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Eating quickly and until full trebles the risk of being overweight
The combination of eating quickly and eating until full trebles the risk of being overweight, according to a study published today on (2008-10-21)

Not all eating habits are made alike. Some routines may even be beneficial, new study says
A new study on eating habits, forthcoming in the March 2006 issue of the Journal of Consumer Research, reveals that not all eating habits are made alike. Adwait Khare (University of Houston) and J. Jeffrey Inman (University of Pittsburgh) identify two ways of characterizing eating habits, which they termed (2006-01-30)

How are children choosing their food portions?
Temple University researchers are trying to pinpoint the factors that affect how much food a child eats, to stave off unhealthy relationships with food later in life. (2008-10-07)

Eating habits as important as meds for diabetic blood sugar control
For those with type 2 diabetes, the most prevalent kind, a person's eating habits -- their basic eating practices, selections while dining out, meal planning and carbohydrate and vegetable strategies -- matter as much or more as medicine for maintaining blood sugar control, says a Penn State researcher. (2004-05-03)

Crossing paths
Existing research has shown that rates of binge eating are almost identical between white and African-American adult women. A study from Temple University finds that among college age women, rates are higher among Caucasian women. When do rates begin to match up, and why? (2009-10-25)

How do we get young men in vocational schools to eat healthy?
There are several challenges associated with getting young men in vocational schools to eat healthy. According to a new study from Aarhus University, the students overall dislike it when someone interferes with their dietary habits. (2017-03-27)

Children with TVs in their room sleep less
Middle school children who have a television or computer in their room sleep less during the school year, watch more TV, play more computer games and surf the net more than their peers who don't -- reveals joint research conducted by the University of Haifa and Jezreel Valley College. (2008-09-02)

Temperament affects children's eating habits
Temperamental children are at greater risk for developing unhealthy eating habits. (2020-06-04)

Unhealthy dietary habits are associated with the risk of proteinuria onset
Researchers from Kanazawa University found out that unhealthy dietary habits as a risk factor for proteinuria onset which is a key prognostic factor of chronic kidney disease (CKD). By investigating over 26,000 patients with no prior CKD who underwent annual medical check-ups in Kanazawa between 1998 and 2014, skipping breakfast and late dinner were associated with proteinuria onset. These findings suggest that modification of dietary habits may be a potential treatment for CKD. (2020-11-09)

Habit makes bad food too easy to swallow
Do you always get popcorn at the movies? Or snack while you're on the couch watching television? A new paper by USC researchers reveals why bad eating habits persist even when the food we're eating doesn't taste good. The study also reveals the surprisingly simple ways we can counter our habits to gain control over what we eat. (2011-09-01)

Analyzing picture books for nutrition education
Feeding children can be a challenging process for many parents. A previous study found 46 percent of preschoolers were picky eaters and 40 percent of picky eaters remained picky for two or more years. Nutrition education and recommended feeding practices may help parents deal with feeding problems and shorten their duration. Books may be used as resources to help teach children to overcome poor eating habits. Thus, a content analysis was conducted to assess messages about dietary behaviors and feeding strategies in a set of picture books. (2016-10-06)

Slow eating speed may be linked to weight loss
Slowing down the speed at which you eat, along with cutting out after dinner snacks and not eating within two hours of going to sleep may all help to shed the pounds, suggests research published in the online journal BMJ Open. (2018-02-12)

Can branding improve school lunches?
This study shows that branding of food, such as putting a sticker on an apple, can improve the attractiveness of healthier food and nudge children to make better food choices. Kids nearly doubled their apple choice if a familiar character, like Elmo, had been stickered onto the fruit. There was no such effect when the same had been done to a cookie or when an unfamiliar character had been placed on the apple. (2012-08-28)

The obese can teach us how to lose weight
Why can obese people not just make the extra effort, change their diet and lose weight? New research from University of Copenhagen shows that patients who have been through gastric bypass surgery can teach us important lessons about weight loss: if we are to change our eating habits, we need to take into consideration the experiences we have had with our favorite foods -- so that eating remains linked with quality of life. (2015-01-13)

Unhealthy eating can make a bad mood worse
Taking part in unhealthy eating behaviors may cause women who are concerned about their diet and self-image to experience a worsening of their moods, according to Penn State researchers. (2013-03-15)

Food for thought: Contravening lay beliefs of eating at heart of our dietary disasters
Waste not, want not. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don't snack before supper; you'll ruin your appetite. These dietary pearls of wisdom have been dropped on children for decades, and University of Alberta researcher Robert Fisher says that while people remember them, they quite often have a hard time applying them (2011-11-04)

£7.4 million study seeks to explain what drives our appetites
The University of Edinburgh is to lead a £7.4 million initiative to investigate food choices and eating behavior. (2014-01-27)

Eat healthy -- your kids are watching
If lower-income mothers want kids with healthy diets, it's best to adopt healthy eating habits themselves and encourage their children to eat good foods rather than use force, rewards or punishments, says a Michigan State University study. (2012-05-30)

Eating competence may lower risk of heart disease
People who are confident, comfortable and flexible with their eating habits may be at a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease than people who are not. Researchers at Penn State suggest that a curriculum that helps people understand their eating habits could prove to be an important medical nutrition therapy. (2007-09-18)

How parents juggle work hours may influence kids' weight
The way parents balance their work schedules may affect their adolescent children's eating habits, according to Penn State researchers. (2014-08-19)

