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Linking Knowledge with Action for Sustainable Development
On April 3 and 4, the National Academy of Sciences will hold a meeting to identify and promote practical interventions that could better link knowledge with action in pursuit of sustainable development. (2008-03-25)

Mother knows best: Plant knowledge key to childhood health in remote Amazon
In a remote area of the Amazon, globalization is threatening the time-honored transmission of plant knowledge from generation to generation, with adverse effects on childhood health and nutrition. In a novel study published online this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers report that parents, and especially mothers, who know more about plants and how to use them, have healthier children, independent of other factors such as education, market participation or acculturation. (2007-03-22)

Dutch government could do more to promote sustainable energy
Dutch researcher Simona Negro discovered that seven key factors exert a major influence on the success or failure of sustainable energy in the Netherlands. The Dutch government is good at knowledge development and diffusion, but is failing to adequately fulfil the other five factors needed for successful innovation. (2007-02-15)

New test to snare those lying about a person's identity
A new test developed by the University of Stirling could help police to determine when criminals or witnesses are lying about their knowledge of a person's identity. (2019-08-07)

Three out of four junior doctors risk potential HIV infection during course of work
Three out of four junior doctors are at potentially high risk of HIV infection at some time during their careers, shows a survey in Sexually Transmitted Infections. Yet two thirds were unaware that they could be treated immediately afterwards to minimise the risk of infection. (2001-11-21)

US Army grant will help researcher examine knowledge hoarding in the workplace
Chunke Su, a UT Arlington associate professor of communication, will use a US Army grant to examine when and why workers hide key information from colleagues on the job. (2015-06-12)

The teacher is central to successful use of computers in schools
The idea of one computer per student is becoming increasingly common in the Swedish school system. The University of Gothenburg, Sweden, is now conducting several studies on the educational consequences of the so-called 1:1 initiative in a group of Swedish municipalities. 'The teacher is the key to successful use of computers in the classroom,' says Professor Berner Lindström, scientific director of the studies. (2012-05-15)

Medical schools failing to teach the necessary legal skills to practice medicine
Most medical students feel they lack the skills and legal knowledge required to challenge poor clinical practice and promote better patient care, reveals research published ahead of print in the Journal of Medical Ethics. (2011-05-16)

Norhealth leads the way for public health information systems
Norhealth is an interactive web-based health information system that has created a knowledge base for health promotion and prevention strategies in Norway. An article about Norhealth has been published in the September issue of Scandinavian Journal of Public Health. (2008-10-22)

Healthy knowledge management and social networking
Social network analysis could improve knowledge sharing in the health-care sector, according to research results published in the International Journal of Collaborative Enterprise. (2014-10-03)

Disaster risk management: Science helps save lives
Natural and man-made disasters threaten millions of people every year and cause billions of property damage. How much do we know about them? And how can we use that knowledge to save lives and money? A recent report, compiled by the European Commission's Science and Knowledge Service (JRC), seeks to answer these and other questions and to help prepare for the time when disaster strikes. (2017-05-24)

The flight of the oryx
Qatar's capital city, Doha, is set to emerge as a major knowledge hub, with its educated, high-tech workforce and its international connectivity. However, the lack of a cohesive plan for development and the mobility of that workforce in and out of Qatar could stymie its success on the global stage. (2015-05-21)

Manchester secures £4m tech-boost for UK textiles
The University of Manchester's William Lee Innovation Centre (WLIC) has secured £4m to launch a new project aimed at helping the UK textiles industry regain its competitive edge over foreign markets. (2006-04-25)

New information system on raw materials
Today the JRC launches the Raw Materials Information System (RMIS), a comprehensive online repository of information on policies, activities and data related to the European raw materials sector. The RMIS supports a series of European Commission initiatives which aim to tackle the pressure on valuable resources and their more efficient use to the benefit of EU's economies. (2015-03-16)

Searching the Internet inflates estimates of internal knowledge
Actively searching the Internet inflates our sense of the knowledge we actually possess because we fail to recognize the extent to which we rely on external sources for information. (2015-08-12)

Knowledge about incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse lower among women of color
Knowing what symptoms to look for may help women with pelvic floor disorders improve their chances of successful treatment. But knowledge of these disorders is lacking among most women, and especially among women of color, according to a new study by researchers at Yale School of Medicine. (2013-10-29)

BMJ launches new platform to help researchers get published, discovered and cited
BMJ, one of the world's leading medical knowledge providers, is pleased to announce the launch of the Author Hub, a new platform to assist researchers in every field, at every stage of the publishing process. (2017-01-23)

Methane observatories successfully deployed in the Arctic
Mysteries still abound about methane release from the ocean floor. Two state of the art observatories have been deployed in the Arctic this summer, to try and unveil the secrets of natural release of the climate gas. (2015-09-22)

Parental qualities found to significantly affect the civic competence of adolescents
What parents do with their adolescent children, and what parents know about politics and government, are generally more important for youth civic development than who the parents are in terms of background characteristics. (2007-07-26)

News consumption of political stories not enough to retain political knowledge
Researchers from the University of Missouri found that adolescents who spend more time thinking and talking about the news with their peers and relatives tend to know more about political developments in the country. (2012-09-25)

