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Indian and Chinese companies at the forefront of innovation
There is a widespread view that Indian and Chinese companies compete with the West through lower wages and cheap imitations. However, according to innovation researcher Monica Plechero, that era is over. In a new study from Lund University, Sweden, she shows that both India and China hold their own in competition, including when it comes to developing new products. She also thinks the West has something to learn from their innovation processes. (2013-01-11)

How to pay top executives if you want them to be innovative
When pay dispersion is perceived as linked to an executive's individual performance (as in variable pay), it's considered legitimate and may promote knowledge-sharing and cooperation among top executives. On the contrary, when pay dispersion is not perceived to depend on individual contribution (as in fixed pay), it ignites a demotivating process of social comparison, detrimental to knowledge sharing and cooperation, according to a study by Bocconi University's Mario Daniele Amore. (2019-02-12)

Declan Kirrane at the NATO Advanced Research Workshop
Declan Kirrane of ISC will give several presentations at the NATO Advance Research Workshop on R&D Priorities in Innovation Policy and Financing in Former Socialist Countries that will take place on 6-8 May 2004 in Blagoevrad, Bulgaria. (2004-03-18)

First IEEE-USA Innovation Forum coming to Washington area in November
IEEE-USA will host its first Innovation Forum at the Fairview Park Marriott in Falls Church, Va., on Nov. 6-8. The event is designed to promote the innovation process, highlight new technologies and trends, and help high-tech professionals improve their innovation skills. (2007-10-18)

Why you should be concerned about Oprah Winfrey when introducing an innovation
New research by Bocconi University's Paola Cillo and Gaia Rubera with Texas A&M's David Griffith asserts that the reaction of large individual investors to innovation is an important component of stock returns, their reaction to innovation depends on their national culture, and there is a way to segment large individual investors and pitch innovation to them accordingly. (2019-01-22)

University of Houston wins 'Connections' award for economic engagement
The University of Houston has been named winner of the 'Connections' award, announced Tuesday by the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) as part of the second annual Innovation & Economic Prosperity University Awards. The awards were announced Tuesday, Nov. 4, on the final day of the APLU annual meeting in Orlando, Fla. Other winners were the University of Massachusetts-Boston, for the Talent award; the Georgia Institute of Technology, for the Innovation award; and North Carolina State University, for the Place award. (2014-11-04)

G8-UNESCO to hold world forum on education, research and innovation
Three-day Forum to discuss connections between education, research and innovation. Major figures from international organizations, government, universities and private sector to attend. (2007-04-30)

Implementation science can create a workforce equipped for new health care environment
Center for Health Innovation & Implementation Science poster presentation at AAMC's 10th Annual Health Workforce Research Conference proposes establishment of units within health systems as infrastructure for testing, studying, evaluating and refining strategies to disseminate and implement evidence-based practices focusing on patient outcomes. Healthcare professionals and administrators can become part of new health care workforce that moves evidence into practice and drives innovation on front lines of health care. (2014-05-01)

US Secretary of Commerce to moderate forum on innovation at University of Minnesota
US Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez will co-moderate a CEO forum on innovation July 28 at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management, 321 19th Ave. S., Minneapolis. The forum will focus on research and development, sales and marketing, and the willingness to take risk in a competitive marketplace. (2008-07-23)

Labor economist Richard Freeman to liken innovation to GDP at AAAS in June
Leading labor economist Dr. Richard Freeman will liken a new way of measuring innovation to GDP during his keynote address at a STEM measurement workshop in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday June 6. (2012-05-17)

Model aims to help companies make products we actually want
Researchers have developed a model that will, hopefully, help companies develop innovative products that people actually want to use. The model is a first step towards capturing the behavior of both companies and consumers, so that we end up with more iPods and fewer Edsels. (2013-02-12)

Fogarty Institute for Innovation and FDA collaborate to create an educational interface
The Fogarty Institute for Innovation, a nonprofit that provides intellectual, physical and financial resources to medtech startups, and the FDA signed an agreement to begin a first-of-its-kind educational program to help accelerate medical device innovation and improve the overall efficiency of the approval process. (2015-09-01)

