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Many adults have insufficient knowledge about heart failure
In the largest German survey on heart failure to date, investigators found that the overall awareness of heart failure has not increased over the past decade and is not at a satisfactory level. (2017-03-22)

Time to take notice and tackle heart failure
Experts have sounded a call to action for policy makers at local, national, and international levels to promote heart failure prevention, improve heart failure awareness among healthcare professionals, ensure equity of care for all patients with heart failure, support and empower patients and their caregivers, and promote heart failure research. (2014-09-02)

Diabetes may have important effects in patients with acute heart failure
Researchers have found that patients with acute heart failure and diabetes, compared with those without diabetes, have distinct markers related to inflammation, cardiovascular function, and kidney health. (2017-06-26)

Vitamin D deficiency linked to increased heart failure risk in older adults
A recent study found an elevated risk of heart failure in more than half of older individuals, and this risk was significantly associated with vitamin D deficiency. (2017-08-18)

Indicators of cancer may also be markers of heart failure
Heart failure and cancer are conditions with a number of shared characteristics. A new study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine found that in patients with heart failure, several known tumor markers can also be indicators of heart failure severity and progression. (2020-05-06)

Heart failure is as 'malignant' as some common cancers
A new analysis finds that, despite advances in care, men and women with a diagnosis of heart failure continue to have worse survival rates than patients with certain common cancers. (2017-05-04)

Sex, drugs, and heart failure
Heart failure is almost as common in women as men, but its characteristics vary by sex. A new review summarizes the current state of sex-sensitive issues related to heart failure drugs included in treatment guidelines, and suggests future directions for improved care. (2018-06-22)

Method helps determine heart failure patients' risks
A new analysis describes different classifications of patients who are hospitalized with acute heart failure based on various characteristics, which may help guide early decisions regarding triage and treatment. (2017-04-30)

Treating sleep-disordered breathing may have cardiovascular benefits for heart failure patients
Severe sleep-disordered breathing is linked with stiffening of the arteries' walls and may be related to the development of heart failure, according to a recent study in ESC Heart Failure, a journal of the European Society of Cardiology. (2018-02-21)

Heart failure is more common but less fatal in South Asian people
In the UK, more South Asian people are admitted to hospital with heart failure but are less likely to die than white people, according to a study in this week's BMJ. (2003-09-04)

Mayo Clinic study suggests emergence of new most common form of heart failure
Data from a 15-year period show that the prevalence of a particular type of heart failure -- heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, also known as diastolic heart failure -- is increasing. This type of heart failure now accounts for more than half of heart failure cases, according to Mayo Clinic research published in the July 19 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. An editorial accompanies this research, as well as another study on the same topic. (2006-07-19)

Heart pumps save lives
Heart failure is a very common condition: around 200,000 people in Sweden have been diagnosed with the disease. Some patients with life-threatening heart failure can be helped by mechanical heart pumps, reveals a thesis from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. (2010-06-14)

Researchers find comparable long-term outcomes between diastolic and systolic heart failure patients
A new study by researchers at Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center found comparable long-term outcomes between congestive heart failure patients with preserved ejection fraction commonly known as (2014-01-09)

Metabolic syndrome significantly boosts risk of heart failure in middle age
Metabolic syndrome significantly boosts the chances of heart failure in middle age, suggests research published ahead of print in Heart. (2006-05-21)

Ivabradine may not benefit certain heart failure patients
Researchers have completed a randomized clinical trial in patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF), which currently has no effective treatment for reducing morbidity and mortality. (2017-04-30)

Evidence For A Heart Failure Epidemic Released
Reseachers now have what they see as proof of a heart failure epidemic. And they are issuing a call to action for health care systems to meet the need. (1999-03-08)

Heart failure patients with kidney dysfunction don't recover well after hospital discharge
Most heart failure patients who develop kidney failure in the hospital do not recover from it before going home and are at increased risk of either being re-hospitalized or dying within the year, according to a Henry Ford Hospital study. (2009-11-17)

Study highlights genetic risk of heart failure
Heart failure is known to be more common in certain families but whether this familial transition is caused by genetic or lifestyle factors. By studying adoptees in relation to both their biological parents and adoptive parents, a new population study in Sweden has found that genetic heritage is the dominant factor when it comes to heart failure in these families. (2018-07-12)

National Service Framework for heart failure urgently needed
A new National Service Framework for chronic heart failure is urgently needed, because patients with heart failure are getting a raw deal, despite the availability of effective treatment, say leading cardiologists in Heart. (2005-06-15)

Beta blocker use identified as hospitalization risk factor in 'stiff heart' heart failure
A new study links the use of beta-blockers to heart failure hospitalizations among those with the common 'stiff heart' heart failure subtype. (2019-12-04)

Is coronary revascularization the best treatment option for heart failure?
Using data from the Alberta Provincial Project for Outcomes Assessment in Coronary Heart Disease (APPROACH), Tsuyuki and associates compare survival outcomes among patients with heart failure treated medically and those who underwent coronary revascularization. (2006-08-14)