Life-long learning -- nature provides natural inspiration for education
Three billion years of evolution can't be wrong and scientists are observing Nature's own adaptations to find solutions to human problems. This relatively new field of Biology is called Biomimetics and Biologists have been investigating its application to fabric development, new structural materials, even behaviour in organisations and education. Researchers will meet to present their latest progress at the Society for Experimental Biology's Annual Main Meeting in Glasgow. (2007-04-03)

Large gaps found in public understanding of climate change
Sixty-three percent of Americans believe that global warming is happening, but many do not understand why, according to a national study conducted by researchers at Yale University. (2010-10-14)

Environment change threatens indigenous know-how
Traditional medicine provides health care for more than half the world's population, but no one has really looked at how the environment affects traditional medicine. Studying 12 ethnic groups from Nepal we found that plant availability in the local environment has a stronger influence on the make-up of a culture's medicinal floras. This means that the environment plays a huge role in shaping traditional knowledge. This is very important, especially when you think of the risks that these cultures are already facing. (2014-02-12)

Are Canadian physicians passing the test?
Canada is not keeping pace with countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom in revalidating the competence of its physicians, writes Dr. Wendy Levinson, chair of the University of Toronto's department of medicine. (2008-11-03)

Knowing me, myself and I: What psychology can contribute to self-knowledge
How well do you know yourself? It's a question many of us struggle with, as we try to figure out how close we are to who we actually want to be. A new report in Perspectives on Psychological Science describes theories behind self-knowledge (that is, how people form beliefs about themselves), cites challenges psychologists encounter while studying it, and offers ways we can get to know ourselves a little better. (2009-07-16)

Local environmental knowledge helps indigenous societies to adapt
A study by ICTA Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona funded by the European Research Council shows that in indigenous societies individuals with greater local environmental knowledge catch more game and enjoy better health. (2016-03-01)

Springer launches Journal of the Knowledge Economy
Springer is founding the Journal of the Knowledge Economy, a new quarterly publication sponsored by the Norwegian Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education. The journal was developed under the leadership of founding Editor-in-Chief Professor Elias G. Carayannis of George Washington University in collaboration with Aris Kaloudis, a senior researcher at NIFU STEP. The journal will promote a multidisciplinary approach, focusing on the social, technological and economic aspects of knowledge and innovation. (2009-12-02)

Wiki where you work?
Do corporate wikis work? Two University of Alberta researchers say they can, providing they fit the corporation's culture and provide for the needs and interests of their users and editors. (2012-08-08)

Large-scale COVID-19 vaccine production will require knowledge transfer on manufacturing
Massive, rapid production of vaccines to fight COVID-19 will require firms to share know-how not just about what to make, but how to make it, write Nicholson Price and colleagues in this Policy Forum. (2020-08-13)

Study: Sharing knowledge positively impacts innovation in retail
A new study from The University of Texas at Dallas finds that a retail store should share customer service experiences with other units in the same chain to have more innovative behavior in its own store. (2015-07-02)

Consumers have mixed reactions to puffery in advertising
According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, consumers don't always react positively to persuasion tactics that have nothing to do with the product (what the authors refer to as (2010-01-19)

Less futile end-of-life care observed where palliative care knowledge is greater
The greater a director of nursing's knowledge of palliative care the lower the likelihood that nursing home patients will experience futile, aggressive end-of-life care, according to a new large national study. The association was evident whether or not hospice care was available. (2015-03-20)

Lack of trust in hospitals a major deterrent for blood donation among African-Americans
A new study published in Transfusion reveals that there is a significant distrust in the health care system among the African-American community, and African-Americans who distrust hospitals are less likely to donate blood. (2010-09-10)

BMJ Best Practice & BMJ Learning available to health workers in Paraná State, Brazil
BMJ, one of the world's leading healthcare knowledge providers, announced today that healthcare professionals in Paraná State will be able to access BMJ Best Practice and BMJ Learning in both English and Portuguese. (2016-12-06)

Social media beneficial for sharing and building upon patient experiences, research shows
University of Leicester research suggests patients often seek medical knowledge from social media platforms rather than traditional medical sources. (2016-03-21)

Knowledge about alternative medicine connected to education, income
SF State research finds that individuals with lower education and income levels are less likely to know about yoga, acupuncture and other complementary treatments. (2015-06-17)

Spatial, written language skills predict math competence
New longitudinal research from Finland has found that children's early spatial skills and knowledge of written letters, rather than oral language skills, predict competence in math. The study included over 1,800 children and has implications for the STEM fields and workforces. (2013-10-22)

Many women with breast cancer have poor knowledge about their condition
A new analysis has found that many women with breast cancer lack knowledge about their illness, with minority patients less likely than white patients to know and report accurate information about their tumors' characteristics. (2015-01-26)

Distinguishing between students who guess and those who know
Measuring the knowledge of students in online courses poses a number of challenges. Researchers from the Higher School of Economics and the University of Leuven made improvements to the model for assessing academic achievements and published their results in the journal Heliyon. (2018-12-27)

Playing numerical board games boosts number skills of low-income preschoolers
A study conducted with low-income preschoolers attending Head Start found that certain numerical board games increased early math learning. Board games with consecutively numbered, linearly arranged spaces helped children learn about counting, identifying numerals and comparing the sizes of numbers. Children playing an identical game that varied in color rather than number did not improve in these areas. Playing such board games could help lessen discrepancies in early math learning, which predicts later math achievement. (2008-03-25)

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