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Space station's 'Doorway to the Infinite' to depart NASA Marshall Sept. 13, bound for Florida
The International Space Station's Joint Airlock Module -- the gateway by which crewmembers will enter and exit the 470-ton orbiting research facility -- will leave the Marshall Center, bound for Kennedy Space Center, Fla., on Sept. (2000-09-07)
Message from space for Olympic athletes
From one international cooperation to another, the crew of the International Space Station (ISS), American William McArthur and Russian Valery Tokarev, yesterday congratulated the Olympic athletes gathered in Turin, Italy, for the closing ceremony of the 20th Olympic Winter Games. (2006-02-27)
Jules Verne ATV launch approaching
After the successful launch of ESA's Columbus laboratory aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis on Thursday, Feb. (2008-02-11)
NASA awards study contracts for Space Station contingency cargo launch services
NASA has awarded four small businesses 90-day contracts totaling $902,000 to develop concepts and requirements to provide access to the International Space Station on emerging launch systems. (2000-08-24)
UB engineer creates software to detect and find leaks in International Space Station
A new software system designed by a University at Buffalo aerospace engineer will help NASA detect and find air leaks in the International Space Station. (2003-09-02)
Astronauts blame their space station symptoms on bad air
Is the International Space Station suffering from sick building syndrome? (1999-07-28)
Assessment of ESA's ATV mission readiness results in a new launch window
Europe's first Automated Transfer Vehicle is ready for launch and will be shipped to Europe's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, in mid-July for a launch campaign that will last several months. (2007-06-14)
'Backbone' of International Space Station to depart NASA's Marshall Center Oct. 5 for Kennedy Space Center
On Oct. 5, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center will send the starboard-side truss -- part of the backbone of the International Space Station -- on the next leg of its long journey into space history. (1999-09-30)
The astronaut's cookbook
Most people are intimately familiar with the awe-inspiring photos of space shuttle launches or images of the Earth from the International Space Station. (2009-11-13)
Discovery lands at Kennedy Space Center
Space Shuttle Discovery successfully landed at NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Florida, at 15:14 CEST (13:14 UT) today. (2006-07-17)
Jules Verne reaches 'parking' orbit
Jules Verne ATV has today reached a parking position 2000 km ahead of the International Space Station. (2008-03-20)
A journey into space at the Berlin Air Show
The Berlin Air Show 2004 (also known as ILA 2004) takes place between Monday 10 and Sunday 16 May at Berlin Schoenefeld Airport. (2004-04-30)
Space shuttle carrying ND experiments to space station
The Space shuttle is carrying with it a Notre Dame experiment designed to isolate how each component of the low-earth orbit environment contributes to the overall degradation each material specimen. (2008-03-14)
$1 million grant from NASA funds research on astronauts' loss of muscle strength
A $1 million grant from NASA will allow UH researchers to examine changes in astronauts' muscle strength and function during extended space flights. (2016-03-31)
NASA awards $135 million to continue space launch initiative work
NASA today announced approximately $135 million dollars will be awarded to three competing contractor teams to continue support of NASA's Orbital Space Plane program under the Space Launch Initiative to provide crew rescue and transfer capabilities to the International Space Station. (2003-04-04)
A space station view on giant lightning
Do giant flashes of lightning striking upwards from thunder clouds merely pose an extraordinarily spectacular view? (2005-10-03)
Astronaut to discuss his experiences on International Space Station
NASA astronaut and mission specialist Gregory E. Chamitoff, Ph.D., will talk about his experiences on the space station and activities that contribute to NASA's goal of inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers during his keynote address at the opening session of the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in Boston. (2012-04-28)
Goddard team develops new carriers for space station
In a partnership that exemplifies One NASA, engineers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., teamed up with engineers at NASA's Johnson and Kennedy Space Centers to design, build, and test five new ExPRESS Logistics Carriers, or ELCs, which will be delivered to the International Space Station. (2009-11-13)
STS-120: crew set for first spacewalk
Two astronauts will step out of the International Space Station later today to take part in a six and a half hour spacewalk to install the Italian-built Node 2 module, also known as Harmony. (2007-10-26)
