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5 years after Katrina, satellites monitor flood defenses
The disaster that hit New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina was caused by poor flood defenses. Some levees were too low, others lacked the necessary robustness and still others had been built on marshy soil. To make matters worse, no one knew the exact status of the levees. What lessons have we learned five years after Katrina? Engineering company Hansje Brinker, spinoff from Delft University of Technology operates a system that systematically monitors the status of levees by satellite. (2010-08-25)

Texas A&M researchers develop flooding prediction tool
By incorporating the architecture of city drainage systems and readings from flood gauges into a comprehensive statistical framework, researchers at Texas A&M University can now accurately predict the evolution of floods in extreme situations like hurricanes. With their new approach, the researchers said their algorithm could forecast the flow of flood water in almost real-time, which can then lead to timelier emergency response and planning. (2020-03-03)

Boulder researchers reassess national flood damage estimates
Pennsylvania and California lead the nation in flood damage, according to a new national database of historical flood damage estimates. The researchers, from the University of Colorado's Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, or CIRES, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research, have compiled state and basin damage information as well as new and improved national damage estimates to provide a more accurate look at flood costs in the United States. (2002-08-05)

Hard rocks from Himalaya raise flood risk for millions
Scientists have shown how earthquakes and storms in the Himalaya can increase the impact of deadly floods in one of Earth's most densely populated areas. (2017-04-26)

Tropical Storm Wali no more, but remnants soaked Hawaii
On July 19, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Central Pacific Hurricane Center noted that Wali didn't even make it to the Big Island, but moisture associated with the storm did. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's GOES-West satellite captured an image of the remnant low southwest of the Big Island, and a moisture stream that extended over it. (2014-07-21)

Behind the levees
The long-term damage of levees can be far worse for those living behind them than if those levees were not there, a UC Davis case study of the Sny Island levee district found. (2016-02-09)

Population, wealth boost cost of U.S. flood damage
Societal changes, much more than increased precipitation, spurred a steep rise in the nation's flood-damage costs over the past century, says a new study. (2000-10-18)

New insights into US flood vulnerability revealed from flood insurance big data
An international team of scientists, led by the University of Bristol, has found that current estimates of flood risk rely upon methods for calculating flood damage which are inadequately verified and match poorly with observations. (2020-03-19)

Could government-funded flood buyout programs be adjusted to better serve communities?
Wealthier, more densely populated counties in the US have been more likely to implement buyouts of flood-prone properties, according to the first programmatic-level analysis of voluntary property buyouts through the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). These results contradict economic predictions of flood risk management. (2019-10-09)

Flood aftermath linked to post-traumatic stress: Queensland University of Technology study
Brisbane flood victims suffered more psychological distress during the rebuilding phase than as waters inundated their homes and businesses, a Queensland University of Technology study has found. (2015-05-26)

Satellite images display extreme Mississippi River flooding from space
Recent Landsat satellite data captured by the USGS and NASA on May 10 shows the major flooding of the Mississippi River around Memphis, Tenn. and along the state borders of Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri and Arkansas as seen from 438 miles above the Earth. (2011-05-13)

Evacuation no option for Randstad flood
A flood in the southern Randstad will claim thousands of victims. And evacuating the area would only save precious few lives, TU Delft researcher Bas Jonkman states in the latest edition of Delft Outlook (Delft Integraal). (2006-12-06)

Uncertainties key to balancing flood risk and cost in elevating houses
What do you have on your 2020 Bingo Card? Wildfire, heat wave, global pandemic, or flooding? If it's flooding, then it's a good bet it will happen in many places in the U.S. sometime during the year. (2020-10-26)

Floods ain't what they used to be; Study shows wing dams have made them worse
Like so many other things, floods just aren't what they used to be. In the Midwest, they are worse than ever, according to Robert Criss, Ph.D., and Everett Shock, Ph.D., both professors of earth and planetary sciences in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. And they say that recent flood magnitudes and frequencies cannot be blamed on global warming or climate change, the popular notions. They point to human engineering of the rivers to try to control them for navigation. (2001-12-03)

