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Records study suggests gender affirming surgeries on the rise along with insurance coverage
In a national medical records analysis, researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine say there is evidence that the number of gender affirming surgeries performed in hospitals for transgender individuals is on the rise, along with increased access made possible by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance coverage for the procedures. (2018-02-28)

Facebook friends? Group identity helps consumers remember ads
When consumers think about the groups they belong to, they recall ads better, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research. (2011-06-15)

High blood pressure reasons differ by gender in teens; young adults
Gender matters when it comes to what's most likely to elevate blood pressure in young to middle-aged adults. The volume of blood pumped from the left ventricle during heartbeats, i.e., stroke volume, is the main determinant of blood pressure levels in women, while blood pressure in men is more likely to be determined by the amount of resistance in the body's blood vessels. (2017-09-15)

Does having a sibling with autism affect a child's language and motor skills?
A review of published studies suggests that infants who have siblings with autism spectrum disorder may have less advanced linguistic and motor skills than siblings of children with typical development. (2017-07-19)

Racial, economic disparities seen in kids' vision care
Kids who wear eyeglasses may get teased for having (2003-05-05)

Researchers unravel mechanism that plays key role in sexual differentiation of brain
During prenatal development, the brains of most animals, including humans, develop specifically male or female characteristics. But scientists have known little about how this differentiation occurs. Now, a new study by researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine has illuminated details about this process. (2015-03-31)

Gender influences symptoms of genetic disorder
Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have identified a patient's gender as a clear and simple guidepost to help health-care providers anticipate some of the complex effects of NF1, a genetic disorder. (2014-02-06)

'Lovely' and 'scientific' -- Medical student evaluations differ by gender and minority status
In the largest analysis to date of narrative medical school evaluations, researchers at UC San Francisco and Brown University have found significant differences in how female and underrepresented minority medical students are described. (2019-04-16)

Who's the 'enviest' of them all?
A UC San Diego paper finds young adults are more envious than older adults. They are more envious over looks and for a wider range of other reasons, too. It also appears that both men and women are more likely to envy someone who is of their own gender and approximately their own age. (2015-11-04)

Study shows female managers don't mean higher pay for women
A new paper in the European Sociological Review indicates that women's and men's earnings are not affected by the share of female managers in an organization, nor by the sex of workers' individual managers. (2019-04-18)

Place of death influences hospital league tables
Geographical variations in facilities for the dying may explain some of the differences between hospitals in league tables of death rates, according to new research from Oxford University. (2004-03-28)

Southerners at increased risk for high blood pressure
High blood pressure, a major risk factor for stroke, is more prevalent among Southerners than their non-Southern counterparts of the same age and gender, according to a new study in this month's Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association. (2000-01-05)

Behavioral interventions to prevent progression to diabetes equally effective in men and women
Behavioral and drug interventions aiming to prevent people with prediabetes progressing to full blown type 2 diabetes are equally effective for both sexes at preventing progression and reducing weight, according to a new systematic review and meta-analysis. The research is by Dr. Anna Glechner, Danube University Krems, Austria, and Dr. J├╝rgen Harreiter, Medical University of Vienna, Austria, and colleagues. (2014-11-27)

How watching TV and their relationship to Mom affects teenagers' sexual attitudes
Can teenagers' relationship with their mother protect them from the negative effects that television has on their sexual attitudes? It depends on their gender, according to a study by Laura Vandenbosch and Steven Eggermont. For girls, a good relationship with mom is protective. For boys, however, a strong attachment to mom increases the likelihood that they will have stereotypical sexual attitudes, as portrayed on television. The work is published online in Springer's journal Sex Roles. (2011-10-12)

Gender and race still an issue for school leaders
Women fill the vast majority of classrooms as teachers, but check the administration office, and most of the school leaders are men. A new book details a national survey that reveals a gender gap in America's school systems. (2007-04-04)

Study shows increased risk of breast cancer in transgender women
Transgender women (male sex assigned at birth, female gender identity) using hormone treatment show an increased risk of breast cancer compared with the general male population, finds a large Dutch study published by The BMJ today. (2019-05-14)

Researchers find men more likely to be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge
Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine have found that men are more likely to be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of original discharge as compared to women. The findings, which appear currently online issue of BMJ Open, may lead to interventions that promote connecting men to primary care resources, addressing social isolation and screening for depressive symptoms. (2012-04-18)

Culture affects how teen girls see harassment
Teenage girls of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds still experience sexism and sexual harassment -- but cultural factors may control whether they perceive sexism as an environmental problem or as evidence of their own shortcomings. (2008-05-15)

Research finds that male athletes prefer female team physicians
Many studies in coaching literature have found that male athletes tend to prefer a male coach. Newly released research from the University of Alberta has indicated that male athletes actually prefer a female team physician to attend to their medical issues, including those related to sexual health. (2007-04-26)

Where are the female scientists in research articles?
A recent research article published in the journal Scientometrics by a team from the University of Extremadura has proved something that was already obvious to its scientific community -- the extreme imbalance between the visibility of its male and female scientists. Only 20 percent of the university's articles studied had female lead authors, while the percentage of male lead authors stood at 50 percent. The remaining articles were led by authors from other universities. (2009-12-04)

