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Floods in Bangladesh
Mountain farmers are not to blame for flooding on Bangladesh plains. (2006-11-23)
River shaping from floods happens in moderation
An assessment of rivers in the US suggests that although there is a relationship between increased flood size and erosion, the effect is most pronounced for moderate floods. (2016-05-05)
Climate change shifts timing of European floods
A linkage between climate change and floods has been identified using a river flow dataset of unparalleled scale and diversity. (2017-08-10)
Floods created home of Europe's biggest waterfall, study shows
A massive canyon that is home to Europe's most powerful waterfall was created in a matter of days by extreme flooding, new research reveals. (2015-02-09)
Flood research shows human habits die hard
New research has come up with ways to quickly assess flood damage to houses while also showing most people didn't intend to make changes to reduce their vulnerability after the devastating 2010-11 floods in Australia. (2013-02-12)
Seeds of hope amidst Philippine floods
Amidst horrendous flooding around Manila and major rice-growing across Luzon in the Philippines, some good news has emerged for rice farmers -- Submarino rice -- rice that can survive around two weeks of being under water. (2012-08-13)
The flash before the flood
Tel Aviv University research uses lightning strikes to predict flash floods. (2008-11-20)
Gearing up for flooding season
Using data gathered over the past 19 years, Dartmouth Flood Observatory experts know that most flooding worldwide happens in July and August, and they can point out where and when floods are likely to occur. (2004-07-06)
Exeter's world-leading climate change research showcased in prestigious science event
Professor Tim Lenton, Chair in Climate Change and Earth System Science, and Dr. (2016-02-14)
Inundated AIT helps Thailand map floods
The Thailand-based Asian Institute of Technology is in charge of project management of the Disaster Charter on Thailand floods, and it is producing flood maps despite being inundated itself. (2011-11-16)
Early flash flood warning system may save lives, property
Weather forecasters may soon be able to predict deadly flash floods several days in advance using a new technique developed by Penn State researchers and the National Weather Service. (2003-03-28)
Smart phones know when rivers rise...with USGS WaterAlert
You can receive a text or email from the USGS when waters are rising in rivers and streams near you. (2011-09-01)
Newspaper archives help to understand coastal flooding along the South of England
A unique study using over 70 years of information from local newspapers has helped to examine the incidence and location of coastal floods in the Solent region of southern England. (2011-06-24)
Modeling floods that formed canyons on Earth and Mars
Geomorphologists who study Earth's surface features and processes that formed them have long been interested in how floods, in particular catastrophic outbursts that occur when a glacial lake ice dam bursts, can change a planet's surface, not only on Earth but on Mars. (2016-10-12)
Mapping a glacial path of destruction
The dangerous power of glacial outburst floods - or jokulhlaups - will be easier to predict thanks to new models developed by a Leeds researcher and presented at the International Glaciological Society symposium in Iceland this Friday (June 23). (2006-06-19)
USGS measures a century of floods
When there is a flood, the U.S. Geological Survey is usually there to measure it. (2000-05-10)
Deforestation in snowy regions causes more floods
New research suggests that cutting down swaths of forest in snowy regions at least doubles -- and potentially quadruples -- the number of large floods that occur along the rivers and streams passing through those forests. (2012-10-03)
Adaptation to increasing flood risk in Europe should aim to reduce impact
A JRC-led research published in Climatic Change investigated the benefits of four adaptation measures to reduce the increasing flood risk in Europe under state-of-the-art global warming projections under a high-end climate scenario. (2016-03-17)
Flood fear has temporary effect on property prices: QUT study
The stigma of buying in a flood-prone suburb after the 2011 Brisbane floods was short-lived for middle and high-value homes with property prices rebounding within 12-months, a QUT study has found. (2014-07-02)
UK Winter 2015/2016 floods: One of the century's most extreme and severe flood episodes
A new scientific review of the winter floods of 2015/2016 confirms that the event was one of the most extreme and severe hydrological events of the last century. (2016-12-04)
Floods policy is more than a knee-jerk response to crisis
One billion people, a sixth of the world's population, currently live in the path of potential major flood disasters, according to a recent report from the UN University in Tokyo. (2004-06-22)
Scientists test system to forecast flash floods along Colorado's front range
People living near vulnerable creeks and rivers along Colorado's Front Range may soon get advance notice of potentially deadly floods, thanks to a new forecasting system being tested this summer by the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. (2008-07-22)
Special rice gift arrives in flood-ravaged India
As fresh waves of floods hit India's northeastern state of Assam, the International Rice Research Institute has stepped up to help rice farmers by providing free seed of its popular flood-tolerant rice Swarna-Sub1. (2012-08-13)
An ancient bathtub ring of mammoth fossils
Geologists have put out a call for teeth tusks, femurs and any and all other parts of extinct mammoths left by massive Ice Age floods in southeastern Washington. (2007-05-04)
How will salmon survive in a flooded future?
