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UC research shows entrepreneurial differences between the sexes
Data reveals men are most likely to start businesses for the money, women for social value. (2012-04-03)

Taking care of business shouldn't be just for men
Studies reveal that in the dog-eat-dog, look-out-for-No. 1, highly competitive business world, only the aggressive, risk-taking alpha male can expect to succeed as an entrepreneur. That statement may sound sexist, but it represents a commonly held gender stereotype. A team led by a University of Missouri researcher found that these stereotypes influence whether or not men and women decide to pursue entrepreneurship as a viable career option. (2008-05-22)

Asia's first Kauffman Campus to be set up at NTU
Nanyang Technological University has become the first Kauffman Campus in the world outside of the United States following a Memorandum of Understanding between Nanyang Technological University and the Ewing Marion Kaufmann Foundation. The partnership will provide a framework for both institutes to advance entrepreneurship in Asia. (2008-12-19)

Growth mindset intervention boosts confidence, persistence in entrepreneurship students
A low-cost intervention aimed at fostering a growth mindset in students gave the students more confidence in their entrepreneurship abilities and helped them persist when challenges arose. (2019-08-13)

Economic recession leads to increased entrepreneurship, MU study finds
University of Missouri researchers have found that in recent years the number of Americans engaging in entrepreneurship has risen significantly due to the recession. (2012-07-31)

Enterprise education needed to boost young Aussie entrepreneurs
Young Australians are lagging behind their US counterparts in entrepreneurship activity with a lack of enterprise education at school an important contributor to the poor performance. (2015-09-23)

Instead of pushing students entrepreneurship, they should be helped to make a better decision
According to an international study by two researchers at Pompeu Fabra University and at Abu Dhabi University, entrepreneurship education today does not help students understand what motivates them. Furthermore, the fact that students have motivational self-knowledge and clear priorities does help them to make decisions in favour of or against entrepreneurship. (2021-01-11)

Researchers develop tool for measuring social entrepreneurship
The field of social entrepreneurship is expanding globally and is beginning to define itself. A new study from the Naveen Jindal School of Management at UT Dallas seeks to provide a valid, reliable measure of the term. (2016-10-03)

Fulbright partners with RMIT for new scholarships
A partnership between the Australian-American Fulbright Commission and RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, has created two new scholarships. The Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is for a US citizen to work at RMIT for 6 months. The new Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholarship is for an Australian citizen from any academic background to conduct study or research in the US for 10 months. (2015-11-30)

Would-be social entrepreneurs need more than a kind heart
To want to be a social entrepreneur, empathy is not enough for millennials. They need to feel confident in their ability to solve social problems and feel valued by the people they want to help, according to new research published in the Journal of Business Venturing. (2018-02-14)

Ethnicity and culture shape but do not define entrepreneurship
Ethnicity is a contributing, but not over-riding, factor in an entrepreneur's approach to business. (2005-09-15)

USA top in the world for entrepreneurship
The USA is the most entrepreneurial economy in the world, according to the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index. (2014-04-09)

Textbook launch to support growth in entrepreneurship training outside of the business school
Business schools may claim (2008-11-17)

New perspectives on technological innovation for poverty reduction and development
While entrepreneurship and technological innovation have been critical to economic growth in the world's wealthy countries, developing nations have had mixed results in replicating this success. This workshop will take a critical look at the relationships between entrepreneurship and technological innovation, and how they can contribute to development. (2008-10-24)

NTU hosts Southeast Asia's first Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum
Southeast Asia's first Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum opened in Singapore today, hosted by the Nanyang Technological University. The university's Nanyang Technopreneurship Center has also been appointed one of the six World Entrepreneurship Forum Centres, representing the Association of Southeast Asian Nations region. (2010-06-28)

Parent/child businesses stronger than those of cousins and colleagues
Family businesses with a parent/child management team were more cohesive and had less conflict than other family and non-family businesses. (2005-04-26)

World Entrepreneurship Forum's White Paper brings entrepreneurs' recommendations to global village
The 2011 edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum will take place in Singapore Nov. 2-5, 2011. The Forum today released its latest White Paper, focused on (2011-02-08)

New study reveals the worldwide reach of social entrepreneurship
The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor's Special Report on Social Entrepreneurship shows social entrepreneurs are starting businesses in all the major regions of the world -- with more entrepreneurs focusing on doing good -- rather than solely making a profit. (2016-06-01)

Gender stereotypes could push women away from entrepreneurship
Vishal Gupta believes the way that entrepreneurship is presented, discussed and taught must change -- especially for women. (2011-03-16)

Women-only business groups marginalize and fail to empower members
New research from the University of Edinburgh Business School, Lancaster University Management School and Dublin City University Business School, published in the Journal of Economic Geography, found women-only business networks fail to boost female entrepreneurship and are unable to overcome bigger societal issues that prevent more women from pursuing their own businesses. (2020-01-23)

Entrepreneurs benefit more from emotional intelligence than other competencies, such as IQ
Running a successful business has its challenges, but the COVID-19 pandemic has required many owners to pivot and look for new ways to operate profitably while keeping employees and consumers safe. Research from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business found that emotional intelligence - the ability to understand, use and manage emotions to relieve stress - may be more vital to a business' survival than previously thought. (2021-01-28)

Cultivating Europe's home-grown entrepreneurs
Universities play a central role in nurturing the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, especially if they work together. This role needs to be more broadly recognized, supported, and leveraged. This is the call issued by the EuroTech Universities Alliance on June 29, when it convened a high-level event in Brussels and released a policy paper, 'Nurturing the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow.' The Alliance is a strategic partnership of DTU, EPFL, TU/e, and TUM. (2015-06-29)

