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New gene for familial high cholesterol
New research from Denmark reveals the gene that explains one quarter of all familial hypercholesterolemia with very high blood cholesterol. (2016-05-12)
Weekends peak time for heart attacks for young and middle aged men
Weekends are the peak time for heart attacks in young and middle aged men in France, suggests a study in Heart. (2001-08-21)
Patients with active asthma at higher risk for heart attack, Mayo Clinic research shows
Patients with active asthma -- such as any use of asthma medications, and unscheduled office or emergency visits for asthma -- are at a twofold risk of having a heart attack, according to Mayo Clinic research presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2014. (2014-11-16)
Simple changes in ICU can help heart attack patients: Study
To improve recovery for heart attack patients, hospitals should maintain normal day and night cycles for those patients during the first few days after the attack, say University of Guelph researchers. (2014-04-01)
Phone app helps doctors make right call in treating heart patients
A smart phone app could help doctors more easily identify patients who are at risk of dying within three years a heart attack. (2013-09-02)
Smoking, diabetes and high blood pressure increase women's risk of heart attack
Smoking, diabetes and high blood pressure increase the risk of a heart attack more in women than in men, new research from The George Institute for Global Health at the University of Oxford has found. (2018-11-07)
$15M Northwestern grant funds heart research
An estimated 100,000 patients who have heart attacks each year are not eligible for life-saving beta-blocker drug therapy because their heart rates are too low. (2007-03-06)
Professor Mary Schooling analyzes the relationship between testosterone and serious heart conditions
To explore whether there is a strong association between testosterone and the development of heart disease, CUNY SPH Professor Mary Schooling led a study using a technique called Mendelian randomization to analyze genetic variants that predict testosterone levels and their associations with blood clots, heart failure and heart attack in almost 400,000 men and women from a large genetic study and the UK Biobank study. (2019-03-06)
Gum disease higher in heart attack patients
Individuals who are having a heart attack are more likely to have serious inflammation of gum tissue known as periodontal disease than those with no known heart disease, according to a study presented today at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2000. (2000-11-11)
Additional Damage From Heart Attack Occurs Within 48 Hours Of Recovery
The tiniest blood vessels nourishing the heart are at risk of damage not only during a heart attack but also after normal blood flow returns through the region, a Johns Hopkins-led animal study has found. (1998-10-21)
Elevated biomarkers lead to diminished quality of life in heart attack patients post-discharge
Many heart attack patients have high levels of cardiac biomarkers in the blood for several months after leaving the hospital, with more shortness of breath and chest pain, according to a Henry Ford Hospital study. (2009-11-15)
High humidity is a risk factor for heart attack deaths among the elderly
High humidity, even in a relatively mild climate, boosts the risk of a heart attack among the elderly, reveals research published ahead of print in Heart. (2006-07-12)
Elderly heart attack survivors rarely filled prescription smoking cessation medications
Elderly smokers who were discharged from the hospital after having a heart attack rarely filled prescriptions for medications that might help them quit smoking, despite being counseled about the need to quit during their hospital stay, according to a preliminary study presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2016. (2016-11-13)
Annals of Internal Medicine, tip sheet, October 1, 2002
A study of Medicare and other government records of 130,099 elderly heart attack patients found that those with kidney disease were at much higher risk for death than other elderly heart attack patients during the month following hospitalization. (2002-09-30)
Over 400 heart attacks every year in young women smokers could be prevented
Over 400 heart attacks could be prevented every year in young women smokers, if they were to kick the habit, finds research published in Heart. (1999-10-24)
Early warning signs might have been missed in 1 in 6 heart attack deaths in England
Heart attack symptoms might have been missed in many patients admitted to hospital, according to a study on all heart attack hospital admissions and deaths in England. (2017-02-28)
High-risk, undertreated mystery heart attacks occurring more commonly in women
A mysterious type of heart attack known as MINOCA is more common and poses a higher risk than previously thought, especially for women, according to a new University of Alberta study. (2018-05-29)
Cardiac stem cells integrated into microneedle patches to treat heart attack
Scientists seeking to improve stem cell-related treatment options for heart attack survivors have engineered a patch that can better integrate stem cells into viable heart tissue. (2018-11-28)
Depression after heart attack: Threat perception has to be addressed
Patients who feel strongly threatened by their heart disease immediately after their heart attack have a higher risk of developing depressive symptoms. (2013-01-14)
