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Study examines tax compliance behavior in small business owners
A new Applied Psychology study examines the ethical behaviors of small business owners in terms of tax compliance versus avoidance, and how internalized values and external punishment may come into play. (2018-05-30)

What's motivation got to do with weight loss?
Energy in, energy out, it's the basic equation to weight loss, or is it? With more than two thirds of Americans classified as overweight or obese, a study in the May/June 2010 issue of the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior examines how motivation might be a large contributor to sticking with weight loss programs. (2010-04-26)

Warm relationship between students and teachers can be linked to decreased bullying
Warm and caring student-teacher relationships can be linked to students' motivation to intervene in cases of bullying. Behind those who remain passive bystanders or accomplices to bullying there is often a conflict-filled situation between the student and the teacher. This has been shown in a new study recently published by psychologist Tomas Jungert from Lund University, Sweden. (2016-10-13)

Personal fulfillment may motivate adolescents to be physically active
Adolescents are most likely to report personal fulfillment as the strongest motivation to be physically active. Personal fulfillment motivation should be considered when designing physical activity promotion programs for youth, according to a study in the December issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. (2005-12-05)

Go for a run or eat chocolate: A choice dictated by the cannabinoid receptors
A study by Inserm and CNRS researchers published on March 7, 2019 in JCI Insight reveals that the cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) receptors play an essential role in the choice between running and eating chocolatey food. (2019-03-19)

Simple tool can boost motivation, improve health in older adults
Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine have identified a tool, the (2009-10-08)

Penn research demonstrates motivation plays a critical role in determining IQ test scores
New psychology research at the University of Pennsylvania demonstrates a correlation between a test-taker's motivation and performance on an IQ test and, more important, between that performance and a person's future success. (2011-04-27)

Motivation, study habits -- not IQ -- determine growth in math achievement
It's not how smart students are but how motivated they are and how they study that determines their growth in math achievement. That's the main finding of a study that looks at six annual waves of data from a German longitudinal study assessing math ability in 3,520 students in grades five to 10. Students who felt competent; were intrinsically motivated; and avoided rote learning showed more growth in math achievement than those who didn't. (2012-12-20)

OU initiative focuses on measuring virtue and how virtue develops in humans
A $2.6 million three-year research initiative at the University of Oklahoma, titled The Self, Motivation and Virtue Project, is funding 10 interdisciplinary research projects on the moral self, with a special focus on new ways of measuring virtue and how it develops in human beings. (2015-11-11)

Cannabis reduces short-term motivation to work for money
Smoking the equivalent of a single 'spliff' of cannabis makes people less willing to work for money while 'high,' finds a new UCL study. The research is the first to reliably demonstrate the short-term effects of cannabis on motivation in humans. The researchers also tested motivation in people who were addicted to cannabis but not high during the test, and found that their motivation levels were no different to volunteers in the control group. (2016-09-01)

Motivation to exercise affects behavior
For many people, the motivation to exercise fluctuates from week to week, and these fluctuations predict whether they will be physically active, according to researchers at Penn State. In an effort to understand how the motivation to exercise is linked to behavior, the researchers examined college students' intentions to be physically active as well as their actual activity levels. (2012-02-13)

Apps and social distancing: Why we accept corona rules - or not
Study in psychology explores which factors are related to our motivation to use corona apps and to perform social distancing. (2020-09-04)

Reward and punishment take similar paths in the mouse brain
One brain pathway, originating from the striosome, regulates the motivations that influence behavior. Previously, this part of the brain was thought to support reward-seeking and positive reinforcement for learning. The discovery that some neurons in this pathway contribute instead to negative-reinforcement learning reveals the striosome to be a complex motivation-processing hub. Motivation processing is impaired in people with certain mental illnesses. (2020-09-15)

More years to life and life to years through increased motivation for an active life
Regular physical activity is associated with a lower risk of suffering depression in old age. This is shown by one of the largest studies on elderly Europeans to have been carried out, by researchers at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, among others. Research also shows that self-determined motivation and perceived competence are important factors in persuading elderly people to exercise more. (2011-11-01)

