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Does classroom indoor environmental quality affect teaching and learning?
What impact does a classroom's indoor environment have on teaching, learning, and students' academic achievement in colleges and universities? This is the question researchers set out to answer in their analysis of all relevant published studies. (2020-10-21)

The invasive species are likely to spread to a community not adapted to climate change
Laboratory experiment to indicate how invasive species are to spread new areas. (2019-02-19)

New insights into responses of Yellowstone wolves to environmental changes
A study of the wolves of Yellowstone National Park has improved predictions of how these animals will respond to environmental changes. The study, which was partially funded by the National Science Foundation, appears in the Dec. 2, 2011, issue of Science. The study, which is part of the Yellowstone Wolf Project, involved tracking changes in various characteristics of the wolves of Yellowstone National Park ever since these animals were reintroduced to the park in 1995. (2011-12-01)

Which type of sustainable rooftop technology is best in cold climates?
Sustainable rooftop technologies -- including green roofs, white roofs, and solar photovoltaic panels -- can provide great environmental benefits, but studies of these technologies often look only at their use in hot climates and do not assess their full environmental consequences. (2015-04-07)

Evolutionary biology research on plant shows significance of maternal effects
A University of Virginia study, published in the Nov. 16 issue of the journal Science, demonstrates that plants grown in the same setting as their maternal plant performed almost 3.5 times better than those raised in a different environment -- indicating that maternal plants give cues to their offspring that help them adapt to their environmental conditions. (2007-11-15)

Concordia University to build innovative environmental chamber
Judith Woodsworth, president and vice-chancellor of Concordia University, is pleased to announce the building of a new environmental chamber with an integrated solar simulator. The environmental chamber will be built through a grant of $4,613,253 from the Federal and Provincial Governments, through the Knowledge Infrastructure Program. (2009-10-15)

Larger horns a gamble for young Soay sheep
When it comes to winning mates, larger horns are an asset for male Soay sheep. But those that grow them may be putting their young lives on the line. (2008-05-15)

Study of Yellowstone wolves improves ability to predict their responses to environmental changes
A study of the wolves of Yellowstone National Park recently improved predictions of how these animals will respond to environmental changes. (2011-12-06)

New insights into the fate of anti-parasitics in manure and manured soils
The so far available data set on fate and behavior of veterinary medicinal products in manure and manured soils has now significantly been enhanced by a team of researchers around Robert Kreuzig, Braunschweig University of Technology, Institute of Ecological Chemistry and Waste Analysis, Germany. The scientists investigated the fate and behavior of benzimidazole anti-parasitics in manure and manured soils under laboratory as well as under field conditions. (2007-12-04)

Sub-tropical corals vulnerable, new study shows
The vulnerability and conservation value of sub-tropical reefs south of the Great Barrier Reef -- regarded as climate change refuges -- has been highlighted in a new study. University of Queensland School of Biological Sciences researcher Dr Brigitte Sommer said the study of Eastern Australian reefs revealed coral species would likely shift their distribution southward in response to climate change. (2017-08-22)

NYU biologists to study rice's responses to environmental change under $3.6 million NSF grant
NYU biologists will study the response of rice, a food staple for half the world's population, to environmental change under a four-year, $3.6 million grant from the National Science Foundation's Plant Genome Research Program. (2011-09-23)

Chinese forest project could reduce number of environmental disasters
A study published in Journal of the American Water Resources Association states that the (2008-11-24)

Ocean algae will cope well in varying climates, study shows
Tiny marine algae that play a critical role in supporting life on Earth may be better equipped to deal with future climate change than previously expected, research shows. (2015-06-30)

Short-term environmental enrichment exposure induces maturity of newborn neurons
Many studies have shown that exposure to environmental enrichment can induce neurogenesis of the hippocampal region, thus improving learning and memory. Dr. Chunling Fan and co-workers from Central South University School of Basic Medical Sciences in China observed healthy adult guinea pigs subjected to short-term environmental enrichment. (2014-04-21)

