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Point and shoot
Any football or rugby fan knows that when a player kicks the ball, there is no longer anything they can do to influence its path. (2003-12-17)
Planet Mars from 5.5 million kilometres
This picture (copyright ESA) was taken on 1 December 2003 from ESA's Mars Express spacecraft by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) under the responsibility of the Principal Investigator Prof. (2003-12-03)
Beagle 2 tests successfully completed
On Friday 4 July, and Saturday 5 July 2003, engineers successfully carried out overnight tests on the Mars Express lander, Beagle 2. (2003-07-09)
Possible evidence found for Beagle 2 location
The news that Beagle 2 may have been spotted on the surface of Mars in the immediate vicinity of where it was expected to land was welcomed by the European Space Agency. (2005-12-21)
Going to Mars for Christmas
Europe's mission to the Red Planet, Mars Express, is on schedule to arrive at the planet on Christmas Day, 2003. (2003-11-13)
National Academies advisory: Preventing microbial contamination of Mars
If microbes on a spacecraft bound to Mars were to survive the trip and grow there, they could interfere with scientific investigations to detect any life that might be native to Mars. (2005-07-25)
World's largest postcard?
The biggest postcard in the world does not fit into any known terrestrial letterbox. (2004-03-29)
Mars Express: no signal from Beagle 2 so far
ESA's Mars Express orbiter made its first attempt to establish contact with the Beagle 2 lander, after the two spacecraft separated on 19 December 2003. (2004-01-07)
Mars under the spotlight again
Relieved UK scientists are celebrating the news that NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) appears to have smoothly entered Mars orbit on Friday night (March 10th). (2006-03-13)
U of A device to measure wind on Mars will soon be landing
A University of Alberta scientist is counting down the days for when the Phoenix Mars Lander spacecraft lands on Mars. (2008-05-22)
Mars Express instrument under investigation
ESA has started a technical investigation into the Planetary Fourier Spectrometer (PFS) on board Mars Express, after a problem developed in the instrument a few months ago. (2005-09-13)
International, interplanetary and no interference! Mars Express calls up Spirit
A pioneering demonstration of communications between the European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter and NASA's Mars exploration rover, Spirit, has succeeded. (2004-02-12)
Mars' surface water: We finally know what happened--SFU study
An international study co-led by SFU researcher Brendan Dyck has revealed that the sun may not have evaporated away all of Mars' surface water after all. (2017-12-21)
Mars Sample Return: Bridging robotic and human exploration
The first robotic mission to return samples to Earth from Mars took a further step toward realization with the recent publication of a mission design report by the iMARS Working Group. (2008-07-22)
Mars is just around the corner
After a journey of 400 million km, ESA's Mars Express is now approaching its final destination. (2003-12-09)
Clamps away, Mars Express eases its grip on its lander
Europe's first mission to the Red Planet, continues its successful mission with another successful 'high-risk' post-launch milestone. (2003-06-06)
U of A device to measure wind on Mars successfully lands
University of Alberta scientist Carlos Lange is thrilled that an instrument he invented, a wind sensor called the Telltale, has successfully landed on Mars. (2008-05-26)
Researchers call for rethinking efforts to prevent interplanetary contamination
Two university researchers say environmental restrictions have become unnecessarily restrictive and expensive -- on Mars. (2013-06-27)
Interplanetary networking: ESA's Mars Express will keep an eye on NASA's Phoenix
ESA's Mars Express will keep an eye on NASA's Phoenix lander as it makes its way to the Martian surface, setting an example for international cooperation and interplanetary networking. (2007-08-01)
The Red Planet is severely gassed out
New measurements of Mars' thin atmosphere show that most of it has been lost to space due to bombardment from solar wind; this was the likely driver of the transition in Martian climate from an early, warm, wet environment to today's cold, dry, thin atmosphere. (2017-03-30)
Rescheduling of some Beagle 2 'cruise check-out' tests
The instruments on board ESA's mission to Mars, Mars Express, are in the process of being tested to verify that they have survived the launch successfully and will work properly. (2003-06-24)
Timeline: Mars swingby at 36 000 km per hour
