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MADRID-MIT M+Vision Consortium hosts Biomedical Innovation Conference 2012
The 2012 Biomedical Innovation Conference -- Building High-Performance Innovation Ecosystems, scheduled for June 5-6 in Madrid, will host the presentation of IDEA2 Madrid, a program developed to encourage biomedical innovation in the region. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) joins Madrid's regional government in order to promote the creation of new innovation ecosystems. (2012-05-30)

The next Horizon: Strategies to promote European competitiveness in innovation
EU-LIFE, the alliance of research centers in life sciences to support and strengthen European research excellence released today a statement with its recommendations for next framework program for Research & Innovation, FP9. Strong key message is: to drive European leadership in innovation, boost excellent ground breaking research in combination with professional technology transfer. (2017-01-16)

Australia needs right tools to build path to innovation
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is desperate for Australia to be innovative -- but do businesses have the technologies they need to truly transform? (2015-11-05)

EUREKA welcomes President Sarkozy's endorsement of its 'savoir faire'
At the conclusion of the First European Sessions on Innovation under its EU Presidency , French President Nicolas Sarkozy stated that -- especially in these times of major financial uncertainty -- Europe should be giving research and innovation a place (2008-12-16)

The European Gender Summit - more women in science, better research results for everybody
The European Gender Summit - set to take place on Nov. 29-30, 2012 in the European Parliament, Brussels - is a sold-out event that will gather together 400 key stakeholders from across the research, academic and policy spheres to call for science excellence through an awareness of gender issues. (2012-11-19)

April 16 symposium on innovation and the federal SBIR program
The economic benefits that flow from innovation depend on translating the results of research into new products and services. (2010-04-12)

New perspectives on technological innovation for poverty reduction and development
While entrepreneurship and technological innovation have been critical to economic growth in the world's wealthy countries, developing nations have had mixed results in replicating this success. This workshop will take a critical look at the relationships between entrepreneurship and technological innovation, and how they can contribute to development. (2008-10-24)

Pitt designated an innovation corps site by National Science Foundation
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has designated the University of Pittsburgh as an NSF I-Corps site. The award, which supports innovation activities at select academic institutions, comes with a three-year, $300,000 grant to be used to advance innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurship at Pitt. (2015-03-30)

EU-LIFE calls for an increased ERC budget
The European Research Council is key to excellent basic research, the cornerstone of disruptive innovation. EU-LIFE, the alliance of European research centers in life sciences, urges politicians to unequivocally support the ERC by raising its budget in FP9 and endorsing its guiding principles. At present the innovation potential in Europe can't be fully exploited because of a lack of funding. (2017-03-13)

IEEE-USA commends Senators Ensign, Lieberman for introducing 'National Innovation Act of 2005'
IEEE-USA commends Sens. John Ensign (R-Nev.) and Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) for introducing the (2005-12-15)

Fair to showcase innovations in natural resources, forestry
The fair highlights new concepts, practices, and technologies generated by PNW Research Station scientists and their collaborators with application to forests in the Pacific Northwest. (2004-02-18)

Innovation predicts higher profits and stock returns
A large-scale study of the link between innovation and financial performance in Australian companies has found more innovative companies post higher future profits and stock returns. (2021-02-16)

IEEE-USA innovation forum will help prepare US tech leaders to prosper in a global marketplace
IEEE-USA will host its first IEEE-USA Innovation Forum at the Fairview Park Marriott in Falls Church, Va., on Nov. 6-8. The day-and-a-half forum is designed to promote the innovation process, highlight new technologies and trends, and help scientists, engineers and allied professionals improve their innovative skills. Unlike programs offered by and for business school graduates, the IEEE-USA Innovation Forum is grounded in the experience of successful technology innovators. (2007-10-01)

Rio+20 must radically rethink innovation
A radical new approach to innovation is urgently needed to ensure a fair and green economy and avoid reversing progress made on global poverty reduction, according to leading scientists. Ahead of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, or Rio+20, the ESRC STEPS Centre makes recommendations for negotiators to rethink the way science and innovation can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals that are likely to emerge from Rio. (2012-03-27)

Developing innovation leaders can be crucial to corporate competitiveness, growth
A leader's ability to identify and diffuse innovations is critical to adapting to changing technologies and customer preferences, enhancing employee creativity, developing new products, supporting their organization's market competitiveness, and sustaining economic growth, according to a Penn State researcher. (2006-07-19)

U of Minnesota finds that corporate culture is most important factor in driving innovation
Corporate culture is, above all, the most important factor in driving innovation. Firm level factors are more important than anything else -- even location -- in predicting radical innovation. (2008-11-18)

UH named 'Innovation and Economic Prosperity University'
The University of Houston today was designated as an Innovation & Economic Prosperity University by the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, a designation acknowledging universities working with public and private sector partners to support economic development through a variety of activities, including innovation and entrepreneurship, technology transfer, talent and workforce development and community development. (2014-07-10)

National Science Foundation launches "Innovation Nation"
The National Science Foundation today released the first in a series of video programs called Innovation Nation, hosted by veteran science and technology correspondent Miles O'Brien and currently airing nationally on the the Science Channel. (2010-11-04)

Fulbright partners with RMIT for new scholarships
A partnership between the Australian-American Fulbright Commission and RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, has created two new scholarships. The Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is for a US citizen to work at RMIT for 6 months. The new Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholarship is for an Australian citizen from any academic background to conduct study or research in the US for 10 months. (2015-11-30)