Louisiana Tech University wins EDA grant for I-20 Corridor Maker's Innovation Network
US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker announced Monday that Louisianan Tech University is among 17 winners of the 2014 Regional Innovation Strategiesi6 Program national competition designed to advance innovation and capacity-building activities in regions across the country. (2015-04-02)

New board seeks expertise of Walter and Eliza Hall Institute director
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute director Professor Doug Hilton is one of eight people appointed to an expert advisory board created to guide priorities for the Australian Government's Medical Research Future Fund. (2016-04-04)

Start-ups must be aware of star employee pitfalls
The presence of both a star inventor and founder within a company has a positive effect on the firm's performance, but when you have both of them together on a team, the outcomes can become diminished. (2019-08-28)

Science Coalition commends President's 'strategy for innovation'
The Science Coalition strongly supports President Barack Obama's efforts to increase investment in basic research as a means to spur innovation and fuel the economy. (2009-09-21)

Award-winning sheet
Empa, in conjunction with the company Schoeller Medical AG and the Swiss Paraplegic Centre, has won the Innovation Prize at the international Techtextil trade fair. The award went to the jointly developed sheet for preventing bedsores, a solution that is both low-cost and effective for reducing pressure sores in bedridden patients. (2013-05-03)

Scripps Research Institute announces 'Scripps Advance,' a new drug discovery initiative
The Scripps Research Institute today announced the formation of Scripps Advance, a new drug discovery initiative to translate early-stage biomedical research projects, both internal and external to TSRI, into clinical development candidates. Scripps Advance's first collaborator in this new endeavor is the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center in California. (2014-04-14)

Are we there yet? A new tool to measure progress in cancer research
In a new paper published today in ecancermedicalscience, researchers aim to measure progress in cancer research through the use of a new tool that relies on multiple measures to determine the 'progress' and 'value' of research. (2015-01-07)

AGA leads the way in GI innovation
The American Gastroenterological Association is taking the lead in gastroenterological innovation by conducting (2010-02-23)

Wound healing gel wins Medical Futures award
A bio-active gel developed by UCL scientists that is capable of healing wounds in half the time it takes currently, has won the award for the Best Biotechnology Start-Up at the Medical Futures Innovation Awards in London. (2003-11-03)

New Open Innovation Forum
Virttu has created an Open Innovation Forum to give researchers access to its modified oncolytic virus as a carrier for new oncology combination therapies. (2012-11-05)

5 Nobel Laureates attending EuroScience Open Forum in Copenhagen
Five Nobel Laureates will be among the speakers at Europe's largest general science event. 4,500 delegates and 30,000 visitors are expected for EuroScience Open Forum 2014 that takes place in the historic Carlsberg City District this summer. Registration for the forum has now opened. (2014-01-28)

UofL geriatrician selected for new federal Innovation Advisors Program
Christian Davis Furman, M.D., M.S.P.H., vice chair for geriatric medicine in the Department of Family and Geriatric Medicine at the University of Louisville, has been selected for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Innovation Advisors Program. She is the only Kentuckian among the 73 individuals from 27 states and the District of Columbia selected to participate. (2012-01-06)

The United Arab Emirates University organizes a symposium on intellectual property and the transfer of technology
As part of the United Arab Emirates University's ambitious vision and in response to the directives of His Excellency Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Chancellor of UAEU, the Intellectual Property and Transfer of Technology Office from the Department of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, organized a symposium on Intellectual Property and the Transfer of Technology on Monday, Nov. 23, 2015. (2015-11-25)

Companies with more financial analysts produce more and better-quality patents
Long-term growth in profits depends significantly on firms' investment in innovation activities. However, firms may not invest in innovation in an optimal way. Some distortions arise because the decisions as to whether and how to invest in innovation are not only affected by their long-term expected benefits but also by other considerations. (2019-02-14)