U of MN study shows teen dieters are more likely to be overweight and suffer from eating disorders
Adolescents who diet and use unhealthy weight-control behaviors are more likely to be overweight and put themselves at risk for eating disorders in the future, according to new research done at the University of Minnesota. (2006-04-11)

Managing the emotions behind eating
Many diet plans only look at how to change behavior to lose weight. But for people who have always eaten to deal with their emotions, how can they change their behavior, when they haven't learned other ways of coping? Researchers at Temple University are trying to answer that question as part of a new, NIH-funded study. (2010-05-04)

Eating disorders during adolescence may have lasting socioeconomic consequences for women
In a recent study, females with eating disorders in late adolescence were more likely to have lower levels of educational attainment and personal income in early adulthood. They were also less likely to own a home. These associations were not seen in males. (2015-04-07)

Spying on cells eating habits could aid cancer diagnosis
Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have developed a new imaging technology to visualize what cells eat, which could aid the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as cancer. (2019-04-07)

Regular family meals promote healthy eating habits
It's not only the routine of sitting down to dinner as a family, but the importance, structure, and atmosphere of family meals that may help steer adolescent girls from eating disorders. University of Minnesota researchers found that girls who ate regular family meals in a structured and positive environment were less likely to exhibit extreme weight control behaviors such as diet pill use, vomiting, and chronic dieting. (2004-11-09)

U of M study shows fast food as family meals limits healthy food intake, increases obesity risk
Families whose meals frequently consist of fast food are more likely to have unhealthy eating habits, poor access to healthy foods at home and a higher risk for obesity, according to researchers at the University of Minnesota Medical School. (2007-01-08)

Study finds lean beef can be part of healthy diet for teens
A University of Iowa study looking at iron and cholesterol levels among seventh and eighth grade students found that teens eating increased amounts of lean beef were able to maintain higher levels of (2004-04-28)

High-fat dairy products linked to reduced type 2 diabetes risk
Consumption of high-fat yogurt and cheese are linked to a reduction in the risk of type 2 diabetes by as much as one-fifth, according to new research from Lund University in Sweden. High meat consumption, on the other hand, is linked to a higher risk. (2015-04-02)

Why do humans pig out?
Researchers from University of Copenhagen have discovered big differences in the variability of eating habits among pigs. The newly published study showed that for some overeating was normal behavior and for a particular group of pigs there was clear evidence they were genetically programmed to eat more food than others. (2013-10-03)

Only one-third of parents think they are doing a good job helping kids eat healthy
If you know healthy eating is important for your kids but you also feel like it's easier said than done, you're not alone. (2017-02-20)

Overweight children have different eating patterns than normal weight children
Overweight children reported more frequent intake of healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, fish, brown bread and potatoes as well as low-energy cheese and yogurt compared with normal weight children. This comes from a recent study from researchers at Telemark University College, Norway and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. (2010-11-05)

Small changes in eating prompts weight loss
Making small easy changes to our eating habits on a consistent basis -- 25 days or more per month -- can lead to sustainable weight loss, according to research by Professor Brian Wansink in Cornell University's Food and Brand Lab. The challenge is to figure out which changes work for specific individuals and how to stick with changes long enough to make them second nature. (2012-12-19)

The healthiest eaters are the most culturally 'fit'
How to be a healthy eater depends on culture. A recent study shows that in the US and Japan, people who fit better with their culture have healthier eating habits. The results appear in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, published by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. (2016-08-10)

Review of 96 healthy eating studies finds 'nudges' yield best changes in eating habits
A gentle nudge in the right direction is sometimes all people need. In this case, new research in the INFORMS journal Marketing Science finds it works when it comes to promoting healthy eating. (2019-10-09)

U of M study shows teen body dissatisfaction predicts use of behaviors that can lead to poor health
Adolescents who feel dissatisfied with their bodies are at higher risk for future binge eating, smoking, poor eating and decreased physical activity, according to new research from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. (2006-08-09)

Study reveals that immigrant teenagers eat better than Spanish teenagers
The study, carried out at the University of Granada, shows that immigrant teenagers eat much more fruit, vegetables, cereals and juice than Spanish teenagers. The author of this study has designed an educational program based on nutrition and cultural variety. This program has improved, practically by a factor of 100 percent, the eating habits of a group of students in the third year of compulsory secondary education. (2007-10-03)

Research team discovers eating habits of Jurassic age dinosaur
A team of researchers from the University of Bristol, Natural History Museum of London, the University of Missouri and Ohio University has discovered the eating habits of Diplodocus using a three-dimensional model of the dinosaur's skull. (2012-07-30)

Adolescents who have more than 4 meals a day are thinner
A study carried out in Spain reveals that certain healthy habits, like eating more than four times a day or not eating too fast, are associated with lower body fat levels independently of exercise habits during free time. (2012-06-20)

OU professor receives national fellowship to complete biography on Ancel Keys and the American diet
A University of Oklahoma associate professor has received a National Endowment for the Humanities Research Fellowship to complete a biography on nutrition and heart disease researcher Ancel Keys (1904-2004). The biography is tentatively titled Health Revolutionary: Ancel Keys, Science, War, and the American Diet. Few people have exerted more influence on American eating habits than physiologist and epidemiologist Ancel Keys. (2013-12-04)

High-calorie and low-nutrient foods in kids' TV
Fruits and vegetables are often displayed in the popular Swedish children's TV show Bolibompa, but there are also plenty of high-sugar foods. A new study from the University of Gothenburg explores how food is portrayed in children's TV programs as well as the link between young children's TV viewing, dietary habits and weight status. (2014-04-23)

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