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NC State launches work on more efficient computers using 3DIC technology
North Carolina State University researchers are launching an initiative to develop a computer that utilizes three-dimensional integrated chip (3DIC) technology and is significantly more energy efficient than anything else on the market today. The work is supported by $1 million in funding as Phase 1 of a negotiated $4 million cooperative agreement contract with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. (2012-11-08)

Researchers create first 3-D mathematical model of uterine contractions
By studying the electric activity that causes uterine contractions in pregnant women, researchers at Washington University in St. Louis and their collaborators have developed a multiscale model they believe may aid in predicting preterm birth. (2016-05-31)

Jeff Shamma elected IFAC fellow
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Professor of Electrical Engineering Jeff S. Shamma has been elected as a fellow of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC). (2016-07-18)

Louisiana Tech University students receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
Louis Reis, a Louisiana Tech University biomedical and electrical engineering student, and Mark Wade, a recent summa cum laude graduate in electrical engineering and physics and current graduate student at Tech, have each been awarded Graduate Research Fellowships from the National Science Foundation. (2011-04-12)

Engineering academic elected a Fellow of the IEEE
A University of Bristol academic has been elected a Fellow of the world's largest and most prestigious professional association for the advancement of technology. (2015-12-01)

How does electrical stimulation modulate electrophysiological environment after SCI?
How does electrical stimulation modulate electrophysiological environment after SCI? (2013-11-05)

Engineering professor receives highest honor for career accomplishments
It's an honor bestowed to less than one percent of the 400,000 members worldwide, but University of Texas at San Antonio Electrical Engineering Professor Philip Chen joins fellow UTSA colleagues Mo Jamshidi and G.V.S. Raju on the list of fellows in the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. (2007-05-02)

High power supercapacitors from carbon nanotubes
Supercapacitors that can deliver a strong surge of electrical power could be manufactured from carbon nanotubes using a technique developed by researchers at UC Davis. (2005-02-14)

GW School of Engineering and Applied Science inducts 6 members into hall of fame
The ceremony took place Oct. 23 and highlighted six alumni who have excelled in their field. (2014-10-29)

McMaster, NVIDIA establish first CUDA Teaching Centre in Canada
McMaster University is establishing the first NVIDIA CUDA Teaching Centre in Canada. The center, one of only 12 worldwide, will teach electrical and computer engineering students how to tap into the processing resources available in graphics processing units and use them in computationally demanding applications. (2010-09-22)

Genetic approach helps design broadband metamaterial
A specially formed material that can provide custom broadband absorption in the infrared can be identified and manufactured using 'genetic algorithms,' according to Penn State engineers, who say these metamaterials can shield objects from view by infrared sensors, protect instruments and be manufactured to cover a variety of wavelengths. (2014-05-05)

Cogent co-founder Ming Hsieh makes record donation
University of Southern California engineering alumnus Ming Hsieh, who was born and raised in northern China and went on to found a California high-technology juggernaut, has donated $35 million to the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. In recognition of his generosity, USC will name its electrical engineering department the USC Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering. (2006-10-22)

Pioneering electrical engineering work recognized
Alexander A. Balandin, a professor of electrical engineering in the Bourns College of Engineering and founding chair of materials science and engineering at the University of California, Riverside has been named an IEEE Fellow for 2013. (2012-11-27)

Brain waves may be spread by weak electrical field
Researchers at Case Western Reserve University may have found a new way information is communicated throughout the brain. Their discovery could lead to identifying possible new targets to investigate brain waves associated with memory and epilepsy and better understand healthy physiology. (2016-01-14)

Learn how electric power systems work, and how they fail
'Blackout 101' is designed to help you understand blackouts: why they happen; how they can be prevented; why they're difficult to stop once they start; and how to prevent large-scale outages like the one last August. Participants will become familiar with power system terminology, operating fundamentals, failure modes and factors affecting reliability, while learning from four IEEE Fellows. (2004-02-04)

Illinois professor elected to National Academy of Engineering
Photonics pioneer James J. Coleman has been elected to membership in the National Academy of Engineering. Coleman, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Illinois, was cited for his work in semiconductor lasers and photonic materials. (2012-02-10)

Creasing to cratering: Voltage breaks down plastic
A Duke University team has seen for the first time how soft polymers, such as wire insulation, can break down under exposure to electrical current. (2011-03-04)

Univ. of Mich. researchers reduce interference from microwave ovens
Researchers at the University of Michigan College of Engineering have developed an elegantly simple technique that dramatically reduces the interference microwave ovens create in telephones and wireless computer networks. (2003-12-03)

NJIT professor Alexander Haimovich named to endowed chair in electrical engineering
NJIT professor Alexander Haimovich has been named the new Ying Wu Endowed Chair in Wireless Telecommunications in the NJIT Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Newark College of Engineering. (2011-11-29)

Radiation-resistant chips for sturdier satellites
Space is a tough environment for electronics. A burst of radiation from a solar flare can damage a satellite's delicate circuits and knock years off its working life. Now research by a University of California, Davis, engineering student is pointing the way to more radiation-resistant microchips. (2001-06-14)

Improving lithium-ion batteries with nanoscale research
New research led by an electrical engineer at the University of California, San Diego is aimed at improving lithium-ion batteries through possible new electrode architectures with precise nano-scale designs. The researchers created nanowires that block diffusion of lithium across their silicon surface and promote layer-by-layer axial lithiation of the nanowire's germanium core. (2013-09-30)

