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'Geological Approaches to Coral Reef Ecology'
Coral reefs around the world are sustaining massive damage at an alarming rate. (2007-01-05)
Pioneer of ecological genetics
At the annual institute symposium on Sept. 12, 2013, the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena, Germany, will celebrate the election of Prof. (2013-09-06)
Wing structure helps female monarch butterflies outperform males in flight
In a study comparing physical traits of female and male monarchs, University of Georgia found that although female monarchs have smaller wings and smaller flight muscles than males, their wings are thicker and also bear less weight per square inch, making them both sturdier and more efficient in flight. (2015-11-03)
1st international study group for new 'movement' discipline
Movement ecology is on the move, with the world's first international research group on this topic having begun its work this fall at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Institute for Advanced Studies. (2006-11-09)
Killing in the name of conservation
Methods in Ecology and Evolution reports on a new application developed by ecologists to improve the success of wildlife managers dealing with feral animals. (2010-02-22)
Some plants may compensate for herbivore damage by stimulating nutrient release in the soil
Browsing by mammals often has a serious impact on growth of tree saplings and regeneration of forests. (2004-05-13)
USU ecologists propose new method to probe population growth questions
To close the gap between contemporary reality and demographic theory, Utah State University ecologists and colleagues developed a set of transient life table response experiments for decomposing realized population growth rates into contributions from specific vital rates and components of population structure. (2016-07-14)
Simple math may solve longstanding problem of parasite energetics
Feeling faint from the flu? Is your cold causing you to collapse? (2013-07-02)
Yale Journal examines advances in complex adaptive systems and industrial ecology
In a special new issue, Yale's Journal of Industrial Ecology illustrates how the field is increasingly turning to complexity science for tools and insights in its pursuit of reduced environmental impacts. (2015-05-11)
U of Minnesota research reveals critical role of evolutionary processes in species coexistence
A team of researchers, led by the University of Minnesota, addressing long-standing conflicts in ecology and evolutionary science, has provided key directions for the future of community ecology. (2009-05-21)
Life in the fast lane: USU ecologist says dispersal ability linked to plants' life cycles
Utah State University ecologist Noelle Beckman says seed dispersal is an essential, yet overlooked, process of plant demography, but it's difficult to empirically observe, measure and assess its full influence. (2018-06-17)
Large-scale environmental variation affects reproduction and survival of plants
A new analysis looks at how rates of reproduction and survival of 26 shrub species with fire-dependent life cycles in the Cape Floristic Region in South Africa respond to environmental variation. (2016-02-22)
Springer author Alan Hastings wins Robert H. MacArthur Award
The Ecological Society of America (ESA) has given the Robert H. (2006-10-05)
Carnegie's Joe Berry elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union
Joseph A. Berry, at Carnegie's Department of Global Ecology, has been elected a 2009 Fellow of the American Geophysical Union. (2009-01-29)
Frontiers launches new open-access journal Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution
Swiss open-access publisher and research network, Frontiers, part of the Nature Publishing Group family, announces the launch of its journal Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. (2013-11-29)
The Future of the Amazon
The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) and the World Wildlife Fund-US will sponsor a half-day symposium entitled:The Future of the Amazon: Impacts of Deforestation and Climate Change (2002-01-21)
2 Springer authors win important awards from the Ecological Society of America
The Springer authors Monica Turner and Stuart Chapin will receive two prestigious awards from the Ecological Society of America. (2008-07-29)
Carnegie's Chris Field receives Max Planck Research Prize
Christopher Field, the founding director of Carnegie's Department of Global Ecology has been awarded one of Germany's most prestigious prizes, the Max Planck Research Prize with Markus Reichstein (2013-07-09)
Mellon awards Carnegie Grant for Ecological Monitoring in South Africa
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded a $750,000 grant to the Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology for an intensive pilot study of ecosystem diversity in South Africa' Kruger National Park. (2007-10-29)
Tropical forests and climate change focus of book
A University of California, Riverside associate professor has co-edited a just-published book on how tropical forests are responding to climate change. (2016-04-07)
