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Nanoparticle reduces targeted cancer drug's toxicity
In one of the first efforts to date to apply nanotechnology to targeted cancer therapeutics, researchers have created a nanoparticle formulation of a cancer drug that is both effective and nontoxic -- qualities harder to achieve with the free drug. (2016-02-10)
Kellogg researchers develop new nanoparticle with potential to treat ocular cancer
Researchers at the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center are using nanoparticles to kill tumor cells inside the eye. (2016-02-18)
Twin nanoparticle shown effective at targeting, killing breast cancer cells
Brown University chemists have developed a novel way to treat a class of breast cancer cells. (2009-03-10)
PMH researchers create an organic nanoparticle that uses sound and heat to find and treat tumors
A team of scientists from Princess Margaret Hospital have created an organic nanoparticle that is completely non-toxic, biodegradable and nimble in the way it uses light and heat to treat cancer and deliver drugs. (2011-03-20)
Safe and inexpensive hydrogen production as a future energy source
Hydrogen represents an attractive alternative energy source to fossil fuels but hydrogen technology is currently limited by safety issues. (2016-12-20)
How do you build a metal nanoparticle?
A study recently published in Nature Communications by chemical engineers at the University of Pittsburgh's Swanson School of Engineering explains how metal nanoparticles form. (2017-07-10)
Silicon nanoparticle is a new candidate for an ultrafast all-optical transistor
Physicists from the Department of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials at ITMO University have experimentally demonstrated the feasibility of designing an optical analog of a transistor based on a single silicon nanoparticle. (2015-09-07)
UNC study shows potential to revive abandoned cancer drug by nanoparticle drug delivery
A team of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers developed nanoparticle carriers to successfully deliver therapeutic doses of a cancer drug that had previously failed clinical development due to pharmacologic challenges. (2012-05-02)
Accidental nanoparticle discovery could hail revolution in manufacturing
A nanoparticle shaped like a spiky ball, with magnetic properties, has been uncovered in a new method of synthesising carbon nanotubes by physicists at Queen Mary University of London and the University of Kent. (2013-09-09)
Touch of gold improves nanoparticle fuel-cell reactions
Chemists at Brown University have created a triple-headed metallic nanoparticle that reportedly performs better and lasts longer than any other nanoparticle catalyst studied in fuel-cell reactions. (2012-03-12)
Nanoparticle paves the way for new triple negative breast cancer drug
A potential new drug to tackle the highly aggressive 'triple negative' breast cancer -- and a nanoparticle to deliver it directly into the cancer cells -- have been developed by UK researchers. (2017-03-16)
UNC scientist proves potential of new nanoparticle design for cancer therapy
A new type of nanoparticle developed in the laboratories at the University of North Carolina has shown potential for more effective delivery of chemotherapy to treat cancer. (2011-09-20)
Making nanodots useful for chemistry
Nanosized clusters of germanium that can be reacted chemically to make useful materials, such as plastics, have been made by chemists at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and UC Davis. (2003-06-18)
Nanoparticles disguised as red blood cells will deliver cancer-fighting drugs
Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have developed a novel method of disguising nanoparticles as red blood cells, which will enable them to evade the body's immune system and deliver cancer-fighting drugs straight to a tumor. (2011-06-20)
Surface plasmon resonances of metal nanoparticles in array can have narrower spectral widths
Researchers at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have demonstrated experimentally and theoretically that the surface plasmon resonances of metal nanoparticles in a periodic array can have considerably narrower spectral widths than those of isolated metal nanoparticles. (2008-11-14)
Nanosphere announces DNA detection breakthrough published in Science
Northwestern University researchers have developed a nanoparticle-based DNA detection system with 10 times more sensitivity and 100,000 times more specificity than current genomic detection systems. (2002-02-21)
Biomedical engineer constructs illuminating nanoparticles for medical imaging and gene detection
A biomedical engineer at Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a new class of biosensors that can recognize and detect specific DNA sequences and genetic mutations in laboratory experiments. (2003-03-27)
University of Toronto chemists make breakthrough in nanoscience research
A team of scientists led by Eugenia Kumacheva of the department of chemistry at the University of Toronto has discovered a way to predict the organization of nanoparticles in larger forms by treating them much the same as ensembles of molecules formed from standard chemical reactions. (2010-07-12)
NIST technique controls sizes of nanoparticle clusters for EHS studies
