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Minister Lunn to speak at 10th National Forest Congress
On Monday, September 25, 2006, the Honorable Gary Lunn, Minister of Natural Resources Canada, will speak at the 10th National Forest Congress. (2006-09-22)
Can forests save us from climate change?
Additional climate benefits through sustainable forest management will be modest and local rather than global. (2018-10-16)
New book provides much-needed insight on today's evolving forest communities
A new book edited by PNW Research Station's Ellen Donoghue and Victoria Sturtevant of Southern Oregon University aims to help researchers, resource managers, and policymakers better understand today's forest communities in the United States and their complex and evolving relationship with the land. (2008-09-12)
Release of National Forest Strategy accomplishments report
A new report on initiatives taken to further sustainable forest management in Canada is now available. (2005-11-07)
Report examines impact of forest management practices on water supplies
A new report from the National Research Council, (2008-07-10)
Prescribed forest fire frequency should be based on land management goals
Researchers at the University of Missouri have studied forests subjected to different frequencies of fires to determine what effects fire can have on oak forests over long periods of time. (2017-04-18)
Deforestation can have devastating impacts on frog populations
Increasingly, forests in Borneo, the world's third largest island, are being converted to plantations, which poses considerable threats to amphibians. (2015-09-21)
Wildlife in trouble from oil palm plantations, according to scientists
Palm oil plantations are having a catastrophic effect on the sustainability of a variety of plant and animal species, scientists from Queen Mary, University of London have discovered. (2011-05-20)
Study projects effects of forest management in Oregon's Coast Range
Pacific Northwest Research Station scientists and their colleagues have been conducting research that provides managers with a better idea of the effects -- both intended and unintended -- that forest management practices can have on landscapes. (2007-04-17)
Raising the standard: Communities, forests and carbon management
Researchers believe a world-first standard for the good governance of forest projects in Nepal has global implications for wherever the forest sector and local communities are drawn together. (2015-10-29)
Multiple resource management is focus of new technical report
The Forest Service's most recent (2008-03-06)
Natural regeneration may help protect tropical forests
A new article summarizes the findings of 16 studies that illustrate how natural regeneration of forests, a low-cost alternative to tree planting, can contribute significantly to forest landscape restoration in tropical regions. (2016-11-21)
Japan's ISM and Vietnam's FIPI sign MOU for the development of forest risk analysis
The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo, Japan, which has a 70-year history of being a research center for statistical mathematics and its applications and is open to researchers from an extremely wide variety of fields through collaborative research, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Forest Inventory and Planning Institute, Vietnam, on June 2, 2015. (2015-07-18)
Forests in a market economy
USDA Forest Service (FS) economists and cooperators have developed a book that shows the effective use of economic principles to analyze forest policy issues. (2003-11-03)
Information on tree genetic resources vital for conservation and sustainable management of forests
Urgent action is needed by countries to better manage forest genetic resources, to ensure that people can continue to rely on these resources for their nutrition, livelihoods and resilience over the long term (2014-06-16)
Salamanders help predict health of forest ecosystems and inform forest management
Ray Semlitsch, Curators' Professor of biological sciences in the College of Arts and Science at the University of Missouri, determined that salamander population size reflects forest habitat quality and can predict how ecosystems recover from forest logging activity. (2014-01-21)
Rove beetles act as warning signs for clear-cutting consequences
New research from the University of Alberta and the Canadian Forest Service has revealed the humble rove beetle may actually have a lot to tell us about the effects of harvesting on forests species. (2007-06-12)
New collaborative center to provide education, research on temperate rainforests
Federal, university and city officials recently signed a memorandum of understanding that paves the way for the establishment of a temperate rainforest education and research center in Juneau. (2009-08-17)
Research cluster to improve competitiveness of B.C. forest industry
A new collaborative forest-research effort will harness the research and innovation capabilities present in British Columbia to improve the competitiveness of the forest industry and increase the economic and social value of Canada's forests. (2005-06-01)
'Watering the forest for the trees' emerging as priority for forest management
A new analysis led by the US Forest Service's Pacific Northwest Research Station encourages resource managers to consider a broadened view of forests as consumers of water. (2013-06-03)
National Family Forests Education Award goes to UT Extension's David Mercker
