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International forestry symposium presents statistics, IT tools
Virginia Tech and the International Union of Forest Research Organizations will present a (2002-08-27)
Louisiana Tech University professor earns national honor from Society of American Foresters
The Society of American Foresters has named Louisiana Tech University School of Forestry Associate Professor and Associate Director A. (2012-11-05)
Virginia Tech and North Carolina State University to run Forest Nutrition Research Cooperative
Virginia Tech's department of forestry in the College of Natural Resources and the department of forestry at North Carolina State University have formed a partnership to jointly run the Forest Nutrition Research Cooperative, which conducts applied research on behalf of the forestry industry worldwide. (2003-11-11)
Shrews May Predict Environmental Degradation
Shrews may be an important indicator of environmental health or sickness in certain African countries, says a professor in the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Toronto. (1998-01-26)
Springer to publish Small-scale Forestry
Springer has signed an agreement with the International Union of Forest Research Organization's (IUFRO) Small-scale Forestry Group to publish Small-scale Forestry. (2007-01-26)
2 Pohnpeians selected as interns in new US Forest Service program
The US Forest Service's Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry has named Fa'afo'i Tony Maugalei and John Ah Sue as interns in its Professional Internships in Pacific Terrestrial Island Ecosystem Management program. (2009-01-16)
2 Samoans selected as interns in new US Forest Service program
The US Forest Service's Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry has named Fa'afo'i Tony Maugalei and John Ah Sue as interns in its Professional Internships in Pacific Terrestrial Island Ecosystem Management program. (2009-01-16)
Springer to collaborate with Scion on open access journal
Starting in Jan. 2013, Springer and Scion, a New Zealand Crown Research Institute, will cooperate to publish the New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science. (2013-01-17)
Energy consumption makes Spanish forestry unsustainable
Spain is one of the leading European countries, along with Sweden, in terms of wood production for paper paste, but this uses large amounts of energy. (2009-09-11)
International conference in Cameroon to address future of world's second largest rainforest
As many as 400 people are expected to attend a two-day policy and science conference next month in Cameroon to discuss critical issues facing the sustainable management of Central Africa's forests. (2013-05-05)
3 Palauans selected as interns in new US Forest Service program
The US Forest Service's Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry has named Uelbil Puanani Michael, Omekrael Sadang and Sheldon Siksei as interns in its Professional Internships in Pacific Terrestrial Island Ecosystem Management program. (2009-01-16)
National Family Forests Education Award goes to UT Extension's David Mercker
A multi-partner program coordinated by UT Extension forestry specialist David Mercker has been awarded the 2016 Family Forests Education Award by two national forest-focused organizations. (2016-12-21)
3 Kosraeans selected as interns in new US Forest Service programs
The US Forest Service's Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry has named Maximilian Nithan, Jacob Sanney, and Rickson Johnithan as interns in its Professional Internships in Pacific Terrestrial Island Ecosystem Management program. (2009-01-16)
UM researchers earn $1.4 million grant to study biomass
University of Montana forestry Professor Beth Dodson is the project director of a grant recently funded for $1.4 million from the US Department of Agriculture and US Department of Energy's Biomass Research and Development Initiative. (2016-05-13)
Study finds no safe level for ozone
Even at very low levels, ozone -- the principal ingredient in smog -- increases the risk of premature death, according to a nationwide study to be published in the April edition of the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. (2006-02-16)
Climate change can alter the impact of forest pathogens in trees
New research on projected climate changes from the University of Helsinki indicates that climate change has an alarming potential to increase the damage caused to Norway spruce trees by a naturally circulating disease spreading fungus. (2017-05-29)
Forest access roads affect walleye populations in northern Ontario lakes
Forestry access roads can have undesirable outcomes on fish populations in remote Northern Ontario lakes due to increased access, according to research by Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources scientists recently published in the North American Journal of Fisheries Management. (2010-05-12)
Urban forestry highlighted at San Francisco Flower and Garden Show
Urban forestry experts with the US Forest Service, Cal Fire, U.C. cooperative extension service and citizens' groups will be leading seminars and staffing exhibits at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show to discuss the importance of urban forestry in the Bay area. (2008-02-27)
Getting at the root of the mountain pine beetle's rapid habitat expansion and forest
The mountain pine beetle has wreaked havoc in North America, across forests from the American Southwest to British Columbia and Alberta, with the potential to spread all the way to the Atlantic coast. (2014-04-22)
Neiker-Tecnalia international reference in pine propagation by means of somatic embryo
The Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development Neiker-Tecnalia has developed new methods for producing clonal plants of the Pinus genus by means of somatic embryogenesis. (2016-01-21)
Best optimization of production of cloned Pinus genus described to date
Neiker-Tecnalia (the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development) is working on the development of new biotechnological tools to produce in vitro selected trees of the Pinus genus. (2011-04-19)
Suggestions for a middle ground between unlogged forest and intensively managed lands
In the world's forested regions, two management systems -- retention forestry and agroforestry -- are being used to alleviate conflicts between preserving biodiversity and addressing human needs in production landscapes. (2013-03-18)
Book examines how trees change as they age and grow: What do these clues tell us?