Is your left hand more motivated than your right hand?
Motivation doesn't have to be conscious; your brain can decide how much it wants something without input from your conscious mind. Now a new study shows that both halves of your brain don't even have to agree. Motivation can happen in one side of the brain at a time. (2010-06-29)

Motivational readiness for alcohol/drug treatment is more about self-evaluation than consequences
People entering treatment for alcohol or drug problems have different motivations for entering treatment and wanting to change their drinking habits. Those motivations have a significant effect on treatment attendance and drinking outcomes. New research has re-evaluated the University of Rhode Island Change Assessment Scale, finding that motivational readiness is much more self-reflective than merely trying to avoid the negative consequences of drinking. (2009-03-10)

Resistance training and exercise-motivation go hand-in-hand
A recent study conducted in the University of Jyväskylä suggests that resistance training improves exercise motivation and contributes to making exercise planning among older adults. Exercise motivation and exercise self-efficacy are key factors in continuing resistance training. (2018-08-16)

Those less motivated to achieve will excel on tasks seen as fun
Those who value excellence and hard work generally do better than others on specific tasks when they are reminded of those values. But when a task is presented as fun, researchers report, the same individuals often will do worse than those who are less motivated to achieve. (2010-01-19)

Study finds emotion reversed in left-handers' brains
The way we use our hands may determine how emotions are organized in our brains, according to a recent study published in PLoS ONE by psychologists Geoffrey Brookshire and Daniel Casasanto of the New School for Social Research in New York. (2012-05-02)

It's about time: Immediate rewards boost workplace motivation
New research from Kaitlin Woolley shows that immediate rewards increase enjoyment and interest in tasks more compared to rewards at the end of a task. (2018-06-06)

Paying off small debts first may get you in the black quicker
In debt and don't know what to do? Conventional economic wisdom says to pay off high-interest loans first. Yet according to a new study in the Journal of Marketing Research, paying off your smallest debts first can provide the motivation you need to successfully pay off even the most burdensome debts. (2015-08-12)

BYU study: Exercise may affect food motivation
It is commonly assumed that you can 'work up an appetite' with a vigorous workout. Turns out that theory may not be completely accurate -- at least immediately following exercise. New research out of BYU shows that 45 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise in the morning actually reduces a person's motivation for food. (2012-09-12)

Research suggests perfectionism and work motivation contribute to workaholism
Research from psychologists at the University of Kent suggests that being a perfectionist and highly motivated at work contributes directly to being a workaholic. (2013-08-29)

Researchers discover the science behind giving up
Findings, reported July 25 in Cell, offer new insight into the complex world of motivation and reward by discovering the science behind giving up. The study is among the first to describe the effects of the complex nociception modulatory system. The researchers said this discovery could lead to helping people find motivation when they are depressed and conversely decrease motivation for drugs in substance abuse disorders, like addiction. (2019-07-25)

Parents need an attitude adjustment to improve their children's homework motivation
Parents can improve a sense of competence by allowing children to structure their own tasks and by giving the child the feeling that he is loved and admired no matter how successful he or she is in math or language, (2011-08-31)

Neuroscientific evidence that motivation promotes recovery after spinal cord injury
The research team led by Associate Professor Yukio Nishimura, National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Natural Institutes of Natural Sciences, found that the nucleus accumbens, that control motivation in the brain, activates the activity of the motor cortex of the brain, and then promotes recovery of motor function during the early stage of recovery after spinal cord injury. This result is published in Science, Oct. 2, 2015. (2015-10-01)

Cyber partners help you go the distance
A new study, testing the benefits of a virtual exercise partner, shows that the presence of a moderately more capable cycling partner boosts motivation to stick to an exercise program. The work by Brandon Irwin and colleagues, from Michigan State University in the US, is published online in Springer's journal, Annals of Behavioral Medicine. (2012-05-16)

Limiting mealtimes may increase your motivation for exercise
Limiting access to food in mice increases levels of the hormone, ghrelin, which may also increase motivation to exercise, according to a study published in the Journal of Endocrinology. The study suggests that a surge in levels of appetite-promoting hormone, ghrelin, after a period of fasting prompted mice to initiate voluntary exercise. (2019-10-18)

