behavior. (2011-06-09)
Dogs of war: Historian shows the role of canines in World War II
Seventy years since the United States entered World War II after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a historian has a new look at an often overlooked breed of soldier. (2011-12-05)
Are you barking up the wrong tree by sleeping with your dog?
Let sleeping dogs the bedroom. That's according to a new Mayo Clinic study that's sure to set many tails wagging. (2017-09-07)
What would your dog do to help if you were upset? Quite a bit, study finds
Dogs are thought to be very aware of people's emotions, but if a pup's owner was really upset, would it actually go out of its way to offer help and comfort? (2018-07-24)
Vaccine study shapes plan to wipe out rabies in free-roaming dogs
Rabies could be eradicated from street dogs in India with the help of a new smartphone app, a study led by Mission Rabies and the University of Edinburgh's Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies has shown. (2016-01-28)
Medical detection dogs help diabetes patients regulate insulin levels
New research by the University of Bristol in collaboration with Medical Detection Dogs has found that the best trained alert dogs have the potential to vastly improve the quality of life of people living with Type 1 diabetes. (2019-01-15)
Dog collars could prevent parasitic disease in children
Children could be protected from a potentially lethal parasitic disease if dogs were fitted with insecticide-impregnated collars, suggest authors of a study in THE LANCET this week. (2002-08-01)
Gene therapy leads to long-term benefits in dog model of devastating childhood disease
Researchers who previously showed that a gene therapy treatment could save the lives of dogs with a deadly disease called myotubular myopathy -- a type of muscular dystrophy that affects the skeletal muscles -- have found that the therapy is long-lasting. (2017-06-07)
New research shows owning a dog helps people make friends
Dogs can act as powerful social catalysts, making it easier for people to make social contact with each other. (2000-02-14)
NC State first university in nation to offer canine bone marrow transplants
Dogs suffering from lymphoma will be able to receive the same type of medical treatment as their human counterparts, as North Carolina State University becomes the first university in the nation to offer canine bone marrow transplants in a clinical setting. (2008-09-03)
Emotions matter -- dogs view facial expressions differently
A recent study from the University of Helsinki shows that the social gazing behavior of domestic dogs resembles that of humans: dogs view facial expressions systematically, preferring eyes. (2016-01-19)
Labrador study offers vets clues on why dogs' tails lose their wag
A painful condition that affects dogs' tails may be more common than previously thought, a University of Edinburgh study suggests. (2016-08-01)
Several breeds of dog in England killed by mysterious kidney disease
At least 30 dogs in England have been killed in less than 18 months by an unknown disease which causes skin lesions and kidney failure, reveals research published in Veterinary Record. (2015-03-23)
Study claims dogs and their owners look alike...
Long the subject of speculation, a new study says that dogs DO resemble their owners. (2004-03-30)
A dog's dilemma: Do canines prefer praise or food?
Researchers seek to understand whether the dog-human bond is mainly about food, or about the relationship itself. (2016-08-16)
Dogs know that smile on your face
Dogs can tell the difference between happy and angry human faces, according to a new study in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on Feb. (2015-02-12)
CBD clinical trial results on seizure frequency in dogs 'encouraging'
Dr. Stephanie McGrath found in a small study that 89 percent of dogs who received CBD in the clinical trial had a reduction in the frequency of seizures. (2019-05-21)
Wolves at the door: Study finds recent wolf-dog hybridization in Caucasus region
Hybridization of wolves with shepherd dogs in the Caucasus region might be more common, and more recent, than previously thought, according to a recently published study in the Journal of Heredity. (2014-04-13)
Dogs can detect traces of gasoline down to one billionth of a teaspoon
Trained dogs can detect fire accelerants such as gasoline in quantities as small as one billionth of a teaspoon, according to new research by University of Alberta chemists. (2020-05-12)
Pit bull label may triple length of stay in dog shelters
Dogs labeled as 'pit bulls' may wait three times as long to be adopted from shelters than differently labeled lookalikes. (2016-03-23)
Technique used in human ankle injuries modified to treat dogs' knees
Each year, more than one million dogs suffer from cranial cruciate ligament deficiency, which is comparable to the anterior cruciate ligament injury in humans. (2008-06-16)
Elevated cholesterol's link with canine cancer includes a better prognosis
Usually thought of as a health detriment, elevated cholesterol may play a role in longer survival times for dogs with a common form of bone cancer. (2017-07-25)
Hunting dogs may benefit from antioxidant boost in diet
Free radicals, those DNA-damaging single-oxygen atoms, are produced in spades during exercise. (2018-05-08)
Can walkies tell who's the leader of the pack?
Dogs' paths during group walks could be used to determine leadership roles and through that their social ranks and personality traits, say researchers from Oxford University, Eotvos University, and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. (2014-01-23)
Obese dogs at risk of health condition experienced by humans
Veterinary scientists at the University of Liverpool have found that, like humans, obese dogs can experience metabolic syndrome, a condition that describes multiple health issues that occur in the body at the same time. (2012-10-31)
Sniffer dogs can be used to detect lung cancer
Sniffer dogs could be used for the early detection of lung cancer, according to new research published in the European Respiratory Journal. (2011-08-17)
Empathetic people experience dogs' expressions more strongly
A study by the University of Helsinki and Aalto University explored how empathy and other psychological factors affect people's assessments of the facial images of dogs and humans. (2017-02-03)
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