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Mouthwash as smoking deterrent? UB dental researchers to test new product for safety, efficacy
Smokers who want to quit but really enjoy the taste of a cigarette may soon have a new weapon at their disposal. (2000-05-08)
Cavity prevention tips for pre-school age children
Providing proper care and oral hygiene during preschool years can mean a lifetime of good oral health, according to a recent article in the January/February issue of General Dentistry, clinical, peer-reviewed journal of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), an organization of general dentists dedicated to continuing education. (2005-03-21)
New head-to-head clinical studies reveal Reach Ultraclean toothbrush and floss deliver superior plaque removal compared to leading competitive products
New head-to-head clinical trial results demonstrate that Reach Ultraclean toothbrush and floss deliver superior plaque removal. (2009-04-06)
Tips from the Journals of the American Society for Microbiology
The following are tips from the Journals of the American Society for Microbiology: (2008-07-21)
A healthy color
Researchers at Temple University Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry found that a color-changing oral strip is as effective in detecting periodontal disease as traditional methods, and is easier and less costly to administer. (2009-04-10)
Gum disease may be genetic
Genes may be as important as diet and dental hygiene in the development of gum disease, suggests research in the Journal of Medical Genetics. (2000-02-15)
Aspirin fights gum disease too: new study
A world-first study by Australian dental researchers has discovered that taking aspirin can give protection against gum disease. (2000-02-29)
MSU biofilms research helps set standards for everyday products
MSU researcher Darla Goeres is using a $1.7 million US Environmental Protection Agency contract to develop new standards for growing, sampling and treating biofilms. (2008-08-22)
Diabetes: A link between oral and overall health?
Diabetes affects 18.2 million people in the United States and is expected to double by the year 2010. (2004-12-10)
Dental health of professional footballers is 'poor' and affects performance
Nearly four out of 10 UK professional footballers have active tooth decay, while one in 20 has irreversible gum disease, finds a large representative study of players, published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. (2015-11-02)
Systematic treatment of periodontal disease: Advantage of further therapeutic approaches
An indication or hint of greater benefit was now shown for six instead of two therapeutic measures. (2018-04-30)
TIGR and NIAID sign $65 million microbial sequencing contract
The world's leading center for microbial genomics, The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR), has signed a five-year, $65 million contract with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, to sequence and analyze the genomes of pathogenic microbes and invertebrate vectors of infectious diseases for the wider scientific community. (2003-10-02)
Blueberry extract could help fight gum disease and reduce antibiotic use
Gum disease is a common condition among adults that occurs when bacteria form biofilms or plaques on teeth, and consequently the gums become inflamed. (2015-09-02)
Like parent, like child: Good oral health starts at home
Parents are a child's first teacher in life and play a significant role in maintaining his or her overall health. (2010-05-17)
Periodontal disease isn't always your parents' disease
Based on results of a new study published in the Journal of Periodontology, about one in seven 26-year-olds already has well-established periodontal disease. (2001-01-04)
Bacteria in smokeless tobacco products may be a health concern
Several species of bacteria found in smokeless tobacco products have been associated with opportunistic infections, according to a paper published Aug. (2016-08-26)
African plant extract offers new hope for Alzheimer's
A plant extract used for centuries in traditional medicine in Nigeria could form the basis of a new drug to treat Alzheimer's disease, researchers at The University of Nottingham have found. (2017-06-20)
Mouth breathing can cause major health problems
For some, the phrase (2010-04-06)
Bone-loss score may tip off doctors to gum disease in postmenopausal women
Researchers found a link between postmenopausal women with high scores on a Fracture Assessment Risk Tool, and symptoms of severe gum disease, said Leena Palomo, D.D.S., M.S.D., associate professor of periodontics and director of DMD Periodontics program at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine. (2015-02-16)
Alerting patients to their risk of gum disease improves inflammation and dental hygiene
In a new study published today in the Journal of Periodontology researchers found that using psychological techniques to communicate the risk of developing periodontal disease to patients improved dental hygiene over a three month period. (2019-04-17)
Bloodroot alkaloid aids in exterminating sun-damaged skin cells in culture
A common antibacterial and antifungal ingredient used in mouthwashes and tooth paste may have another positive medicinal use: protection against skin cancer (2004-10-19)