Explorers and soldiers don't worry -- anesthesia works in Antarctica!
New research presented at this year's Euroanaesthesia congress (the annual meeting of the European Society of Anaesthesiology) in Vienna, Austria (June 1-3) shows that commonly used anesthetic drugs still work, even after exposure to the extreme environmental conditions of the Antarctic. (2019-05-31)

A fresh sense of possibility
A multisensory graphene-based skin can sense in extreme environments where other sensors cannot be used. (2020-09-22)

Mosses used to evaluate atmospheric conditions in urban areas
Researchers have developed a method to evaluate atmospheric conditions using mosses (bryophytes) in urban areas, a development that could facilitate broader evaluations of atmospheric environments. (2017-08-16)

Carbon cycling in wet soils
Testing microbial activity in soil columns helps researchers understand how carbon is stored in soils that are periodically waterlogged. (2020-06-25)

UCSB researchers advance understanding of urinary tract infections
The bacterium E. coli is responsible for about 80 percent of human urinary tract infections. Scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara have made important strides in understanding E. coli at the molecular level in an effort to discover the mechanisms by which E. coli cause urinary tract infections. The findings, the result of two years of study, are published in the November 19 issue of the journal Molecular Cell. (2004-11-19)

Why animals compare the present with the past
Humans, like other animals, compare things. We care not only how well off we are, but whether we are better or worse off than others around us, or than we were last year. New research by scientists at the University of Bristol shows that such comparisons can give individuals an evolutionary advantage. (2013-05-30)

Salt-tolerant rice requires careful selection
Research in the Netherlands has revealed that under sub-optimal conditions, the best way for rice breeders to improve the rice harvest is to produce varieties whose performance is not fertiliser dependent. However, specifically modified varieties need to be developed for rice growing under saline conditions. (2004-04-13)

Seed dormancy, a property that prevents germination, already existed 360 million years ago
An international team of scientists, coordinated by a researcher from the U. of Granada, has found that seed dormancy (a property that prevents germination under non-favourable conditions) was a feature already present in the first seeds, 360 million years ago. Seed dormancy is a phenomenon that has intrigued naturalists for decades, since it conditions the dynamics of natural vegetation and agricultural cycles. There are several types of dormancy, and some of them are modulated by environmental conditions in more subtle ways than others. (2014-11-19)

Insights into environmental conditions that affect highly pathogenic bird flu virus survival
On the eve of the 2010-11 influenza flu season, scientists and engineers have identified the environmental conditions and surfaces that could enable a highly pathogenic bird flu virus to survive for prolonged periods of time -- at least two weeks and up to two months. Among them: the virus appears to thrive at cooler temperatures and low humidity. The study, which could lead to new strategies for preventing the flu virus from spreading, appears in ACS' Environmental Science & Technology, a semi-monthly journal. (2010-10-13)

How healthy are America's coasts?
The overall condition of the nation's coastal waters has improved slightly, based on a recently released environmental assessment. The National Coastal Condition Report III is the third in a series of environmental assessments of US coastal and Great Lakes waters. (2008-12-16)

UAB to prepare inventory of the world's ecological conflicts
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona will spend the next four years coordinating the EJOLT project, with the participation of 23 organizations which will be designing new databases, maps and environmental indicators related to the ecological conflicts existing throughout the world. The ultimate objective of the project is to transform these conflicts into forces which can be steered towards environmental sustainability. (2011-05-02)

Physiological effects of reduced gravity on bacteria
In this study, water system bacterial isolates from the ISS were compared to other isolates from corresponding type strains of the same species. Findings suggest that conditions on the ISS might have favoured bacteria that were able to thrive under the unusual environmental conditions of this habitat. Responses to reduced gravity, coupled with impacts of other features (such as radiation resistance and the ability to persist under very low nutrient conditions), may contribute to the success of these water system bacteria. (2005-03-10)