Study offers different perspective on entrepreneurial opportunities
In entrepreneurship research, the idea that entrepreneurial opportunities are waiting to be discovered has been challenged by researchers who believe that they are instead created by the entrepreneurs. Now, a study from the University of Texas at Dallas offers a third view -- the actualization approach -- as a possibility. (2016-10-20)

Research aims to enhance understanding of poverty alleviation in refugee communities
The extent to which entrepreneurship is a catalyst for empowerment and poverty alleviation among women refugees in Arab countries is to be explored in new research led by Plymouth University in collaboration with the University of Nottingham. (2016-04-14)

Motivation of small business managers affects firm growth
A new study reveals that the motivation of small business managers has a long-term effect on actual future growth. (2008-06-05)

Entrepreneurial activity breeds entrepreneurial passion
The more effort one ploughs into one's company's success, the more enthusiastic about one's own entrepreneurial activity one becomes. Experiencing success on a regular basis and the the possibility of free choice are two factors that play an important role in this context. These are the findings of a research project led by the psychologist Prof. Dr. Michael Gielnik of Leuphana University of Lüneburg, recently published in the Academy of Management Journal. (2015-11-12)

College can cultivate innovative entrepreneurial intentions
Innovative entrepreneurial intentions -- or the aim to create new products and bring them to market, rather than replicating existing products -- are boosted by college experiences, according to research by NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. (2016-03-18)

RIT selected to receive National Science Foundation I-Corps grant
Rochester Institute of Technology is among eight National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) sites across the country selected to each receive $30,000 grants to increase participation and promote inclusion of underrepresented populations in the National Innovation Network. (2017-02-16)

Rice researcher awarded $1.5 million to study effects of entrepreneurship education
A leading researcher at Rice University's Jones Graduate School of Business has received a $1.5 million grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation to study the effects of entrepreneurship education on entrepreneurial success. The five-year project will work with leading startup support organizations in the United States to track the outcomes of a group of startups receiving a free, concentrated entrepreneurship curriculum. (2016-01-06)

PolyU launches InnoHub to support regional start-up collaborations
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) launched on March 15 the PolyU InnoHub, a co-creation and co-working space on campus for the University community and stakeholders to further promote innovation and entrepreneurship at a regional level. (2017-03-15)

Entrepreneurial activity affected by degree of states' economic freedom
A new study in the journal Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice examines how entrepreneurial activity and level of employment in US service industries respond to changes in the degree of economic freedom among states. (2008-10-15)

Learning entrepreneurship: Starting a business is a matter of adequate training
The capacity to think and act in entrepreneurial terms is present in many people -- unbeknown to most of them. Action-oriented entrepreneurship training sessions can unlock dormant potential and awaken entrepreneurial spirit. This is the findings of a research team, comprised of scholars from Leuphana University of Lüneburg, the University of Singapore, as well as various universities in Uganda and Tanzania under the leadership of Michael Gielnik, Professor for Human Resources and Personnel Development in Lüneburg. (2015-05-13)

Pitt designated an innovation corps site by National Science Foundation
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has designated the University of Pittsburgh as an NSF I-Corps site. The award, which supports innovation activities at select academic institutions, comes with a three-year, $300,000 grant to be used to advance innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurship at Pitt. (2015-03-30)

Rice U. study: How state ownership hampered entrepreneurship in Chinese companies
For state-owned companies in China, the significant detriment in employing innovation may be linked to the company's ownership structure, according to a new study on Chinese entrepreneurship by Chinese business experts at Rice University, the University of Hong Kong, Texas Christian University, Jilin University and Shantou University. (2014-04-29)

Cannabis use both helps and hurts entrepreneurial creativity
When entrepreneurs dream up ideas for new businesses, cannabis use might help, and hinder, their creativity, according to a new study by WSU researchers. (2021-01-26)

University incubators may lead to lower-quality innovation, new study shows
The establishment of university-affiliated incubators is often followed by a reduction in the quality of university innovations, according to a new study co-authored by a Baylor University entrepreneurship professor. (2017-02-10)

Center to focus on entrepreneurial education as academic discipline
Developing entrepreneurial education as an academic discipline is the goal of a center being established by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership Development is in its initial stages following the award of a $4.5 million grant in December from the E. Marion Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City, Mo. (2004-03-19)

Nurturing the entrepreneurs of tomorrow
The EuroTech Universities Alliance will host its fourth high-level event in Brussels on Monday, June 29, 2015. Journalists are cordially invited to attend the discussion at the Bibliotheque Solvay, which will take place from 17:30 to 19:45, followed by a networking reception. The topic is the central role of Europe's universities in nurturing the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The keynote will be given by Patrick Aebischer, President of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. (2015-06-17)

Marketing guru to speak at inaugural Chua Thian Poh Distinguished Lecture
Distinguished speaker, Professor Jean-Pierre Jeannet, the F.W. Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business at Babson College in Wellesley, United States, and Professor of Global Marketing and Strategy at the IMD Institute in Lausanne, Switzerland, will deliver the inaugural Chua Thian Poh Distinguished Lecture at Nanyang Technological University on March 11 at 4 p.m. (2010-03-11)

UTSA Commercialization Centers among national awardees of EDA grant funding
On Tuesday, Nov. 15, at Austin City Hall, US Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development, Jay Williams, announced major US Economic Development Administration investments for Texas and other states. Through a collaborative effort, the UTSA Institute for Economic Development's SBDC Technology Commercialization Center and the UTSA Office of Commercialization Innovation were among national awardees of the EDA-sponsored Regional Innovation Strategies i6 Challenge competition, securing a $500,000 matching grant towards their $1 million project. (2016-11-16)

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