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Recalls, food worries spark booming business in food safety
Recalls of ground beef, peanut butter and other foods have done more than raise public awareness and concern about food safety. They also are quietly fueling a boom in the market for food testing equipment and fostering new food safety regulations. That's the topic of the two-part cover story in the current issue of Chemical & Engineering News, ACS' weekly newsmagazine. (2009-12-02)

Pew commends FDA for releasing draft rules to make imported foods safer
The Pew Charitable Trusts commended the US Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, today for issuing two draft rules needed to implement the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. (2013-07-26)

Food Safety Considerations for Innovative Nutrition Solutions
On Nov. 6, 2014, nutrition and food science researchers and agricultural policymakers will gather to discuss issues of food security, economics, policy and communication related to food safety at 'Food Safety Considerations for Innovative Nutrition Solutions.' A networking reception will follow the event. (2014-03-28)

Pew Health Group statement on Senate mark up of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (S. 510)
Sandra Eskin, director of the Pew Health Group's Food Safety Campaign, today issued the following statement regarding the markup of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act by the Senate Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions Committee: (2009-11-18)

Television cooking shows overlook safe food handling practices
Television cooking shows are an important resource for home cooks, but if these shows fail to model recommended food safety measures, it may lead to poor practices among consumers. Therefore, researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst devised a study to assess food safety on television food shows and determine whether they present positive or negative models for viewers. (2016-11-08)

New publication addresses safety of imported foods
As the proportion of imported foods in the food supply continues to increase, Americans are putting themselves at a potentially greater risk for foodborne disease as some countries may not have the same sanitary standards as the US. (2008-07-30)

Poll finds most Americans favor increased funding for stronger food safety oversight
Among likely voters surveyed across the nation, 66 percent support additional funding for the US Food and Drug Administration to carry out new responsibilities related to food safety, according to a Pew-commissioned poll released today by the bipartisan team of Hart Research and American Viewpoint. In addition, 74 percent feel it is worth a one-to-three percent increase in the cost of food to pay for new safety measures in the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, which became law this year. (2011-05-19)

Food safety in Canada is lax and needs better oversight, says CMAJ
Canada needs better regulation and oversight of food safety to protect Canadians as the current system is lax, states an editorial in CMAJ. (2011-04-13)

Pasture feeding may improve nutritional benefits of red meat
A new review article in Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety published by the Institute of Food Technologists found that pasture-fed lamb meat is high in polyunsaturated fat due to the specific plant species consumed. (2015-01-21)

Celebrity chefs have poor food safety practices, a Kansas State University study finds
Kansas State University food safety experts viewed 100 cooking shows with 24 popular celebrity chefs and found several unclean food preparation behaviors. Kansas State University food safety experts Edgar Chambers IV and Curtis Maughan, along with Tennessee State University's Sandria Godwin, recently published 'Food safety behaviors observed in celebrity chefs across a variety of programs' in the Journal of Public Health. (2016-12-14)

When food gets inspected and recalled, consumers may not get a clear picture of the process
What consumers may not be finding out about recalls and the inspection process could make them doubt the effectiveness of what is actually a pretty good system to keep food safe. Researchers looked at what information consumers can take away from the Food Safety and Inspection Service's Web site and suggest government agencies can more clearly communicate their role in keeping the food supply safe. (2009-07-22)

IFT/NCFST Symposium To Address Safety Of Fresh Produce
Diets rich in fruits and vegetables have been shown to have many health benefits, yet recent outbreaks of foodborne illness associated with fresh produce have made consumers hesitant about getting their (1998-04-23)

Food scientists slice time off salmonella identification process
Researchers from Cornell University, the Mars Global Food Safety Center in Beijing, and the University of Georgia have developed a method for completing whole-genome sequencing to determine salmonella serotypes in just two hours and the whole identification process within eight hours. (2020-03-05)

Elvis of E. coli releases second food safety music CD
Who says learning about a serious subject, such as food safety, can't be fun? Certainly not Carl K. Winter, Ph.D., also known as the (1999-08-11)

U of Minnesota study: Americans worried about the quality of Gulf seafood
Americans are almost universally aware of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and they are concerned about its potential impact on the safety of Gulf seafood, according to new data from a continuing survey conducted by the University of Minnesota. (2010-06-28)

U of Minnesota study finds confidence in food safety plunges in wake of peanut butter contamination
Fewer than one in four consumers now believe the US food supply is safer than it was a year ago, according to new data from the University of Minnesota's Food Industry Center. (2009-02-24)

IFT And NRA To Co-Host Food Safety Forum For Restaurateurs And Food Retailers
A newly formed strategic alliance between the Institute of Food Technologists and the National Restaurant Association will debut with a special forum on food safety at the annual meetings of both organizations this summer in Chicago. The forum (1999-05-12)

Climate change affecting food safety
Climate change is already having an effect on the safety of the world's food supplies and unless action is taken it's only going to get worse, a Michigan State University professor told a symposium at this year's meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. (2011-02-21)

Alternative Food Processing Methods May Become Mainstream
Is it possible to inactivate foodborne pathogens with high pressure and ultraviolet light? Yes, say food scientists, who will explain alternative food processing technologies and their potential commercial uses at IFT's 1999 Annual Meeting. (1999-05-25)

