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European project will enable identifying optimum moment to consume energy
ESI-Tecnalia is leading the European ENERsip project, which will enable the users to consume less energy and save on consumption costs. (2010-03-03)
More light for a better quality of life
The importance of artificial light to society has long been recognized with the utilization of fire thought of as the quintessential human invention. (2010-08-19)
Polluting China for the sake of economic growth
China's economic growth will continue to be energy-intensive and highly polluting for the foreseeable future with emissions and efficiency far below capital growth on the agenda, according to a study published in the International Journal of Global Energy Issues. (2012-04-27)
Determinant factors for energy consumption and perception of energy conservation clarified
Change in lifestyle is a key component to realizing a low-carbon society. (2015-12-02)
Making it easier to save energy
Fraunhofer scientists are developing programs that help show at a glance how much energy devices are consuming. (2010-01-15)
Human reproductive rates follow biological scaling rules
In nations with high per capita energy consumption, women have fewer children. (2003-04-08)
Research shows gender difference in energy compensation effect
The results of a new scientific study from Oxford Brookes University show that the consumption of caloric beverages has different affects on short-term total energy intake in men and women. (2010-08-25)
The heat is on: NIST zeroes in on energy consumption of ice makers
In tests of four different types of new refrigerators, NIST researchers found that ice makers increased rated energy consumption by 12 to 20 percent. (2011-04-14)
Renewables and consumer choices key to sustainable energy use in EU's food sector
A report analysing the use of energy in the EU food industry finds that the share of renewable remains relatively small (7 percent) when compared to its part in the overall energy mix (15 percent). (2015-10-08)
Sports and energy drink consumption linked with negative behaviors
Weekly consumption of sports drinks and energy drinks among adolescents is significantly associated with higher consumption of other sugar-sweetened beverages, cigarette smoking, and screen media use, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Minnesota and Duke University. (2014-05-06)
Americans use less energy in 2015 according to Lawrence Livermore analysis
Americans used less energy overall in 2015 than the previous year, according to the most recent energy flow charts released by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. (2016-04-19)
Africa's urban waste, a valuable source of electricity
Estimated electricity production from the total waste generated in Africa could reach 122.2 TWh in 2025, or more than 20 percent of the electricity consumed in 2010 at continental level (661.5TWh), according to a JRC co-authored study which analyzed the potential of urban solid waste for Africa's electricity needs. (2015-10-12)
Energy ambassadors: Energy efficiency pays off for students
Thirty-nine university students from across Canada have seen their future and it is green -- in more ways than one. (2006-03-29)
Energy drink increases blood pressure, norepinephrine levels
Anna Svatikova, M.D., Ph.D., of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., and colleagues randomly assigned 25 healthy volunteers to consume a can of a commercially available energy drink and placebo drink to determine the effect of energy drink consumption on hemodynamic changes. (2015-11-08)
Tecnalia redesigns energy strategy of the Croatian city of Sisak
Tecnalia Research and Innovation has been selected by the United Nations for the redesign of the energy strategy of the Croatian city of Sisak. (2011-02-18)
UTSA researchers work to create smart buildings that can actively talk to smart grids
Bing Dong, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, at the University of Texas at San Antonio, has received a $173,420 grant from the National Science Foundation to support his top-tier research in the development of smart cities. (2016-10-13)
Electricity and gas consumption at a glance
People who want to save energy should always keep an eye on their consumption. (2008-04-08)
World meat consumption should be reduced by 10 percent: less meat means less heat
Worldwide average meat consumption could be realistically reduced by 10 percent to reduce the already substantial impact of livestock production on greenhouse gas emissions. (2007-09-12)
A willow plantation in Risoe's fields
An area at Risoe DTU, equivalent to 20 football fields, is being planted with willow trees. (2010-05-21)
Saving energy in subway stations
This release focuses on saving energy in subway stations. (2013-06-17)
Solar heating could cover over 80 person of domestic heating requirements in Nordic countries
According to researchers at Aalto University, by using suitable systems, more than 80 percent of heating energy for Finnish households could be produced using solar energy with competitive prices. (2017-06-20)
Knowing your neighbor cares about the environment encourages people to use less energy
Giving people information about how much gas or electricity their neighbors use encourages them to use less energy, research shows. (2018-09-17)
VTT developes future energy solutions in cooperation with residents
Residents have a notable influence on a building's energy efficiency and carbon footprint. (2012-11-15)
Extending the range of electric vehicles
Researchers at the University of California, Riverside, believe they can extend the range of electric vehicles by at least 10 percent by taking into account real-time traffic information, road type and grade and passenger and cargo weight. (2012-07-18)
Americans using more fossil fuels
American energy use went back up in 2010 compared to 2009, when consumption was at a 12-year low. (2011-11-09)
Software patch makes car more fuel-efficient
A car wastes energy almost continuously. Accelerating a little less or a little bit more than the optimal performance can cause considerable loss of energy. (2007-02-28)
A painless way to achieve huge energy savings: Stop wasting food
Scientists have identified a way that the United States could immediately save the energy equivalent of about 350 million barrels of oil a year -- without spending a penny or putting a ding in the quality of life: Just stop wasting food. (2010-10-02)
Review highlights the range of negative health effects linked with red meat consumption
A new review provides a comprehensive summary of the potential negative health effects of eating red meat. (2016-09-06)
Electricity and economics
A nation's electricity consumption has been seen as a useful proxy for measuring economic growth offering a useful alternative to conventional measures such as gross domestic product (GDP) by incorporating the assumption that greater consumption means a better quality of life. (2016-05-19)
Regular energy drink use linked to later drug use among young adults
Could young adults who regularly consume highly caffeinated energy drinks be at risk for future substance use? (2017-08-08)
Global energy demand has adverse effects on freshwater resources of less developed nations
Global energy demand from developed nations has an adverse impact on freshwater resources in less developed nations according to a new study. (2015-11-16)
Energy drinks linked to teen health risks
The uplifting effects of energy drinks are well advertised, but a new report finds consumption among teenagers may be linked with poor mental health and substance use. (2014-03-06)
Migration ranges of flying birds depend on body size and flight style
The decades-long tracking of flying birds reveals that body size and flight styles determine the scale of birds' migration, as predicted by the aerodynamic theory of bird flight. (2016-10-18)
New tools designed to achieve big fuel savings in fishing vessels
AZTI, the expert R&D centre in marine and foodstuff innovation, has presented energy efficiency developments for vessels: the product 'GESTOIL' (on-board consumption measuring and monitoring) and the service 'AUDOIL' (fishing vessel energy audit). (2015-04-29)
Eating fish may reduce arthritis symptoms
In a recent study, individuals with rheumatoid arthritis who consumed fish 2 times/week had lower disease activity (swollen/tender joint counts along with other assessments) than those who ate fish never to <1/month. (2017-06-21)
Minister Lunn releases energy outlook
The Honorable Gary Lunn, minister of Natural Resources, today released (2006-10-03)
App that will extend your smartphone battery life
New research out of the University of Waterloo has found a novel method to extend the battery life of smartphones for up to an hour each day. (2018-08-15)
Clarifying the economic value of adjusting the power consumption
The economic value of demand response that adjusts the power consumption has not been clarified. (2019-06-10)
Food devours energy
Over the past thirty years, the European food industry has failed to make significant improvements in energy efficiency, says Dutch-sponsored researcher Andrea Ramírez. (2005-09-15)
It pays to increase energy consumption
Researchers at Aarhus University have carried out extensive theoretical mappings of the way private consumers can save money for heating in a modern supply system based on electricity. (2016-05-31)
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