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Australian researchers locate heart attack genes
University of Melbourne researchers, along with doctors and scientists from eight Melbourne hospitals, have located three genes that make heart attack more likely. (2002-05-23)
Small risk of sex triggering a heart attack in people at risk of heart disease
Having sex is a potential trigger for a heart attack in people with heart disease. (2001-09-16)
Depression may explain higher risk of heart attack associated with antidepressants
The underlying depression, rather than the effects of the drugs themselves, may explain the increased risk of heart attack associated with taking antidepressants, suggests research in Heart. (2005-03-14)
New Blood Marker "ACE" Scores High In Predicting
A blood protein called (1997-06-16)
Nationwide smoking ban would slash heart attack-related hospital admissions, lower health care cost
A nationwide smoking ban would result in more than 18,000 fewer heart attack hospitalizations in the year following such a ban and millions of dollars in direct cost savings, according to a new study. (2010-05-20)
What causes patients to delay seeking medical help?
What causes patients with symptoms of a heart attack to delay seeking medical help? (2002-04-25)
Chest pain duration can signal heart attack
Patients with longer-lasting chest pain are more likely having a heart attack than those with pain of a shorter duration. (2013-09-11)
Certain older adults don't get to the hospital soon enough when experiencing a heart attack
For individuals experiencing a heart attack, delays in getting to the hospital can have life-threatening consequences. (2017-10-18)
No risk of heart attack associated with short-term use of traditional painkillers
Short-term use of painkiller drugs in the same family as ibuprofen does not increase the risk of having a heart attack. (2005-11-27)
Heart attacks are more serious if they occur at certain times of the day
People who have a heart attack are likely to be more seriously affected if the attack happens in the morning, reveals research published ahead of print in Heart journal. (2011-04-27)
Mayo Clinic researchers: Stroke risk significant in month following heart attack
A Mayo Clinic research team discovered that heart attack patients have a 44-fold increased risk of stroke in the 30 days following the heart attack, compared with the general population, according to findings published in the current Annals of Internal Medicine. (2005-12-05)
How to spot a heart attack soon after it occurs
The sooner an individual who has had a heart attack is treated, the better their chance of survival and the less permanent damage is done to their heart. (2008-09-02)
Marker On TPA Gene Confers 2-Fold Heart Attack Risk, Dutch Scientists Find
A new gene marker was found twice as often among heart attack patients than healthy people in a new study appearing in today's American Heart Association journal Circulation. (1997-06-18)
Risk of repeat attacks in heart patients causes concern for doctors
The risk of heart attack patients having repeat attacks after they are discharged from hospital is being underestimated, research has shown. (2008-08-28)
Recurrent miscarriage raises heart attack risk fivefold in later life
Recurrent miscarriage increases a woman's chance of having a heart attack fivefold in later life, indicates research published online in the journal Heart. (2010-12-01)
Intense light prevents, treats heart attacks
There are lots of ways to treat a heart attack -- CPR, aspirin, clot-busters and more. (2012-04-25)
Nationwide smoking ban would help reduce heart attack admissions, slash costs
A nationwide smoking ban would save more than $90 million and significantly reduce hospitalizations for heart attack, according to a Henry Ford Hospital study. (2010-05-20)
Big rise in hospital admissions for angina and chest pain
Hospitalisation for angina and chest pain has risen dramatically in the last decade, with enormous financial and service implications, according to new research on (2004-05-20)
Heart attack care in Sweden superior to UK
People suffering from heart attacks in Sweden were less likely to die from them in the short and long-term than those in England and Wales, according to a new study. (2019-09-02)
Major heart attacks are more deadly during colder months
Heart attacks are more likely to kill you in the winter than in the summer, according to new research presented at the British Cardiovascular Society Conference in Manchester today. (2018-06-05)
Impaired mental status is associated with doubled death risk after heart attack in elderly
Impaired mental status is associated with a doubled risk of death one year after a heart attack in elderly patients, according to research presented today at ESC Congress 2018. (2018-08-26)
Bleeding hearts revealed with new scan
Images that for the first time show bleeding inside the heart after people have suffered a heart attack have been captured by scientists, in a new study published today in the journal Radiology. (2009-01-19)
