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CSIRO scientist discovers natural 'invisible' gold
Nanoparticles of gold too small to be seen with the naked eye have been created in laboratories, but up until now, have never been seen in nature. (2008-06-22)
The Midas Bug -- the bacterial alchemy of gold
Bacteria play an important role in the formation of gold nuggets in Australia according to new research published this month in the international journal, Science. (2006-08-01)
Plants open their pores and scientists strike gold
Plants containing the element gold are already widely known. The flowering perennial plant alfafa, for example, has been cultivated by scientists to contain pure gold in its plant tissue. (2018-06-14)
Changing gold
Gold is not as noble and stable as it has been previously thought. (2007-02-12)
Sulphur proves important in the formation of gold mines
Collaborating with an international research team, an economic geologist from The University of Western Ontario has discovered how gold-rich magma is produced, unveiling an all-important step in the formation of gold mines. (2011-01-06)
Scientists seize golden business opportunity by solving 20-year old problem
A researcher from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne has solved a problem that has been baffling scientists for over 20 years by creating the alloy gold nitride, which could be used in the electronics industry to save millions of pounds each year. (2003-10-22)
Using gold nanoparticles to hit cancer where it hurts
Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have shown that by directing gold nanoparticles into the nuclei of cancer cells, they can not only prevent them from multiplying, but can kill them where they lurk. (2010-02-15)
Air-purifying church windows early nanotechnology
Stained glass windows that are painted with gold purify the air when they are lit up by sunlight, a team of Queensland University of Technology experts have discovered. (2008-08-21)
Angling for gold
A study on how gold atoms bond to other atoms using a model that takes into account bonds direction has been carried out by physicist Marie Backman from the University of Helsinki, Finland, and colleagues. (2012-09-19)
Gold nanoparticles enrich everyday products
A new technique for dispersing nanoparticles through polymers opens a world of new properties for diverse products. (2010-05-04)
Golden nanocrown
Researchers led by Shu-Yan Yu have recently made a (2008-05-14)
Scientists Produce Smooth Gold Surfaces With Many Potential Uses
Physicists at Ohio State University have found a way to make very smooth gold surfaces that have a variety of potential applications. (1996-06-04)
Gold Bulletin to be published as a SpringerOpen journal
Starting in 2011, Springer will publish Gold Bulletin as a SpringerOpen e-only journal through the sponsorship of the World Gold Council. (2010-09-27)
Archaeologists discover evidence of prehistoric gold trade route
Archaeologists at the University of Southampton have found evidence of an ancient gold trade route between the south-west of the UK and Ireland. (2015-06-05)
Amazing light emission properties of gold lead to many applications
The discovery of unexpected light emission properties of gold by a Texas A&M University chemist is leading to a wide range of applications in medicine, genetics, and chemistry. (2000-11-30)
Bacterium helps formation of gold
Australian scientists have found that the bacterium Cupriavidus metallidurans catalyzes the biomineralization of gold by transforming toxic gold compounds to their metallic form using active cellular mechanism. (2009-10-07)
Golden sandwich could make the world more sustainable
Scientists have developed a photoelectrode that can harvest 85 percent of visible light in a 30 nanometers-thin semiconductor layer between gold layers, converting light energy 11 times more efficiently than previous methods. (2018-09-09)
Mainz-based researchers stabilized gold in very rare oxidation state +II
A team of chemists led by Professor Katja Heinze at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry of JGU has been able to isolate and analyze gold in the very rare oxidation state +II. (2017-08-08)
Engineering black gold, as light as the bones of birds
New research affiliated with UNIST suggests a new material that is more solid and 30 percent lighter than standard gold. (2016-03-28)
Acetic acid as a proton shuttle in gold chemistry
