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Mars Sample Return: Bridging robotic and human exploration
The first robotic mission to return samples to Earth from Mars took a further step toward realization with the recent publication of a mission design report by the iMARS Working Group. (2008-07-22)
Researchers call for rethinking efforts to prevent interplanetary contamination
Two university researchers say environmental restrictions have become unnecessarily restrictive and expensive -- on Mars. (2013-06-27)
Mars Sample Return: The next step in exploring the Red Planet
ESA and the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales will be co-hosting, in cooperation with NASA and the International Mars Exploration Working Group, an international conference on July 9 and 10 in the auditorium of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris to discuss the next step in the exploration of Mars. (2008-07-02)
International, interplanetary and no interference! Mars Express calls up Spirit
A pioneering demonstration of communications between the European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter and NASA's Mars exploration rover, Spirit, has succeeded. (2004-02-12)
Possible evidence found for Beagle 2 location
The news that Beagle 2 may have been spotted on the surface of Mars in the immediate vicinity of where it was expected to land was welcomed by the European Space Agency. (2005-12-21)
Relays from Mars demonstrate international interplanetary networking
ESA's Mars Express has relayed pictures from one of NASA's Mars rovers for the first time, as part of a set of interplanetary networking demonstrations. (2004-08-10)
July 8 Mars Colloquium in Pasadena, Calif.
The National Research Council's Space Studies Board will host a colloquium on astrobiology and Mars exploration at the Hilton Pasadena Hotel. (2007-06-14)
European meeting in Athens fuels future space exploration missions to Mars, moon
A European Science Foundation-led workshop sponsored by the European Space Agency has enabled 88 scientists from 11 European countries to agree on science goals for future Europe's planetary exploration program -- providing the continent with an ambitious roadmap to examine Mars and the moon. (2007-05-31)
Point and shoot
Any football or rugby fan knows that when a player kicks the ball, there is no longer anything they can do to influence its path. (2003-12-17)
Meteorites reveal lasting drought on Mars
The lack of liquid water on the surface of Mars today has been demonstrated by new evidence in the form of meteorites on the Red Planet examined by an international team of planetary scientists led by the University of Stirling. (2016-11-11)
A new virtual approach to science in space
ASU professor and colleagues suggest a new approach to scientific exploration that they call exploration telepresence. (2017-06-21)
Germany joins the Aurora Exploration Programme
Germany joined the Preparatory Phase of the European Space Exploration Programme Aurora. (2005-07-18)
Exploring Mars with balloons
Dr. Alexey Pankine, a project scientist at the Global Aerospace Corporation, is presenting an analysis of balloon applications for Mars exploration at the Space Technology and Applications International Forum in Albuquerque, NM on February 10, 2004. (2004-02-09)
Interplanetary rapid transit system
Human Mars exploration is closer to reality with the report of Global Aerospace Corp. to the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts on June 11, 2002. (2002-06-10)
Planet Mars from 5.5 million kilometres
This picture (copyright ESA) was taken on 1 December 2003 from ESA's Mars Express spacecraft by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) under the responsibility of the Principal Investigator Prof. (2003-12-03)
Mineral discovery explains Mars' landscape
A Queen's University researcher has discovered a mineral that could explain the mountainous landscape of Mars, and have implications for NASA's next mission to the planet. (2006-10-23)
ESA sets the date for Mars Express launch
Just before midnight on 2 June (23:45 local time, 19:45 CET) a Soyuz rocket operated by Starsem will lift off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, and Mars Express will be on its way. (2003-05-05)
Earth microbes may contaminate the search for life on Mars
Bacteria common to spacecraft may be able to survive the harsh environs of Mars long enough to inadvertently contaminate Mars with terrestrial life according to research published in the April 2010 issue of the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology. (2010-04-27)
Europe's eye on Mars: First spectacular results from Mars Express
ESA's Mars Express which successfully inserted into orbit around Mars on 25 December 2003 is about to reach its final operating orbit above the poles of the Red Planet. (2004-01-19)
Beagle 2 tests successfully completed
On Friday 4 July, and Saturday 5 July 2003, engineers successfully carried out overnight tests on the Mars Express lander, Beagle 2. (2003-07-09)
10 years on Mars leads to livable mud
Some of the oldest minerals ever analyzed by NASA's Mars Opportunity Rover show that around four billion years ago Mars had liquid water so fresh it could have supported life. (2014-01-23)