Survivors may have 32 endangered species living in their mouths
Crocodiles, poisonous snakes and the scorching sun are not the only things the Survivors have to fear. (2001-03-18)
Naturally occurring amino acid could improve oral health
Arginine, a common amino acid found naturally in foods, breaks down dental plaque, which could help millions of people avoid cavities and gum disease, researchers at the University of Michigan and Newcastle University have discovered. (2015-05-07)
Tobacco smoke makes germs more resilient
University of Louisville School of Dentistry researcher David A. Scott, Ph.D., explores how cigarettes lead to colonization of bacteria in the body. (2016-05-31)
Fluoride varnish in the primary dentition can prevent caries
Regular use of fluoride varnish can prevent caries in primary teeth. (2018-04-26)
Inflammation in the mouth and joints in rheumatoid arthritis
Today at the 93rd General Session and Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research, researcher Sheila Arvikar, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA, will present a study titled 'Inflammation in the Mouth and Joints in Rheumatoid Arthritis.' The IADR General Session is being held in conjunction with the 44th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Dental Research and the 39th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association for Dental Research. (2015-03-12)
Advancement in tissue engineering promotes oral wound healing
A Netherlands-based research team has successfully engineered a full-thickness gum tissue substitute from patient-donated biopsied tissue for use in reconstructing the oral cavity following surgery or trauma. (2009-02-03)
Young people with asthma run a greater risk of developing caries
Children and adolescents with asthma have somewhat more caries and suffer more often from gingivitis (gingival inflammation) than people of similar age without asthma. (2011-01-11)
No apparent connection between periodontal disease and coronary heart disease
A thorough study suggests there is little or no connection between periodontal disease and risk of coronary heart disease, according to researchers at the University of Washington School of Dentistry. (2000-09-18)
Antimicrobial in common toothpaste doesn't impact gut, oral microbiome
Personal hygiene products such as soaps and toothpastes that contain the antibiotic triclosan do not have a major influence on microbial communities or endocrine function, according to a small, randomized trial. (2016-05-18)
Gum disease found to worsen infection in animal model of AIDS
Texas Biomed scientists in San Antonio have found that moderate gum disease in an animal model exposed to an AIDS-like virus had more viral variants causing infection and greater inflammation. (2013-01-31)
Experts bristle at toothbrush misuse
People who brush their teeth for longer and harder than is necessary may not be making them any cleaner, and could be causing permanent damage, according to new research using electric toothbrushes by the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. (2003-06-18)
New research finds link between gum disease, acute heart attacks
Heart attack survivors who suffer advanced gum disease show significantly higher levels of a protein in their blood called C-reactive protein (CRP) than such patients without gum disease, new University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill research indicates. (2000-11-11)
Periodontitis is associated with pregnancy complications
Recent studies have demonstrated a positive association between periodontitis and pregnancy complications. (2006-02-06)
Honey for oral health
Researcher will discuss honey's effect on the bacteria responsible for dental caries at University of Illinois symposium on (2001-02-25)
Diabetes can lead to gum disease in childhood; onset is younger than previously recognized
New research from Columbia University Medical Center has shown that the destruction of the gums can start in diabetic children as young as six years old. (2006-02-08)
UB Researchers Identify Specific Oral Bacteria Most Likely To Increase Risk Of Heart Disease
Oral biologists from the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, among the first researchers to report a relationship between gum disease and risk of heart attack, now have identified the specific types of bacteria that are most damaging to the cardiovascular system. (1999-03-12)
University dental device wins medical innovation award
A team of scientists from the University of Liverpool has won an award for developing a device that can identify early tooth decay and plaque before it is visible to the human eye. (2011-06-30)
New topical therapy safely treats nail fungus without systemic side effects
Scientists have developed a new topical lotion that safely treats skin infections, including nail fungus and cold sores, without systemic side effects. (2007-09-21)
College of Veterinary Medicine researcher doubles down on deadly, infectious cat diseases
An animal health expert has developed a research approach that tackles two deadly infectious feline diseases at the same time. (2013-11-04)
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