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Higher levels of several toxic metals found in children with autism
Arizona State University researchers have found significantly higher levels of toxic metals in children with autism, compared to typical children. (2013-02-25)
Metals from cigarette butts may pose potential threat to marine environment
Littered cigarette butts may be an important source of metal contaminants leaching into the marine environment and potentially entering the food chain, suggests research published online in the journal Tobacco Control. (2016-07-06)
The Next Plastic
A new class of materials based on metal foams promises to be as revolutionary as plastic was in the 1970s (1999-02-01)
Pitt engineer turns metal into glass
Materials scientists have long sought to form glass from pure, monoatomic metals. (2014-08-13)
Graphene and other carbon nanomaterials can replace scarce metals
Scarce metals are found in a wide range of everyday objects around us. (2017-09-19)
Metals - the 'new renewables'
Metals can help in achieving globally sustainable development, two leading Australian researchers claimed today. (2002-05-29)
New materials could replace costly gold in electrical applications
Researchers at UConn and the United Technologies Corp. have modeled and developed new classes of materials with contact properties near those of pure gold. (2010-10-14)
New industrial processes for the recycling of critical metals from waste batteries
The CoLaBats initiative works in provide new industrial processes for the recycling of the critical metals cobalt and lanthanides and key economic metals nickel and Lithium, from waste batteries, significantly improving recycling efficiencies and metal purity from existing recovery routes. (2014-01-22)
Study Links Parkinson's Disease With Long-Term Exposure to Certain Metals
Long-term exposure to certain metals, such as copper and manganese, as well as certain combinations of metals, may increase the risk of Parkinson's disease, according to a study by researchers at Henry Ford Hospital. (1997-03-25)
UIC chemist awarded international sustainability grant
A University of Illinois at Chicago chemistry professor will lead the US effort in a three-nation project to develop efficient catalytic methods that replace rare metals with abundant and inexpensive metals such as iron and copper. (2014-03-31)
Metal shortages alert from leading geologists
Inexorable demand for consumer goods places strain on supply of metals. (2011-10-12)
International conference on heavy metals in the environment
Mercury pollution, arsenic in drinking water and childhood lead poisoning are among some of the environmental health topics that will be discussed at the International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment. (2000-07-25)
Prize for Dundee professor's groundbreaking work on microbes, metals and minerals
Professor Geoffrey Gadd from the University of Dundee has been awarded the Society for General Microbiology's Colworth Prize lecture for his work on how microbes interact with metals and minerals. (2009-03-30)
Gold nanoparticles enrich everyday products
A new technique for dispersing nanoparticles through polymers opens a world of new properties for diverse products. (2010-05-04)
Metal exposure -- a factor in bat population decline
Scientists at the University of York have led the first full-scale national assessment of metal contamination in bats, showing that many bats in the UK contain levels of metals high enough to cause toxic effects. (2016-06-09)
Ant and termite colonies unearth gold
Ant and termite nests show evidence of gold hidden deep underground in new research conducted by CSIRO. (2012-12-09)
Very low concentrations of heavy metals and antibiotics contribute to resistance
New Swedish research shows that plasmids containing genes that confer resistance to antibiotics can be enriched by very low concentrations of antibiotics and heavy metals. (2014-10-07)
The good Earth
The Naval Research Laboratory has received a patent for a faster, safer device for measuring concentrations of metals in soil in hazardous waste environments. (2000-09-07)
Disturbing former farmlands can rouse old pesticides, says Dartmouth research
Dartmouth researchers have evidence that disturbing the land where farms once thrived can mobilize both arsenic and lead that were applied as pesticides in the early 1900s. (2006-02-17)
Yale researchers call for specialty metals recycling
An international policy is needed for recycling scarce specialty metals that are critical in the production of consumer goods, according to Yale researchers in Science. (2012-09-24)
A new synthesis route for alternative catalysts of noble metals
Researchers have developed a new synthesis route for alternative catalysts of noble metals. (2017-07-25)
Hydrogen tank lighter than battery
Dutch-sponsored researcher Robin Gremaud has shown that an alloy of the metals magnesium, titanium and nickel is excellent at absorbing hydrogen. (2008-11-04)
Conducting gels -- from waste to wealth
