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Oceans' increasing mercury levels may be harming fish
Mercury contamination of ocean fish is a serious global health issue, and a new analysis of published reports reveals that the concentration of mercury in yellowfin tuna caught near Hawai'i is increasing at a rate of 3.8 percent per year. (2015-02-02)
Molting feathers may help birds deal with environmental contaminants
Mercury is a ubiquitous environmental contaminant that affects the health of birds and other wild animals. (2017-07-20)
How mercury contamination affects reptiles in the Amazon basin
Mercury contamination in water and on land is of worldwide concern due to its toxic effects on ecosystems and human health. (2015-09-21)
Study shows that hydrothermal vents release mercury
Hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor release mercury into the sea, geologists from Canada have found while analysing samples from vents in New Zealand. (1999-10-06)
Groundbreaking Canada-US study proves link between emissions and mercury pollution in fish
A Canada-US study to appear in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences proves mercury emissions will end up in fish in as little as three years. (2007-09-17)
Cleaning up coal's act
Pennsylvania's total mercury emissions are the second highest in the United States, behind Texas. (2005-08-24)
FDA fish warning unwarranted
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently issued a warning to pregnant women and women of child bearing age about consuming fish that may contain high levels of mercury. (2001-01-18)
Nanoporous 'sponge' removes mercury from offshore produced waters
Researchers at PNNL have developed a novel nanoporous sorbent thiol-SAMMS, or thiol-functionalized Self Assembled Monolayers on Mesoporous Supports, to specifically remove mercury and other contaminants such as cadmium and lead from produced waters and condensate liquids from natural gas. (2006-03-30)
Mercury contamination found in stranded Victorian dolphins
Research by honors student Alissa Monk has revealed high mercury levels may be a contributing factor to dolphin deaths in Victorian waterways. (2008-06-09)
Mercury in Mackenzie River delta dramatically higher than previously believed
University of Alberta researchers conducting a water study in the Mackenzie River Delta have found a dramatically higher delivery of mercury from the Mackenzie River to the Arctic Ocean than determined in previous studies. (2009-06-16)
Mercury in the environment
The large geographic scope and consequences of mercury contamination and the enormous complexity of its interaction with the environment have prompted leading mercury researchers and federal land managers to take a hard look at the problem. (2004-08-12)
States' fish consumption advisories are often not in line with federal recommendations
Fish consumption advisories are used to inform citizens about fish with potentially hazardous levels of toxins such as methyl mercury. (2015-12-02)
Air above Dead Sea contains very high levels of oxidized mercury
Measurements show that the sea's salt has profound effects on the chemistry of the air above its surface. (2010-11-29)
Researchers from Hebrew U., US discover how mercury gets into fish we eat
Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the US have discovered the mechanism whereby dangerous mercury eventually finds its way into the fish we eat from the open seas and oceans. (2011-02-27)
Mercury converted to its most toxic form in ocean waters
University of Alberta-led research has confirmed that a relatively harmless inorganic form of mercury found worldwide in ocean water is transformed into a potent neurotoxin in the seawater itself. (2011-04-27)
NIST launches new website to educate industry about alternatives to mercury thermometers
As part of a larger effort to reduce the amount of mercury, a potent neurotoxin, in the environment, NIST has launched a new website to help industry scientists and engineers decide the best temperature measurement alternative for their purposes. (2012-06-13)
End of an era: NIST to cease calibrating mercury thermometers
Beginning March 1, 2011, NIST will no longer provide calibration services for mercury thermometers. (2011-02-02)
Study shows mercury levels from products decreasing, though still at dangerous levels
A recent study shows that mercury releases from products in the US declined dramatically between 1990 and 2005, but that they continue to be a significant source of environmental contamination. (2008-05-06)
Mercury's core dynamo present early in planet's history
The Messenger spacecraft, which crash-landed into Mercury just a few days ago, found traces of magnetization in Mercury's crust, a new study reports. (2015-05-07)
Lightning strikes: Thunderstorms spread mercury pollution
In a new study published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, Assistant Professor of Meteorology Christopher Holmes writes that thunderstorms have 50 percent higher concentrations of mercury than other rain events. (2016-08-31)
Study Of Children's Fillings Finds No Mercury Exposure
Mercury exposure from dental amalgam fillings poses no threat to children's health, according to a new study by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry. (1999-04-08)
