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Earth science professor honored by Geological Society of America
The Geological Society of America has honored Gary Rosenberg, an associate professor of earth sciences in the School of Science at IUPUI, with the Mary C. (2012-06-05)
New computer program to give students experience with geosciences' data
The National Science Foundation recently awarded a grant of $144,244 to Williams College to fund a project titled (2009-12-21)
Melting crust makes rich mineral deposits: Geologist
A University of Toronto study suggests why giant gold and copper deposits are found at some volcanoes but not others, a finding that could point prospectors to large deposits of these and other valuable metals. (2002-10-16)
South Dakota geologic map receives 50-year facelift
South Dakota's geology hasn't changed much during the past few thousand years, but our knowledge of it has grown so much since 1953 that a new geological map of the entire state became necessary. (2004-09-22)
Martian meteorite measurements give information on planet evolution
Scientists in the department of Geology and Geophysics at Yale University have devised a method to precisely date the timing and temperature of a meteorite impact on Mars that led to ejection of a piece of the planet into space and its eventual impact on Earth. (2004-10-25)
Reactor reveals hidden life of rocks
Geologists at UC Davis are using neutron beams from a nuclear reactor to see inside rocks. (2002-05-23)
Robert D. Hatcher, Jr., to receive GSA 2006 Penrose Medal
Dr. Robert D. Hatcher, Jr., University of Tennessee Department of Earth and Planetary Science, is recipient of the 2006 Geological Society of America Penrose Medal. (2006-08-07)
Charred flowers and the fossil record
One of the main types of fossil used to understand the first flowering plants (angiosperms) are charred flowers. (2017-06-13)
Alligator egg development at prehistoric oxygen levels
The development of bone structures in alligator eggs raised under varying oxygen concentrations creates a link to fossil records of the evolution of vertebrates and prehistoric atmospheric oxygen concentrations, according to a paper to be presented at the Earth System Processes 2 meeting in Alberta, Canada. (2005-08-03)
Was Poet Emily Dickinson a closet geologist?
Emily Dickinson liked to use images of nature in her poems with such lines as: (2002-03-25)
EARTH: Urban geology
More than half of the total human population on Earth lives in urban areas, where, like rural areas, geology affects us every day. (2016-03-01)
Climate-driven permafrost thaw
In bitter cold regions like northwestern Canada, permafrost has preserved relict ground-ice and vast glacial sedimentary stores in a quasi-stable state. (2017-02-17)
How to look at dinosaur tracks
A new study appearing in the May issue of the Journal of Geology provides fascinating insight into the factors geologists must account for when examining dinosaur tracks. (2007-04-30)
Organization's reputation wields hefty influence: Scientist
The reputation of an organization can convince scientists of the value of the research it produces even when there is no supporting data, says a University of Toronto geologist. (2002-11-11)
Mountain growth helped spawn fish diversity in New Zealand
The growth of mountain ranges on New Zealand's South Island directly influenced the evolution of different freshwater fish species in the region, according to new University of Otago-led research. (2015-12-14)
Magma power for geothermal energy?
