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NHS set for 'airline style' transformation
UK health care may soon be transformed by the introduction of new providers, just as low-cost airlines Ryanair and Easyjet have radically changed European air travel in recent years, suggests an article in this week's BMJ. (2004-02-05)
Robust monitoring is crucial to patient choice
The monitoring of care provided under the new patient choice scheme in England is poorly structured and variable, warn two ophthalmologists in this week's BMJ. (2006-01-12)
Collaboration may improve access to HIV testing, primary care
Getting better access to testing and proper primary care for individuals vulnerable to HIV could be as simple as a telephone call or email among health providers. (2019-10-01)
Align funding with innovations in health care to improve patient outcomes
To encourage innovation in health care, governments need to move away from current siloed funding to funding that encourages collaboration among providers in managing patients who need care in a variety of settings, argue the authors of an analysis in CMAJ. (2018-08-13)
In India, training informal health-care providers improved quality of care
Training informal health-care providers in India improved the quality of health care they offered to patients in rural regions, a new study reports. (2016-10-06)
Health policy expert to study electronic sharing of health information in primary care
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has awarded a grant to a health and policy management expert at the Richard M. (2016-10-13)
Report suggests ways to improve health-care provider 'report cards'
As health-care reform expands the use of (2012-03-05)
Study reveals complementary medicine use remains hidden to conventional medicine providers
Research reveals that 1 in 3 complementary medicine (CM) users do not disclose their CM use to their medical providers, posing significant direct and indirect risks of adverse effects and harm due to unsafe concurrent use of CM and conventional medicine use. (2019-02-08)
Sexual health communication between Asian-American adolescents and health-care providers
Health care providers play an important role in providing accurate information to adolescents about sexual health issues, including prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. (2016-02-29)
Communication and coordination of care are important for ensuring lupus patients' health
Results from a recent study suggest that improved communication and coordination of care between patients, physicians, and health insurers can provide important health benefits for patients with lupus. (2016-09-07)
Social, public health services crucial in fight against HIV/AIDS
Patients at risk for HIV need to be linked to services -- such as mental health and syringe exchange programs -- that will help them stay in care, adhere to medication and avoid reinfection, a new University of Michigan study suggests. (2018-03-19)
Web technology can help chronically ill patients
Web based programmes can fill an important gap in how health care is currently provided for patients with chronic medical conditions, finds a study in this week's BMJ. (2004-05-13)
VA study backs use of physician assistants, nurse practitioners in diabetes care
VA patients with diabetes have similar health outcomes regardless of whether their primary provider is a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, according to a Durham VA Health Care System study. (2019-06-07)
Health-care reform must involve psychologists, medical providers, educate patients
For health-care reform to be successful, one University of Missouri public health expert has determined that professional associations for psychologists and other medical providers need to be at the forefront of the planning stages, and that everyone, including providers and patients, will need to be educated on rights and responsibilities. (2011-07-21)
End-of-life discussions do not affect survival rates, study shows
Discussing and documenting patients' preferences for care at the end of life does not cause them any harm, contrary to recent claims. (2011-09-28)
Commercial out-of-hours care providers score on average lower with patients
The team found less positive average patient experiences for some provider organization types, comparing commercial providers and NHS providers with not-for-profit providers. (2015-04-30)
Commercial out-of-hours GP services linked with poorer patient experience
Commercial providers of out of hours GP care in England are associated with poorer experience of care compared with NHS or not for profit providers, finds a study in The BMJ this week. (2015-04-30)
Most health providers in New York not ready to care for veterans, study finds
The Department of Veterans Affairs has been expanding a program to allow veterans to use their health benefits in the community rather than relying upon the VA health system. (2018-03-01)
Patients of medicare providers committing fraud, abuse more likely to be poor, disabled
A new study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health analyzed providers excluded from Medicare for fraud and abuse, and found that the patients they treated prior to being banned were more likely to be minorities, disabled and dually-enrolled in Medicaid to supplement financial assistance for health care. (2019-05-07)
PSU study finds out-of-network primary care tied to rising ACO costs
Accountable Care Organizations -- or ACOs -- formed for the first time in 2011, designed to combat rising medical costs and provide more coordinated care to Medicare patients. (2020-02-14)
African-Americans report less trust in health care providers than whites