Boston University engineering team wins first place for vision-based parking monitoring system
A team of Boston University electrical and computer engineering undergraduates took top prize at the recent 5th annual regional IEEE Student Design Contest held at Rochester Institute of Technology. Their project? iPark, is a low-cost, easy-to-install-and-use system for locating that most premium of urban real estate -- an empty parking spot. (2005-05-16)

Mind-controlled toys: The next generation of Christmas presents?
The next generation of toys could be controlled by the power of the mind, thanks to research by the University of Warwick. (2016-12-15)

UVa wins first-of-a kind 'Emerging Frontiers' NSF grant for musculoskeletal regeneration
A research group led by Dr. Cato T. Laurencin, with faculty representing five departments at the University of Virginia, will work on a first-of-its kind, $2 million grant project as they explore novel methods for the regeneration of musculoskeletal tissues. The grant from the National Science Foundation is known as an EFRI grant -- Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation. (2007-08-30)

Effort to achieve more energy-efficient computing earns science foundation's support
An ASU computer scientist's work to develop more energy-efficient computing systems earns support from Science Foundation Arizona. Carole-Jean Wu's work to convert heat into electrical energy could improve the energy-efficiency of an array of technologies that use computing systems. (2013-05-21)

Carnegie Mellon's Rob Rutenbar wins Pioneer Award
Rob Rutenbar, a professor in electrical and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon, received the IEEE 2007 Industrial Pioneer Award at the Design Automation conference in San Diego June 5, 2007. (2007-06-05)

OU engineering professors among nation's best 'Young Investigators'
Two University of Oklahoma College of Engineering professors in the Advanced Radar Research Center are recipients of the prestigious Young Investigator award from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. (2015-04-16)

Grant to help commercialize silicon surgical blades
A UC Davis engineering professor has received a grant of $200,000 from the National Science Foundation 'Partnerships for Innovation: Accelerating Innovation Research-Technology Translation' program to move his silicon-based blades towards commercial development as surgical and shaving tools. (2014-09-15)

Number of science and engineering graduate students up in 2014
The number of science and engineering graduate students at US academic institutions rose by 3 percent between 2013 and 2014, owing largely to a 13.1 percent increase in foreign graduate enrollment. According to a new report from the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, (NCSES) in 2014 a total of 587,161 students were enrolled in masters' or doctorate programs in science and engineering (S&E), up from a comparable number of 570,300 the previous year. (2016-04-01)

A good night's sleep: Engineers develop technology for special needs children
A Kansas State University engineering team is using a National Science Foundation grant to help special needs children through technology that connects sleep data with daytime learning. (2016-02-25)

Securing America's power grid
Iowa State researchers are developing a network of wireless sensors to monitor the country's electricity transmission system. While the sensors could pick up suspicious activity at power poles, they'll be especially useful at quickly locating any breakdowns. That could allow power companies to react in time to prevent power disruptions from cascading into blackouts. (2006-06-26)

Tufts University Professor Eric Miller named IEEE Fellow
Miller was named a fellow for his research in inverse problems and physics-based signal and image processing. Miller's work has applications for breast cancer research, surveillance, and environmental remediation. (2011-12-19)

Temple University professor's innovation provides "personalized" tutoring to electrical engineering students
In the not-too-distant future, engineering students will be able to receive (2000-04-26)

RIT researcher wins NIH award for developing new atrial fibrillation solution
Behnaz Ghoraani, engineering faculty at Rochester Institute of Technology, was recently awarded a $456,000 grant from the National Institutes for Health for the project 'Catheter guidance algorithm for identification of atrial fibrillation ablation.' Ghoraani and her research team are developing a novel low-risk, low-cost algorithm allowing improved and patient-specific localization of electrical disturbance sites to improve clinical intervention for atrial fibrillation. (2015-05-05)

Columbia engineers develop new method to diagnose heart arrhythmias
Abnormalities in cardiac conduction are a major cause of death and disability around the world. Researchers at Columbia Engineering have been developing a new method, Electromechanical Wave Imaging (EWI), that is the first non-invasive technique to map the electrical activation of the heart. Based on ultrasound imaging, EWI will enable doctors to treat arrhythmias more efficiently and more precisely. (2011-05-09)

'Smart Concrete' Would Determine Weight Of Trucks As They Travel On A Highway
Truck-weighing stations on highways could become a thing of the past as a result of a new application for (1999-05-19)

UC research tests range of electrical frequencies that help heal chronic wounds
Hard-to-heal wounds, like diabetic ulcers, fester because of insufficient blood supply at the wound site. However, the application of an electrical stimulus can promote the growth of blood vessels, and new UC research examines the best stimulus parameters -- such as frequency and magnitude -- for successful therapy. (2014-03-03)

UB Professor Looking To Identify Mechanism Behind Observation Of Negative Electrical Resistance
A University at Buffalo professor who last week reported at a scientific meeting that she had observed apparent negative electrical resistance at the interfaces between layers of carbon fibers in a composite material is conducting additional studies to clarify the mechanism behind the phenomenon. (1998-07-16)

Big Classes An Asset For Teaching Ethics To Engineering Students
A course that teaches ethics to electrical engineering students at Ohio State University is proving that studying in large classes can sometimes enrich learning. The success of this class may help other institutions design similar courses for large and small classes alike, says an associate professor of electrical engineering. (1999-02-01)

3 Louisiana Tech University students receive national engineering scholarships
Three students from Louisiana Tech University's College of Engineering and Science have been awarded 2010-2011 academic scholarships from Tau Beta Pi, one of the nation's leading engineering honor societies. (2010-05-17)

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