Depression tied to higher risk of heart disease death
Depression can double the risk of death or repeat heart disease in heart attack patients, according to two reviews of more than 40 studies that examine the link between depression and heart disease. (2005-01-04)
Images reveal structure of heart cells that may hold heart attack clues
Newly released images revealing the 'bicycle spoke' structure of a heart cell may hold key clues to reducing damage from a heart attack. (2015-06-09)
Risk of heart problems among diabetic patients less than previously thought
Patients with type 2 diabetes are at lower risk of death and hospital admission for heart attack than patients with established coronary heart disease, finds a study in this week's BMJ. (2002-04-18)
Higher risks for women with diabetes using HRT
Women with diabetes who use hormone replacement therapy are at an increased risk of death from all causes and heart disease, finds a study in this week's BMJ. (2003-02-20)
Increased heart attack-related mortality in diabetics linked to protein oxidation
In this issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Min Luo and colleagues at the University of Iowa used a mouse model of diabetes to determine if ox-CAMKII was an essential component of the molecular pathway that increases heart attack-related mortality in diabetic patients. (2013-02-15)
Pain Is Not Only Feature Of Heart Attack
Pain is not the only symptom of a heart attack, according to a letter from Prof. (1998-08-27)
Poor ability to slow heart rate predicts death after heart attack
Heart attack survivors who lack variability in their heart rate are at a greater risk of death, according to a paper in this week's issue of The Lancet. (2006-05-18)
Regular physical activity protects against depression after heartattack
Researchers studied whether pattern of leisure time physical activity among prior to being hospitalized with first heart attack was associated with level of depressive symptoms after the initial heart attack. (2015-10-29)
Heart attack patients without obstructive coronary artery disease at high risk of residual angina
Patients without obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD) are just as at risk of angina as those with obstructive CAD, according to new research published today in the European Heart Journal-Quality of Care and Clinical Outcomes. (2015-08-19)
Doctors' decisions on initial hospital admissions may affect readmission rates
Higher hospitalization rates for discretionary conditions may lead to higher readmission rates, a new study found. (2011-05-13)
Chest CT can be first step to identifying if patient has had a heart attack
When radiologists are looking at contrast-enhanced chest CT examinations, they should take a look at the patient's heart to rule out heart attack, regardless of why the chest CT examination is being performed, a new study shows. (2005-05-19)
Risk Of Stroke After Heart Attack Highest Within Five Days
The chance of having a stroke after a heart attack is highest within five days of the attack, thus reducing a person's short-term and long-term survival, Swedish scientists report today in the current issue of the American Heart Association journal Stroke. (1997-04-08)
No Link Between Race And Body's Response To Heart Attack
In four separate studies, researchers from Henry Ford Hospital's Heart & Vascular Institute found no link between race and a patient's physiological response to a heart attack. (1997-07-24)
Some factors have a greater impact on heart attack risk in women than they do in men
High blood pressure, smoking and diabetes increase the risk of heart attack in both sexes but they have more impact in women than they do in men, shows a study published by The BMJ today. (2018-11-07)
More sensitive blood test better at identifying heart attacks
A highly sensitive blood test could help identify heart attacks in thousands of patients who would otherwise have gone undiagnosed, a study suggests. (2011-03-22)
Jefferson researchers find drug may give some cardiac protection 24 hours after heart attack
A drug has been shown to provide some protection to the heart from injury even if given as much as 24 hours after a heart attack, Jefferson Medical College researchers report. (2005-11-16)
Sex does not increase heart attack risk
Sex is rarely the cause of a heart attack, and most heart disease patients are safe to resume sexual activity after a heart attack, according to a research letter published today in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. (2015-09-21)
Repeat heart attack and death linked to hospitals with low care scores
Heart attack patients treated at hospitals with low care scores are at greater risk for another heart attack and/or death due to cardiovascular causes, Rutgers researchers found. (2019-03-26)
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