When a team of scientists drilling near an Icelandic volcano hit magma in 2009, they had to abandon their planned experiments on geothermal energy. (2011-02-17)
GSA, the Paleontological Society, and SEPM in STEPPE together
STEPPE is a newly established, NSF-supported consortium involving the Geological Society of America, the Paleontological Society, and the Society for Sedimentary Geology -- designed to coordinate research, teaching, and learning in the areas of sedimentary geology and paleobiology. (2013-04-25)
New GSA field guide: Archean to anthropocene geology of Minnesota and surrounds
The Geological Society of America announces a new field guide. (2011-10-05)
SEPM announces its 2015 awardees
Each year the Society recognizes excellence in several areas of sedimentary geology with the awarding of honors to scientists selected by special committees made up of specialists in that topic. (2014-05-01)
Dr. Scott Tinker presented AGI award for Outstanding Contributions to the Understanding of Geoscience
Dr. Scott Tinker is recognized for contributions to the understanding of geosciences. (2013-10-17)
SEPM announces 4 medalists for 2013
Each year the Society awards science medals for outstanding works in areas within sedimentary geology. (2012-07-10)
Seattle subject of new landslide hazard volume
This latest Reviews in Engineering Geology volume from the Geological Society of America brings together a wide range of approaches to the application of state-of-the-art geologic engineering methods to landslide hazard analysis in and around Seattle, Wash. (2008-10-30)
Moscow State University is creating technologies to develop the oil deposits of 'Bashneft'
Moscow State University is creating new technologies for the development of oil deposits of 'Bashneft'. (2015-11-17)
GSA picture book introduces children to plate tectonics
The Geological Society of America announces its first children's book. (2011-11-01)
Distance education with an edge
Mix an irreverent sense of humor and a little social insight with a good understanding of the details and nuances of science and you have The Why Files, one of the web's critically acclaimed science destinations. (1999-11-17)
Kevin C.A. Burke to receive GSA 2007 Penrose Medal
Dr. Kevin Charles Antony Burke, University of Houston, Department of Geosciences, is recipient of the 2007 Geological Society of America Penrose Medal. (2007-08-30)
Terri Cook and Phil McKenna awarded EGU Science Journalism Fellowship
The European Geosciences Union has named journalists Terri Cook and Phil McKenna as the winners of its 2016 Science Journalism Fellowship. (2016-02-23)
Geological Society to meet in Seattle; topics include geology of salmon, wine
Scientists will present cutting-edge geological research and discuss geology topics of specific interest in the Pacific Northwest -- including the geology of salmon and the geology of wine -- when the Geological Society of America holds its annual meeting in Seattle in November. (2003-09-23)
Microscopic diamonds suggest cosmic impact responsible for major period of climate change
A new study published in the Journal of Geology provides support for the theory that a cosmic impact event over North America some 13,000 years ago caused a major period of climate change known as the Younger Dryas stadial, or 'Big Freeze.' (2014-09-11)
Geologists work to understand how Hawaiian volcanoes age
University of Cincinnati geologists will explain how (2002-10-29)
Geologists point to outer space as source of the Earth's mineral riches
According to a new study by geologists at the University of Toronto and the University of Maryland, the wealth of some minerals that lie in the rock beneath the Earth's surface may be extraterrestrial in origin. (2009-10-18)
AGI launches GeoWord of the Day
In celebration of the release of the revised fifth edition Glossary of Geology for the Kindle and Nook platforms, the American Geosciences Institute has started a free GeoWord of the Day service. (2012-05-09)
Tenerife geology discovery is among 'world's best'
Volcanologists from the University of Leicester have uncovered one of the world's best-preserved accessible examples of a monstrous landslide that followed a huge volcanic eruption on the Canarian island of Tenerife. (2011-10-02)
Dr. William R. Muehlberger to receive Marcus Milling Legendary Geoscientist Medal
The American Geological Institute is pleased to announce Dr. William R. (2010-10-13)
OU-led study links deep-time dust with major impacts on carbon cycling
A University of Oklahoma-led study links vast amounts of iron-rich dust deposits from the late Paleozoic period of 300 million years ago with implications for major ecosystem fertilization and a massive drawdown of atmospheric carbon. (2015-11-17)
Was Bristol Channel hit by a tsunami?
On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Britain's largest natural disaster, the author of 2001's prophetic book (2007-04-30)
Yale Geologist Mark Brandon honored for second time with Kirk Bryan Award
Mark Brandon, professor of geology and geophysics at Yale, is designated this year's Kirk Bryan Award for Research Excellence from the Geological Society of America (GSA) for his work on erosion rates and their relationship to broad scale questions of the Earth's surface and underlying plate movement. (2006-09-06)
Professors named Fulbright scholars
Two Kent State Professors have been awarded Fulbright grants for 2007-2008. (2007-04-10)
Geological cycle causes biodiversity booms and busts every 60 million years, research suggests
A mysterious cycle of booms and busts in marine biodiversity over the past 500 million years could be tied to a periodic uplifting of the world's continents, scientists report in the latest issue of the Journal of Geology. (2012-02-22)
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