A national survey suggests that African-Americans may have lower levels of trust in physicians, nurses and other health care providers than whites, especially if they regularly receive care in a facility other than a physician's office, according to an article in the April 24 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. (2006-04-24)
Study finds sexual trauma survivors have clear preferences in obstetric care
Researchers at Boston Medical Center (BMC) surveyed women with a history of sexual trauma and found that they have clear preferences regarding how they communicate their history with providers as well as certain aspects of their treatment plan. (2018-11-29)
Study casts light on addressing domestic violence among female US veterans
A new study, published in Springer's Journal of Family Violence, casts light on how health care providers respond to the emotional, sexual and physical violence that female veterans sometimes experience at the hands of their intimate partners. (2013-10-07)
Study: 49 percent of patients withhold clinically sensitive information
In the first real-world trial of the impact of patient-controlled access to electronic medical records, almost half of the patients who participated withheld clinically sensitive information in their medical records from some or all of their health care providers. (2014-12-17)
Changes to hospital electronic health records could improve care of patients on warfarin
A new study from University of Missouri Health Care has found that using electronic health records can improve the care patients on warfarin receive after they leave the hospital and eliminate potential confusion among care providers and pharmacists. (2017-01-11)
Message to mom: Don't worry -- you're still number one with your toddler
Authors of a forthcoming paper have re-examined 40 studies to assess relationships between children and their caregivers in childcare facilities. (2006-05-17)
Enhancing health care
In Canada, rates of type 2 diabetes are 3 to 5 percent higher in Indigenous peoples when compared to non-Indigenous peoples. (2017-01-23)
Health-care disparities exist for children with autism spectrum disorders, MU researcher says
University of Missouri researchers compared costs and types of services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) to costs and services for children with other conditions like asthma or diabetes. (2012-06-11)
More changes in health care needed to fulfill promise of health information technology
Despite wide investments nationally in electronic medical records and related tools, the cost-saving promise of health information technology has not been reached because the systems deployed are neither interconnected nor easy to use. (2013-01-07)
Primary care targeted for suicide prevention efforts
Forty-five percent of the 32,000 Americans who take their own lives each year visit their primary care provider within one month of their death. (2011-04-11)
Safety net health provider
A two-year study, which began Oct. 1 at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, will look at how safety net organizations in Michigan are coping with the current environment. (2001-11-05)
How to implement Advance Care Planning for patients
International recommendations for patient care in the last days of life have been drawn up by researchers. (2017-09-05)
Kellogg researcher helping eye care providers better assess driving in older adults
Drivers over age 65 are the fastest-growing segment of the driving population, and their eye care providers -- ophthalmologists and optometrists -- are playing an increasingly important role in assessing their ability to drive safely. (2011-08-22)
U of M researchers study homeless people's attitudes and concerns about death and end-of-life care
Health care providers should directly address issues surrounding death and dying with homeless patients, according to researchers from the University of Minnesota's Center for Bioethics. (2007-03-26)
A B C -- 1 2 3, but what is good for me?
Child care settings can serve as a platform to teach children about nutrition in our fight against childhood obesity, as nearly 50 percent of children in the United States under age 5 are enrolled in child care. (2012-11-08)
Family child care providers' behavior found to affect children's stress
A new study on preschoolers attending full-day child care in licensed day care homes has found increases in cortisol, a stress hormone, when the children are in child care that exceeds their levels at home. (2010-05-14)
Father (and mother) knows best
Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can develop symptoms before two years of age and usually can be diagnosed by three years of age; early identification of ASD is associated with improved long-term developmental outcomes. (2015-04-15)
Some hospitals face financial upheaval under new NHS payment system
Some hospitals will face sizeable changes to their incomes under a new NHS payment system, say researchers at Dr Foster in this week's BMJ. (2004-11-18)
Daycare illness guidelines exist, but largely unknown
A new Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center study shows that parents, pediatricians and child care providers are equally unknowledgeable about guidelines that recommend whether children should be excluded from child care due to particular illnesses. (2005-11-22)
Primary care doctors may be unsure when kids' bad moods are serious or not
Family medicine doctors and pediatricians are less confident than psychiatrists in their abilities to tell the difference between normal irritability and possibly bigger issues in children and adolescents, according to Penn State researchers. (2018-04-05)
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