New study shows fish respond quickly to changes in mercury deposition
Reducing atmospheric mercury emissions should quickly reduce mercury levels in lake fish, according to a three-year study published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (2007-09-19)
Older dental fillings contain form of mercury unlikely to be toxic
A new study on the surface chemistry of silver-colored, mercury-based dental fillings suggests that the surface forms of mercury may be less toxic than previously thought. (2010-01-27)
Older dental fillings contain form of mercury unlikely to be toxic
A new study on the surface chemistry of silver-colored, mercury-based dental fillings suggests that the surface forms of mercury may be less toxic than previously thought. (2009-12-09)
Upper atmosphere facilitates changes that let mercury enter food chain
New research shows that the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere work to transform elemental mercury into oxidized mercury, which can easily be deposited into aquatic ecosystems and ultimately enter the food chain. (2011-12-18)
The first evidence of pre-industrial mercury pollution in the Andes
The study of ancient lake sediment from high altitude lakes in the Andes has revealed for the first time that mercury pollution occurred long before the start of the Industrial Revolution. (2009-05-18)
International team shows mercury concentrations in fish respond quickly to increased deposition
A joint Canadian-American research team have, for the first time, demonstrated that mercury concentrations in fish respond directly to changes in atmospheric deposition of the chemical. (2007-09-17)
Pitt researchers use fluorescence to develop method for detecting mercury in fish
Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have developed a simple and quick method for detecting mercury in fish and dental samples, two substances at the center of public concern about mercury contamination. (2008-11-18)
MESSENGER reveals Mercury's magnetic field secrets
New data from MESSENGER, the spacecraft that orbited Mercury for four years before crashing into the planet a week ago, reveals Mercury's magnetic field is almost four billion years old. (2015-05-07)
ORNL research reveals new challenges for mercury cleanup
More forms of mercury can be converted to deadly methylmercury than previously thought, according to a study published Sunday in Nature Geoscience. (2013-08-05)
High levels of mercury found in Cataraqui River: Queen's study
The Inner Harbour on the Cataraqui River in Kingston, Ont., has mercury levels in sediment more than two times the Canadian government's most severe effect limits, according to a Queen's University study. (2010-03-17)
Mercury exposure in Canada's northern indigenous communities
Mercury exposure is common in communities in Canada's north, especially in indigenous peoples who consume fish and other wild food with high mercury content, yet current clinical guidelines are not adequate for this population. (2016-07-19)
Mercury releases into the atmosphere from ancient to modern times
In pursuit of riches and energy over the last 5,000 years, humans have released into the environment 385,000 tons of mercury, the source of numerous health concerns, according to a new study that challenges the idea that releases of the metal are on the decline. (2011-12-14)
Alaska's shorebirds exposed to mercury
Shorebirds breeding in Alaska are being exposed to mercury at levels that could put their populations at risk, according to new research from The Condor: Ornithological Applications. (2016-07-13)
Study shows that urinary mercury is not correlated with autism
Results suggest that differences in mercury urinary excretion are unlikely to play a direct causal role in autism development, researchers say. (2012-02-15)
Power plants are major influence in regional mercury emissions
The amount of mercury emitted into the atmosphere in the Northeast fluctuates annually depending on activity in the electric power industry, according to researchers at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. (2006-07-21)
UofL public health research could impact environmental policy decisions
University of Louisville Public Health doctoral student Caroline Chan is working to create scientific tools to help environmental policy decision makers evaluate and modify mercury emission regulations. (2010-08-03)
Mercury's magnetic field tells scientists how its interior is different from Earth's
Mercury's interior is different from the Earth's interior in a way that explains Mercury's bizarre magnetic field, UCLA planetary physicists report. (2014-07-29)
Mercury levels are increasing in popular species of game fish in Lake Erie
Mercury levels in a popular species of game fish in Lake Erie are increasing after two decades of steady decline, scientists are reporting. (2010-07-14)
UGA research links inorganic mercury exposure to damaged cell processes
University of Georgia research has found that inorganic mercury, which was previously thought to be a less harmful form of the toxic metal, is very damaging to key cell processes. (2015-12-22)
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