The timeline for Rosetta's speedy swingby of Mars on 25 February includes a series of slew manoeuvres, an occultation and signal blackout, an eclipse and some excellent opportunities for scientific observations. (2007-02-23)
Earth microbes may contaminate the search for life on Mars
Bacteria common to spacecraft may be able to survive the harsh environs of Mars long enough to inadvertently contaminate Mars with terrestrial life according to research published in the April 2010 issue of the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology. (2010-04-27)
Spacecraft fleet zeroing in on Martian water reserves
The discovery of bright deposits on Mars, announced today by NASA, could indicate that liquid water has recently flowed on a few locations on the planet. (2006-12-07)
Europe's eye on Mars: First spectacular results from Mars Express
ESA's Mars Express which successfully inserted into orbit around Mars on 25 December 2003 is about to reach its final operating orbit above the poles of the Red Planet. (2004-01-19)
Major Mars Express scheduled orbit change successful
This morning, at 09:00 CET, the first European mission to Mars registered another operational success. (2003-12-30)
10 years on Mars leads to livable mud
Some of the oldest minerals ever analyzed by NASA's Mars Opportunity Rover show that around four billion years ago Mars had liquid water so fresh it could have supported life. (2014-01-23)
Brown geologist finds evidence supporting ancient ocean on Mars
James Head, a Brown University planetary geologist, is the lead investigator on a team of scientists that has found evidence supporting the presence of an ancient ocean on Mars. (1999-12-09)
Multiple sites rich in water ice found on Mars
Erosion on Mars is exposing deposits of water ice, starting at depths as shallow as one to two meters below the surface and extending 100 meters or more. (2018-01-11)
ESA presents Mars in 3-D
Mars is about to come into 3-D focus as never before, thanks to the data from the Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera. (2008-02-05)
UBC researcher to help NASA peer deep into the centre of Mars
NASA has approved funding for the Mars InSight lander, a mission that will enable scientists, including UBC geophysicist Catherine Johnson, to gather the first seismic information from any planet other than Earth. (2012-08-20)
Mars missions may learn from meteor Down Under
A discovery about the make-up of the atmosphere of Mars could help inform future missions searching for life there. (2012-05-30)
Volcanic activity on Mars could offer clues to planet's history
The study of three of the oldest and most explosive volcanoes on Mars could provide insights into the planet's history, especially implications for water sources. (2009-07-12)
Mars Sample Return: The next step in exploring the Red Planet
ESA and the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales will be co-hosting, in cooperation with NASA and the International Mars Exploration Working Group, an international conference on July 9 and 10 in the auditorium of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris to discuss the next step in the exploration of Mars. (2008-07-02)
ESA sets the date for Mars Express launch
Just before midnight on 2 June (23:45 local time, 19:45 CET) a Soyuz rocket operated by Starsem will lift off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, and Mars Express will be on its way. (2003-05-05)
Studying meteorites may reveal Mars' secrets of life
In an effort to determine if conditions were ever right on Mars to sustain life, a team of scientists, including a Michigan State University professor, has examined a meteorite that formed on the red planet more than a billion years ago. (2013-05-01)
Meteorite delivers Martian secrets to University of Alberta researcher
A meteorite that landed in the Moroccan desert 14 months ago is providing more information about Mars, the planet where it originated. (2012-10-11)
Relays from Mars demonstrate international interplanetary networking
ESA's Mars Express has relayed pictures from one of NASA's Mars rovers for the first time, as part of a set of interplanetary networking demonstrations. (2004-08-10)
NASA's Mobile Mars Laboratory almost ready for flight
The Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument suite has completed assembly at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., and is nearly ready for a December delivery to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena, Calif., where it will be joined to the Curiosity rover. (2010-10-08)
Mars Express close flybys of martian moon Phobos
The Mars Express has returned images from the Jan. 9, 2011, Phobos flyby. (2011-01-21)
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