As torrential rain descends on the Pacific Northwest, new research published in Global Change Biology provides a glimpse of how salmon rivers might fare in a future with larger floods. (2016-10-17)
Book traces the history and mystery of the Deschutes River
As discussions about river management and use continue among policymakers, environmentalists, and recreationists, a new book is released that looks at one of the stranger rivers on the planet: Oregon's Deschutes River. (2003-08-25)
Storm-related deaths occur more in men, involve sports or vehicles, says Pittsburgh study
Men are more than twice as likely to die during thunderstorms than are women, and most cases involve a vehicle or sports. (2003-04-28)
New research into flood impacts in the south of England
Research from the University of Southampton has developed and applied a method for understanding the effects and impacts of coastal flooding, which could contribute to more effective flood forecasting, defense design and land use planning. (2012-06-15)
New flood study reveals America's most vulnerable communities
Floods are the natural disaster that kill the most people. (2017-06-21)
Flooding In North Dakota Exceeds All Previous North Dakota Floods By Far
The current floods in North Dakota far exceed previous floods that occurred in 1950, 1969, 1978, 1979 and 1996, according to the U.S. (1997-04-23)
River-shelf interactions during spring floods in the coastal Beaufort Sea
Invited research paper to be presented at the Fall American Geophysical Union conference in San Francisco, December 11-15. (2006-12-05)
An unexpected way to boost fishery yields using dams
A new study based on the Mekong River basin, home to one of the largest freshwater fisheries in the world, reveals particular dam flow patterns that could be harnessed to boost food production -- by up to nearly four-fold compared to un-dammed ecosystems. (2017-12-07)
Extreme weather monitoring boosted by space sensor
The first soil moisture maps with a spatial resolution of one km are available online for the entire southern African subcontinent. (2007-07-16)
Hydropower dams can be managed without an all-or-nothing choice between energy and food
Nearly 100 hydropower dams are planned for construction along tributaries off the Mekong River's 2,700-mile stretch. (2017-12-07)
This week from AGU: Dust models, Arctic Ocean waves, floods and climate change
Global climate models fail to simulate key dust characteristics. (2014-07-15)
Floods as war weapons
A new study shows that, from 1500 until 2000, about a third of floods in southwestern Netherlands were deliberately caused by humans during wartimes. (2015-06-09)
Ocean rip currents claim more lives than other natural hazards
Rip currents claim more lives in Australia on average each year than bushfires, floods, cyclones and sharks combined, research led by the University of New South Wales shows. (2013-11-27)
Floods and hurricanes predicted with social media
Social media can warn us about extreme weather events before they happen -- such as hurricanes, storms and floods - according to new research by the University of Warwick. (2017-03-10)
Terri Cook and Phil McKenna awarded EGU Science Journalism Fellowship
The European Geosciences Union has named journalists Terri Cook and Phil McKenna as the winners of its 2016 Science Journalism Fellowship. (2016-02-23)
Agatha drenches Guatemala and El Salvador, remnants now in Caribbean
Tropical Storm Agatha was the first tropical storm of the Eastern Pacific hurricane season, and took an inland route, drenching El Salvador and Guatemala this past weekend. (2010-06-01)
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