Linking heart attack damage to the spleen and kidney, an integrated study of heart failure
Ganesh Halade, who uses a mouse heart attack model to research ways to prevent heart failure, has published a functional and structural compendium of the simultaneous changes taking place in the heart, spleen and kidneys in mice during the period of acute heart failure immediately following a heart attack and during the longer period of chronic heart failure that comes next. (2017-11-15)
A young woman's chances of surviving a heart attack depend on her postcode
Young women in Scotland are four times more likely to have a heart attack than young women in the South of England, but almost twice as likely to survive as their English counterparts. (2000-03-14)
Women with gout at greater risk of heart attack than men
Women with gout are at greater risk of a heart attack than men with the disease, indicates research published ahead of print in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. (2010-02-07)
Outcomes improved by longer delays between heart attacks and elective surgeries
Recent heart attack patients should wait longer than currently recommended before undergoing elective surgery, study says. (2011-03-24)
Exercise after a heart attack -- it could save your life
Becoming more physically active after a heart attack reduces the risk of death, according to research presented today at EuroPrevent 2018, a European Society of Cardiology congress. (2018-04-19)
Deaths from heart attacks halved in last decade
The death rate from heart attack in England has halved in the last decade, claims a research paper published today on (2012-01-25)
Triglyceride Blood Levels Predict Heart Attack
Physicians may need to pay closer attention to an individual's triglyerceride levels, according to researchers who say the blood fat is a (1997-10-29)
Study finds possible link between diabetes and increased risk of heart attack death
Having diabetes doubles a person's risk of dying after a heart attack, but the reason for the increased risk is not clear. (2013-02-15)
Psychological trauma of heart attack may undermine treatment
In the study of 102 heart attack patients, about 10 percent developed significant symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. (2001-08-30)
Technology may aid at-home heart attack diagnosis, patient monitoring
Bioengineers at the University of Texas at Dallas have developed a flexible, mechanically stable, disposable sensor for monitoring proteins circulating in the blood that are released from damaged heart muscle cells at the onset of a heart attack. (2016-10-13)
Hospital-based smoking cessation program after heart attack adds to success
Hospital-based smoking cessation programs, along with referrals to cardiac rehabilitation, appear to be associated with increased rates of quitting smoking following heart attack, according to a report in the Oct. (2008-10-13)
Heart attack in a laboratory dish
NWO researchers at Utrecht University have given heart muscle cells a heart attack in the laboratory. (2001-05-07)
Blood protein predicts risk of heart attack
High levels of a blood protein called mannose-binding lectin (MBL) are associated with lower risk of heart attack, particularly among diabetics, report Saevardottir and colleagues. (2004-12-27)
Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute researchers to present findings at annual Scientific Sessions
Cedars-Sinai researchers will participate in 42 presentations at American Heart Association meetings on topics ranging from a mutant gene that protects against atherosclerosis to new cardiac stem cell research and findings related to menopause and heart disease in women. (2008-11-12)
One more puff could be enough to cause a heart attack
Cigarette smoking seems to have an acute effect that may increase the risk of a heart attack following each cigarette smoked, according to a study presented today at the American Heart Association's 41st Annual Conference on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention. (2001-03-01)
Risk of heart attack may increase with certain anti-inflammatory drugs
Ibuprofen and other commonly used painkillers for treating inflammation may increase the risk of heart attack, says a study in this week's BMJ. (2005-06-09)
Vitamin D may help prevent heart failure after heart attack
New research has shown how vitamin D may help protect heart tissue and prevent heart failure after a heart attack, potentially offering a low-cost addition to existing treatments for heart failure. (2018-03-08)
No Link Found Between Heart Attack Risk And Low-Dose Estrogen Contraceptives
Women taking low-dose estrogen oral contraceptives did not face an increased heart attack risk, according to a study. (1998-09-14)
Implantable device delivers drugs straight to the heart
A refillable, implantable device, sits directly on the heart and delivers drugs and other therapies to treat the after-effects of a heart attack. (2018-06-11)
Extreme makeover of the heart: Matrix therapy is first FDA-approved procedure of its kind
A cardiovascular team at University of Utah Hospital has successfully performed a first-in-the-world heart procedure on a 72-year-old attorney after suffering a large heart attack. (2015-09-17)
Flu jab may halve heart attack risk in middle aged with narrowed arteries
The flu jab seems to almost halve the risk of heart attacks in middle aged people with narrowed arteries, finds research published in the journal Heart. (2013-08-21)
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