Moving the motivation meter
Rats given the drug that reduced dopamine were much less likely to work for preferred morsels of food. But when these rats were then given one of the experimental drugs, they regained their motivation to work for the treat. (2018-11-08)

Neural linkage between motivation and motor functional recovery through rehabilitative training
The joint research team led by Associate Professor Yukio Nishimura from the National Institute for Physiological Sciences revealed that the more motor function recovery progresses, the stronger the functional connectivity between the brain which regulates motivation, and in the brain regions involved in the motor learning and functional recovery. The result of this study was reported in the PLoS ONE, an American science magazine (Sept. 28, 2011 electronic edition). (2011-09-28)

PSU study finds that money, revenge, morals motivate whistleblowers to expose tax fraud
A study by Portland State University School of Business accounting professor Cass Hausserman finds that people who expose others of tax fraud often do so as revenge that's disguised as their moral obligation. Blowing the whistle is also motivated by a financial gain for the whistleblower. Revenge is commonly considered a primary reason why whistleblowers report tax fraud -- so much so, that it's often referred to as 'the revenge tax.' (2019-04-03)

Louisiana Tech University professor receives NSF grant to look at gender stereotypes in sciences
Dr. Eric Deemer, assistant professor of psychology in Louisiana Tech University's College of Education, has been awarded a $312,000 National Science Foundation grant to investigate the relationship between stereotype threat and achievement motivation among women in the science disciplines. (2010-09-28)

Study examines personality and motivation in relation to internet gaming disorder
A new Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling study examining the relationships among personality, motivation, and internet gaming disorder (IGD) found that predictors of IGD include male gender, neurotic and introverted personality traits, and motivation related to achievement. (2019-09-05)

Positive reinforcement plays key role in cognitive task performance in ADHD kids
A little recognition for a job well done means a lot to children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder -- more so than it would for typically developing kids. (2015-07-30)

Internet use reduces study skills in university students
Research conducted at Swansea University and the University of Milan has shown that students who use digital technology excessively are less motivated to engage with their studies, and are more anxious about tests. This effect was made worse by the increased feelings of loneliness that use of digital technology produced. (2020-01-17)

Athletes' performance declines following contract years, MU researchers show
Ken Sheldon, professor of psychological sciences in the College of Arts & Science at the University of Missouri determined that the contract year performance boost is real, but they caution team managers and coaches that it might be followed by a post-contract performance crash -- a two-year pattern they call the (2014-01-22)

Enjoying the possibility of defeat
Winning isn't everything, and in fact can even be a bit boring. Some people actually enjoy a game of tennis or poker more if their mettle is tested by a strong opponent -- regardless of the outcome. It's the suspense and uncertainty of a close game that often brings them back for more, says a research team led by Sami Abuhamdeh of Istanbul Şehir University, in Springer's journal Motivation and Emotion. (2014-09-03)

Patients with psychosis and addiction: Disorder-specific treatment can help
People with psychosis often develop an addiction disorder. Patients with a dual diagnosis mostly have a poorer prognosis, and their disorder often becomes chronic. Euphrosyne Gouzoulis-Mayfrank and colleagues investigated in a randomized controlled study in the current issue of Deutsches Ärzteblatt International whether disorder-specific treatment can improve patients' motivation to remain abstinent and reduce their substance misuse. They applied an evaluated therapeutic program that would be easy to implement in standard care. (2015-10-30)

Is your favorite brand authentic?
Researchers recently discovered that stories about the origins of a company influence whether consumers believe a brand is authentic. (2019-07-24)

The doping-drug Epo has an impact in the brain
Sportsmen and women dope with the blood hormone Epo to enhance their performance. Re-searchers from the University of Zurich now discovered by animal testing that Epo has a performance-enhancing effect in the brain shortly after injection and not only after days by improving oxygen transport in blood. As Epo also increases motivation, it could be useful in treating depression. (2012-06-11)

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