Research by scientists at the University of York has demonstrated an innovative way of using a gel to extract precious metals such as silver and gold from waste and convert them into conducting nanoparticles to form a hybrid nanomaterial potentially suitable for a range of high-tech applications. (2015-11-09)
New methodology assesses risk of scarce metals
Yale researchers have developed a methodology for governments and corporations to determine the availability of critical metals, according to a paper in Environmental Science & Technology. (2012-02-06)
A glass of wine can help find new mineral deposits
The key to finding new mineral deposits in Australia could be to start looking with a glass of wine or a soft drink. (2007-09-14)
Additive may make wine fine for a longer time
An additive may help curb a chemical reaction that causes wine to look, smell and taste funky, according to food scientists. (2013-11-21)
Scientists uncover early warning system for copper toxicity
Scientists at Northwestern University have acquired new insight into how a specialized sensor protein detects dangerous amounts of the (2003-09-04)
Ecological Farming May Cause More Heavy Metals In The Soil
Some systems of ecological arable farming which use only organic fertilisers contaminate the soil with levels of cadmium, copper and lead which are twice as high as when a combination of animal manure and artificial fertiliser is used. (1999-02-08)
Ames Laboratory and Korean Institute of Industrial Technology partner on rare-earth research
The US Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory announced today that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korean Institute of Industrial Technology, or KITECH. (2011-06-08)
XMM-Newton pinpoints intergalactic polluters
Warm gas escaping from the clutches of enormous black holes could be the key to a form of intergalactic 'pollution' that made life possible, according to new results from ESA's XMM-Newton space observatory, published today. (2007-04-20)
Researchers find high levels of toxic metals in herbal medicine products sold online
Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine have found that one fifth of both US-manufactured and Indian-manufactured Ayurvedic medicines purchased via the Internet contain lead, mercury or arsenic. (2008-08-26)
New device warns workers of high levels of airborne metals in minutes rather than weeks
Scientists are reporting development of a new paper-based device that can warn workers that they are being exposed to potentially unhealthy levels of airborne metals almost immediately, instead of the weeks required with current technology. (2012-05-31)
Discovery of new family of pseudo-metallic chemicals
A new discovery by a University of Missouri-Columbia research team, published in Angewandte Chemie, the journal of the German Society of Chemists, allows scientists to manipulate a molecule discovered 50 years ago in such as way as to give the molecule metal-like properties, creating a new, (2007-04-24)
Granites could solve riddle of pinpointing metals crucial for low carbon tech
The composition of vast swathes of granite found underneath much of the South West peninsula of Britain could offer a vital clue to where deposits of metals crucial for the production of many low carbon technologies can be found. (2017-04-04)
David Laughlin receives 2009 TMS Distinguished Scientist/Engineer Award
The Electronic, Magnetic, and Photonic Materials Division of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society has named Professor David Laughlin the recipient of its 2009 Distinguished Scientist/Engineer Award. (2009-11-25)
Driving Australia's light metal dollar further
The Australian Partnership in Light Metals Research will focus Australia's capabilities on strategic niches in the global market, such as the growing demand for lightweight vehicle components to reduce fuel consumption. (2006-08-18)
CMI announces domestic rare-earth magnet partnership with INFINIUM
The US Department of Energy's Critical Materials Institute announced today a new partnership with INFINIUM, a metals production technology company, to demonstrate the production of rare-earth magnets sourced and manufactured entirely in the US. (2016-10-06)
Improving earthquake resistance with a single crystal
A new heating method for certain metals could lead to improved earthquake-resistant construction materials. (2017-08-30)
What happens with the environment when your car moves?
The study conducted by high school student Gleb Rukhovich demonstrates that platinum and palladium salts readily aggregate into various clusters and give rise to a number of metal species upon a contact with water. (2016-01-13)
How to recycle lithium batteries
Research published in the International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy describes a new way to extract the lithium and the cobalt that make up the bulk of the metal components of rechargeable lithium ion batteries. (2017-02-07)
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