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Bad medicine
Are individuals, families, communities and employers getting their money's worth from US health care? (2009-06-30)
Study examines aspects of conscientious objection among nurses
One-on-one interviews with eight nurses in Ontario revealed that nurses making conscientious objections to ethically relevant policies lack concrete supports and need protection in healthcare practice settings. (2018-10-17)
Substituting nurse practitioners, physician assistants & nurses for physicians older care
Substituting nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses for physicians in healthcare for the aging population may achieve healthcare quality at least as good as care provided by physicians, according to a review of published studies. (2017-04-03)
How to predict high school dropouts
Teenagers who do not access healthcare when needed are at greater risk of dropping out of high school. (2017-10-24)
Scientific community to set research agenda for infection prevention and control for next decade
The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology Inc., and the Infectious Diseases Society of America are convening the Fifth Decennial International Conference on Healthcare-Associated Infections 2010, the scientific event to set the health-care-associated infection prevention for the next decade March 18-22, 2010, in Atlanta, Ga. (2010-03-03)
Patients prefer to challenge nurses rather than doctors on safety issues
Patients prefer to challenge nurses rather than doctors about safety issues related to their care, reveals research in the journal Quality and Safety in Health Care. (2008-04-02)
Official patient complaints about health care 'tip of the iceberg'
Official complaints about health care are likely to be the (2012-01-26)
Simple checklists could improve child protection
Simple checklists and structured forms could help healthcare professionals pick up child abuse more effectively, suggests research published ahead of print in the Archives of Disease in Childhood. (2006-03-22)
Racism -- not what the doctor ordered
Patients from minority ethnic groups in the US may be facing racist attitudes and beliefs that can unintentionally affect their treatment, a review of healthcare providers has found. (2014-05-06)
Cardiovascular disease costs UK economy £29 billion a year
Cardiovascular disease costs the UK economy £29 billion a year in healthcare expenditure and lost productivity, reveals research published ahead of print in the journal Heart. (2006-05-14)
Medical ethicists working in hospitals need to have standards
A Queen's University professor is helping standardize practices for health-care ethicists who consult and give guidance on medical ethics issues to doctors, nurses and patients across the country. (2011-05-31)
Bold new Journal Healthcare Transformation launched Dec. 8, 2015
Healthcare Transformation, a new peer-reviewed open access journalzine published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., released its inaugural issue yesterday at the 13th Annual Jefferson University Gala at Jefferson University, Philadelphia. (2015-12-09)
NHS should have an independent regulator
The NHS should have an independent regulator like other public utilities in the UK, argues a senior doctor in this week's BMJ. (2005-10-20)
Hospitalists key to success of health care reform
On March 21, 2010, Congress passed the most comprehensive health care reform bill since the formation of Medicare. (2010-04-09)
Patients shy away from asking healthcare workers to wash hands
According to a new study published online today, most patients at risk for healthcare-associated infections agree that healthcare workers should be reminded to wash their hands, but little more than half would feel comfortable asking their physicians to wash. (2012-11-12)
People who want access to the NHS should behave more responsibly, says expert
Patients should recognize they have to take responsibility for their own health if they want access to free healthcare, says a leading academic. (2008-12-09)
Study identifies shortcomings young patients with type 2 diabetes transition to adult care
Youth-onset type 2 diabetes is increasing globally as a result of pediatric obesity. (2018-03-12)
Retain UK healthcare as a primarily publicly funded service, argues leading doctor
In The BMJ today, she argues that a mixed public-private healthcare system 'ultimately reduces the effectiveness of healthcare for everyone' and says 'it makes sense on grounds of equity, effectiveness and cost-efficiency to retain UK healthcare as a primarily publicly funded, delivered and accountable service.' (2017-10-25)
A healthy look at social media
The creation of a social media videoconferencing platform geared towards healthcare might pave the way for enhanced use of social media in the world of healthcare according to a study published this month in the International Journal of Electronic Finance. (2012-05-10)
Infection control 'urgently needed' to curb spread of XDR-TB among health care workers
Health care workers in South Africa are at a significantly increased risk of developing drug-resistant tuberculosis, or XDR-TB, in a trend which threatens to further exacerbate the already beleaguered health care systems in sub-Saharan countries, according to results of a new study. (2009-05-17)