A recently published study by Ananikov and co-workers gives a vivid example of unusual chemical reactivity found in the reactions with organogold complexes. (2015-07-24)
Ant and termite colonies unearth gold
Ant and termite nests show evidence of gold hidden deep underground in new research conducted by CSIRO. (2012-12-09)
Gold and silver nano baubles
They might just be the smallest Christmas tree decorations ever. (2010-12-03)
Gold: a metal with a silver lining
Consider gold. It's been lusted after for 6,000 years and has been used for everything from wedding rings to dental work and arthritis treatments, a catch-all, kitchen-sink type metal that has multiple uses. (2001-12-19)
New technique controls dimensions of gold nanorods while manufacturing on a large scale
North Carolina State University researchers have a developed a technique for efficiently producing nanoscale gold rods in large quantities while simultaneously controlling the dimensions of the nanorods and their optical properties. (2013-11-19)
The first nucleophilic gold complex
A collaborative research effort between the departments of chemistry at the University of Oxford and University of Jyväskylä has resulted in the discovery of a gold compound exhibiting nucleophilic behavior hitherto unknown for molecular gold. (2019-01-21)
There's gold in them thar trees
Eucalyptus trees -- or gum trees as they are know -- are drawing up gold particles from the earth via their root system and depositing it their leaves and branches. (2013-10-22)
Golden ball in a golden cage
Researchers have synthesized a tiny structure from 32 gold atoms. (2019-03-21)
Gold from old phones is real prospect thanks to chemical advance
Vast quantities of gold could be salvaged from old mobile phones using a simple chemical method, a study shows. (2016-08-30)
NIST and partners identify tiny gold clusters as top-notch catalysts
Using a pair of scanning transmission electron microscopy instruments for which spherical aberration is corrected, researchers at NIST, Lehigh University and Cardiff University for the first time achieved state-of-the-art resolution of gold nanocrystals absorbed onto iron oxide surfaces that can catalyzed a variety of reactions, including the oxidation of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. (2008-09-05)
Scientists solve the golden puzzle of calaverite
There's quite a story behind calaverite. Apart from its marked impact on the Gold Rush, the mineral has been a headache and a great paradox for crystallographers for decades. (2018-09-20)
Resolving the 'invisible' gold puzzle
In Carlin-type gold deposits, which make up 75% of the US production, gold does not occur in the form of nuggets or veins, but is hidden -- together with arsenic -- in pyrite, also known as 'fool's gold.' A team of scientists has now shown for the first time that the concentration of gold directly depends on the content of arsenic in the pyrite. (2019-05-01)
Japanese gold leaf artists worked on a nanoscale
Ancient Japanese gold leaf artists were masters of their craft. (2014-07-02)
Gold standards for nanoparticles
KAUST researchers reveal how small organic 'citrate' ions can stabilize gold nanoparticles, assisting research on the structures' potential. (2017-03-28)
UF addiction medicine chief honored for lifetime achievements
Mark Gold, M.D., a distinguished professor and chief of addiction medicine at the McKnight Brain Institute of the University of Florida, received the Nelson J. (2006-05-23)
Intractable pain may find relief in tiny gold rods
Scientists have developed a technique that could lead to therapies for pain relief in people with intractable pain, potentially including cancer-related pain. (2015-08-21)
These bacteria produce gold by digesting toxic metals
High concentrations of heavy metals, like copper and gold, are toxic for most living creatures. (2018-01-31)
Heritage Day 2004, June 17
At Heritage Day we celebrate and honor excellence and achievement in the chemical and molecular sciences. (2004-05-26)
Amanda Fisher receives EMBO Gold Medal
Amanda Fisher, group head at the MRC Clinical Science Centre, London (U.K.), is this year's winner of the EMBO Gold Medal. (2002-10-08)
New rotors could help develop nanoscale generators
Scientists at the University of Liverpool have developed a molecular structure that could help create current-generating machines at the nanoscale. (2009-05-27)
A new form of real gold, almost as light as air
Researchers at ETH Zurich have created a new type of foam made of real gold. (2015-11-25)
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