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Ecosystem service mapping and modelling -- new special issue shows big steps forward
Big steps forward toward practical application of the ecosystem services concept in science, policy and practice have been made recently and are presented in the new Special Issue (2013-07-31)
The art of using science to inform ecosystem restoration in Puget Sound
NOAA's Mary Ruckelshaus will discuss how scientists assist managers with the difficult choices needed to restore the Puget Sound ecosystem. (2008-02-17)
All species are not created equal when assessing the impacts of species loss on ecosystems
In the June Ecology Letters, Smith and Knapp show with an extinction scenario, in which rare and uncommon plant species were removed but most common or dominant species were always present, no decline in aboveground plant growth of a native grassland community was observed. (2003-05-22)
Revealed: the secrets of successful ecosystems
The productivity and biodiversity of an ecosystem is significantly affected by the rate at which organisms move between different parts of the ecosystem, according to new research out today (March 13, 2008) in Nature. (2008-03-12)
Alaska Sea Grant To Convene Ecosystem Considerations In Fisheries Management Conference
The goal of this symposium is to gather worldwide expertise and discuss how to incorporate ecosystem considerations into practical fishery management advice, and to recommend a process for advancing fishery management beyond the single species model. (1998-08-08)
Grazer diversity counteracts plant diversity effects on ecosystem functioning in seagrass beds
In a seagrass system, increasing grazer diversity reduced both algal biomass and total community diversity, and facilitated dominance of a grazing-resistant invertebrate. (2003-07-02)
Overfishing increases fluctuations in aquatic ecosystems
Overfishing reduces fish populations and promotes smaller sizes in fish. (2016-03-02)
Census of Marine Life US National Committee hosts 2006 Marine Biodiversity Workshop
The U.S. National Committee of the Census of Marine Life is holding a workshop to improve understanding of marine and coastal biodiversity and the application of this knowledge to support sustainable and adaptive ecosystem-based management of living and non-living resources. (2006-09-11)
Study unlocks faster way to assess ocean ecosystem health
A new study published today identifies a set of features common to all ocean ecosystems that provide a visual diagnosis of the health of the underwater environment coastal communities rely on. (2015-11-10)
Cod has a key role in the whole Baltic Sea
A new investigation put in evidence the key role of cod as regulator of the whole Baltic Sea ecosystem. (2012-04-18)
New research to help preserve the benefits people receive from nature
Humans rely on things that come from nature -- including clean air, water, food, and timber. (2017-02-09)
Peering into the Amazon's future
A new model, based on the effect of water stress on individual trees, suggests the change would be a gradual transition from high-biomass forests to low-biomass forests and woodland ecosystems. (2016-01-04)
NSF forum to address 'ecosystem services' in a changing world
Humans are sustained by a multitude of processes and resources in the environment around us. (2010-02-23)
Catastrophic shift in species diversity and productivity of an ecosystem
Ecology and environmental management is predicated on ecosystems responding to environmental changes in a smooth and straightforward way. (2004-05-04)
Biodiversity belowground is just as important as aboveground
Although most of the world's biodiversity is below ground, surprisingly little is known about how it affects ecosystems or how it will be affected by climate change. (2015-09-02)
Valuing ocean services in the Gulf of Maine -- New approaches for conflict resolution
Michael Fogarty, a NOAA biologist, says interactions among species, the effects of climate change, and the effects of human impacts such as harvesting are among the factors that need to be considered in moving toward an ecosystem-based fishery management plan. (2008-02-16)
LEGATO annual conference: Rice ecosystem services in South-East Asian landscapes
The international project LEGATO (Land-use intensity and Ecological Engineering - Assessment Tools for risks and Opportunities in irrigated rice based production systems) is organizing its 4th annual conference, entitled 'Rice Ecosystem Services in South-East Asian Landscapes - a LEGATO conference' which lasts from March 19-24, 2015 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. (2015-03-19)
China's environmental programs pass the test
China's first national ecosystem assessment shows that major protection and restoration projects are improving ecosystem services, or 'natural capital,' a new study reports. (2016-06-16)
What could be the importance of marine and coastal cultural ecosystem services
Cultural ecosystem services reflect physical and cognitive interactions between humans and nature, and are increasingly recognised for providing experiences, capabilities and many other benefits to human societies. (2017-05-15)
The grass is always greener
By combining data from 17 of the largest and longest-running biodiversity experiments, scientists from universities across North America and Europe have found that previous studies have underestimated the importance of biodiversity for maintaining multiple ecosystem services across many years and places. (2011-08-19)
Can Dungeness crab and eelgrass help improve management of our marine resources?