Belief that flu jab really works boosts uptake among health-care workers
A belief that the seasonal flu jab really works is far more likely to sway health-care professionals to get vaccinated than the potential to protect at risk patients from infection, finds research published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. (2012-03-07)
Women are displacing men in healthcare services in New Zealand
Healthcare professions in New Zealand are now dominated by female workers, proving that equal opportunities legislation has widened choices for women, say researchers in this week's BMJ. (2004-01-15)
Overall well-being of a population associated with less per capita medicare spending
A new study in JAMA Network Open finds that the overall well-being of a population on a county level is associated with lower healthcare spending for each Medicare fee-for-service beneficiary. (2018-09-14)
Give patients NHS money to buy their own care
Patients with long-term, chronic conditions should be given money to organize and purchase their own care, according to an article in this week's BMJ. (2008-04-10)
Capita forms exclusive partnership with BMJ to enhance patient care
Capita Healthcare Decisions and global knowledge provider, BMJ have agreed an exclusive partnership to combine clinical decision support tool, BMJ Best Practice, with Capita's internationally renowned clinical decision support software and triage solutions. (2016-06-02)
Healthcare professionals need training to help them talk more comfortably about sexual issues
Ovarian cancer affects sexual functioning, but healthcare professionals' knowledge about this is inadequate, as is their communication with patients about sexual issues, concludes a study in this week's BMJ. (2001-10-11)
Positivity can transform the healthcare workplace
Positivity can transform the healthcare workplace, according to a professor at Binghamton University, State University of New York. (2019-03-04)
Researchers find Clostridium difficile is more common than MRSA in southeast community hospitals
Researchers studying epidemiology of health-care-associated infections (HAIs) found that rates of CDI surpassed infection rates for MRSA. (2010-03-22)
Communicating through interpreters -- a challenge for health care
The health care system faces a challenge in overcoming communication barriers when treating non-Swedish-speaking patients, reveals a thesis from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. (2010-10-22)
Home blood pressure monitoring improves control
Patients with high blood pressure (hypertension) who monitor their blood pressure at home have better control of their condition, according to a new study available on (2004-06-10)
Stop denying migrants their fundamental right to healthcare, says doctor
European countries must stop denying migrants their fundamental right to healthcare, argues a doctor in The BMJ today. (2016-04-12)
Will Trump administration seize opportunity to disrupt ailing health-care system?
'President Donald Trump has a unique opportunity to fundamentally disrupt a fragmented, expensive, inequitable, and illogical health-care system by making a 'deal' that puts patients first,' states Stephen K. (2017-04-06)
Healthcare workers wash hands more often when in presence of peers
Nationally, hand hygiene adherence by healthcare workers remains staggeringly low despite its critical importance in infection control. (2014-09-10)
Study reports predictors of poor hand hygiene in an emergency department
Researchers studying hand hygiene of health-care workers in the emergency department found certain care situations, including bed location and type of health-care worker performing care, resulted in poorer hand hygiene practice. (2011-10-03)
Students at Western University develop a novel way to teach interdisciplinary care
A unique board game developed by a group of medical students at Western University will help bridge gaps between various health disciplines to better educate students about their roles in interdisciplinary health teams. (2012-02-16)
Less than half of US healthcare workers get flu shots
UCLA/Harvard scientists measured flu vaccination rates among 1,651 US healthcare workers. (2006-01-24)
Northwestern Memorial HealthCare highlighted in Healthcare Equality Index 2014
For third year in a row, Northwestern is named a leader in providing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patient care in national survey. (2014-10-15)
The health care industry -- a system fraught with conflicts
Close to 50 million uninsured ... steeply rising insurance premiums ... employers cutting health care benefits. (2009-01-21)
Expert urges diligence in monitoring analgesic sensitivity in asthmatics
A leading respiratory physician has today urged healthcare professionals to remain diligent in monitoring for asprin sensitivity among people with asthma (1999-11-07)
Health staff 'too stressed' to deal with disasters
Increasing stress and a lack of motivation among healthcare staff could result in hospitals having to shut down in the wake of a major incident such as flooding or an earthquake, according to new research published in the journal Procedia Engineering. (2018-02-26)
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