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Millennials are not adequately saving for retirement, MU study finds
In a new study, researchers from the University of Missouri found that only 37.2 percent of working millennials have retirement accounts, demonstrating a need for increased financial education for retirement. (2018-03-05)
What millennials want
Millennials, the generation after Generation X, born in the 1980s and 1990s, form their own demographic group, with their own unique tastes. (2014-06-24)
New Notre Dame book offers strategies for engaging millennials for ethical leadership
In 'Engaging Millennials for Ethical Leadership: What Works for Young Professionals and Their Managers,' Notre Dame's Jessica McManus addresses many of the stereotypes about millennials and offers strategies for optimizing their performance in the workplace. (2015-04-15)
Parental support linked to how well millennials transition to college life
Researchers show that how well parents or guardians support millennials' psychological needs prior to their transition to college is an important predictor of their psychological well-being as they adapt to college life. (2019-03-26)
The millennial tofu surprise
While Tofu is considered a healthy source of protein, that's not why the Millennials are eating it, according to a new study to be presented at Tops Club Inc.'s annual International Recognition Days convention July 10th in Milwaukee. (2014-07-10)
Want to get male millennials on board with your cause? Focus on feelings
'Selfish' may be the adjective most often attached to millennials. (2014-12-02)
Negative social media behaviors may be associated with depression in millennials
Certain social media factors were linked with major depressive disorder (MDD) in a Journal of Applied Biobehavioural Research study of millennials. (2019-01-09)
Millennials say one thing but do another when choosing chocolate, study finds
Despite strong preferences for ethical chocolate in focus groups, only 14 percent of millennials in individual choice studies selected candy with ethical or social factors labeling, according to a Kansas State University study. (2016-02-08)
Would-be social entrepreneurs need more than a kind heart
To want to be a social entrepreneur, empathy is not enough for millennials. (2018-02-14)
Millennials in PR don't feel ready to give companies advice on moral dilemmas, study finds
Millennials pursuing careers in public relations don't feel ready to give advice on moral dilemmas to their companies. (2017-02-27)
Millennials less sexually active than Gen-X peers
Since time immemorial, older generations have fretted over the sexual habits of young people. (2016-08-02)
Paper: Homeownership a 'dream deferred' for millennial generation
Millennials face significant hurdles in their quest for homeownership, said Yilan Xu, a professor of agricultural and consumer economics at Illinois and co-author of a new paper examining homeownership trends among those born between 1980-2000. (2016-02-09)
Recent generations focus more on fame, money than giving back
The times are changing, and not necessarily for the better when it comes to giving back to society, according to 40 years of research on nine million young adults. (2012-03-15)
American University's business school finds DC is highly attractive to millennials
The Kogod Greater Washington Millennials Index found the Washington DC region remains a top city for Millennials to live and work. (2016-01-13)
More adults accept and have had same-sex experiences
Reflecting rapidly changing cultural attitudes in the United States toward sexuality, a new study finds that the percentage of adults who have had sex with people from their same gender has doubled since the 1990s. (2016-06-01)
Poll: Majority of millennials do not like Trump, Twitter
A new national poll of millennials looks at opinions on President Trump, social media, key issues and potential 2020 presidential candidates. (2019-01-16)
New study shows Americans are having sex less often
While the topic of sex is less taboo than it was a generation ago, that doesn't necessarily mean people are having more of it. (2017-03-07)
Americans are more politically independent, more polarized than ever
As of 2014, nearly half (46 percent) of adult Americans identified as political independents, including 59 percent of Millennials ages 18 to 29. (2016-09-07)
Millennials uneducated on important clothing care skills, MU study finds
Researchers have found that a significant gap exists in the amount of 'common' clothes repair skills possessed by members of the baby boomer generation and millennials. (2014-10-14)
New national poll: young Americans favor reforms
The time has come for reform on how the United States deals with the electoral process, the environment and social justice, according to a new national poll released today by the UMass Lowell Center for Public Opinion that takes an in-depth look at the views of Americans age 18 to 39. (2020-10-21)
Millennials are 'canaries in the coalmine' for toxic economic trends
A new report by Stanford scholars lays out the problems US millennials face as a result of decades-long rising inequality. (2019-06-10)