NOAA's Anne Guerry will discuss the benefits people obtain from ecosystems in managing marine resources in her AAAS presentation (2008-02-16)
Warmer climate makes Baltic more salty
Science has long believed that a warmer climate will increase river runoff to the Baltic Sea, thus making the inland sea less salty. (2010-05-31)
Pinpointing how nature's benefits link to human well-being
What people take from nature -- water, food, timber, inspiration, relaxation -- are so abundant, it seems self-evident. (2013-05-22)
Global change, ecosystem services and human well being: An assessment for Europe
Highly dependent on the different aspects of global change, variations in ecosystem services supply can also have direct impacts on human well being. (2016-11-02)
Scientists warn restoration-based environmental markets may not improve ecosystem health
While policymakers across of the globe are relying on environmental restoration projects to fuel emerging market-based environmental programs, an article in the July 31 edition of Science by two noted ecologists warns that these programs still lack the scientific certainty needed to ensure that restoration projects deliver the environmental improvements being marketed. (2009-07-30)
Gray wolves feed the masses while hunters feed the few
Gray wolves (Canis lupus) and human hunters both provide resource subsidies to scavengers in Yellowstone National Park, USA, provisioning them with the remains of their kills. (2003-10-10)
Integrating restoration and conservation within the ecosystem approach
The Society for Ecological Restoration International released its May 2008 Briefing Note on the (2008-05-19)
Yale study offers new paradigm on ecosystem ecology
Predators have considerably more influence than plants over how an ecosystem functions, according to a Yale study published today in Science. (2008-02-14)
Ecosystems need maths not random nature to survive
A previously unknown mathematical property has been found to be behind one of nature's greatest mysteries -- how ecosystems survive. (2014-12-22)
Ethical issues ignored in teaching, research of sustainability
Just about everyone agrees that sustainability is a good thing. (2010-07-01)
Natural capital: Holistic management makes ecosystems healthier, people wealthier
A Yale-led study puts a price on ecosystems by recognizing the value of a 'natural capital' asset -- in this case, fish in the Baltic Sea -- and connecting it with holistic ecosystem management to calculate asset values for the interacting parts of an ecosystem. (2017-06-07)
'Ecosystem services' help assess ocean energy development
In a new paper, Brown University environmental scientists suggest that the way to fill vast gaps in knowledge about the ecological and socioeconomic impacts of ocean energy development is to consider how the benefits provided by ocean ecosystems change before and after the placement of ocean energy infrastructure. (2015-02-26)
Self-organization and vegetation collapse in salt marsh ecosystems
It is a premise in ecology that undisturbed ecosystems are relatively stable, and hence that sudden changes in ecosystem are likely to result from external, mostly human influences. (2005-02-02)
Scientists To Study Effects Of Global Warming On Wetlands
Researchers from Michigan Technological University, Notre Dame, and the University of Minnesota have embarked on a joint effort to determine how wetland ecosystems respond to global warming. (1997-09-03)
ICCB symposium to examine ecosystem management
At the 26th International Congress for Conservation Biology, leading experts on ecosystem-based management will discuss what decision makers and researchers can learn from efforts that have been put into practice and what impacts these integrated ecosystem management projects have on coastal and marine systems and the people who depend on them. (2013-07-09)
Biodiversity loss ranks with climate change and pollution in terms of impacts to environment
A recent study published by an international research team working at UC Santa Barbara's National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis has found that loss of biodiversity impacts the environment as significantly as climate change and pollution. (2012-05-09)
Wetland Restoration: Addressing Asian Issues Through International Collaboration
The objective of this Symposium is to provide a forum for synthesizing existing knowledge about ecosystem processes as a foundation for effective wetland restoration in Asia. (2002-04-29)
Effective arguments for the protection of biodiversity are needed
BESAFE - an EU-funded, Framework program 7 project investigating how much importance people attribute to alternative arguments for the protection of biodiversity is officially launched on Nov. (2011-11-07)
The ecosystem engineer: Research looks at beavers' role in river restoration
When engineers restore rivers, one Kansas State University professor hopes they'll keep a smaller engineer in mind: the North American beaver. (2011-01-03)
EPA teams with National Geographic Society and World Resources Institute to map ecosystem services
The US Environmental Protection Agency is collaborating with the National Geographic Society and the World Resources Institute to develop tools that will help to fully account for the value of ecosystem services. (2008-10-29)
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