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Investing in the 'bioeconomy' could create jobs and reduce carbon emissions
A new article looks at the potential benefits of a Billion Ton Bioeconomy, a vision to enable a sustainable market for producing and converting a billion tons of US biomass to bio-based energy, fuels, and products by 2030. (2016-11-21)
Well-informed citizens consider CO2 storage to be acceptable
According to Dutch researchers, if you want to know what the average citizen thinks about new energy options then make sure you inform them properly first. (2006-04-18)
New technologies to eliminate fossil fuel use in the sugar industry
QUT researchers are developing and testing new technologies as part of a $5.7 million three-year project with the potential to eliminate the use of fossil fuels in the sugar industry. (2016-04-27)
Fossil fuel emissions will complicate radiocarbon dating, warns scientist
Fossil fuel emissions could soon make it impossible for radiocarbon dating to distinguish new materials from artifacts that are hundreds of years old. (2015-07-20)
Closer look reveals true cost of coal
The cost of coal use is greater than it seems and policies geared toward subsidizing its use must be reformed quickly, before countries invest in coal-fired plants, Ottmar Edenhofer argues in this Perspective. (2015-09-17)
Adding up renewable energy
Do the overall efficiencies of renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar and geothermal add up in terms of their complete life cycle from materials sourcing, manufacture, running, and decommissioning? (2007-08-13)
The benefits of energy crop cultivation outweigh the costs
An article in the current issue of Global Change Biology Bioenergy reveals that Miscanthus x giganteus, a perennial grass, could effectively reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, while lowering atmospheric CO2. (2010-05-21)
Links in the chain: Global carbon emissions and consumption
It is difficult to measure accurately each nation's contribution of carbon dioxide to the Earth's atmosphere. (2011-10-17)
DOE funds Clemson University clean energy research
Clemson University associate professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering David Bruce will participate in a multi-university Energy Frontier Research Center funded with $12.5 million from the US Department of Energy. (2009-07-07)
Smithsonian scientists highlight environmental impacts of biofuels
Biofuels reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in comparison to fossil fuels. In the Jan. (2008-01-03)
Green fuel versus black gold
A life cycle assessment of growing crops for fuel as opposed to refining and using fossil fuels has revealed that substitution of gasoline by bioethanol converted from energy crops has considerable potential for rendering our society more sustainable, according to a Japanese study published in the International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy. (2012-02-24)
Net energy -- a useless, misleading and dangerous metric, says expert
As oil becomes scarce, the world needs new transportation fuels. (2007-08-08)
Generating clean electricity will improve world population's health
The health of people around the world will (2007-09-12)
Risø Energy Report 9: CO2-free energy can meet the world's energy needs in 2050
Taken as a whole, energy sources with low or no carbon emissions could easily cover the global energy supply in 2050. (2010-11-16)
Forest and soil carbon is important but does not offset fossil fuel emissions
Leading world climate change experts have thrown cold water on the idea that planting trees can offset carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels. (2013-05-29)
World is embracing clean energy, says University of Exeter professor
In a journal article published in Nature Energy today Professor Catherine Mitchell from the University's Energy Policy Group argues that investment in renewable electricity now outstrips that in fossil fuels, and that increasing numbers of policies to improve the efficiency of energy use and to make energy systems more flexible are pointing to a global momentum in the adoption of sustainable energy systems. (2016-02-01)
Carbon levy could limit impact of climate change, study suggests
A consumer tax levy on fossil fuels could provide an economical solution to the problem of catastrophic climate change, according to a new study. (2016-11-01)
US tax breaks subsidize foreign oil production
The largest US subsidies to fossil fuels are attributed to tax breaks that aid foreign oil production, according to research to be released on Friday by the Environmental Law Institute in partnership with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. (2009-09-18)
U of M researchers close in on technology for making renewable petroleum
University of Minnesota researchers are a key step closer to making renewable petroleum fuels using bacteria, sunlight and dioxide, a goal funded by a $2.2 million United States Department of Energy grant. (2011-03-23)
Alternative energy sources needed to mitigate global warming, scientists say
Regulations alone will not stabilize atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and curb global warming, an international team of climate and technology experts says. (2002-10-31)
Minister announces UK-India collaboration on bioenergy