Knowing how trees grow and how they age may be key to further understanding how trees react to a warmer climate, for instance, and other changes. (2011-07-18)
Perceptions of forestry students change through years of study
A study of undergraduates in a five-year Brazilian forestry program finds that what students perceive as important change as they progress through program. (2010-05-31)
Mixed forest provides beneficial effects
Forestry and nature conservation can benefit from promoting more different varieties of trees, according to a new study in which researchers from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, were involved. (2013-01-30)
A somatic embryogenesis system to propagate pine hybrids able to tolerate water stress
Neiker-Tecnalia, in collaboration with the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country, has in recent years been studying the high water stress tolerance of hybrids of the Radiata Pine (Pinus radiata X Pinus attenuata). (2014-06-11)
Virginia Tech's Seiler receives USDA teaching award
John Seiler, professor of forestry at Virginia Tech, has received the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Agriculture Sciences' Excellence in Teaching award. (2001-11-28)
Promoting the cultivation of the black truffle and seeking to improve its quality
The Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development Neiker-Tecnalia and the Black Truffle Association of Alava are jointly running the ECOTRUF project, designed to promote the cultivation of the black truffle -- Tuber melanosporum -- and improve its quality. (2014-09-26)
Arthur Galston to receive distinguished alumni award from University of Illinois
The University of Illinois will be bestow the 2004 College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Alumni Achievement Award on Arthur Galston, Eaton Professor Emeritus of Botany in the Department of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology and professor emeritus in the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies of Yale University. (2004-10-21)
Louisiana Tech forestry professor helps to shape future of global industry research
Dr. Bogdan Strimbu, assistant professor of biometrics and quantitative silviculture at Louisiana Tech University's School of Forestry, recently organized and conducted a technical session at the International Union of Forest Research Organization's XXIII World Congress in Seoul, South Korea. (2010-09-13)
Faster koa tree growth without adverse ecosystem effects
US Forest Service scientists with the Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry have completed a study on ways to make high-value koa trees grow faster, while increasing biodiversity, carbon sequestration, scenic beauty and recreation opportunities in native Hawaiían forests. (2008-03-26)
Neiker-Tecnalia studies the tree species that will adapt best to climate change in the Basque Country
The Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development, Neiker-Tecnalia, has set up three arboreta -plantations of trees of different species for scientific or educational purposes- in Bizkaia, in order to study the capacity of different tree species to adapt to the climate the Basque Country is expected to have in the future. (2013-12-19)
Plants' response to fire tested
A team from the National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology has developed a new method for identifying the flammability of plant species by using a device that measures how construction materials react to fire. (2009-09-24)
Researchers produced nitrogen doped bimodal cellular structure activated carbon
New monolithic nitrogen-containing microporous cellular activated carbon was successfully prepared from phenol-urea-formaldehyde (PUF) organic foam for CO2 and H2 adsorption. (2016-12-29)
Warmer weather, human disturbances interact to change forests
While a rapidly changing climate may alter the composition of northern Wisconsin's forests, disturbances such as logging also will play a critical role in how these sylvan ecosystems change over time. (2004-08-01)
Autophagy in the initial stage is unrelated to the composition of beclin 1 complex
Alteration of the autophagic process is involved in neurodegeneration. The beclin 1 complex is shown to play a key role in the initial stage of autophagy. (2014-03-24)
Yale environment dean wins book award for nonfiction
James Gustave Speth, dean of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, is the winner of the 2005 Connecticut Book Award for nonfiction. (2005-12-08)
Crowdsourcing to kickstart comeback from ash dieback
Scientists from The Sainsbury Laboratory and the John Innes Centre publish the first RNA sequence data on the ash dieback fungus causing an epidemic of disease. (2012-12-14)
Funny River Fire, Alaska
According to the Alaskan Division of Forestry the Funny River fire was very active overnight, May 20, because of low humidity. (2014-05-21)
Research partnership is key to biodiversity conservation
A new policy paper led by University of York scientists, in partnership with Proforest, aims to increase awareness among researchers of the High Conservation Value approach to safeguarding ecosystems and species. (2014-11-03)
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