A multi-partner program coordinated by UT Extension forestry specialist David Mercker has been awarded the 2016 Family Forests Education Award by two national forest-focused organizations. (2016-12-21)
Average distance to a forest increased by almost 14 percent in the continental US in a decade
During the 1990s, in the continental US key connecting forest patches have been lost resulting in an increase of the average forest distance by more than 500m, according to a study published Feb. (2017-02-22)
Forest grazing counteracts the effectiveness of trees to reduce flood risk
Planting trees can reduce flood risk, but a high intensity forest land use, such as grazing, can counteract the positive effect of the trees, a recently published study suggests. (2017-10-10)
US Forest Service experimental forests chosen for US-China climate initiative
Two US Forest Service experimental forests have been chosen to participate in the US,-China Climate Change and Forests Initiative, a program of the US-China Climate Change Working Group led by the US Department of State. (2016-04-07)
Flammable floodplains are weak spot of Amazon forest
Peripheral parts of the Amazon forest were long thought to be most vulnerable to climate-induced collapse. (2017-04-10)
Long term lessons from Amazonia
A new book features results from one of the longest ongoing studies of forest fragmentation in the Amazon, the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments project, a joint effort of Brazil's National Institute for Research in Amazonia and the U.S. (2002-01-28)
How forest management and deforestation are impacting climate
Two new studies reveal how altering the composition of trees in forests is influencing not only the carbon cycle, but air surface temperatures to a significant degree as well. (2016-02-04)
Bioenergy from the forest: Can it be made sustainable?
John Stanturf, project leader of the Center for Forest Disturbance Science in Athens, GA, will present (2007-02-16)
Forest management may mitigate global warming
A new study suggests that forest management may be used to restrain the increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. (2001-11-22)
Some forests have been hiding in plain sight
A new estimate of dryland forests suggests that the global forest cover is at least 9 percent higher than previously thought. (2017-05-11)
Virginia Tech Research Looks At The 'Human Dimensions' Of The Forest
A forest is more than trees, animals, and plants. There are social attributes, too, according to Bruce Hull, a forestry professor at Virginia Tech who recently conducted a study of the relationships between the forest of Mount Rogers, Va. and its surrounding communities. (1998-12-17)
Sustaining young forest communities
The recent Southern Research Station (SRS) publication Sustaining Young Forest Communities: Ecology and Management of Early Successional Habitats in the Central Hardwood Region, USA, addresses a variety of concerns raised by Forest Service managers and natural resource professionals regarding early successional habitats. (2011-09-20)
Managing southern forests under climate change
US Forest Service scientists recently published a new comprehensive guide, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Management Options: A Guide for Natural Resource Managers in Southern Forest Ecosystems, to help natural resource managers in the South develop options for managing southern forest ecosystems in the face of climate change. (2014-02-11)
Salamanders are a more abundant food source in forest ecosystems than previously thought
In the 1970s, ecologists published results from one of the first whole-forest ecosystem studies ever conducted. (2014-11-18)
Life on the edge
New research shows the impact of the 'edge effect' on over 90 percent of species and suggests forest 'islands' of less than 500m across are putting many species at risk. (2016-08-01)
Forest scholars worldwide team up to show that biodiversity is green in more ways than one
Loss of biodiversity has long been recognized as detrimental for nature, for nature's sake. (2016-10-13)
Northwest Forest Plan has unintended benefit - carbon sequestration
The Northwest Forest Plan enacted in 1993 was designed to conserve old-growth forests and protect species such as the northern spotted owl, but researchers conclude in a new study that it had another powerful and unintended consequence -- increased carbon sequestration on public lands. (2011-07-22)
Scientists examine the relative impact of proximity to seed sources
A new research study published in the journal Invasive Plant Science and Management tackles an important, unresolved question in the biology of invasive plants. (2018-08-17)
Media availability: Separating fact from fiction on forests, REDD and climate
In the midst of contentious negotiations in Copenhagen, more than 1,500 of the world's leading experts, activists, policymakers, journalists and global leaders will gather for Forest Day 3 to review new findings regarding the role of forests in reducing climate change and discuss the state of forests in global climate negotiations. (2009-11-25)
ESA Corporate Award winner 2001: Weyerhaeuser Company Limited British Columbia Coastal Forest Project Team
On Thursday, August 9, 2001 the Ecological Society of America, at its 86th Annual Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin, will present its Corporate Award to Weyerhaeuser Company Limited and its British Colombia Coastal Forest Project Team. (2001-08-08)
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