In New Delhi on Nov. 15, 2011, Minister of State for Universities and Science, David Willetts, announced plans for a £10M joint call for sustainable bioenergy research between the UK and India. (2011-11-15)
Global halt to major greenhouse gas growth
The greenhouse gas, methane, has stopped growing in the global background atmosphere and could begin to decrease, CSIRO researchers announced today. (2003-11-25)
Lessening the impact of climate change on health
Reducing the use of fossil fuels and increasing the use of renewable energy sources can improve health by cutting air pollution and addressing climate change, state the authors of a review published in this week's issue of The Lancet. (2006-06-22)
Public and private sectors unite to make more of brewing by-products
A collaboration between BBSRC, EPSRC and industry announced on May 9, 2011, new funding for research into ways of extracting valuable chemicals from the co-products of grain brewing. (2011-05-09)
Researchers reveal gap in carbon capture and sequestration education
Carbon capture and sequestration has been an exciting topic both for researchers and also the policy makers on what to do with the large quantities of carbon dioxide released when fossil fuel use in power generation. (2014-03-11)
Global carbon emissions set to reach record 36 billion tonnes in 2013
Global emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels are set to rise again in 2013, reaching a record high of 36 billion tonnes - according to new figures from the Global Carbon Project, co-led by researchers from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of East Anglia (UEA). (2013-11-18)
Energy technologies not enough to sufficiently reduce carbon emissions, NYU's Hoffert concludes
Current energy technologies are not enough to reduce carbon emissions to a level needed to lower the risks associated with climate change, New York University physicist Martin Hoffert concludes in an essay in the latest issue of the journal Science. (2010-09-09)
Anniversary grant from VILLUM FONDEN for a new center for developing sustainable
With a huge grant of DKK 150 million, VILLUM FONDEN supports the establishment of a new, ambitious research center at DTU. (2016-02-12)
A study assesses the possibility of turning CO2 into methanol for use in transport
Tecnalia has collaborated in a study for the European Parliament's Science and Technology Options Assessment Panel (STOA) on the future use of methanol, produced from carbon dioxide, in motorized transport. (2014-05-23)
International disparities in measuring energy sources
As countries around the world shift toward greater use of non-fossil fuels, the wide range of methods used to set targets for remaining fossil fuel emissions and to measure results and progress is highly disparate and needs to be standardized, authors of this Policy Forum emphasize. (2015-11-26)
Value-added sulfur scrubbing
Power plants that burn fossil fuels remain the main source of electricity generation across the globe. (2010-10-21)
Rutgers chemists develop technology to produce clean-burning hydrogen fuel
Rutgers researchers have developed a technology that could overcome a major cost barrier to make clean-burning hydrogen fuel -- a fuel that could replace expensive and environmentally harmful fossil fuels. (2014-07-14)
Biofuels: More than just ethanol
As the United States looks to alternate fuel sources, ethanol has become one of the front runners. (2007-04-05)
Solutions to climate change: Using trees and grasses to capture carbon and produce energy
A unique £1.1 million ($1.8 million) research project is investigating how coppiced trees and grass crops can be used both to generate renewable energy and to trap carbon in the soil over the long term. (2010-01-27)
CO2 emissions increasing faster than expected
The authors of a paper printed today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences have found that nearly eight billion tonnes of carbon were emitted globally into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide in 2005, compared with just six billion tonnes in 1995. (2007-05-21)
Improving the health of 2 billion in energy poverty
Around two billion of the world's population are suffering adverse health effects through lack of access to clean energy, and are exposed to high levels of indoor air pollutants from the inefficient burning of natural biomass fuels. (2007-09-12)
Energy in the 21st century: government policy and alternative sources
Researchers address scientific questions underlying the political rhetoric and public concerns about energy, such as: How much energy do we use? (2001-08-26)
Among 'green' energy, hydropower is the most dangerous
Many governments are promoting a move away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources. (2017-10-25)
What's powering your devices?
Americans, regardless of whether they're Democrats or Republicans, want to power their homes with renewable energy, according to a new study by Washington State University sociologists. (2017-06-01)
Doctors and scientists call for divestment from fossil fuel companies
Over 50 leading doctors and academics including Fiona Godlee, editor in chief of The BMJ, have signed an open letter published in The Guardian today calling on the Wellcome Trust to divest from fossil fuel companies. (2015-06-25)
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