Boston University astronomers en route to Mars
Boston University's Center for Space Physics will participate in NASA's next mission to Mars, known as the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN or MAVEN led by John T. (2008-09-18)
Mars rover to spend winter at 'Greeley Haven,' named for late ASU geologist Ronald Greeley
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity will spend the next few months during the coldest part of Martian winter at Greeley Haven, an outcrop of rock on Mars recently named informally to honor Ronald Greeley, Arizona State University Regents' professor of planetary geology, who died Oct. (2012-01-06)
UBC researcher to help NASA peer deep into the centre of Mars
NASA has approved funding for the Mars InSight lander, a mission that will enable scientists, including UBC geophysicist Catherine Johnson, to gather the first seismic information from any planet other than Earth. (2012-08-20)
WSU astrobiologist proposes fleet of probes to seek life on Mars
A Washington State University astrobiologist is leading a group of 20 scientists in calling for a mission to Mars with (2012-04-23)
OSU researchers win NASA grant, will develop instrument for Mars exploration
Dr. Regina DeWitt, an assistant research professor in the department of physics, has received a $496,000 grant from NASA. (2009-06-11)
Next generation solar cells may someday power NASA's robotic explorers
NASA recently awarded Rochester Institute of Technology and its research partners at the NASA Glenn Research Center and the Ohio Aerospace Institute, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University and the Space Vacuum Epitaxy Center at the University of Houston $6 million as part of the Human and Robotic Technology program to study nanomaterials and nanostructure for space photovoltaics. (2004-09-20)
NASA picks two IU devices to go to Mars
Two of the eight instruments selected to go on a Mars rover have Indiana University Bloomington geologists behind them, NASA announced yesterday. (2004-12-15)
Arizona State scientists keep an eye on Martian dust storm
Scientists at Arizona State University's Mars Space Flight Center are using the Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) on NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter to monitor a large dust storm on the Red Planet. (2007-07-11)
Going to Mars for Christmas
Europe's mission to the Red Planet, Mars Express, is on schedule to arrive at the planet on Christmas Day, 2003. (2003-11-13)
First habitat design workshop
In April, 30 students from across Europe will take part in the Habitat Design Workshop to be held in the Erasmus User Centre at ESA's European Space Research and Technology Centre in the Netherlands. (2005-03-01)
ASU Professor Jim Bell receives Sagan Medal for excellence in public communication
Professor Jim Bell, planetary scientist at Arizona State University, is the 2011 recipient of the Carl Sagan Medal for Excellence in Public Communication in Planetary Science. (2011-05-19)
Science from Mars Express after one year in orbit
After reaching its observational orbit around Mars a year ago, ESA's Mars Express has already delivered an avalanche of scientific data of unprecedented quality that have completely changed the way in which we think about the Red Planet. (2005-02-16)
National Academies advisory: Preventing microbial contamination of Mars
If microbes on a spacecraft bound to Mars were to survive the trip and grow there, they could interfere with scientific investigations to detect any life that might be native to Mars. (2005-07-25)
Mission to Mars: Grade schoolers tackle the red planet at UH
Toxic soil and radiation are no challenge for grade schoolers who invade the University of Houston annually for citywide finals of the Mars Rover Model Competition. (2005-01-20)
SwRI-led team discovers lull in Mars' giant impact history
From the earliest days of our solar system's history, collisions between astronomical objects have shaped the planets and changed the course of their evolution. (2017-04-25)
SwRI-led RAD measures radiation from solar storm
The largest solar particle event since 2005 hit the Earth, Mars and the Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft traveling in-between, allowing the onboard Radiation Assessment Detector to measure the radiation a human astronaut could be exposed to en route to the Red Planet. (2012-01-27)
Next phase reached in definition of Mars Sample Return mission
ESA has taken a further step in preparing for participation in Mars Sample Return (MSR), the landmark mission to return samples from the Red Planet, with the announcement of the next phase of industrial activity. (2006-04-07)
Homesteading The High Frontier: NASA/Marshall Scientists Explore How To Use Local Materials
Like the homesteaders who settled the Great American Plains, settlers on the Moon and Mars will have to use in-situ resources, instead of carry everything with them. (1998-04-28)
Arizona State University, US Geological Survey project yields sharpest map of Mars surface properties
The most detailed global map yet made of Martian surface properties is the result of a joint project between Arizona State University and the US Geological Survey. (2014-07-16)
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