Multiple flooding sources threaten Honolulu's infrastructure
In a study published in Scientific Reports, researchers at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, found in the next few decades, sea level rise will likely cause large and increasing percentages of land area to be impacted simultaneously by the three flood mechanisms. Further, they found direct marine inundation represents the least extensive--only three percent of the predicted flooding, while groundwater inundation represents the most extensive flood source. (2020-05-04)

Public Policy Center hosts flood symposium March 10-12
The University of Iowa Public Policy Center is hosting a lecture and symposium Tuesday, March 10, through Thursday, March 12, offering opportunities to better understand the disastrous floods of summer 2008. (2009-02-26)

Record Missouri flooding was manmade calamity, scientist says
Why was the New Year's flood in Missouri so bad? Most news reports blamed it on the heavy rain, but Robert Criss, Ph.D., professor of earth and planetary sciences in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis says analysis of the flood data shows much of the damage was due to recent modifications to the river. (2016-02-05)

Rising flood insurance costs growing burden to communities and homeowners in New York City
Flood insurance is already difficult to afford for many homeowners in New York City, and the situation will only worsen as flood maps are revised to reflect current risk and if the federal government continues to move toward risk-based rates, according to a first-of-its-kind study by the RAND Corporation. (2017-03-27)

Flooding of farmland does not increase levels of potentially harmful flame retardants in milk
As millions of acres of farmland in the US Midwest and South recover from Mississippi River flooding, scientists report that river flooding can increase levels of potentially harmful flame retardants in farm soils. But the higher levels apparently do not find their way into the milk produced by cows that graze on these lands, according to a study in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology. (2011-06-08)

'100-year' floods will happen every 1 to 30 years, according to new flood maps
Princeton researchers have developed new maps that predict coastal flooding for every county on the Eastern and Gulf Coasts and find 100-year floods could become annual occurrences in New England; and happen every one to 30 years along the southeast Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico shorelines. (2019-08-22)

Climate change shifts timing of European floods
A linkage between climate change and floods has been identified using a river flow dataset of unparalleled scale and diversity. This is the first time this link has been demonstrated at a continental scale using observational data. (2017-08-10)

Olga now raining on third of 5 Australia territories
Australians in three of five territories have had enough of Tropical Cyclone Olga. After two landfalls, and three times a tropical storm, and traveling through Queensland and the Northern Territory, Olga's remnants are now raining on Australia's New South Wales Territory today, Feb. 1. (2010-02-01)

Depression risk following natural disaster can be predicted via pupil dilation
Pupil dilation could identify which individuals are at greatest risk for depression following disaster-related stress, and help lead to targeted interventions, according to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York. (2017-05-23)

Major Midwest flood risk underestimated by as much as 5 feet, study finds
As floodwaters surge along major rivers in the midwestern United States, a new study from Washington University in St. Louis suggests federal agencies are underestimating historic 100-year flood levels on these rivers by as much as five feet, a miscalculation that has serious implications for future flood risks, flood insurance and business development in an expanding floodplain. (2015-06-30)

Hurricane Floyd brings record flooding to southeast Virginia
Torrential rains from Hurricane Floyd have resulted in widespread flodding in southeast Virginia. Local residents note that the current flooding exceeds that of the 1940 flood. Current streamflow of the Blackwater River is in excess of a 100-year flood (a discharge that has a 1 percent chance of occurring any year). (1999-09-17)

Uncharged organic molecule can bind negatively charged ions
Indiana University Bloomington chemists have designed an organic molecule that binds negatively charged ions, a feat they hope will lead to the development of a whole new molecular toolbox for biologists, chemists and medical researchers who want to remove chlorine, fluorine and other negatively charged ions from their solutions. (2008-02-26)

Using buildings for flood protection
Buildings, car parks and roads could, alongside their (2010-09-06)

Lake sediment records reveal recent floods in NW England (UK) unprecedented
A new study of UK lake sediment records stretching back over several centuries has found that the floods that hit Northern England in 2009 and 2015 ('Storm Desmond'),were the largest in 600 years, pointing to the impact of climate changes on the frequency and magnitude of these extreme events. (2019-05-21)