Yale-based Journal of Industrial Ecology awards first-ever 'Graedel Prize'
The new Graedel Prize honors the best papers by a junior and senior author published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology. (2015-04-23)
Avoiding virus dangers in 'domesticating' wild plants for biofuel use
In our ongoing quest for alternative energy sources, researchers are looking more to plants that grow in the wild for use in biofuels -- plants such as switchgrass. (2013-02-15)
Machine Learning techniques and the future of Ecology and Earth Science Research
Increasingly becoming a necessity in Ecology and Earth Science research, handling complex data can be a tough nut when traditional statistical methods are applied. (2016-06-27)
The unique challenges of conserving forest giants
The redwood and sequoia trees in California, the baobab trees in Madagascar, and the rose gum Eucalyptus trees in northeastern Australia are only a few of the spectacular large, old trees still growing today. (2016-04-22)
Old-school literature search helps ecologist identify puzzling parasite
A months-long literature search that involved tracking down century-old scientific papers and translating others from Czech and French helped University of Michigan ecologist Meghan Duffy answer a question she'd wondered about for years. (2015-06-23)
Catastrophic shift in species diversity and productivity of an ecosystem
Ecology and environmental management is predicated on ecosystems responding to environmental changes in a smooth and straightforward way. (2004-05-04)
How climate change may be impacting the world's tropical forests
New research suggests that multi-year droughts will significantly alter the structure, composition, and dynamics of second-growth tropical forests, which have re-grown after cessation of agricultural activity or a major disturbance such as fire. (2016-02-22)
Economics and ecology combine at UGA in NSF-funded study of evolutionary game theory
University of Georgia economics professor Don Keenan and Pejman Rohani, an assistant professor with UGA's Institute of Ecology, have been awarded a $100,000 research grant from the National Science Foundation for their proposal, (2004-11-02)
Not a 1-way street: Evolution shapes environment of Connecticut lakes
Environmental change is the selective force that preserves adaptive traits in organisms and is a primary driver of evolution. (2012-05-22)
UGA Odum School of Ecology professor receives grant to study West Nile Virus in NYC
Although West Nile virus has been widely studied, there is still little known about how the ecology of mosquito-borne diseases differs between urban and rural areas. (2007-09-20)
Conference: Wildland Fire in the Appalachians
The objective of the Consortium of Appalachian Fire Managers and Scientists and the Association for Fire Ecology as sponsors of the conference is for fire managers and researchers to learn from each other so they can better understand problems specific to the highly diverse Appalachian Mountains and work together to solve those problems. (2013-08-06)
Yale journal examines the global impact of cities
The global impact of cities is the focus of cutting-edge research in a special issue of Yale's Journal of Industrial Ecology. (2007-06-14)
How does evolution work?
Professor Juliette de Meaux from the Botanical Institute of the University of Cologne has received a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council for her project AdaptoSCOPE, which explores the molecular basis of Darwinian adaptation. (2015-02-11)
Malaria elimination will fail without understanding vector ecology
A global commitment to malaria eradication must also involve a long-term commitment to vector ecology. (2010-08-03)
On the hook: Sustainable fishing in Papua New Guinea
A multi-disciplinary team from James Cook University has been busy unlocking the secrets of the Papuan black bass, one of the world's toughest sportfish. (2016-02-28)
Pollinators focus of international conference
The decline of pollinator populations around the world and the potential causes and cures for the decline will be the focus of the International Conference on Pollinator Biology, Health and Policy, July 24-28, 2010, Penn State's University Park campus. (2010-06-17)
Scientists need your help to spot ladybirds
Scientists are calling on people who are out in their garden this summer to take part in The Ladybird Challenge and help discover how far an alien ladybird species in the UK is affecting other insects, including a wasp parasite. (2016-06-02)
Special issue of Yale journal analyzes environmental impact of consumption
The environmental impact of what we buy and use is increasingly drawing the attention of business, governments, and consumers. (2005-07-21)
'Charismatic' organisms still dominating genomics research
Decades after the genomics revolution, half of known eukaryote lineages still remain unstudied at the genomic level -- with the field displaying a research bias against 'less popular,' but potentially genetically rich, single-cell organisms. (2014-04-29)
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