The least religious generation
In what may be the largest study ever conducted on changes in Americans' religious involvement, researchers led by San Diego State University psychology professor Jean M. (2015-05-27)
Virginia Tech Student Affairs administrator shares research on millennial generation
The Millennial Generation -- Americans born between 1982 and the present -- are a high-achieving, intelligent, and optimistic group, but are often under prepared for the challenges of an independent lifestyle, according to Edward Spencer, associate vice president for student affairs at Virginia Tech. (2006-01-31)
Study: Millennials arrested more often than predecessors -- even when fewer crimes are committed
Millennials are more likely to be arrested than their predecessor counterparts regardless of self-reported criminal activity, finds a new study by a Johns Hopkins University expert. (2019-04-29)
Millennials: Bet for the future
A 'Soviet person' is becoming a phenomenon of the past. (2018-06-11)
Online tech is changing the dynamics of gift-giving
Online gift-giving is spreading in social networks and causing people to give more gifts -- online and in person -- according to a new study led by René Kizilcec, Cornell University assistant professor of information science. (2018-03-21)
First study to find digital ads work, on millennials
'This is first time we found that digital ads do something and what they do is they increase voter turnout among millennials in municipal elections.' said Haenschen. (2019-01-30)
Changing attitudes about sex
Acceptance of premarital sex is at an all-time high along with an acceptance of homosexuality, find researchers led by Jean M. (2015-05-05)
Millennials prefer healthy habits, less likely to choose opioids to manage pain
Often spending their days hunched over phones, tablets or computers and their free time at spin class or playing sports, millennials are the next generation poised to experience chronic pain. (2017-08-30)
Acceptance of working moms at all-time high
Research conducted at SDSU shows that societal acceptance of working mothers is at an all-time high. (2015-06-29)
Democracy: Millennials are the most disillusioned generation 'in living memory' - global study
Globally, millennials are most dissatisfied with democracy, and more so than previous generations were when under 35. (2020-10-19)
Think millennials are the 'hookup generation?' You're wrong, says FAU sex study
Young American adults aren't doing it as often as you'd think. (2016-08-02)
Americans more politically polarized than ever; independents at an all time high
Using nationally representative surveys of 10 million US residents from 1970 to 2015, a new study shows that Americans are not only more politically polarized than ever but that more people are identifying as independent. (2016-09-07)
Millennials more likely than older adults to donate clothing rather than trash it
Pamela Norum, professor and interim department chair of textile and apparel management at the University of Missouri, found that younger adults from ages 18-34 are much less likely to throw old clothes and other textile waste into the garbage than older adults. (2016-03-08)
New study explores how millennials consume paid media content
A majority of Millennials regularly got paid news content in the last year, whether paid for by themselves or someone else, according to a new study conducted by the Media Insight Project, a collaboration between the American Press Institute and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. (2015-09-30)
New survey examines racial and ethnic differences in technology use by millennials
A new study conducted by the Media Insight Project found that while the similarities to the rest of their generation are numerous, there are some distinct differences in the way that Hispanic and African American Millennials use technology to access news and information. (2015-08-26)
Introducing Gen Z: Research indicates arrival of a new class of students
In a newly published co-authored book, University of Arizona alumni Corey Seemiller and Meghan Grace attempt to bring clarity to the similarities and differences among Generation Z and the Millennials -- two of the most influential generations at present. (2016-01-27)
Multicultural millennials respond positively to health 'edutainment': Baylor research says
Storytelling that educates and entertains -- aka 'edutainment' -- is a powerful communications tool that can lead to positive health-related changes among multicultural millennials, according to a new marketing study from Baylor University. (2019-09-19)
Sales newbies, don't fret -- just go above and beyond
Good news for novice salespeople worried about becoming successful: expressing your gratitude to customers by going above and beyond your job description may be as effective as developing long-term relationships with them, indicates a first-of-its-kind study. (2017-08-22)
Are millennials taking over the supply chain?
The way you get a cup of coffee, cook a meal at home and even purchase clothing is changing. (2018-04-16)
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