The right pathway to better health and science
Medicines Australia has welcomed today's release of the House of Representatives Science and Innovation Committee report on Pathways to Technological Innovation. (2006-06-19)

Manchester secures £4m tech-boost for UK textiles
The University of Manchester's William Lee Innovation Centre (WLIC) has secured £4m to launch a new project aimed at helping the UK textiles industry regain its competitive edge over foreign markets. (2006-04-25)

IEEE-USA President encourages bipartisan efforts to pass innovation legislation
IEEE-USA President Ralph W. Wyndrum Jr. encourages bipartisan cooperation on legislation promoting US competitiveness and innovation in a letter sent to House and Senate leaders today. (2006-02-14)

Is industrialization still the best path to development?
With more than one billion people in poverty, many argue there is an acute need for industrial development and the quality jobs, diversified economies, education, training and innovation that go with it. But is industrialization still possible given the global economic crisis, environmental and other constraints? A UN workshop on world industrialization will take place Oct. 22-23 at UNU-MERIT, Maastricht, the Netherlands. (2009-10-20)

New initiative targets emerging models of technological innovation
Technological innovation -- as essential as ever for economic growth -- now occurs in a rapidly changing global and local context. To identify the emerging models of technological innovation that will propel US competitiveness in the coming decades, the Council on Competitiveness is beginning the Exploring Innovation Frontiers Initiative with support from the National Science Foundation. (2015-06-10)

Dutch government could do more to promote sustainable energy
Dutch researcher Simona Negro discovered that seven key factors exert a major influence on the success or failure of sustainable energy in the Netherlands. The Dutch government is good at knowledge development and diffusion, but is failing to adequately fulfil the other five factors needed for successful innovation. (2007-02-15)

Finland prioritizes agreement on the EU research budget and boosting innovation during Presidency
Finland has announced its priorities for research and innovation during its Presidency of the EU, to start on 1 July: concluding negotiations on the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7); and developing a broad-based innovation policy. (2006-06-29)

Innovate and compete with science
One of the keys to responding to many global problems and needs, with sustainable solutions, lies in building a society that uses knowledge to innovate, according to experts at foromadrid ciencia&empresa. (2012-04-30)

Entrepreneurial University of the Year 2012
The University of Huddersfield has won the award of Entrepreneurial University of the Year Award. The award was presented last night (29 Nov.) at the Times Higher Education Awards 2012. (2012-12-10)

EUREKA communicates its position on EU Green Paper
The EUREKA Secretariat has communicated to Research Commissioner Janez Potoènik its response on the European Commission's Green Paper on the European Research Area. It has congratulated the commission for initiating an important reflection on the future development of the ERA. (2007-09-17)

Sustainable business innovation adds firms' market value
Sustainable business innovation is good business; researchers from Aalto University, Finland have proved. The researchers tested how sustainability business innovations and the market value of companies in the construction sector are connected. The study is a first of its kind. (2012-12-05)

Portuguese entrepreneurs to participate in MIT's International Workshop on Innovating
From June 13-17, a group of selected graduate students and entrepreneurs will be immersed in a residential, hands-on program designed for participants from Europe and from MIT. (2016-06-13)

U of M researchers find that the words of a CEO can foretell a company's future innovation
Many stockholders wish they could look into a crystal ball to forecast a firm's performance. Researchers at the University of Minnesota have found that they need something far less mystical to predict future innovations of firms. (2007-08-14)

Academic inventors critical to American innovation
In a paper published in Technology and Innovation, Proceedings of the National Academy of Inventors, Richard Malsby, associate commissioner for innovation and development for the USPTO, advocates for promoting American academic innovation and favors building a close relationship with the National Academy of Inventors for educational outreach concerning the value of recognizing and supporting academic inventors. (2012-02-22)

Leading scientists call for improved innovation policy across Europe
A new report from the European Science Foundation assesses the science of innovation in Europe. (2012-07-18)

Businesses divided on training needs
A monthly internet survey run by the Institute for Enterprise and Innovation at the University of Nottingham has found that opinions within small- and medium-sized businesses are divided over the usefulness of training to promote innovation. (2006-10-31)

ASU professor explores the ethics of scientific research and why they matter
Discovery and innovation are important to science, but how are they connected to each other, and how can they be fostered to benefit the wider public? Jason Robert, the Lincoln Chair in Ethics and Dean's Distinguished Professor of Life Sciences at Arizona State University discussed that question today (Feb. 16) at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago. (2014-02-16)

IEEE-USA Innovation Forum designed for high-tech professionals
The IEEE-USA Innovation Institute, created to help high-tech professionals improve their innovation skills, will host its second Innovation Forum at the Westin Waltham Boston in Waltham, Mass., on June 10-12. (2008-06-09)

Cooperation with R&D organizations is significantly distinctive for advanced innovators
The innovation performance of firms depends on their ability to innovate in cooperation with external partners. In a study, HSE researchers found that most of innovation in Russian manufacturing happens in a sort of open processes, but extensive cooperation networks are barely detectable. The study was published in the December issue of Foresight and STI Governance. (2020-12-23)

Shortfall in business innovation at the root of Canada's lagging productivity
Canada's persistent weakness in productivity growth is due to business strategy choices. (2009-05-07)

Fostering science & innovation ecosystems: Portugal-US partnerships
On May 28 and 29, 2015 at Palácio Foz in Lisbon, the US-Portugal Partnerships sponsored by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia will hold their first Joint Conference and Exhibition on Fostering Science and Innovation Ecosystems. (2015-05-26)

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