IEEE-USA President endorses national innovation strategy
IEEE-USA President Gordon Day said today that he strongly endorses the (2009-09-22)

Hackensack University Medical Center becomes the first health-care charter member of NJII
The New Jersey Innovation Institute, an NJIT corporation that applies the intellectual and technological resources of the state's science and technology university to challenges identified by industry partners, has announced that Hackensack University Medical Center (HackensackUMC) has become the first health-care charter member of NJII and a partner in its Healthcare Delivery Systems Innovation Lab (iLab). HackensackUMC will also have a seat on the iLab's advisory board. (2016-02-03)

Pharmaceutical industry welcomes Labor Party's Innovation Blueprint
Medicines Australia has welcomed today's release of the Labor Party's Innovation Blueprint -- Turning Aussie Brilliance into Dollars. (2006-07-10)

Pitt researcher receives Innovation Award for Parkinson's research
Laurie Sanders, Ph.D., assistant professor of neurology in the Pittsburgh Institute of Neurodegenerative Diseases, University of Pittsburgh, will receive the William N. & Bernice E. Bumpus Foundation Innovation Award. (2015-01-26)

New Opportunities in the European Research
Intelligence in Science has announced details of the seminar entitled: (2006-03-06)

Innovation is widespread in rural areas, not just cities
Conventional measures of innovation suggest that only big cities foster new ideas, but a more comprehensive measure developed at Penn State shows that innovation is widespread even in rural places not typically thought of as innovative. (2020-01-02)

How a positive work environment leads to feelings of inclusion among employees
Fostering an inclusive work environment can lead to higher satisfaction, innovation, trust and retention among employees, according to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York. (2019-03-18)

$1.86 billion boost for UK science and innovation
UK Chancellor Gordon Brown has announced of $1.86bn (£1bn) extra funding for UK science in his comprehensive Government spending review. Investment in science will rise from $7.27bn (£3.9bn) this year to $9.32bn (£5bn) by 2008 and will be spent on science teaching, support for graduates and for partnerships with business. The framework and extra funding is all part of a 10-year strategy to further boost UK science and innovation. (2004-07-12)

Innovation Generation
In INNOVATION GENERATION: How to Produce Creative and Useful Scientific Ideas, internationally renowned physician and scientist Roberta Ness bestows all the tools readers need to think (2012-04-06)

Ventracor wins Australian Government Grant
Ventracor (ASX: VCR) today announced the award of a $2.8 million Commercial Ready Grant from the Australian Federal Government to fund further development of the VentrAssist left ventricular assist device (LVAD). (2007-01-23)

Clemson hosting scientists who study devastating diseases
Clemson University is hosting the region's leading scientists for discussions about the causative agents of some of the most devastating and intractable diseases of humans, including malaria, amoebic dysentery, sleeping sickness, Chagas disease and fungal meningitis. (2013-10-24)

Synthetic biology: Risk reduction, uncertainty and ethics
Joyce Tait, Founder and co-Director of the Innogen Institute -- a partnership with the University of Edinburgh and The Open University in the United Kingdom to speak during the AAAS 2020 session on 'Synthetic Biology: Digital Design of Living Systems.' She will explore the re-engineering of biological components through computational modelling and bio-systems design technologies and how they will require new frameworks for adaptive and responsible regulation. (2020-02-07)

EUREKA supports European Council commitment to R&D investment
Following the European Council on 22 and 23 March 2005, the EUREKA Network fully supports the Council's commitment to maintaining the objective of 3% investment in research and development (R&D). (2005-03-29)

UTSA Commercialization Centers among national awardees of EDA grant funding
On Tuesday, Nov. 15, at Austin City Hall, US Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development, Jay Williams, announced major US Economic Development Administration investments for Texas and other states. Through a collaborative effort, the UTSA Institute for Economic Development's SBDC Technology Commercialization Center and the UTSA Office of Commercialization Innovation were among national awardees of the EDA-sponsored Regional Innovation Strategies i6 Challenge competition, securing a $500,000 matching grant towards their $1 million project. (2016-11-16)

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