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Don't brush off importance of children's oral health
February is National Children's Dental Health Month. The first comprehensive study on the nation's oral health released recently by the Office of the U.S. (2001-01-31)
Mapping proteins key to human health and immune system: UBC research
Proteins, the building block for all living organisms, are the ultimate transformers -- able to splice and switch roles and functions within the human body. (2012-02-17)
The connection between mouth bacteria and inflammation in heart disease
Oral infections are the most common diseases of mankind and are also a key risk factor for heart disease, which is the leading cause of death worldwide. (2015-04-16)
Dry mouth linked to prescription and over the counter drugs
Approximately 91 percent of dentists say patients complaining about dry mouth are taking multiple medications, according to a nationwide member survey conducted by the Academy of General Dentistry. (2009-07-09)
Johns Hopkins study shows one of the deadliest hospital-acquired infections is preventable
In a recent paper published online in the journal Critical Care Medicine, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute of Patient Safety and Quality led a study that demonstrated that health care providers can take steps to curb ventilator-associated events. (2017-05-22)
Periodontal disease associated with cardiovascular risk in large multicenter study
Periodontal disorders such as tooth loss and gingivitis have been identified as a potential risk marker for cardiovascular disease in a large study reported today. (2014-04-09)
Researchers find unusual protein in bacterium
Oxygen is poison to some bacteria. Researchers have identified an unusual protein that may explain how those bacteria detect oxygen and avoid it for survival. (2000-05-03)
Think you're healthy? Open wide and look inside
A case report published in the June issue of the Journal of Periodontology provides another reason why abnormalities in the mouth, such as swollen or bleeding gums and oral sores, should be taken seriously. (2002-06-20)
Olympians say poor oral health is impairing performance
Many of the elite sportsmen and women who competed at the London 2012 Olympic Games had poor levels of oral health similar to those experienced by the most disadvantaged populations. (2013-09-30)
Topical application of a protein heals wounds
NIDCR scientists have discovered that a multipurpose protein (secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor) found in several bodily fluids can promote the healing of abnormal skin wounds, which are a significant problem in the elderly. (2000-09-30)
Immune system discovery inspires a new barometer for inflammatory diseases
A unique discovery about the nature of neutrophils -- the most numerous white blood cells in the body -- may lead to new models for diagnosing and tracking inflammatory diseases such as cancer and osteoarthritis. (2019-05-29)
Penn Dental Medicine-NIH team reverses bone loss in immune disorder
Patients with leukocyte adhesion deficiency, or LAD, suffer from frequent bacterial infections, including the severe gum disease known as periodontitis. (2014-03-26)
In the mouth, smoking zaps healthy bacteria, welcomes pathogens
According to a new study, smoking causes the body to turn against its own helpful bacteria, leaving smokers more vulnerable to disease. (2012-02-15)
Periodontitis may raise the risk for developing dementia
Gum disease (gingivitis) that goes untreated can become periodontitis, causing loss in the bone that supports your teeth. (2019-03-15)
A little stress gives beneficial oomph! to immune system
New research in mice provides more evidence that a brief bout of stress can give the immune system a beneficial boost - under certain conditions. (2005-04-18)
Is there a link between oral health and the rate of cognitive decline?
The findings, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, come from the first systematic review of studies focused on oral health and cognition -- two important areas of research as the older adult population continues to grow, with some 36 percent of people over age 70 already living with cognitive impairments. (2016-04-01)
Antibacterial agent used in common soaps found in increasing amounts in freshwater lakes
A new University of Minnesota study determined that the common antibacterial agent, called triclosan, used in soaps and many other products is found in increasing amounts in several Minnesota freshwater lakes. (2013-01-22)
'Heroes of Chemistry' honored for improving health, environment
Eighteen research chemists from five companies have been named Heroes of Chemistry by the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society, for improving health and well-being by creating new drugs or other products and inventing environmentally friendly and more effective technologies. (2005-08-23)
UMass Amherst researchers find triclosan and other chemicals accumulate in toothbrushes
A team of environmental chemists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst led by Baoshan Xing, who has long studied how polymers take up chemicals they contact, report in the current issue of Environmental Science & Technology that triclosan, an antibacterial agent in some over-the-counter toothpastes, accumulates in toothbrush bristles and is easily released in the mouth if the user switches toothpaste types. (2017-10-25)
Researchers identify enzyme essential for battle against bacteria in the intestine
Researchers have identified an enzyme essential for the body's daily battle against bacteria in the intestine and possibly in other organs such as the lung and bladder. (1999-10-01)
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