Sex selection for social reasons: religious and moral perspectives
Two reports in the 25 September 2003 issue of Human Reproduction suggest that the coming availability of sex selection technology is not likely to skew the balance between the sexes. Two experts in religion and reproductive technology respond to this report and to the way it might be used in the ethics and public policy debate over the availability of sex selection technology. (2003-09-24)

Changes in work force, not pay, narrowing the gender wage gap
Are working women treated more fairly in today's labor market than they were 30 years ago? Absolutely not, according to groundbreaking new research by Brown University economist Yona Rubinstein and Casey Mulligan of the University of Chicago. Disputing decades of economic literature, the economists show that the apparent narrowing of the wage gap between working men and women is actually due to the type of women who are now working -- not how much they're being paid. (2008-08-12)

Is arm length the reason women need reading glasses sooner than men?
Studies have consistently reported that women require reading glasses or bifocal lenses earlier than men. According to a recent Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science paper, the gender difference is caused by factors other than focusing ability, such as arm length or preferred reading distance, which should be considered when prescribing readers or bifocals. (2012-06-22)

Studies clarify risk factors for mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis C virus
Breastfeeding does not raise the risk of mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis C virus (HCV), according to two new studies published in the December 1 issue of The Journal of Infectious Diseases, now available online. (2005-10-31)

Aging has distinct and opposite effects on tendon in males and females
New research from the University of Liverpool, published in the journal Scientific Reports, has identified that in tendon aging has distinct and opposite effects on the genes expressed in males and females. (2017-10-31)

Men less likely to see food as national security issue amid pandemic
On average, men not only showed less empathy toward temporary agricultural laborers but also were less likely to see food supply and production as national security issues, according to a study led by a Washington State University researcher. (2020-10-08)

Preserving large females could prevent overfishing of Atlantic cod
Cod are among Sweden's most common and most popular edible fish and have been fished hard for many years. One consequence is the risk of serious changes in cod stocks, reveals research from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. (2012-09-26)

Autistic children could learn through stereotypes
Autistic children have a capacity to understand other people through stereotypes, say scientists at UCL. The research shows that autistic children are just as able as others to predict people's behavior when stereotypes, such as gender and race, are the only available guide. (2007-06-18)

Gender matching aids long-term survival after heart transplants
Men who received heart transplants from a male donor and women who had female donors had lower chances of death than patients who received a transplant from the opposite sex, according to a new 10-year study. Pairing female patients with male donors had the greatest risk for death during the study. Researchers said heart size and perhaps differences in the immune system explain the correlation. (2008-11-12)

New NASA and NSBRI report on sex and gender differences in adaptation to space flight
In the future, as space exploration takes astronauts on longer missions and more female astronauts participate, 'The Impact of Sex and Gender on Adaptation to Space' will become increasingly critical to astronaut safety and mission success, as explored in a special collection of articles published in Journal of Women's Health. (2014-11-17)

Women whistleblowers suffer more discrimination, INFORMS-published study suggests
Women who alert authorities to their organizations' wrongdoing perceive they suffer more retaliation than do men, reports an initial study published in the current issue of Organization Science, a journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences. (2008-05-01)

Gender identity and single-sex schools
New research from Concordia University shows not everyone benefits from single-sex education -- especially not those who don't conform to gender norms. (2013-12-11)

Gender, racial, and ethnic disparities persist in academic emergency medicine
Gender, racial, and ethnic disparities, with regard to academic rank and compensation, continue to exist among academic emergency medicine physicians in spite of a move by leading organizations of emergency medicine to prioritize increasing diversity. (2017-09-26)

Diversity in policing can improve police-civilian interactions
Black and Hispanic officers make far fewer stops and arrests and use less force than white officers, especially against Black civilians, when facing otherwise common circumstances. Hispanic officers also engage in less enforcement activity. Female officers of all races also use less force than males. (2021-02-11)

Television programming for children reveals systematic gender inequality
Programming children watch on American TV shows systematic gender inequality, according to new research. (2019-04-30)

Nordic nations, North Americans and Antipodeans rank top in navigation skills
People in Nordic countries, North America, Australia, and New Zealand have the best spatial navigational abilities, according to a new study led by UCL and the University of East Anglia. (2018-08-09)

New UAB study finds gender divide in children's use of cell phone features
A recent study by University of Alabama at Birmingham sociologist Shelia Cotten, Ph.D., finds that the way the kids will use their new phones depends on their gender. (2009-12-17)

Why do some STEM fields have fewer women than others? UW study may have the answer
A new University of Washington study is among the first to look at why women are more represented in some STEM fields than others. Their conclusion: a masculine culture is the most powerful factor. (2016-10-12)

Why is it harder for females to gain weight?
Why is it harder for females to gain weight? A new study proposes that part of the answer may be in the brain. (2018-04-18)

Gender harassment and institutional betrayal in high school take toll on mental health
High school students who endure gender harassment in schools that don't respond well enter college and adulthood with potential mental health challenges, according to a University of Oregon study. Researchers found that 97 percent of women and 96 percent of men from a pool of 535 undergraduate college students had endured at least one incident during high school. (2020-09-14)

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