Every species counts
The relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning greatly depends on the prevalent environmental conditions. An interdisciplinary team consisting of microbiologists and ecological modellers has now tested this hypothesis which is considered crucial for biodiversity research. Through laboratory experiments on microbial communities, the researchers were able to demonstrate that although bacterial species may exhibit functional redundancy, the magnitude of this redundancy is strongly affected by environmental conditions. (2015-11-17)

Climate change risk for animals living in prime conditions
The study examined whether birds might be able to evolve to adapt to changes to the natural environment within their range -- the geographical area where the birds nest, feed, migrate and hibernate over the course of their lifetimes. (2017-06-13)

Third of eye strain complaints about computer monitors indicate workplace dissatisfaction
One in three complaints of eye strain, attributed to computer monitors, is really about employee dissatisfaction with working conditions. (2001-03-12)

Experts weigh need to overhaul environmental governance system as world ecosystems worsen
Environmental conditions worldwide are worsening despite a proliferation of treaties and organizations, calling into question the need to overhaul the way the world manages its environmental affairs, according to research published Thursday June 3 by United Nations University Press. (2004-06-02)

Environmental Statistics
One Day open meeting following Novartis Foundation Symposium. An international, interdisciplinary group of professional and academic statistitians will present papers on: a)the gathering of data on environmental effects and b) the impact of this data on the formulation of environmental policy by government agencies. (1998-04-22)

Cancer risk evaluation: Methods and trends
The development of almost all cancer is influenced by environmental factors, argues Dr. Guenter Obe and co-editors in their new title (2011-07-14)

How our genes and environment influence BMI and height
Environmental conditions influence our body mass index (BMI) by increasing or decreasing the effect of inherited genetic variations, University of Queensland researchers have discovered. (2019-08-22)

Research shows Jaws didn't kill his cousin
New research suggests our jawed ancestors weren't responsible for the demise of their jawless cousins as had been assumed. Instead Dr. Robert Sansom from The University of Manchester believes rising sea levels are more likely to blame. His research has been published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. (2014-12-16)

Do green markets actually lead to improvements in environmental quality?
Goods and services with environmental benefits are a growing part of many sectors of the economy, and a timely new paper from the current issue of the Journal of Political Economy analyzes how our willingness to pay more for environmentally friendly products actually influences environmental quality and social welfare. Surprisingly, the study finds that under certain reasonable conditions, green markets can actually discourage private support of public environmental entities. (2006-09-12)

Maternal experience brings an evolutionary advantage
Using a species of butterfly as an example, researchers from the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Basel have demonstrated how insects adapt their offspring to changing environmental conditions. The paper, published in the journal Ecology, shows that females pass on their own experience to their brood, even if this experience was not necessarily ideal. This rapid adaptation has huge implications for our understanding of speciation in insects. (2015-09-22)

Duke and African partners to study sustainable malaria control
A team of Duke University researchers and African colleagues will be studying strategies to curb the spread of malaria while protecting human and environmental health. The work in regions where the potentially deadly, mosquito-borne disease occurs will be supported by a $2.2 million, four-year grant from the National Institutes of Health. (2010-07-15)

New report looks at the state of the North American environment
In its latest state of the environment report, released today, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation examines environmental issues facing the NAFTA partners. (2008-06-18)

Species distribution models can exaggerate differences in environmental requirements
Separate species that live in radically different environments don't necessarily also have different ecological niches. This is the finding of a study investigating the accuracy of current statistical tests that use models of geographic distributions to infer changes in environmental requirements. (2010-04-14)

Ancient Americans took cold snap in their stride
Until now, it has been assumed that cooling temperatures and their impact on communities posed significant adaptive challenges to the Paleoindian groups. David Meltzer from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, and Vance Holliday from the University of Arizona in Tucson, suggest otherwise in their review of climatic and environmental records from this time period in continental North America, published in Springer's Journal of World Prehistory. (2010-04-12)

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