Re-examining long-held beliefs about food safety
Old habits die hard. In the case of food handling and food safety, this adage is true, as many long-held beliefs are no longer valid in the wake of new technologies and understanding of the microbiology of food safety, according to a new book from ASM Press. (2007-01-16)

Innovative process reduces energy consumption and improves product quality in the food industry
Consumers will eat better and will enjoy a healthier environment thanks to a new canning process for jars and cans. This innovative research is taking place at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Food Research and Development Centre in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada. (2002-10-17)

Gaps in FDA's food safety program tackled in IOM report releasing June 8
Recent outbreaks of illnesses traced to contaminated sprouts and lettuce illustrate the holes that exist in the system for monitoring problems and preventing food-borne diseases. (2010-06-03)

Safety last?
With the globalization of our food supply, food safety issues are a major concern for both public health and for the food industry. Media and industry warn consumers of major recalls and problems with food items, but do consumers listen? In this new article researchers demonstrated that consumers are reluctant to respond to food safety risks if the recommendations interfere with their existing habits. (2015-11-24)

U of M faculty honored by US FDA for contributions to national food safety and defense
Three University of Minnesota faculty members will be awarded special citations from the US Food and Drug Administration for their contributions to maintaining and promoting national food safety and defense. The awards will be presented at the 47th annual FDA Honor Awards Ceremony, (2007-05-11)

New Tool For Food And Health Reporters And Communicators
The new Food Insight Media Guide on Food Safety and Nutrition--an invaluable tool for reporters and professionals dealing with food and health-related communications--is available from the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation. The Media Guide is free to credentialed media. Non-media can order the Media Guide for $95.95. (1999-03-03)

Researchers develop food safety social media guide
To help protect public health, researchers have developed guidelines on how to use social media to communicate effectively about food safety. (2014-08-04)

Savvy consumers put a high price on food safety
New research from Michigan State University demonstrates how food safety announcements cause consumers as well as food industry professionals to make purchasing decisions. (2010-09-21)

Food safety investments open new markets, boost revenue for small farmers
A new Cornell University study finds that when small-scale farmers are trained in food safety protocols and develop a farm food safety plan, new markets open up to them, leading to an overall gain in revenue. (2020-07-09)

Canada's food safety system fails international comparisons
Canada's food safety system is reactive, lags behind other countries, and investment is needed to ensure it can adequately protect Canadians, states an article in CMAJ. (2010-01-25)

K-State researchers find independently owned ethnic restaurants have more food safety violations
Diners who are skeptical of the food safety practices in ethnic restaurants have new research to back up some of their assumptions. A study of independently owned restaurants in 14 Kansas counties found a significantly higher number of food safety violations in ethnic restaurants than in non-ethnic restaurants. (2010-02-16)

Scientists evaluate food safety practices to help support nonprofit food pantries
Researchers have done an in-depth analysis of food safety at nonprofit food pantries that distribute food directly to people in need. While the work has identified shortcomings at many such pantries, the goal was to identify how food safety experts can help these pantries best meet the needs of their clients. (2015-11-02)

Pressure mounts on FDA and industry to ensure safety of food ingredients
Confusion over a 1997 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rule that eases the way for food manufacturers to use ingredients 'generally regarded as safe,' or GRAS, has inspired a new initiative by food makers. Food safety advocates say the current GRAS process allows substances into the food supply that might pose a health risk, while industry defends its record. An article in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) details what changes are on the table. (2014-09-24)

Waiting to harvest after a rain enhances food safety
To protect consumers from foodborne illness, produce farmers should wait 24 hours after a rain or irrigating their fields to harvest crops. (2015-07-03)

Food experts say public has inadequate understanding of food risk issues
A recent study shows that food safety experts have little confidence in the public's understanding of food risk issues. The study is published in the Journal of Food Safety. (2006-02-21)

Global food safety: Keeping food safe from farm to table
Food safety problems can arise at any of multiple stages of food production, and illnesses that result from them are frequently not detected or reported, according to a new report from the American Academy of Microbiology. (2010-11-04)

China, Taiwan strengthen food safety laws
China and Taiwan have enhanced the powers of their Food and Drug Administrations to be more effective in ensuring food safety and guarding against food fraud, according to a July 13 panel discussion at IFT15: Where Science Feeds Innovation hosted by the Institute of Food Technologists in Chicago. (2015-07-15)

Date labeling confusion contributes to food waste
Date labeling variations on food products contribute to confusion and misunderstanding in the marketplace regarding how the dates on labels relate to food quality and safety, according to a scientific review paper in the July issue of Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety. (2014-06-23)

Nutrition, safety key to consumer acceptance of nanotech, genetic modification in foods
New research shows that the majority of consumers will accept the presence of nanotechnology or genetic modification (GM) technology in foods -- but only if the technology enhances the nutrition or improves the safety of the food. (2014-12-02)

Hong Kong and European Universities working together to advance global food safety
Lund University, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark and the University of Bologna jointly announce the addition of DTU and Unibo as new partners in the establishment of a Joint Centre of Excellence in Food Safety (Joint Centre). The four parties will achieve greater synergy in advancing global food safety with this exciting alliance. (2016-11-02)

ADA releases position paper on food and water safety
The American Dietetic Association has released an updated position paper on food and water safety that reviews the current situation in this country, identifies new tools that can help decrease illness and encourages continued research, education and technological advances to keep the food and water supply safe. (2009-08-01)

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