Obesity and diabetes double risk of HF -- patients with both conditions 'very difficult' to treat
The twin epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes will continue to fuel an explosion in heart failure, already the world's most prevalent chronic cardiovascular disease, according to John McMurray, professor of cardiology at the Western Infirmary, Glasgow, and president of the Heart Failure Association. (2009-05-30)

Researchers figure out how hearts fail
Researchers have determined how metabolic pathways differ between healthy and failing hearts. (2005-07-21)

Can manipulating gut microbes improve cardiac function in patients with heart failure?
A clinical study called the GutHeart Trial is poised to examine the potential relationship between the bacterial composition of the gut and inflammatory and metabolic pathways in the cardiovascular system (2018-08-08)

Heart Failure Congress 2009
Heart failure is by far the most prevalent chronic cardiac condition that still bears huge challenges in terms of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. These will all be addressed at Heart Failure 2009, the annual congress of the Heart Failure Association of the European Society of Cardiology, which takes place in Nice, France, from May 30 to June 2. (2009-04-06)

Hypertension Found To Be A Dominant Risk Factor For Heart Failure In African Americans
Hypertension is the dominant risk factor that causes a higher prevalence of heart failure in African Americans than in Caucasians, according to a Henry Ford cardiologist. The findings are being presented today at the American Heart Association meeting in Dallas. (1998-11-09)

Heart failure patients treated for diabetes with insulin have increase in mortality
UCLA researchers for the first time showed that advanced heart failure patients with diabetes who are treated with insulin faced a mortality rate four times higher than heart failure patients with diabetes treated with oral medications. (2004-12-30)

Red meat metabolite levels high in acute heart failure patients, research shows
A University of Leicester study shows a possible link between red meat and heart disease. (2016-02-18)

Jefferson researchers find potential biomarket for heart failure
A team of cardiology researchers at Thomas Jefferson University has determined that GRK2, a protein that plays an important regulatory role in heart failure, is elevated in patients with failing hearts when compared to patients with normal heart function. (2006-09-11)

UK hospitals short-changing women with heart failure
Women with heart failure are less likely than men to receive recommended investigations and treatment, when admitted to hospital as an emergency, reveals an extensive UK survey, published ahead of print in the journal Heart. (2007-11-13)

Doctors' decisions on initial hospital admissions may affect readmission rates
Higher hospitalization rates for discretionary conditions may lead to higher readmission rates, a new study found. (2011-05-13)

Common painkillers associated with increased risk of first hospital admission for heart failure
Common painkillers, such as ibuprofen, are associated with a 30 percent increased risk of first hospital admission for heart failure, reveals research published ahead of print in Heart. (2006-05-21)

New therapy found to prevent heart failure
A landmark study has successfully demonstrated a 29 percent reduction in heart failure or death in patients with heart disease who received an implanted cardiac resynchronization therapy device with defibrillator (CRT-D) vs. patients who received only an implanted cardiac defibrillator (ICD-only). (2009-06-23)

New figures reveal social gradient of heart failure
Socially deprived individuals are 44% more likely to develop heart failure but 23% less likely to see their general practitioner on a regular basis compared with affluent patients, finds new research available on (2004-04-22)

Heart-failure patients show brain injury linked to depression
A UCLA imaging study revealed significant tissue loss in the regions of heart-failure patients' brains that regulate the autonomic nervous system, interfering with the cardiovascular system's ability to swiftly adapt to changes in blood pressure and heart rate. The damage lies in the same brain areas showing changes in people suffering major depression, which may explain why many heart-failure patients are often depressed. (2005-08-19)

New hope for treating heart failure
Heart failure patients who are getting by on existing drug therapies can look forward to a far more effective medicine in the next five years or so, thanks to University of Alberta researchers. (2017-03-07)

Heart failure and stroke identified as lethal combination
Heart failure and stroke has been identified as a lethal combination in research presented today at EuroHeartCare 2017. Heart failure patients with previous stroke had greater risks of depression, hospitalization and death than those without a history of stroke. (2017-05-20)

Study reveals barriers to effective doctor-patient communication
Patients with chronic heart failure often feel unable to ask their doctors questions about their illness and believe that doctors are reluctant to provide them with too much knowledge, finds new research in this week's BMJ. (2000-09-07)

New drug prevents arrhythmias that cause sudden cardiac death
Heart researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have developed and tested a unique heart arrhythmia drug that could prevent the sudden death of millions of people with heart failure as well as people with an inherited heart disorder. The drug represents one of the first molecular-based therapies for heart failure and avoids the toxicity of current treatments. (2004-04-08)

Mayo Clinic study: People with heart failure at significant increase for death from stroke
People with heart failure are twice as likely to die from a stroke as the general population, new research at Mayo Clinic has found. This research will be presented today at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2005 in Dallas. (2005-11-15)

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