A new analysis on the risks of NASA'S space station
A management consultancy near Washington DC has released the first results of its attempts to quantify for NASA the risks the crew will face on the International Space Station. (1999-12-20)
Benefits for humanity: From NASA to Napa
The latest video in the Benefits for Humanity series illustrates how solutions for growing crops in space translates to solutions for mold prevention in wine cellars and other confined spaces on Earth. (2015-09-08)
Clearing the air in space
For decades, NASA engineers have been key players in the design, fabrication and testing of the equipment that keeps astronauts safe in space -- on Skylab, SpaceHab and the International Space Station. (2016-11-03)
Initial requirements set for Orbital Space Plane system
NASA today released the top level requirements for the Orbital Space Plane (OSP), a next generation system of space vehicles designed to provide a crew rescue and crew transport capability to and from the International Space Station. (2003-02-26)
ESA astronaut Thomas Reiter reports for duty onboard the ISS
Thanks to the resumption of Space Shuttle flights, the permanent crew of the International Space Station is now back up to three. (2006-07-07)
Open for business: 3-D printer creates first object in space on space station
The International Space Station's 3-D printer has manufactured the first 3-D printed object in space, paving the way to future long-term space expeditions. (2014-11-26)
Cheering microbes into space
A UC Davis microbiologist and a professional cheerleader are teaming up with (2012-12-07)
Sverdrup Technology selected for Marshall Center contract
Sverdrup Technology, Inc. of Tullahoma, Tenn., has been selected to provide engineering, science and technical services at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. (2000-10-05)
UAB space freezers deemed a success
Just as the first GLACIER is about to return to Earth with its science cargo, a second freezer will be installed in its place on the International Space Station. (2009-03-16)
BRIC carries big science in small canisters
Four tiny canisters which arrived to the space station April 20 are carrying scientific experiments that could lead to better prevention and treatment of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, and make it easier to grow plants in space. (2014-04-30)
A clean sweep
A laser 'broom' known as Project Orion, that can sweep space junk out of the path of the International Space Station will be tested on a Space Suttle mission in 2003. (2000-08-15)
What happens to a pathogenic fungus grown in space?
A new study, published this week in mSphere, provides evidence that Aspergillus fumigatus, a significant opportunistic fungal threat to human health, grows and behaves similarly on the International Space Station compared with earth. (2016-10-26)
Chicago hosts third ISS Research and Development conference
Scientists and engineers alike may soon agree with Frank Sinatra, who sang about Chicago as 'My Kind of Town' when the city hosts the third annual International Space Station Research and Development conference from June 17-19. (2014-05-27)
Elon Musk headlines Space Station research and development conference
Elon Musk, CEO and lead designer at SpaceX, will be the keynote speaker at the fourth annual International Space Station Research and Development Conference, which takes place in Boston July 7-9. (2015-01-29)
RIT helps advance space camera being tested on ISS
Imaging technology advanced by researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology and Florida Institute of Technology is being tested on the International Space Station and could someday be used on future space telescopes. (2017-03-07)
International Space Station enables interplanetary space exploration
From life support systems to growing plants in space, the space station continues to drive human exploration for missions beyond low-Earth orbit. (2014-12-04)
New findings could help keep satellites and space debris from colliding
Half a million objects, including debris, satellites, and the International Space Station, orbit the planet in the thermosphere, the largest layer of Earth's atmosphere. (2014-11-13)
May the capillary force be with you
Future astronauts may boldly go farther than ever before, thanks to research at Washington State University recently funded by NASA to study fluids in space. (2016-02-22)
Kanas presented award for research on psychological effects of space travel
An expert on the psychological effects of space travel, Nick Kanas, MD, associate chief of mental health services at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center and UCSF professor of psychiatry, has been presented with the Raymond F. (1999-07-13)
Nespoli focuses on complex mission
Later this year ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli will serve as Mission Specialist on the STS-120 mission to the International Space Station. (2007-03-15)
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