Mississippi and Missouri River flood levels underestimated
The current official level for the 100-year flood in downtown St. Louis is 47.1 ft. Nicholas Pinter, a geologist at Southern Illinois University, has recently discovered that this flood height needs to be raised about four feet. The Army Corps of Engineers, however, has advised lowering it by six inches. Pinter will present his new findings on April 4 at the Geological Society of America's North-Central Section and Southeastern Section Joint Meeting in Lexington, Kentucky. (2002-04-03)

Speeding up accuracy of flood risk assessment
Research from the University of Adelaide hopes to provide advances in the planning for flood risk, thanks to a new, faster method of assessing the highly complex factors that cause floods in a specific location. (2016-03-18)

IU chemists develop new 'light switch' chloride binder
Chemists at Indiana University Bloomington have designed a molecule that binds chloride ions -- but can be conveniently compelled to release the ions in the presence of ultraviolet light. Reporting in the Journal of the American Chemical Society today, IU Bloomington chemist Amar Flood and Ph.D. student Yuran Hua explain how they designed the molecule, how it works and, just as importantly, how they know it works. (2010-08-27)

Remnants of Tropical Depression Peipah still raining on Philippines
Several regions in the south and central Philippines have flood advisories as the remnants of now dissipated Tropical Depression Peipah continue to linger over the country. NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite got a look at the remnant clouds from its orbit in space on April 15. (2014-04-15)

Mapping a glacial path of destruction
The dangerous power of glacial outburst floods - or jokulhlaups - will be easier to predict thanks to new models developed by a Leeds researcher and presented at the International Glaciological Society symposium in Iceland this Friday (June 23). (2006-06-19)

Non-linear mathematical techniques could lead to better flood forecasting
A Temple University environmental engineer has outlined new mathematical procedures, or techniques, to produce analytical solutions of the complex, non-linear equations of water flow in soils. These new techniques will help with the development of more accurate and more efficient flood forecasting and contaminant propagation predictions. (2004-08-30)

Special rice gift arrives in flood-ravaged India
As fresh waves of floods hit India's northeastern state of Assam, the International Rice Research Institute has stepped up to help rice farmers by providing free seed of its popular flood-tolerant rice Swarna-Sub1. (2012-08-13)

Study: Global rainfall satellites require massive overhaul
A new Cornell University study warns that the existing system of space-based rainfall observation satellites requires a serious overhaul. Particularly in many developing countries, satellite-based flood prediction has weak spots, which could lead to major flooding that catches people by surprise. (2015-02-12)

NASA satellites see high, cold thunderstorm cloud tops in Tropical Depression 2
NASA's Aqua and TRMM satellites confirmed that Tropical Depression Two had some strong, high thunderstorms a day after its center made landfall. TD2 appears elongated on satellite imagery, and its rains stretch from southeastern Texas to northeastern Mexico. Those rains are still prompting flash flood watches and warnings. (2010-07-09)

More than 100 years of flooding and erosion in 1 event
Sara Rathburn of Colorado State University and colleagues have developed an integrated sediment, wood, and organic carbon budget for North St. Vrain Creek in the semi-arid Colorado Front Range following an extreme flooding event in September of 2013. Erosion of more than 500,000 cubic meters, or up to ~115-years-worth of weathering products, occurred through landsliding and channel erosion during this event. (2017-03-27)

River-shelf interactions during spring floods in the coastal Beaufort Sea
Invited research paper to be presented at the Fall American Geophysical Union conference in San Francisco, December 11-15. Authored by Professor John Trefry, Senior Research Associate Robert Trocine and Carrie Semmler, chemical oceanography graduate student. (2006-12-05)

Ice sheet melt identified as trigger of Big Freeze
The main cause of a rapid global cooling period, known as the Big Freeze or Younger Dryas -- which occurred nearly 13,000 years ago -- has been identified thanks to the help of an academic at the University of Sheffield. (2010-03-31)

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