NIST researchers have demonstrated for the first time a method for producing nanoparticle clusters in a variety of controlled sizes that are stable over time. (2011-02-02)
Nanomedicine breakthrough could improve chemotherapy for childhood cancer
In a world-first, researchers from the Australian Centre for Nanomedicine at the University of New South Wales in Sydney have developed a nanoparticle that could improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy for neuroblastoma by a factor of five. (2012-11-20)
Nanoparticles 'tailor' complex fluids for photonics, ceramics applications
Researchers at the University of Illinois have discovered a fundamentally new approach for tailoring the stability of colloidal suspensions. (2001-08-01)
Nanoparticle treatment could improve immunotherapy against cancer
In preliminary findings that will be presented Sunday, April 2, at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2017, UNC Lineberger researchers report on a preclinical study into the use of nanoparticles to improve the efficacy of immunotherapy drugs known as checkpoint inhibitors. (2017-04-01)
'Spincasting' holds promise for creation of nanoparticle thin films
Researchers from North Carolina State University have investigated the viability of a technique called (2011-03-30)
Argonne research unveiling the secrets of nanoparticle haloing
A glass of milk, a gallon of paint and a bottle of salad dressing all look to the naked eye like liquids. (2008-06-05)
'Nanoparticle taxicab' materials can identify, collect and transport debris on surfaces
Inspired by proteins that can recognize dangerous microbes and debris, then engulf such material to get rid of it, polymer scientists led by Todd Emrick at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have developed new polymer-stabilized droplet carriers that can identify and encapsulate nanoparticles for transport in a cell, a kind of 'pick up and drop off' service that represents the first successful translation of this biological process in a materials context. (2016-11-02)
Nanoparticles engineered at Notre Dame promise to improve blood cancer treatment
Researchers from the University of Notre Dame have engineered nanoparticles that show great promise for the treatment of multiple myeloma (MM), an incurable cancer of the plasma cells in bone marrow. (2012-06-15)
Study finds public relatively unconcerned about nanotechnology risks
A new study finds that the general public thinks getting a suntan poses a greater public health risk than nanotechnology or other nanoparticle applications. (2011-04-12)
Mayo Clinic: How gold nanoparticles can help fight ovarian cancer
Positively charged gold nanoparticles are usually toxic to cells, but cancer cells somehow manage to avoid nanoparticle toxicity. (2013-05-21)
Iowa State, Ames Lab physicist says nanoparticle assembly is like building with LEGOs
Alex Travesset reports in the Oct. 14 issue of the journal Science that nanotechnology has entered a new era. (2011-10-13)
Oh, my stars and hexagons! DNA code shapes gold nanoparticles
DNA holds the genetic code for all sorts of biological molecules and traits. (2012-08-08)
Carnegie Mellon researchers use NMR to determine whether gold nanoparticles exhibit 'handedness'
Carnegie Mellon University's Roberto R. Gil and Rongchao Jin have successfully used NMR to analyze the structure of infinitesimal gold nanoparticles, which could advance the development and use of the tiny particles in drug development. (2011-12-08)
Cancer treatment, artery repair are goals of $3 million in NIH grants
The National Institutes of Health has awarded grants totaling $3 million for two nanoparticle research projects in which Penn State bioengineer Jian Yang is co-principal investigator. (2014-02-18)
Nanoparticle acts like Trojan horse to halt asthma
In a new approach to treating asthma and allergies, a biodegradable nanoparticle acts like a Trojan horse, hiding an allergen in a friendly shell, to convince the immune system not to attack it, according to new research. (2016-04-18)
Nanoparticle protects oil in foods from oxidation, spoilage
Using a nanoparticle from corn, a Purdue University scientist has found a way to lengthen the shelf life of many food products and sustain their health benefits. (2009-12-08)
Nanoparticle gives antimicrobial ability to fight Listeria longer
A Purdue University research team developed a nanoparticle that can hold and release an antimicrobial agent as needed for extending the shelf life of foods susceptible to Listeria monocytogenes. (2010-12-07)
Drug-infused nanoparticle is right for sore eyes
For the millions of sufferers of dry eye syndrome, their only recourse to easing the painful condition is to use drug-laced eye drops three times a day. (2014-10-08)
Nano-sized 'trojan horse' to aid nutrition
Researchers from Monash University have designed a nano-sized (2008-08-24)
Nanoparticles used in solar energy conversion
The problem with solar energy is that it has not been inexpensive enough in the past. (2002-08-08)
UCF nanoparticle offers promise for treating glaucoma
The UCF created nanoparticle can safely get past the blood-brain barrier, making it a nontoxic tool in treatment. (2007-06-18)
Organic nanoparticles, more lethal to tumors
Radiotherapy used in cancer treatment is a promising treatment method, albeit rather indiscriminate. (2015-05-18)
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